4Liker Review: Is It Legit and Safe?

4Liker Review: Is It Legit and Safe?
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4Liker Review: In-Depth

4Liker is an online tool that comes in the form of an Android app. It is designed to improve a person’s social life, and anybody can download it on Google Play Store. Brand leaders know what it means to have a wider reach. It would allow them to make more profits and increase the sale of their products. This is what the Android software of 4Liker is aimed at achieving with just a click.

The software was created in 2013. Till today it still provides unique features to help brands promote themselves better. It claims to be one of the best Facebook auto like websites. It offers free likes to the posts, photos, and videos of members. Apart from that, it claims to be 100% safe and has a database that does not have a virus or malware. It also offers Instagram (IG) services but not Twitter or YouTube.

Supported Networks and Services

Although sites like Twitter are popular, with Facebook and IG being among the most famous and used networks in our world, people can take charge of them to promote their products and brands to the world. However, it is very crucial that these people have a good number of followers, likes, and comments, in order to grab the attention of the public. This is when 4Liker comes into the picture. 4Liker offers a unique Android software that deals with Facebook and IG. Here’s a brief rundown on each network which the special tool supports.


Many people around the world see Facebook as not just a place to share a photo but also as a social giant that can bring lots of profits to the business of a person. The special software offers auto likers and auto comments to accounts without paying.

  • Likes – Likes are important features used by Facebook users to denote interest in special contents on the network. By using this special tool to bring thousands of others to like the photo and video contents on the network, brands can drive more people to opt-in for their products and market.
  • Comments – These can as well be used to show high concern in a post, video, or photo. Any person who wishes to boost the comments level on their content on Facebook can adopt the special feature offered by this software.


Since the coming of IG, people have found it very easy to share their market with the world. They do this with the use of photos and videos. In fact, IG is the most used social network when it comes to advertising of brand products. However, when a brand has a good number of followers and likes, the whole process of boosting sales becomes filled with more ease.

  • Likes – Through likes, brand owners can help their brand boost their fame across the network of IG.
  • Followers – With a good number of followers, many people can begin to show interest in a brand. Having a great level of following assists a brand in increasing its reach over the entire network.
  • Views – Videos are not left out. Videos can also receive free views through the tool, and this would help engage the audience of a user’s IG account.

Plans & Prices

Many tools that are alike often get to provide a package that has a costly nature. This can keep many persons away from using the service. However, with 4Liker, people can enjoy the goodies of getting liker and follower plans to their Facebook and IG accounts. Yes, the whole website offers its service for free. Clients do not have to pay a dime before getting a feel of the benefits its special features provide.

Each FB feature offered by the platform has a minimum amount of 20 per order. Its IG features have 100. However, it still retains its free cost. All that is required by 4Liker is for a person to click and sign up for an account on its platform through the Android app. Then allocate features to their social account without paying a dime.

Network Services in Detail

4Liker supports just two networks. These networks include Facebook and IG. By giving each network its own separate package, brand owners can enjoy a better and improved social presence on the networks in this year 2023. More likes, views, comments, followers is a good idea for any person on these networks. Not to mention, it would help increase the engagement of others on their contents.


Known to be the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook users can aim its usage towards the promotion of their own interests. 4Liker supports this.

Automated Likes

This tool ensures they get a complete order of likes automatically within a period of 16 minutes. In fact, likes are automated and are free. Users can get it simply by logging into their FB account through the app, and then choose the number of likes they need.

Automated Comments

The tool claims to be able to help boost a FB profile such by giving the right number of comments to their content for no cost at all. Users only need to click and sign into their FB account and chose the number of comments they need on their posts.


The IG service of 4Liker comes with a unique feature. Its auto liker feature ensures members of the special tool get likes quickly to their contents. However, the same logic applies to the follower feature of the IG package. Any person involved in the marketing game can enjoy the feature in their sales. People do not have to pay to do this.


