Adobe Marketing Cloud Review: A Bridge to a Wider Audience

Adobe Marketing Cloud Review: A Bridge to a Wider Audience
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  • Magento Commerce: $1988/mo

  • Marketo Engage: $2250/mo

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Adobe Marketing Cloud Review: In-Depth

Adobe Marketing Cloud offers a holistic marketing approach. This package does this by integrating different software into a system that is both intuitive and versatile. It also aims to help every company and organization in customer engagement. Cutting-edge technology is its main tool in accomplishing tasks such as data analysis, social media optimization, and targeted advertising. 

This online service is truly a reliable avenue for reaching out to more consumers. It is also software for making them experience the branding of a company.

Key Features

  • Customer data tracking
  • Collaborative capabilities
  • Internet geolocation
  • Web experience management
  • Cloud-based input storage
  • Robust analytics models
  • Permission-dependent workflows
  • Campaign and advertising automation
  • Consumer experience simulation
  • Rules-driven execution
  • Experience content assembly
  • Usability in mobile devices
  • Retail optimization
  • Algorithmic marketing
  • Content management systems
  • Iterative commercializing tools
  • Customer relationship management
  • Accessible online support

Adobe Marketing Cloud Review: Background Information

Adobe Inc. has been producing versatile computer software, for digital media, since the early 1980s. The revenues of the company have ballooned up to 11 billion US Dollars up to date. Its success is due to its widely utilized product lines. Some of which are household names such as:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Flash

Informational Heading

The birth of Adobe Marketing Cloud in 2012 came after Adobe halted the operation of Omniture. Omniture is an online merchandising and analytics business unit that it acquired in 2009. This product has gone through several updates, and the company develops it.

Key Features in Detail

In a world that is becoming digital, Adobe Marketing Cloud continues to excel. It offers advertising services that leverage the digital interactions of companies. This product deals with both individuals and groups of consumers.

Content Management

Curating content for a company is an arduous task, given that it requires working with thousands of media. This feature provides functionalities to manage and regulate content. Here is a review of its functionalities

  • Optimal web and mobile application experiences
  • AI-assisted content creation
  • Tailor-made profiles for customers
  • Automated processing 
  • On-demand media modifications
  • Intuitive manipulation of digital assets
  • Forms that adapt to customers’ devices
  • Fragmented authoring of digital content
  • Updated cloud services

Campaign Execution 

Check client emails and track vital advertising information using this package’s applications. It will also be able to access audience profiles relevant to the drive. Below are short reviews to note.

  • Smart email construction capabilities fueled by AI
  • Automated sending of personal messages
  • Options for multilingual email operations
  • Mass email delivery scheme based on demand
  • Analyses of email delivery statistics
  • Creation of strategy reports for various levels
  • Support for mobile commercializing moves


Adobe Marketing Cloud Personalization

Each consumer has specific preferences. That’s why personalizing the branding message of the company is essential. This will make them feel the most genuine experience of the brand.

  • Dissection of data silos for more holistic insights
  • Multivariate testing options
  • Construction of personalized consumer models
  • Real-time running of advertising tests
  • Automated personalization of information by artificial intelligence
  • Dynamic modeling of consumer behavior
  • Settings for targeted campaigns

Marketo Engage 

Interacting with the market is a complex activity. This is because of the nature of emergent systems. The company equipped this software with the right tools to penetrate the market. These are reviews on its market engagement activities.

  • Identification of potential customers
  • Automation of pathways for best customer relationship management
  • Cross-platform integration with the market
  • AI-controlled prioritization of customers according to set parameters
  • Attribution of revenues driven by metrics
  • Predictive analytics for market engagements
  • Compilation of account-based experiences

Features in Detail

Companies all need extensive customer interaction. This way, their brands will have more engagement. The problem is that customers have different preferences. They also respond to various content stimuli. 

So, how can Adobe Marketing Cloud help companies establish their brand identity? These tools allow marketers to use the right technology to process consumer data. 

