CoinCrack Review: Is It Safe or Scam?

CoinCrack Review:  Is It Safe or Scam?
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Price Plans

  • 500 Instagram Followers ($9)

  • 500 Instagram Followers ($9)

  • 1000 Twitter Followers ($9)

  • 500 SoundCloud Like ($15)

  • 100 Facebook Like ($10)

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Starting Price per 500 Instagram Followers


CoinCrack Review: In Depth

The team works remotely, from different spaces and various countries. This means they give traffic that spans many sections in the world. Their workers are developers, designers, and bloggers, for example. As they are digital nomads themselves, they can give excellent customer care. Because they know exactly what their clients go through. This company offers a wide variety of supported platforms. This makes it a great option for business owners who have many accounts to manage at the same time. Though most alternatives are not cheap, they are worth the investment. Also, those with tech background can find good options here, like plans for Google Plus.

Supported Networks and Services

CoinCrack supports a fair amount of social networks. It has products for different apps. These adapt to different needs. For example, there are different types of likes they sell for Facebook. They also cover some apps that other companies tend to ignore. Some cases are Vimeo and Soundcloud, apart from Twitter, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and more. Clients have to sign a contract and usually get their orders within a day. They will also leave reviews for Google Plus, for example. These are great for those with a tech background.

Even though they are not organic ones, they aid in growing a real audience. They try to help channel owners to increase their views through legit means. Below in this review, readers can find each network explained in detail.

Instagram Services

Instagram support focuses on likes and video views. They are a bit pricey but for sure the most important ones. Why? Because they make up true organic traffic. Clients can order reviews for their products and interactions for the things they post. This service is experienced with visual content. They always deliver followers on time, and customer care is timely, too.

YouTube Services

These services are the most expensive ones, except for followers. CoinCrack knows that views are not very important for making a brand popular. Hence, it is the other products that are a bit more expensive. Yet, they are worth the shot. Their quality is very good. Also, their delivery rate emulates an organic one. That’s why they do not provide more than 200 ones a day. Finally, the views users buy also post comments on the content. This is a great perk that most companies do not offer.


Twitter is one of the most popular platforms among customers. They focus mostly on ordering followers, views and retweets. The latter is not cheap. However, this happens because this is proof that an account uploads good content. Validation from other persons, then, is crucial on Twitter. Lastly, this team delivers this traffic within a day, depending on the amount people order.

Other Services

Coincrack has a wide variety of different networks they support. People can find plans for Sound Cloud, Pinterest, Google Plus and Vimeo, for example. These apps are usually neglected or very expensive in competitors’ pages. For Sound Cloud, for example, there are 2 options. One of them is download, and the other one is viewing. Both of them are crucial for new singers, so it is great that they offer these perks!

Plans & Prices

Their plans and prices depend on what people truly need. They offer different packages and individual perks. Below you can find a table with different prices for each supported app. The price is for 1,000 interactions.

Network Followers Views/Retweets Likes
Facebook $29 $Not in the app $59
Twitter $9 $39 $39
Instagram $17 $25 $35
Pinterest $59 Not in the app $59
SoundCloud $25 $30 Not in the app
Vimeo $9 $9 $15
YouTube $9 $169 $169
Google Plus $59 $25 Not in the app

These packages are always changing. For example, Instagram changed its policy regarding videos 3 years ago. Before, the metrics focused on the likes that each visual got from other users. After this change, though, views became more critical. Instagram is sure that it reflects the quality of the content better. If the video is nice, then people will watch it. Then, those who bought likes were in trouble.

CoinCrack was great and adapted to the new situation! Apart from Likes, now they also sell Views. Packages are complete and cheap. So, whatever users need, they can find it on this page.

Network Services in Detail

Let’s take a look at the services this team offers in detail. As stated before, it is a complete tool. It supports many apps. The most popular ones are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. They have different services for these. For example, Instagram views are crucial in their videos. In Facebook, reviews in pages are very important. While on YouTube, subscribers are king. As a result, they are more expensive. Find the reviews listed below!

Facebook Services

It has different packages. One of them is likes for Facebook status. They work with an exchange method. This means that the ones who follow an owners’ post later receive likes from others. This has a negative side: they will not follow a person’s page. They will not see any other post either. But, the good thing is that traffic is true. These likes will make the content look great. This will attract comments and shares, too.

There can also be Page likes. This is a bit more complete. Why? Because those who follow the space will keep updated on the content. Yet, these people will not comment, share or do anything with the posts. Unless, of course, they are truly interested in the things owners’ upload. They can deliver up to 10,000 likes a day. They are doing will read and follow that account.

Services 100 500 1.000 2.000
Status likes $9 $19 $29 $35
Page Likes $10 $25 $59 $80


Instagram Services

These supply mostly followers and views for videos on Instagram. They are fast when delivering orders. This provider claims that traffic starts to arrive at the app in less than half an hour. Yet, they also know that the platform can penalize owners. So, if orders are large, they offer a slow number of incoming likes. These accounts, they claim, are all legit. They have all the things true profiles need – for example, a photo, a description, and followers of their own.

Again, though these ones are no bots, they will not engage in any of the content uploaded. On the negative side, they do not offer targeted traffic. This means that clients cannot choose if accounts belong to men or women. Or where they live, what they are interested in. The company says customers buy users from all over the world. The only requirement is to have a public profile. Private ones cannot receive this type of product.

