BombBomb Review: Software That Adds a Punch to Traditional Marketing Emails

BombBomb Review: Software That Adds a Punch to Traditional Marketing Emails
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  • BombBomb Video ($29.99/month)

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  • Plus with Prompto ($2000/month)

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BombBomb Review: In Depth

BombBomb Review

BombBomb is a time-saving, engagement-boosting software with a focus on email marketing. In 2023, it’s becoming harder to connect with consumers via email. However, software like this one can make a huge difference in reaching new customers and bringing old ones back. This tool helps clients burst onto the scene and differentiate themselves from boring, traditional email.

Key Features

The software modernizes email technology to help companies reach more consumers and better engage with their current customers. Through a mixture of conventional and newer approaches, businesses can interact with buyers in a whole new way. Below are some of the easy-to-use features.

  • Autoresponder
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Email Editor
  • Engagement Analytics & Rates
  • Individual & Bulk Messages
  • Quick Send
  • Traditional Text & Images
  • Video Messages

BombBomb Review: Background Information

BombBomb History

The business was founded by Darin Dawson and Conor McCluskey, two sales experts. They knew they wanted to reach their clients in a more clear and personal way. After experimenting with video in an email template, the idea took off. After that moment in 2006, Dawson and McCluskey’s concept grew exponentially, and the company became one of the top tech startups in Colorado Springs. Today, the team includes about 150 people, a client base in 42 countries, and reviews in several tech publications.

Service Features & Technical Details

Email marketing entails more than simply writing an intriguing message. Through videos, document sharing, and traditional images and text, users can get the word out in a way that’s clear and fun, so consumers will want to read it.

Email Marketing

Again, if reaching a target audience were as simple as sending a traditional marketing email, then everyone would be a huge success. Rather, it takes trial and error to find the perfect messaging formula. Fortunately, the team did the hard part of finding what works best. Below is a quick review of the top features that clients can expect. A combination of conventional techniques and modern tech makes for more interesting and exciting campaigns that will capture more buyers.

  • Auto-Responder
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Email Editor
  • Media Library
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Reports
  • Subscriber/Mailing List Management
  • Templates
  • Webforms

Video Management

Videos and GIFs used to be unexplored technologies, but today they’re popular with consumers of all ages and backgrounds. What’s great is that different industries can take advantage of these unconventional tools to better illustrate their point, get customers excited, and showcase their offerings.

  • Analysis
  • Mobile Support
  • Video Streaming

Key Features in Detail

Some specific tools help this company stand out from the rest. Their availability and capabilities vary depending on the pricing plan, but they’re all worth checking out.

Live Video Recording: One-to-One Engagement

The software allows clients to send personalized videos straight to customers. They arrive in a neat, clear, and exciting email that is specially made for the consumer, adding unique and memorable flair.

Screen Recording: Give Clearer Instructions

Another personal touch is the screen recording function. This lets users capture a video of their computer screen so they can send customers a concise tutorial or welcome message.

Real-Time Analytics: Always of Aware of Insights

Other marketing or campaign platforms include reporting tools that keep track of bounce and click rate, number of opened messages, and more. BombBomb does too and reviews these insights in real-time.

Video Encoding: Convert Videos & Customers

The software is capable of converting videos to downloadable and shareable files. This way, businesses can send helpful information and custom messages to their buyers. It’s clear, fun, and helps the brand stand out.

Video Library: Keep Media Files Safe

With all of the newfangled tech that companies are using, they need someplace to keep everything safe. The software has image and video libraries where all that media can stay stored for later use.

Snippets: No More Redundancy

Audiences today need messages that are short, quick, and to the point. That’s where snippets come in. They’re short-form responses that mimic the canned, rehearsed answers that salespeople are used to sharing. Snippets save time and keep things concise so clients can read and go.

Prompts: Set Up the Socials

The Prompt package helps with social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This way, companies are reaching their entire sphere of influence, even those who don’t regularly check their inbox.

Reminders: Track Opened & Unopened Mail

Thanks to multiple integrations and helpful tools, users can set reminders for their campaigns. That way, if a recipient doesn’t open the first message, they’ll receive a follow-up email.