They can then use the details in predicting models of consumer behavior. Reviews show that each application is intensely engineered. Their goal is to improve the way that customers experience the brand.

Automated Implementation of Marketing Solutions

It would be inconvenient to distribute digital campaign materials one by one. This is because merchandising involves thousands of customers. 

With the program’s Campaign, marketers can automate the distribution of their campaign page. This offers more convenience as well as a wider audience reach.

Split-Run Tests for User Experience

Companies cannot improve their marketing strategies if they do not conduct tests. Thus, it is pivotal to gauge the effectiveness of what they are doing.

Adobe Target, software included in the package, allows users to conduct A/B tests. Market researchers use these tests to determine which content engages customers most.

Data Analysis of Digital Content

Vending strategies generate a large volume of input. Besides this, without proper analysis, this information would go to waste. That will not happen with Adobe Analytics. It is a software dedicated to handling and monitoring retailing statistics.

Management of Social Media Engagement of the Brand

One of the easiest ways to penetrate the market is through social media. Nowadays, it is very easy to find potential customers, and this is mainly through networking pages like Facebook or Twitter. 

Using Adobe Social can aid a company in maximizing this opportunity. This tool analyzes the interaction of customers through different social media content.

Robust Analytics Capabilities

Artificial intelligence is a marketer’s best friend. It allows them to make algorithmic models of consumer reactions to a material. A robust AI powers the software. Thus, it enables predictive analytics for web, mobile, and audiences.

Convenient Handling and Storage of Data

Companies need to keep their information secured since they spend capital on document pages. The company designed this package with the necessary means for information management. Thus, it is assured that the gathered content will not go to waste.

Engaging Potential Customers Through Email

Almost all professionals are using emails for correspondence. It gives us the idea that mails are also a potential source of market engagement. Algorithms are useful in maximizing email merchandising power-up the software. Sending work-related messages at the right timing will not be a problem.

Creation of Personalized Content

Consumers would gravitate towards advertising content that suits their preferences. The company will be able to create personalized ads through Target. By using multivariate tests and machine learning, marketers can model consumer behavior.

Interacting With the Market Using Marketo Engage

Customer relationship management has become more convenient by Marketo Engage. This is one of the best features of this software. Marketo Engage allows companies to nurture client leads. They also combined information from different platforms for wider audience reach.


Adobe Marketing Cloud is a multi-faceted platform that caters to different business needs: from advertising to audience analysis. As such, different software in this package and all can integrate with each other.

For instance, market researchers can transfer information from the Experience Manager to Campaign. Images from Target can also move to Campaigns with ease. This makes sure that the company’s commercializing team can collaborate on a project.

Users can also export the digital material from Campaigns, Social, and Media Optimizer to Analytics. Researchers can then review, process, and manipulate these details to extract essential insights.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Plans and Pricing

Adobe Marketing Cloud comprises several technologies. When used together, they can bolster the company’s vending efforts. Yet, users can buy these services. That is one good thing about this package. It gives businesses the right to decide on which technology or feature they need the most.

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud Adobe Advertising Cloud

For all things related to ads, the Advertising Cloud is handy web-based software. This service has an up-to-date demand-side platform (DSP) in its arsenal. DSPs enable digital advertisers to access several ad exchange accounts through an interface page. 

Moreover, subscribers can gather and manage files conveniently using this product. That is made possible because Sensei Intelligence powers-up its information management capabilities. With efficient input usage, market researchers and advertisers will be able to come up with better creative content. 


  • Analytics integration
  • Brand surveys and testing
  • Enterprise DSP tools
  • Multivariate targeting
  • Premium inventory management
  • People-based advertising


  • Demand-Side Platform
  • Search Marketing Management
  • Creative Management

Number of users:  1+ 

Number of social accounts: Based on the subscription scheme

Scheduling: Yes

Price: Starts at $50,000 per license


  • Up-to-date technology
  • Cloud services are used for safe info-keeping
  • Allows researchers to perform multiple tests
  • Integrated with other Adobe applications
  • Equipped with content inventory


  • It only uses a single interface, which may be overwhelming
  • Service involves third-party integration, making them threatening the security

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Marketing Cloud Adobe Analytics

People can work with this tool in gathering, manipulating, and analyzing digital material. Powerful computational functions are embedded in Analytics, making the extraction of information from websites easier. 

