Campaign Monitor Review 2024: How This Professional Marketing & Automation Holds Up

Campaign Monitor Review 2024: How This Professional Marketing & Automation Holds Up
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Campaign Monitor Review: In-Depth

Campaign Monitor is a user-friendly email marketing tool. Through expert layouts, templates, and automation features, it goes beyond traditional digital outreach. The system helps clients reach more prospects and build customer loyalty. They’ll never miss a reply or question again, thanks to automated tools and custom workflows. Check out this review to learn more about this cloud-based software.

Campaign Monitor Key Features

Campaign Monitor Key Features

The service offers tons of automated tools that streamline the creation and sending process. Clients can use A/B testing to find the ideal message and email components. Plus, they can try out the prebuilt templates or use their own. Dynamic content, audience segmentation, and contact systems add to the suite.

Campaign Monitor Background Information

Dave Greiner and Ben Richardson founded the company in 2004. Today, it is a global enterprise with over 350 employees. The team managed to raise $250 million in Series A funding. It allowed them to focus on stunning product design and templates, as well as in-depth Web analytics. These elements combine to make it one of the most successful email marketing automation systems out there.

Service Features & Technical Details

Campaign Monitor Service Features & Technical Details

Check out how Campaign Monitor helps professionals design stunning campaigns that drive growth. Then, review the detailed descriptions for a better idea of how it can work for any brand.

Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor Email Marketing

Digital outreach is what Campaign Monitor does best. Within its framework, customers will find all kinds of tools and resources. These include professional layouts and intuitive drag-and-drop review editors. It makes crafting the ideal email much easier.

Clients can split-test their drip campaigns to find the perfect formula.

Features in Detail

Campaign Monitor Features in Detail

Here is a closer look at the individual elements that make up this compelling software. Clients may access a comprehensive view of these tools, which work together to create seamless workflows.

Professional Layouts

A simple drag-and-drop editor allows anyone to whip up a beautiful email layout in no time. It’s a wonderful feature for those who work alone or have limited design experience. Even experts will save loads of time with this feature.

Campaign Monitor encourages customers to use the DIY tool to preview how the message will look on PC or mobile, too. The builder makes it easy to review the final product and make the necessary adjustments. Users are free to add, remove, and adjust to their heart’s content.

So, clients don’t have to be designers or computer programmers.

Add/Remove Subscribers

With Campaign Monitor, teams can create unlimited subscriber lists. They may also segment their contacts in any way they want. The system makes it easy to collect customer data through sign-up forms. In the WYSIWYG builder, there are customizable form fields to maintain brand consistency.

Another option is importing or migrating the contacts from a third-party app. This process is also straightforward and ends up saving tons of time. There are different ways to add people to the system:

Intuitive Dashboard

The user-friendly platform will appeal to teams of all sizes and industries. It also makes signing up and getting started a lot simpler. The company asks for minimal information from new subscribers. From there, the dashboard is clean and tidy.

Audience Segmentation

The software wouldn’t be complete with some segmentation tools. Fortunately, it offers pre-built lists to save time. Clients can customize these templates to suit their specific needs. They may want to define their lists based on new sign-ups or regional demographics. Other possibilities include gender or purchase history.


Campaign Monitor “Journeys”

On the Campaign Monitor dashboard, autoresponders are called “journeys.” These layouts help marketers reach out to different audiences based on their behaviors. For instance, the team may have specific automated messages for new sign-ups and those who made a recent purchase. These two groups would need unique emails.

The system streamlines this process and keeps all the autoresponders in one place. It also creates potential email drafts that may help in achieving certain customer goals. Brands can customize based on industry, engagement metrics, and target subscribers.

Event-Triggered Emails

Campaign Monitor Event-Triggered Emails

Like other systems, Campaign Monitor uses triggers to set off a reaction of events. In other words, the subscriber’s action determines what happens next.

Again, individuals will work in the “Journeys” area to automate their campaigns. Some possible actions include delayed delivery or special event emails. Depending on the company, these triggers may be enough. Yet, some people find these features to be too basic.

Convert Blogs to Email

Campaign Monitor Convert Blogs to Email

Another cool feature is the RSS-to-email tool. It’s a great way for businesses to bring their website content into the marketing campaigns.

Create Custom Sign-Up Forms

Campaign Monitor Create Custom Sign-Up Forms

Campaign Monitor has a landing page editor and also integrates with builder tools. Clients can create the ideal webpage that portrays their brand and ushers in new subscribers. Through the creation process, they can pinpoint what data they want to gather from visitors. This process helps with audience segmentation and list creation.