Scheduling: On-Time and On-Task

Part of any successful email marketing campaign is organizing the flow of messages. Within that goal is finding the perfect time to reach out to consumers. Schedules help tremendously with getting emails to a person’s inbox at just the right moment.

Group Coaching: Assistance for Teams Big & Small

A great thing about this software is that it has packages for individuals, teams, and enterprises. For those with a group dynamic, coaching sessions make it easier to keep everyone on-task and in collaboration.

Design Pack: A Special Feature With Prompt

Those who purchase the Prompt Plus package get to use custom-branded designs and templates. These make marketing campaigns more dynamic, interactive, and informative. Industry-specific tools include referrals, testimonials, listings, and more.

Training Program: Six Weeks to Better Business Emails

Groups on the enterprise plan can take advantage of this training session and consultation. This includes accountability check-ins, custom tasks, benchmarks, video coaching, and priority tech support.

BombBomb Plans & Pricing

At first glance, BombBomb’s pricing can look confusing. There are slightly different prices for each plan, depending on whether it’s an individual or a group purchase. In a way, this allows for a more tailor-made approach for each customer. This section reviews the details and what clients can expect from each package.

BombBomb Video

The lower-tiered option is BombBomb Video. It’s best for sending one-to-one videos through Gmail or a Chrome browser extension. It comes with live and screen recording, a media library, and analytics. Individuals and teams can get it for the same price. Larger businesses can contact the sales team for a quote on a custom enterprise plan.

BombBomb - Video Price
Features: Analytics, live video/screen recording, media library, reminders, schedules, snippets, video encoding

Functionality: Cloud, Mobile, Web

Number of Users: 1-100+

Number of Accounts: 1-100+

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $29.99/month


  • Access to videos, images, & other media
  • Quick edits
  • Real-time reporting
  • Schedules & reminders
  • Works for individuals & groups

  • Limited integrations
  • Not mobile-optimized


Plus works for solo entrepreneurs as well as larger teams in the real estate, mortgage broker, and sales industries. Of course, businesses in other areas can still get a lot out of this software. The Plus option allows for a larger contact list, more automation, better tracking tools, and front-end support.

BombBomb - Individual Plus
Features: All Video tools, automated follow-ups, Gmail app, Google Chrome extension, group coaching session, mobile optimization, opportunity tracking, unlimited video emails, up to 3,500 contacts

Functionality: Cloud, Mobile, Web

Number of Users: 1-100+

Number of Accounts: 1-100+

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $39 – $49/month


  • Front-of-line support
  • Group coaching
  • Lots of sales tools
  • Mobile optimization
  • Send more messages to larger groups

  • Fewer automations
  • Gets pricey on the individual plan

Plus With Prompt

Prompt is BombBomb’s unique email marketing system. It costs $167 per month plus a one-time $500 set-up fee. This package includes everything on the Plus plan as well as a two-month training course with webinars, campaign templates, and an on-brand Design Pack. It’s meant for real estate and financial experts, but should work in other industries, too.

BombBomb - Individual Plus with Prompt
Features: All Plus features, collaborative Facebook group, custom-made campaigns, Design Pack, educational webinars, increased metrics, six-week training program, unlimited 1-to-1 prompts

Functionality: Cloud, Mobile, Web

Number of Users: 1-100+

Number of Accounts: 1-100+

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $167/month


  • Automatic reporting
  • Collaboration tools
  • Custom-made campaigns
  • Design pack
  • Six-week training course

  • Built for real estate & mortgage professionals
  • Set-up fee

Pricing & Key Features Comparison Chart

The variety of packages means that entrepreneurs and sales professionals in different fields can try the service. Plus, the distinction between Individual, Team, and Enterprise makes it easy to choose a suitable plan.