However, market researchers are also able to process these details for insights. The “wider perspective” drawn by this tool is beneficial for making important decisions in the company. 


  • Offline data integration
  • Multi-channel data collection
  • Data warehouse and feeds
  • Custom variables
  • Unique processing rules


  • Web Analytics
  • Commercializing Analytics
  • Attribution
  • Predictive Analytics

Number of users:  1+

Number of social accounts: Based on the subscription scheme

Scheduling: Yes

Price: Starts at $100,000 per license


  • Accessible even when offline
  • Powerful analytics assisted by Sensei Intelligence
  • Easy-to-perform and built-in analytics functions
  • Integration with Audience Manager, Target, and Campaign
  • Analytics models are customizable


  • Chance of extracting harmful data from the web 
  • Erroneous data can affect the analysis

Adobe Audience Manager

Understanding the audience is a pivotal part of creating brand content. The Audience Manager is made specifically for that purpose. It is equipped with smart algorithms for classifying the audience based on their demographics and other metrics. 

Additionally, this tool is applicable for cross-platform usage. Subscribers can integrate information from other Adobe services into the Audience Manager for processing and analysis. Gathering input from the target market of the company is surely more convenient with this web-based service.  


  • Data explorer
  • Data feeds
  • Data ingestion
  • Device graphs


  • Data Management Platform
  • Audience segmentation
  • Audience insight
  • Real-time action

Number of users:  1+

Number of social accounts: Based on the subscription scheme

Scheduling: Yes

Price: Starts at $25,000 per license


  • Well-documented features for transparency
  • Allows users to control how the service handles their data
  • Real-time processing
  • Integrated with other Adobe applications
  • Has built-in data visualization functions


  • Allows onboarding of data set, resulting in inaccurate predictions
  • Disadvantageous for customers without analytics background

Adobe Campaign

With the Campaign, companies will have a bridge that connects them to potential consumers. This service boasts of its compatibility with various channels, such as websites and mobile applications. Because of this, firms may have a higher chance of penetrating their target markets. 

This web-based software also taps the potential of emails for propagating digital content heavily. 


  • Data explorer
  • Data feeds
  • Data ingestion
  • Device graphs


  • Email retailing
  • Customer Journey
  • Omnichannel advertising

Number of users:  1

Number of social accounts: Based on the subscription scheme

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $9.99 per month/user + licensing fees


  • Versatility in the chosen channel
  • Allows subscribers to create customer profiles 
  • Easy preparation of customized reports for stakeholders
  • Visual reports are readily generated
  • Seamless integration with Analytics


  • Some emails generated by the AI are not reliable 
  • Customers may be sent weak digital content

Adobe Experience Manager

A company’s digital assets are as important as its physical ones. Thus, they should have a means of maximizing the use of their assets. Experience Manager is developed for accomplishing such tasks. 

Reviews identify that this product allows for streamlined form management and systematic handling of content. There is no need to worry about scattered digital documents because subscribers can easily consolidate them.

More than that, the Experience Manager runs on a cloud-based mechanism. The storage of digital assets is done safely through the cloud. 


  • Content and experience fragments
  • Responsive web design
  • Digital asset management workflows
  • Forms Search and discovery


  • Content Management System
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Digital Enrollment and Forms
  • Cloud Service

Number of users:  1+

Number of social accounts: Based on the subscription scheme

Scheduling: Yes

Price: Starts at $750,000 per license


  • The single interface allows multi-site management 
  • Features a responsive preview
  • This service can use many channels.
  • Runs on one of the most intelligent Digital Assets Management systems available
  • Seamless integration of campaign information with the Analytics tool


  • Users can repurpose content and Campaign components
  • Become partners with third parties.