The platform offers other means of collecting consumer details. One of these is a subscribe button. It works seamlessly to convert visitors, and creating it is simple.

Another option is an embedded form, which customers can customize to fit their brand image.

The perks of this feature include:

A/B Testing

Campaign Monitor A B Testing

The software grants clients the ability to split test their emails. While this feature is limited to two test previews, it’s still quite useful. Teams can see which option performs best based on several criteria:

Template Rebranding

A feature that teams will appreciate is the ability to white-label. It’s a perk on the agency plan and allows users to customize their templates. They can remove the Campaign Monitor branding and use their distinct logo. Companies can also give their consumers a unique login on the platform. Again, this is a robust benefit on the top-tier plan.


Campaign Monitor Reports

The Campaign Monitor Insights reviews overall marketing performance. With this tool, clients can see their newsletters’ success on desktop and mobile. That said, the analytics toolset is quite basic compared to competitors. Users can view the usual components, such as:

Integrated Apps

Campaign Monitor Integrated Apps

The software boasts more than 250 integrations to help clients with all kinds of marketing tasks. Some of the top partnerships correspond to retail and e-commerce, as well as for analytics and reviews. Together, these third-party apps work to create a streamlined dashboard of tools and resources.

Plans & Pricing

This company invites all entrepreneurs and businesses to check out its pricing models. The odds are that there is a plan to suit most sizes and industries. It looks like the platform’s primary audience falls within the SMB category. As such, the subscription packages will appeal to these consumers.


Basic membership is a good choice for beginners to email marketing. They will find everything they need to start compiling a subscription list, as well as standard reports.

Campaign Monitor Plans & Pricing BASIC
Features:Multi-campaign management, Email automation, Drag-and-drop builder, Professional template reviews, Basic analyticsNumber of Users:: 1

Number of Accounts: 5

Scheduling: Yes

Price: 500 subscribers: $9/mo, 500-2,500: $29/mo, 2,500-5,000: $49/mo, 5,000-10,000: $89/mo, 10,000-15,000: $129/mo, 15,000-25,000: $199/mo, 25,000-50,000: $299/mo


  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer “journeys”
  • Engagement insights
  • Great for beginners
  • Professional campaign editor


  • Limited functionality
  • Suits one person only


This Campaign Monitor package is a popular choice for SMBs of all types. It suits a smaller marketing team and doesn’t skimp on advanced tools. These include analytics, reports, and automation tools. As an added bonus, clients get priority support and unlimited previews. Another cool add-on is the countdown timer, which works well for limited promotions. Users can place these on their landing pages or in messages to entice buyers.

Campaign Monitor Plans & Pricing UNLIMITED
Features: All Basic features, Unlimited emails, Priority support, Advanced analytics, Inbox previews, Spam testingNumber of Users:: 1

Number of Accounts: 10

Scheduling: Yes

Price: 500 subscribers: 29/mo, 500-2,500: $59/mo, 2,500-5,000: $99/mo, 5,000-10,000: $149/mo, 10,000-15,000: $249/mo, 15,000-25,000: $399/mo, 25,000-50,000: $699/mo


  • Deliver messages based on specific time zones
  • No sending limits
  • Preview campaigns in 20 different inboxes
  • Promotion countdown for special deals
  • Spam testing


  • Best suited to small marketing teams
  • Can get pricey with more subscribers


This final tier pulls out all the stops by unlocking each feature’s full potential. Users can send as many emails as they want as well as streamline their delivery timetables. There are also lots of optimization tools.

Campaign Monitor Plans & Pricing PREMIER
Features: All Unlimited features, Time zone sending, Engagement segments, Delivery optimization, Link trackingNumber of Users:: Unlimited

Number of Accounts: Unlimited

Scheduling: Yes

Price: 500-5,000 subscribers: $149/mo, 5,000-10,000: $249/mo, 10,000-15,000: $399/mo, 15,000-25,000: $499/mo, 25,000-50,000: $849/mo


  • Custom permissions
  • Find the ideal times to send emails
  • Pre-built lists for audience segmentation
  • Track performance via third-party apps
  • Unlimited spam checks


  • Expensive
  • The editing tools could be better

Pricing & Key Features Comparison Chart

Each Campaign Monitor package has something to offer, so it depends on what the customer is looking for. Below is an easier way to compare and contrast the plans, as well as their prices and advantages.