Video Plus Plus with Prompt
Price $29.99/mo $39 – $49/mo $167/mo
Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Coaching No Yes Yes
Custom Campaigns No No Yes
Design Pack No No Yes
Gmail App No Yes Yes
Media Library Yes Yes Yes
Reminders Yes Yes Yes
Schedules Yes Yes Yes
Streaming Yes Yes Yes

Terms & Conditions

The company has a full Terms of Service agreement. This includes information about personal data and subscriber information as well as partnerships with third parties. BombBomb does not sell or rent subscriber details or make them available to third parties without user agreement and permission. Package plans auto-renew unless customers notify the business at least 30 days before the end of the current term. There are no guarantees that the email services won’t be interrupted. However, the administrative and support teams do their best to provide continuous service.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy had its last update in April 2019. It states that the service accesses personal and subscriber information such as name, contact information, and billing details. Any user who shares something on the BombBomb blog should be aware that the service collects all of the posted content. The software works with Google Analytics and, as such, sets cookies on clients’ devices.

The Terms and Conditions on the company’s website state that all fees are non-refundable. This pertains to activation or set-up charges as well as monthly and yearly subscriptions. Further questions about that should go to [email protected]. Refunds may be issued on a case-by-case basis if the team decides it’s warranted.

Customer Support

BombBomb Customer Support

There are a few different channels that clients can use to get in touch with the support or sales teams. Below is a quick review of each option.


Those who are in the United States and wish to speak to the sales team can call 866-209-4602. Remember, this is specifically for potential customers or current clients who have questions related to pricing, plans, and the products in general.


Naturally, this is an option that the company opens up to clients. Users can send a message or query to [email protected] or [email protected]. They should receive a response within a day or so.

Online Chat

When a visitor goes to the service’s landing page, they will get a greeting from the BombBot. This is an automated chatbot that can answer general questions related to the product. There are some pre-selected topics like “free trial”, “request a demo”, and “chat with sales.”

Support Center

The website’s Help Center is a great resource for getting started or finding an answer to a common question. There is a search bar at the top of the page where visitors can type in a keyword related to their query. There is also a “Submit a request” link that allows users to contact the service team with a comment, concern, question, or complaint.

Quality of Service

The software service has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, although it’s not accredited. The BombBomb app has three out of five stars on the Google Play Store. However, the company’s inbox app has four out of five. In online reviews, users tend to rate the service as slightly above average. Its best qualities are video marketing tools and personalized campaigns. It could appeal to more people if its pricing were a bit more accessible.

Customer Types

If a person is a sales professional or they’re working in a financial or mortgage-related field, then this service is a great choice. That said, the software will appeal to teams of varying sizes, too.

Small Businesses

A start-up or smaller company could do great things with this platform. It’s an awesome alternative to the boring, copy-and-paste emails that many banks and real-estate businesses tend to send. Moreover, there are three individual plans to choose from: Video, Plus, and Plus with Prompt.

Mid-Sized Companies

A slightly larger brand could make good use of this service, too. The team plans are ideal for teams ranging from a few dozen to hundreds of people. Again, there is the Video bundle and the team subscription with group coaching.

Large Enterprises

Even a full-fledged company can take advantage of this software. These customers will have to look into the Enterprise plan, which is priced on a case-by-case basis. The bundle is customized and created through a collaborative effort.


An entrepreneur or freelancer may want to look into this software. It will depend on their industry and budget, but individuals can get a lot out of this program. The most popular option is the Plus plan, which includes many automations and integrations.

BombBomb Pros & Cons

Lots of users love that they can get custom assistance with their template designs, drip campaigns, and other media content. On the higher-tiered plans, they can even get one-on-one or group coaching, complete with webinars and accountability check-ins. Other high-tech video features like screen sharing and live streaming, allow clients to reach more customers, and boost engagement numbers.

On the other hand, the pricing is a bit difficult to understand, as is the interface at times. It takes some time to become accustomed to the dashboard and all of its functionalities.



  • 1-to-1 & Group Coaching
  • Brand-Specific Design Packs
  • Personalized Campaigns
  • Screen Sharing & Live Streaming
  • Solid Customer Support
  • Confusing Pricing & A Lack of Accessibility
  • Learning Curve

Top 6 Best Service Alternatives

This isn’t the only software of its kind, so here’s a brief review of some service alternatives and competitors.