Magento Commerce Cloud

Having a web-based store is an essential business expansion plan. After all, consumers are now transitioning to online shopping because it is more convenient and accessible. Magento Commerce Cloud allows corporations to create their own digital marketplace to strengthen their online presence. 

Users can also measure the engagement of their digital customers through built-in analytics tools from different channels. Magento provides this versatility and intuitiveness so that organizations can expand the breadth of their virtual commerce. 


  • Amazon Sales Channel
  • Mobile centricity
  • Multi-Store solution
  • Integrated B2B


  • Omnichannel experiences
  • Unified commerce
  • Commerce intelligence
  • Operational Confidence

Number of users:  1 

Number of social accounts: Based on the subscription scheme

Scheduling: Yes

Price: Starts at $1988 per month per user


  • Solution partners assist commercial enterprises
  • The client can use analytics and marketing intelligence
  • Marketers may reconfigure the interface 
  • Can be accessed through mobile
  • Availability of tools for search engine optimization and promotions


  • Higher price if to compare with competitors
  • A powerful server is needed 

Marketo Engage

Adobe Marketing Cloud Marketo Engage

Connecting with clients is one thing and knowing them better is another. Enterprises need to have an idea of who their customers really are so that they can provide appropriate service. Marketo Engage is an effective tool in reviewing the target market better. 

This online service identifies market metrics and determines whether key performance indexes are met. It also helps point out which clients need to focus on. Marketo uses the information gathered to generate a list of client leads. 


  • Personalization of retailing Strategies
  • Measurements of vending Metrics


  • Account-Based Merchandising
  • Integrated Sales Application
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Cross-Channel Engagement

Number of users:  50

Number of social accounts: Based on the subscription scheme

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $2250 per month


  • Models consumer behavior realistically
  • Measurements are easy to interpret
  • Opportunities to interact with clients 
  • Useful across different platforms
  • Streamline the interaction of clients to certain retailing content


  • Higher price compared to competitors
  • User Interface experience issues 

Adobe Primetime

Reviews identify that there is money in streaming. Nowadays, streaming services are raking millions of dollars. This is because of the number of paid subscribers. Using Primetime may help businesses achieve a higher number of subscribers. It also increases the income from subscriptions and prevents account sharing.

Aside from subscriptions, Primetime can help generate income through targeted advertising. Creators are given insight as to which ads are best for a specific audience. Placing the right ad is key to have more revenue. 


  • Optimization of ad currency
  • Dynamic ad insertion
  • Authentication
  • Concurrency monitoring


  • Revenue from advertising
  • Revenue from subscription

Number of users:  1+

Number of social accounts: Based on the subscription scheme

Scheduling: Yes

Price: Starts at $25,000 per license


  • Helps increase subscriber count
  • Prevents unauthorized sharing of accounts
  • Enables audience-based ad placement
  • Excellent ad experience across devices
  • Reaches a wide audience


  • Does not guarantee an increase in subscriptions and revenues
  • Limited features 

Adobe Target

Personalizing a company’s virtual content may sound difficult, but it is doable with Target. This web software allows users to automate the process of creation to save effort and time. Instead of manually creating material, ad creators can accomplish tasks with just a few clicks. 

Moreover, this tool enables enterprises to reach out to customers through various channels. This draws a picture of which content is more engaging and reviews which one is ineffective. 


  • Multi-armed Bandit Testing
  • Website and Mobile Optimization
  • Rules-Based Personalization
  • Profiles and Segmentation


  • AI-Powered Automation and Scale
  • Omnichannel Personalization
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing

Number of users:  1+

Number of social accounts: Based on the subscription scheme

Scheduling: Yes

Price: Starts at $29.99 per month + licensing fees


  • Unified platform for accessing merchandising data
  • Intelligence capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei 
  • Many A/B testing options are available 
  • The user interface is intuitive
  • Good integration with Analytics


  • Algorithms may be too sophisticated
  • Difficult for non-technical users

Price and Key Features Comparison Table

Adobe Marketing Cloud, as mentioned earlier, is a multi-faceted platform. This means that if you compare every application under this package, they have different uses. The table below reviews the summary of key differences between those applications. 

