Pros And Cons of Buying
Instagram Followers

Instagram has quickly become one of the best networks to market a business online, due to its large number of users. But building a successful profile on it can be difficult. It can take many hours to gain even a small following. And most enterprises just don’t have enough time to grow such a network.

Yet there is a quick method for users to grow their following. Followers can be purchased with a simple click of a button – taking the hard work out of the process. A large network of Instagram followers can help both individuals and businesses to raise awareness about their products and services. And by having more brand awareness, a company has a better chance to attract new customers.

Pros & Cons

icon-likeThe Pros
  • It’s a Quick Jumpstart. Getting noticed on Instagram becomes far easier with more followers. Having to start at zero requires lots of work and patience to earn more. And it can take as long as weeks or months to build a profile that easily earns attention. But by starting with thousands, an account is more likely to continue to grow at a fast pace.
  • Improved Social Credibility. A large following makes an account appear far more credible. It is not possible to know if an accounts fans are real or purchased. Instead, users just see a profile that seems very popular. Popular accounts often land on Instagram’s trending page and gain much attention from there. These accounts can then grow their fan base easier than before.
  • Reliable Reputation. An account with a large fan base is seen as very reliable. For this reason, other businesses tend to trust popular accounts. They assume that the account has earned the fans naturally. And this could then mean that the owner of the account is good at marketing. So they do not hesitate to work with popular accounts.
  • More Targeted Audience. Targeting certain age groups and genders is an easy way to gain new customers. When buying advertisement space, a firm can choose who can see the content. This process targets groups that are most likely to purchase goods or services. The same process can be used to reengage visitors who have visited an account before.
  • Chain of Followers. An account that has a large number of fans is more likely to attract others. This can then spur organic traffic. The traffic can then bring in new users, who notice the popularity of the profile. The process can then continue to happen for as long as the account remains popular.
  • Increased Free Time. Having to build a following can take lots of time. But when there is no need to do such a thing, there is more free time for other tasks. Business owners can then use their vacant hours more productively for things like marketing, sales, R&D and so on.
icon-dislikeThe Cons
  • Number Driven Strategy. Simply having a large fan base is not enough to guarantee a good profile. The numbers do consist of real people, but those people often are not concerned in the content of the account. Thus, the only feat is having a large number of followers. And that number does nothing for a business.
  • Low engagement. Purchased subs are not always absorbed in the content which they are paid to follow. They often just subscribe, in order to get subs back to their own accounts. As a result, content posted online can receive very few likes and comments. This can be alarming to other accounts that are intent on doing commerce together.
  • Dropped Followers. Many Instagram services provide fans that often unfollow content. Once purchased, a bulk number of accounts start following an account. These accounts are supposed to remain subs for life. But quite often these accounts unfollow other profiles, due to a loss of interest. This can then leave a profile with nearly half of the numbers that were paid for.
  • Not a Full Business Plan. Large numbers do not directly relate to success. Just having more fans does not mean sales will increase. So a company must continue to provide quality at all levels. Thus a company must offer worthy goods and services so that the new patrons remain interested.
  • False Metrics. Gaging user engagement becomes nearly impossible with paid followers. There is no way to tell which accounts were bought, and which came on their own. The same problem occurs for the retention rate. Thus, the accounts simply represent numbers, and nothing more. As a result, the metrics may not point to any pieces of helpful data for a firm.

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Purchasing followers can be a very wise or poor decision, based on the service. A user’s subscription base will certainly grow. But that does growth does not equate to success. Nor does it equate to a successful business plan. Yet, having a large network can be useful at different stages. For those who are new to online marketing, using such a service can be very helpful. Overall, the experience varies depending on the goals of the user.