1. Squarespace: Award-Winning Templates & Analytics

BombBomb Squarespace Alternatives

Most people have heard of Squarespace for its stunning templates, easy set-up, and impressive interface. It’s a popular choice among creatives as well as entrepreneurs. It differs in its focus on web design and e-commerce rather than BombBomb’s video marketing.

2. MailChimp: Ready, Set, Grow

BombBomb MailChimp Alternatives

Another popular option is MailChimp. This is a platform dedicated to marketing, particularly in the realm of emails, so it’s a solid competitor. The basic package suits three users and includes standard reporting and audience segmentation, among other things.

3. Constant Contact: Social Posting & Integrations

BombBomb Constant Contact Alternatives

Constant Contact has separate bundles for website design and email marketing. The individual bundle costs $20 per month and includes access to social posting, mobile apps and integrations, standard reports, and resources like webinars.

4. iContact: Advanced Automation to Drive ROI

BombBomb iContact Alternatives

iContact offers free webinars, a stock image library, and an editor with a convenient drag-and-drop function. The “smart sending” technology figures out when to send out a message for optimal response times and engagement. The standard bundle is a bit pricey but comes with lots of tools and reporting metrics.

5. Campaign Monitor: Automation That Thinks Outside the Box

BombBomb Campaign Monitor Alternatives

The basic bundle is less than $10 per month and allows up to 2,500 emails across campaigns and an insights analytics suite. The features aren’t as extensive as they are for some of the other brands, but the price is hard to beat.

6. GetResponse: Trusted By Over a Quarter of a Million Customers

BombBomb GetResponse Alternatives

Even the most standard package with this brand brings a ton of automated software and engagement metrics. The support is great, and there are plenty of templates, and room for customization. The price is average, although webinars and event triggers aren’t included.

Pricing & Basic Features Comparison Chart

Be sure to review all of the options below. This side-by-side comparison looks at the basic packages, not the free trials.

BombBomb Service Square Space Mail Chimp Service Constant Contact iContact Service Campaign Monitor Get Response
Price $29.99/mo $12/mo $9.99/mo $20/mo $30.60/mo $9/mo $15/mo
# of Users 1 2 3 1 1+ 1 1
Drip Campaigns Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Event Triggers No No Yes No No Yes No
Media Library Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Mobile Optimization No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webforms Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Webinars Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is BombBomb Worth It

Yes, especially for people who want to spice up their email marketing campaigns. While the service has bundles for individuals and groups, mid-sized teams in the real estate and sales fields will probably get the best bang for their buck. Regardless, buyers should know that this is a software for video emails and analytics. It’s not necessarily for e-commerce or building a website.

2. How to Download BombBomb Videos?

The user dashboard has a “Videos” tab on the upper taskbar. From there, clients can see a list of videos. Next to each one is a drop-down menu with options for sending, copying, embedding, deleting, and sharing. The “Link & Share” selection will allow them to post the content on a social media channel. The “Embed” option is where users can copy the HTML and paste it into a webpage’s code.

3. Is BombBomb a CRM?

In a way, yes. However, this technically isn’t a CRM software. That should be just fine for most clients because the marketing efforts and improvements that they’ll see will bring in more satisfied and recurring customers as well as new ones. Better metric tracking and shareable content make for smoother interactions between businesses and clients, which is what people will achieve with BombBomb.

4. What is BombBomb Prompt?

In a way, yes. However, this technically isn’t a CRM software. That should be just fine for most clients because the marketing efforts and improvements that they’ll see will bring in more satisfied and recurring customers as well as new ones. Better metric tracking and shareable content make for smoother interactions between businesses and clients, which is what people will achieve with BombBomb.

Final Thoughts: Explosive Growth With Personalized Campaigns

Sometimes a new approach is all entrepreneurs and professionals need to revamp their businesses and develop closer relationships with their buyers. This software is a great example of how brands can increase their ROI, achieve greater customer satisfaction, and differentiate themselves through a conventional email. After all, people respond much better to a human being than a boring stock photo or old platitude.

Published: July 22, 2020Updated: June 20, 2023

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