Advertising Cloud Analytics Audience Manager Campaign Experience Manager Magento Commerce Marketo Engage Primetime Target
Price $50,000/license $100000/license $25,000/license $9.99/month/user $750,000/license $1988/month $2250/month/50 users $25,000/license $29.99/month/license
Cloud compatibility Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalization Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes
Analytics capabilities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cross-channel compatibility Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Deployment No No No Yes Yes Yes No No No

Terms and Conditions 

The enterprise released the latest version of the Terms of Use of Adobe Marketing Cloud in August 2018. It has 14 sections overall. This document discussed important topics such as the following:

  • The proper use of its Materials
  • Intellectual property,
  • Users’ account information.

A particular part worth reviewing is Section 8. This clause talks about the proper conduct expected from its users. It prohibits them from using any of its material in doing something unlawful. A violation of Section 8 may result in the termination of a user’s license. Termination will cut off the access to the program’s Materials or Services.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy states that the user grants the company the right to access their data. These privacy terms are applicable as long as users are interacting with their Material or Service. The privacy policy states that anyone uncomfortable sharing their personal data may disable its collection. It can be done by submitting a form through their website.

Refund Policy

The firm posted its terms for getting a product refund on their website. Only non-subscription products like Photoshop or Illustrator are eligible for a refund. Adobe Marketing Cloud does not allow refunds because it is subscription-based. A subscription to the product or service is only required to get a cancellation.

Customer Support

Adobe is an established software company. That is why its clients are confident that they will get technical support. How can they ask for help when they encounter problems with their products? Here is a review of customer support.


There are official telephone numbers on the websites. Therefore, using any of their products or services, one should have a registered Account. 

Attention Heading

Note that only account holders will be able to contact through those hotlines.


Everyone can access the email addresses of the company’s Customer Support. They are available only through signing the account. Once signed in, it will enable the feature of emailing a representative. 

Online Chat 

The online chat feature is also accessible only to those with an account. That is why it has a support community online. This can be a go-to whenever there are technical concerns. The support community comprises its product users and employees as well.

Support Center 

The Help Center is a one-stop-shop. One may browse it through the different encountered issues. They categorize topics according to products, like Aero or Premiere Pro. They also group it by the nature of the technical difficulty. Examples are concerns about downloading and installing. Accessing their Help Center does not need sign-in, so it is a quick support method.

Quality of Service

Millions of people use the company’s products. Thus, it would be helpful to consider their opinion. Asking them about their experience will provide a clearer picture. While some user reviews on the product are relatively low, this does not mean that the entire package has subpar quality. Perhaps reviewers just found some bugs or glitches that affected their view of the product. 

Customer Types

As promising as the Adobe Marketing Cloud is, it is not for everyone. There are only specific services considered appropriate for a particular person. These reviews on customer types are worth noting.

Small Businesses 

The software isn’t required for research for backyard entrepreneurs. At that point, the mindset should be focused and is not on expansion but on gaining stability. Thus, it is not yet for this audience.

Large Businesses 

A multimillion-dollar company has already been rooted firmly. So, it needs to make efforts to widen its market. That is why the software aims to target large corporations. They need these tools to further their business.

Medium Businesses 

What about those who are between? Medium businesses can start using this software. Nevertheless, they should definitely take small steps. One certain tool first, and then if it works out, add more products as needed.


The Adobe Marketing Cloud subscription costs a fortune. It would be unwise to pay for a subscription for freelancers without a stable job. Free alternatives online are suggested instead of this application.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Pros & Cons

Having lots of advantages, Adobe Marketing Cloud still has a lot to work on. Yes, it has some very excellent points, but there are also aspects where it can improve.