Basic Unlimited Premier
Monthly Price $9+ $29+ $149+
# of Users 1 1 Unlimited
# of Accts 5 10 Unlimited
Analytics Basic Advanced Advanced
Audience Journeys Yes Yes Yes
Countdown Timer No Yes Yes
Delivery Optimization No No Yes
Email Editor Yes Yes Yes
Inbox Previews No Yes Yes
Spam Checks No Yes Yes

Terms & Conditions

Customers must be 18 or older. By registering for the services, they acknowledge that they have read and agree to the policy terms. Users are responsible for maintaining the hardware and software necessary to access the platform. Clients can’t resell, lease, copy or modify the packages. The company reserves the right to terminate free trial accounts at any time. Any third-party apps have their distinct terms and conditions. Customers should read through those policies before signing on to the service.

Privacy Policy

The corporation last updated its privacy policy in March 2023. This agreement lists the various details that the software collects. Some examples include registration info, billing details, and device data. It also collects certain points from third-party apps. The enterprise uses this information to improve services and for promotional materials. These details also go into legal archives, and clients may request that the business not use their info. The website places tracking cookies to pick up data like addresses and browsers.

Refund Policy

Customers have to pay for their subscription plans in full when they make a purchase. The company will make the payments and fees from the user’s credit card. Clients may upgrade or downgrade their plan at any time. To request a refund, they may contact the sales or support team. All returns or reimbursements will be paid in full if warranted.

Customer Support

Campaign Monitor Customer Support

This business offers a few different avenues for prospective customers to get in touch. Check out the options below to see how to talk to a representative.


Individuals can call +1-888-533-8098 to speak to a sales agent. They can reach out during regular business hours. The representative will go over product options and help the caller find an adequate solution.


It doesn’t look like the company has a sales address, but the Contact page has an online submission form. Visitors must include their name, contact info, and company size. To opt-out of promotional messages, they can email [email protected].

Online Chat

The support page is where visitors can find the online chat button. It is in the bottom-right corner of the website. When they click it, they’ll see a pop-up box where they can type a message. Once they enter an inquiry, the site will generate relevant articles.

Help Center

At the bottom of the website, there are links for Support and a Trust Center. The former is where individuals can find tutorials and product guides. The top of the page has a search bar where they can type their questions. They can also look through categories and training videos to find relevant information. Topics include billing, deliverability, and integrations, among others.

The Trust Center is where visitors can find policies related to the company’s security protocols. They can read about the GDPR overview as well as report vulnerabilities in the system.

Quality of Service

Campaign Monitor has 8.2 out of 10 stars on Trustradius. Most of the reviewers praised the system’s intuitive interface. They also agreed that it worked well with CRM tools. As for complaints, they were mild and focused on a lack of editing options. However, the service only has 1.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. This score is based on 19 reviews, most of which cite glitches and poor customer support. The company is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Customer Types

One of the best things about this service is that it can work for many different businesses. Influencers and solo entrepreneurs can take advantage of the tools on the Basic plan. SMBs and larger corporations can use the higher-tiered advanced automation.

Small Businesses

A start-up or young company would find lots to use on this platform. Most of them would probably have to use the Basic or Unlimited plans. That’s okay because there are still plenty of features to choose from. Automation, analytics, and email editors are just a few.

Mid-Sized Companies

A medium-sized agency is the ideal demographic for this service. SMBs will find any of the marketing plans attractive, and they could have their pick of prime options. The only downside is that there aren’t any social listening modules on the platform.

Large Enterprises

Plenty of bigger corporations use Campaign Monitor to manage their emails, landing pages, and sign-up forms. Examples include Birch Box and Converse. These types of enterprises would want the Premier plan. It will help with special promotions, spam testing, and delivery optimization.


An independent contractor or influencer could make good use of the Basic package. The pricing is competitive, and the suite of tools is fresh and innovative. There is limited functionality, though, especially when it comes to designing layouts.

Pros & Cons

Overall, Campaign Monitor does a good job of automating routine tasks and personalizing content. Clients can access a fair amount of professional layouts to create stunning emails. Most users are fond of the drag-and-drop functionality, as well as the analytics. While the reporting and editing could be stronger, customers get what they pay for.



  • Attractive and approachable pricing models
  • Automated Webforms, newsletters, landing pages, and more
  • Hundreds of integrations for retail and analytics
  • Split testing and audience segmentation
  • Suits a variety of business sizes and industries
  • Templates for desktop and mobile inboxes
  • The interface is intuitive and easy to learn
  • Limited testing features on the Basic plan
  • Some customers report bugs and glitches
  • There should be more editing styles and options

Campaign Monitor Alternatives

Campaign Monitor has quite a few rivals. Here are six alternatives to consider if their pricing and features aren’t cutting it.