With the auto IG liker, they can deliver a great number of likes to their contents, products, videos, and photos within a short time. This platform has made the whole process of getting likes simple. All a user needs to do is log in with their IG username and password through the app, and then begin allocating likes to their contents.


4Liker is a special tool designed to ensure its users get a better level of followers on their IG account. All for no cost at all. Users can go a long way in getting some sent to their account. All that is needed is for them to click sign in and then begin to enjoy the good of free followers.


Views help to portray how many people are engaged with a video on IG. 4Liker claims to offer them for free. It simply needs its members to log in on their IG account through it, then choose their quantity and send.

Terms and Guarantees

4liker is transparent in the info it gives to their clients. For that, the site shows clear terms and conditions and how they will protect their info. Also, there are parts to read about to get their money back in case they lose interactions.

Terms and Conditions

Usage of this special program is free of charge. It is made open to everyone regardless of age, status, and country. As long as they agree to its terms of service, they can enjoy the unique features it offers. Here is a list of their crucial terms.

  • The tool reserves the right to ban any user who violates their rules.
  • Session cookies will be restored for liking purpose.
  • Cookies which contain authentication data will be stored on a user’s browser.
  • Likes must not be sold.
  • Likes on inappropriate contents must never be done.
  • Abuse of auto tools through the use of bots must never be done.

Privacy Policy

In order to use the app, users are prompted to agree to its privacy terms which deal with the way data is collected and used. For a better experience, they will have to provide the tool with some data like device ID and IP address. Third-party services may have access to the data, but no website retains these data. Quite often, in case of an error in the app, the tool collects data through a log data third-party service.


Refund Policy

Sometimes, users of a special social media tool can decide to cancel their service plans. This is, most times, aided by the presence of a refund policy which ensures these persons receive a refund of their payment on the plan. However, with 4Liker, this is not so.

Its free feature makes the absence of such. Clients will never need a refund, of course, when the service provided is free of charge. This gives the app a unique nature and sets it apart from many other tools that are alike.

Retention Policy

Giving free services does not mean those services can be retained. As a matter of fact, 4Liker does not reserve control over the service it provides to the IG and Facebook accounts of users. However, many clients claim each service they have always stayed retained. This gives people a slight edge of keeping their likes and followers retained.

Customer Support

Without the use of software, app, or program, clients can get to enjoy full customer support. Although there is no frequently asked questions section for users to get answers to the questions, they google so often. The site still offers a way for clients to reach admins in order to make inquiries and solve problems related to using the tool.

Through email, members can send their message to the app admins and get a reply to what they need. A lot of tools which offer free service just like 4Liker do not have a client support system. But when people download 4Liker, the whole process is made to be different.

4Liker Quality of Followers

4Liker was created only to provide a unique service to IG and Facebook users. As a matter of fact, people who opt-in for what it offers, get a huge boost to their follower level. But many have questioned the quality of this service. This is not just because of their safety on the site, but also the protection of their account in the network of IG and Facebook.

Many claim these followers offered by 4Liker to be bots. However, this tool gives information as regards that. It claims clients can only get likes after giving likes or followers to others.

Retention Rate

When it comes to being able to retain users, the app does not claim to be able to do this. In fact, a good number of people have said some things about the app. Most of which include the retention of the service provided by the app to them.

4Liker`s Pros & Cons

As seen above, 4liker has a number of functions that make it great for any user who needs a hand when taking care of business. Yet, it also has some negative features that should make anyone think twice when hiring them. Below, readers can find info on both categories to help them decide.



  • Has an Easy-to-use Interface
  • Free Service
  • Automated Features
  • Fast Service
  • Client Support
  • Only For Android Users
  • Less Number of Features

The Final Word

4Liker is a unique program that stands a chance of offering brands success in their online lives in 2023. Even with this, it still has a good number of downsides to all that it offers. IG and Facebook are great networks that provide support to the growth of a product, service, or brand online. But when it comes to boosting this process in 2023, 4Liker has claimed to be the perfect option for that.

Published: July 05, 2019Updated: March 27, 2024

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