AutomaticViral Review: The Full Review of Its Services

AutomaticViral Review: The Full Review of Its Services
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AutomaticViral Review: In-Depth

AutomaticViral claims to have been able to live up to its name. Many portray using the automatic tool as one of the best ways to go viral in the social world. It has been in the social game for a very long time and has offered unique services that have helped many move their profiles to the next level.

The platform has worked since 2014. It offers features which can come in handy for business owners when they need to grow their brand’s online presence and get followers. It offers unique features which are needed by people looking to promote themselves.

Supported Networks and Services

This platform is a little different from alike ones when it comes to supporting networks. Unlike most other tools, this one offers its service only to the Instagram network. This means Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube are excluded. Helping it show its great level of specialization across the Instagram network. Here is a tiny look into what it offers to the world today.


Instagram(IG) is seen to be the most used platform when it comes to business promotions and market campaigns. Its key features provide a chance for people to promote their products and better reach an audience interested in their niche. In reality, doing this takes a lot of hard work and effort to be made. This is where the unique features of the Automatic Viral service come into the picture. All of which provide a chance for clients to boost the fame of their profile over the network.


Likes are important features of the Instagram network. clients can utilize them in showing they like a post just as the name implies. For this reason, AutomaticViral claims to help with the provision of likes in order to grow a user’s name over Instagram.


Views are crucial to the video posts of clients across Instagram. Brands now utilize videos when trying to convey a message to their clients and customers online. With the good number of views offered by the platform, getting to engage others and drive more people to engage with a video on Instagram should not be a problem at all. The good thing is the platform provides its views for free.

Plans & Prices

Being able to afford a feature is what most people look for first when buying services from an online platform. The Automatic Viral platform has looked at this in a very careful manner. With this, the platform has been able to help its clients afford each one of its plans by offering them at cheaper prices. This means users do not have to cut out a large part of their budget before being able to afford it.

Each plan can be paid for through the help of a credit card or a debit card. Payment is secured, and users do not need to enter their Instagram passwords to be able to complete any transaction. Payment is made on a monthly basis. Even with this, clients get a great number of likes sent to account’s posts on a daily basis.

Not to mention, there are still unique benefits for those who have purchased a plan. They say they have no interest in the content. They are free to cancel their plan at any time. A 30-day money back guarantee awaits them. Below is a detailed table showing its unique plans and prices for buying likes.

Likes Per Post Price Number of Posts
50 $9.99 Unlimited
100 $17 Unlimited
500 $48 Unlimited
1000 $75 Unlimited
1500 $99 Unlimited
3000 $189 Unlimited
5000 $300 Unlimited
10000 $450 Unlimited

In other words, the platform provides the likes and views feature only. Each view offered comes as a free addition to the plan purchased. The main features offered are the likes, which come as real likes from real users.

Network Services in Detail

Brand owners, as well as people who wish to promote their products and skills, have been known to utilize social platforms. AutomaticViral has taken note of this and has made sure to provide the services based on features of one of the most used platforms. Thereby helping brands gain a better audience, go viral, and to improve market sales with greater effect.


Unlike most other platforms, this one does not provide a free trial for its new users. It supports only the Instagram network, and for a very long time now, has done a great job in giving unique features at unique prices.
In order words, the IG service of the platform aims at giving out likes to clients. In addition to that, the automatic tool provides free views to the video contents and posts of users. This not only provides a better chance of getting more market sales. It ensures users to a special product or brand service are engaged.


Likes can be gotten with ease. The special platform aims its service towards giving likes to members and clients. Members can drive more IG users to their contents this way and improve their social presence.


Views are crucial features of IG. A user’s content with a good number of views is more likely to drive in more users to view that content. This would also go a long way in bringing more sales and more fame to the user’s account. The free views which this platform provides a good chance at achieving this. All for free.

Terms and Guarantees

The rest of this review will talk a bit about terms of service of the system and other policies, both new and old. When compared to other reviews, this is the only platform that offers full refund easily.

Terms and Conditions

The terms of a website are very crucial. This is due to the fact that they are major factors that guide the way members utilize a service on the site. The site claims to have terms of service page. This provides members’ a chance for them to purchase plans and utilize each feature the whole site in a governed and proper way.

Privacy Policy

This right here ensures clients know how the website makes utilize of their private data. The site claims to prioritize the privacy of its members. According to the website, it will collect and adopt the usage of personal information solely with the aim of providing those purposes specified by it and for other compatible purposes. Unless we obtain the consent of the individual concerned or as required by law.

The site also claims to be ready to protect the data of members against any form or unauthorized access. Also, the data of customers will be kept safe from security incidents which include loss or theft.

Refund Policy

For most people today, looking into the refund policy of a site or social tool is a crucial process. This allows them to see how well the website handles the user’s needs. Apart from that, it also helps them see just how much value a tool might have up its sleeves.

AutomaticViral has looked into this and has made sure it meets the needs of members first. It says it offers a refund for its clients without asking questions or giving too many reviews on the problem. In fact, customers who do not get the feeling of content within the first 30 days of their purchase can contact the admins to get a refund.

Retention Policy

The platform claims to offer likes within 60 seconds after user posts. This is apart from, the fact that each like offered is made by a real user. This means it does not utilize bots. Thereby boosting the chances of being able to retain the likes each post gets. The site does not claim to retain users. But the real people it uses in giving out likes makes customers stay sure of their purchase being retained.

Customer Support

Client support is a very crucial part of almost every platform of social tool. This ensures members do not get lost. It goes a long way in giving customers answers to their questions. The good thing is this platform supports its own clients in diverse numbers of ways.

It comes with a FAQ section as well as a knowledge base. This helps to provide a view at already-answered questions of customers. This can aid quicker ways in which people can solve any problem they have with the usage of the website.

Members who find none of the sections useful can also refer to the contact page. Members can get to contact the admins of the platform through their email address. The admins will get back to the user within the next 24 hours.

AutomaticViral Quality of Followers

AutomaticViral does not offer followers to the social accounts of customers. It provides likes and free views only to the IG account of its members. These likes are of high quality. This is due to the fact that each like made to the post of a member on the website is made by a real person. This means there is no use of bots on the platform. Thereby keeping the user’s account safe.

Retention Rate

Keeling clients retained is a tough job for many. Most times, a service that is gotten from a tool like this is hardly retained. But in the case of this one, things are a little different. The likes it provides are from real people. This ensures users of the IG network that the likes are retained and their account is safe.

AutomaticViral`s Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of the special tool help to define the benefits and downsides attached to its usage. Below is a brief rundown on some of the pros and cons of using the service offered by the tool.



  • Unique 24/7 client support
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Secured site
  • Wide range of plans
  • Provides FAQ section
  • Supports only one payment method
  • Supports only one network and only one service

The Final Word

Social networks are have now become a major part of every business’s marketing campaign. The great number of clients on each network makes them ideal choices for brand owners wish to promote their products across the globe, making them go viral, and boost sales. For this reason, using a good platform which provides great services is the best way for these brands to beat the numbers and rise to the top.

AutomaticViral has been around for a very long time now. Today, it still retains its fame across the social world. A lot of IG users have enjoyed the service it provides and has gotten a rise in their fame. The above review should help one in making a smart decision as regards its usage.

Published: July 18, 2019Updated: February 25, 2024

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