  • Provides detailed and accurate analysis
  • Commendable inter-platform integration
  • User-friendliness and intuitive navigation
  • Various built-in tests that are easy to execute
  • Campaigns and advertisements are compiled in one place
  • Windows, Linux, Mac, and Web support
  • Graphics are not well-designed
  • Some software requires heavy processing
  • Technical support may arrive late
  • May not work with non-Adobe tools

Adobe Marketing Cloud Alternatives

Aside from Adobe Marketing Cloud, some other platforms have similar functionality. It would be helpful to look at these alternatives for choices.

Active Campaign: Automating Customer Experience 

This tool offers cloud-based solutions, such as marketing automation and email advertising. Customer experience automation, lead scoring, and many other services are also included. Active Campaign gears towards small and medium-sized businesses. It is known for offering services at a low price.

SharpSpring: Complete Toolkit for Sales and Advertising

Sharp Spring is a marketing platform designed to be low-cost and accessible. Its services include behavior-based email, operation tracking, and sales dialer. Pricing rates for this software are adjusted for small-to-medium businesses, enterprises, and agencies. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Provider of Intelligent Marketing Automation

Salesforce offers a variety of services under the Customer 360 umbrella. Included there are Sales, Commerce, Integration, and Analytics, among others. Most of its users are those who are working in a business-to-consumer job. It also offers consulting services to companies that need it.

Emarsys: Accelerating Entrepreneurial Results 

Many consider this platform as a classic tool for business to consumer (B2C) retailing. Now, it has also started to provide business-to-business (B2B) consulting services. Most of its clients are in hospitality, e-commerce, and retail.

Ontraport: All Tools and Data in One Software

Ontraport prides itself on its aim to help all kinds of firms. These cover not only small businesses but also solo entrepreneurs. Marketing automation, tracking, and operation strategy development are available to small businesses. Thanks to Ontraport.

Pardot: Promoting Automated Marketing Solutions

Pardot focuses on providing B2B selling automation and sales needs. It promotes solutions for streamlined lead management, seamless sales alignment, and insightful ROI reporting. The tools used by Pardot in generating company solutions are all powered by artificial intelligence. 

Competitors’ Table of Comparison

Adobe Marketing Cloud Active Campaign Sharp Spring Salesforce Emarsys Ontraport Pardot
Price Starts at $450,000/license $9/ month $550 /month (1500 contacts) $25 /month (per user) $335 /month (per user) $79/month (1000 contacts) $1250/month (10000 contacts)
Cloud Accessibility Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Capabilities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Deployment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Trial No Yes No Yes No Yes No
Free Demo Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Marketing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

FAQ Section

  • Is It Worth Getting Adobe Marketing Cloud?

    A lot might be wondering if purchasing this online service is worth the bucks. After all, the subscription is not going to be cheap. However, regardless of its price, the Marketing Cloud will definitely be a big help. There is no need to compare it with other tools or worry about marketing endeavors and the course of action strategy development. Everyone can definitely count on this tool.

  • What Is Added with Adobe Marketing Cloud?

    This software is an aggregation of various applications. For example, Social and Media Optimizer is for engaging the customers. They also collect their respective experiences with the brand.
    Target, on the other side, uses information collected from the consumers. They model how those consumers would behave to content. Analytics, Primetime, and Marketo Engage are also included in the package.

The Final Word

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a promising tool for business intelligence. Yes, it may come at a hefty price. However, if there are sufficient funds, then this software might be worth investing in.
Still, purchasing a subscription for it may not be feasible for the company. Remember that there are many options out there. The important thing to consider is the intended audience and application. Even with the most powerful software, if the company does not have business acumen, then any tool will be for naught.
Perhaps some readers are from enterprises that use Adobe Marketing Cloud. Please feel free to leave comments about the product and tell others how it has helped in market-related tasks.

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