1. Constant Contact: Never Miss a Beat

Constant Contact Alternatives

This email marketing suite ensures that businesses reach their audiences wherever they are. Clients can access over 100 mobile-responsive templates to find the perfect fit. They’ll also get basic e-commerce tools and integrations. Other perks include list-building and online storefronts.

2. GetResponse: Affordable All-in-One Software


GetResponse gives competitors a run for their money. Customers can enjoy many of the same benefits for a fraction of the rate. This includes auto-responders, split testing, and RSS-to-email. The basic package includes unlimited landing pages and template designs. Clients also receive one sales funnel and Facebook Ads integration.

3. AWeber: Stunning Layouts, Smart Technology

AWeber Alternatives

Not only is this platform beautiful, but it does most of the work for users. They can use the drag-and-drop editor to create automated sign-up forms, landing pages, and newsletters. The software’s capability extends to HTML and AMP formats, too. Even on the basic plan, clients can access unlimited subscribers.

4. MailChimp: Targeting, Management, and More

Aweber MailChimp Alternatives

A fan favorite, MailChimp delivers more than lovely emails. It also offers landing pages, custom domains, and branding. Other advantages include A/B tests and an audience dashboard. There, clients can segment recipients, study buyer behavior, and tag accordingly.

5. Emma: Robust Reporting and Segmentation

Emma Alternatives

Emma has a crisp and tidy interface. Lurking beneath the surface are profound tools and insights that marketing teams need. This includes a template gallery and real-time reporting. The Guestbook app lets them collect new subscribers, whenever. Emma integrates with SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite, and others.

6. Klaviyo: Email and SMS Marketing

Klaviyo Main Alternatives

Klaviyo helps brands target the right audience and build one-on-one relationships. It does this through social advertising, unlimited sends, and ROI tracking. Social advertising, listening tools, and integrations are added bonuses. The only downside is that SMS outreach costs extra.

Services Alternatives Comparison Table

Review the side-by-side comparison below. Remember, these prices and features reflect the lowest-paid plans. More advanced metrics are available on the more expensive packages.

CM CC GR AWeber MC Emma Klaviyo
Monthly Price $9+ $20+ $15+ $19+ $10+ $89+ $20+
# of Users 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
# of Accts 1 1 1 1 3 1 1
Design Layouts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landing Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Previews No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Ads No Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Spam Checks No No No No No No No

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is Better: MailChimp or Campaign Monitor?

    It depends on what the individual or business is looking for. Both options provide plenty of resources and tools for marketers. It’s best to look at the pricing and determine which features most match the campaign needs. For instance, both services provide affordable rates and landing page builders. However, MailChimp grants access to social ads and higher sending limits. Again, this is a comparison of the smallest packages. The features might be more comparable to the higher plans.

  • Is Campaign Monitor Free?

    No. That said, there is a free trial that individuals can try out. With this complimentary version, brands can access dozens of professional layouts, email templates, and editing tools. They can also do a test run of their outreach strategies. This is a good idea for someone who is unsure about purchasing a package.

  • How Does Campaign Monitor Work?

    The primary focus is email marketing, but clients can also access landing pages, newsletters, and sign-up forms. Once they sign up, they have a robust toolkit of features available to them.

    • They can import their audience lists and segment them accordingly.
    • They’ll choose from several beautiful templates and adjust the elements to their branding.
    • Teams can automate certain tasks to save time later. They can also do a test run of the campaign to compare strategies.
    • Based on recipient actions and feedback, individuals can refine their messages.

  • How Do I Delete my Campaign Monitor Account?

    To cancel an account, individuals can reach out to the support team. They can either call the office at +1-888-533-8098 or send a message on the Contact page. To remove a user from the profile, here’s what to do:

    • Click on the member icon in the top-right of the dashboard.
    • Select the “Manage team.”
    • Hover the cursor over the person’s name and wait for the trash can icon to appear.
    • Click this icon to remove them from the account.

Minimal & Attractive, But a Few Missing Parts

To be fair, this platform is flexible and user-friendly. It offers high-quality designs and a good amount of customization. Ideally, the system would include more proofreading and link-checking features. It might be worth it to check out some competitors before committing to Campaign Monitor. There is no doubt that the software appeals to various industries and company sizes. While it’s minimal, it is still a powerful and robust system.

If you have worked with this company before, be sure to share your experience in the comments below.

Matt Robinson

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