Services 500 1.000 2.500 5.000
Followers $9 $17 $35 $49
Likes in Photo and video $19 $35 $50 $59
Video Views $19 $25 $38 $49


YouTube Services

YouTube perks are also top-notch. In this case, they are a bit simpler than in the previous social apps. They only offer views for a very low price, and all other services together in one pack. This last pack is more expensive, but the traffic seems to be of higher quality. Clients start receiving their packages in no time. Subscribers are the only ones who are a bit slower. Users will have to wait at least 6 hours from ordering.

Also, they will have up to 200 a day. This happens, so YouTube’s algorithm doesn’t penalize the account. About negative aspects, Comments are not available at the moment. They seem to have some problems with getting high-quality ones. When this supplier offered them, they said that the comments were random. True, they came from genuine accounts. But, if texts are not related to the video, then YouTube would delete them. There’s no use for such a service, and the company is doing well in trying to improve.

Services 500 1.000 5.000 10.000
Views $5 $9 $25 $36
Subscribers, Comments and Likes $99 $169 $499 $999


Twitter Services

Again, what they offer is divided into two categories. Retweets and likes seem to be the most crucial things in this app. So, buying these from this provider is more expensive than getting just followers. Why? Because the latter will not do anything with the content uploaded. They will just make users more popular. But, their tweets will not have any comments or texts at all. This service is honest about the accounts they sell. They do not claim that their clients are active on Twitter.

This brand knows that its followers are cheap. So, future clients can truly think if they want to get this service. Even though the traffic may not have a picture or any friends, they will still achieve their goal. Take a close look at their Daily services, also. They deliver these numbers on a gradual basis, so the growth seems to be organic.

Services 500 1.000 5.000 10.000
Retweets and Likes $25 $39 $69 $120
Followers $5 $9 $29 $45


CoinCrack Other Services

This business is complete. Users can choose from a wide variety of apps supported. One that we found very useful is SoundCloud. Their prices are cheap, and the quality of traffic is excellent. Those who are starting in music using this tool might try it out! They have Plays and Downloads. These will begin to arrive as soon as clients pay for them. On average, users get between 5 and 10k of views every day.

Services 500 1.000 2.500 5.000
Followers $15 $25 $49 $95
Plays and Downloads $3 $5 $49 $95

Customers can also split what they buy. This means that they can get, for example, 1,000 downloads. Then, they can “send” 3,000 to one account and the rest to another. They can only do this, though, if they purchase more than 5,000 accounts. Plays are more important than downloads. So, think carefully about what you truly need. About the stay of these plays, CoinCrack assures the app will never remove them. But if it happens, their refill policy is active within 60 days.

Terms and Guarantees

CoinCrack’s site has many useful sections with info. Some of these display their terms of service and their refund policy. Others also have to do with the protection of data and how they will refill faulty orders.

Terms and Conditions

To use their products, users need to read their Conditions. They updated them in 2016. These include many points. The first one is that their services are only promotional. They never claim their accounts will be keen on the content the client uploads. Also, customers need to use their own ways of payment. Be it Paypal, credit or debit card or their own Bitcoins. They do not accept reverse payments either. Finally, clients have to accept the no liability of the team. If a platform suspends someone, CoinCrack will not take the blame for it.

Privacy Policy

They deeply respect the privacy of their clients. The only data they need about them is their email address and the profile of the app they want services for. They promise never to sell personal information to any third party. As regards money, they used trusted online payment companies. Some of them are WePay and Paypal. So, they never see any financial info from users. Finally, they have a section on Cookies. Users will need to accept those if they want to place an order. The only one that people can disable is the Remarketing Cookie. This will not affect the normal use of the service.

Refund Policy

Even though they say that 99% of their clients never use it, they have a nice refund policy. If something went wrong, the first thing to do is to contact support. Maybe with just one email, the problem can be solved. Their policy on this topic is clear. If they lose some product, they will not issue a refund. Rather, they will refill it for those who ask for it. When accounts are suspended, customers cannot get refunds either. But these people will get their money back if they cannot deliver the order because of a mistake in the system.

Retention Policy

It seems that some apps have a tendency to drop some products. For example, YouTube is harsh with followers and comments. Especially if they see they come from not real accounts. Also, accounts sometimes unfollow for no reason. This company, then, offers to make this up for clients. So, if the count decreases below the amount the user had bought within 2 months, they will refill them. The steps for asking for a refill will be listed in the email the business sends you when you buy something.

Customer Support

Customer care was really good. To begin with, they were fast when answering our emails. Only 30 minutes from sending them a question, we had an answer. But, depending on the problem, sometimes it can take them more. They are friendly, informative and kind. Their site already has answers to many questions, but they will give you data anyway. You can see this in the photo below.

As regard contact methods, they don’t have many. For example, people can send them messages on site, using a form. But, there are no available email addresses. Of course, they give no phone numbers either. This is something they could make better to have more client satisfaction.

CoinCrack Quality of Followers

The quality of followers is fairly good. They try to do the best they can in this respect, though it could be improved. Their traffic is medium quality all in all. Some of the accounts do not seem to be real people. For example, they do not have a picture or any friends. There are some who do not worry about how this may look to the persons who like them. These ones, then, will find CoinCrack a useful tool. This team, though, does not focus so much on profiles who need more user validation. Some examples are politicians or real estate agents.

Retention Rate

Again, this is related to the quality of views and followers. This provider has a good policy. If people lose the things they bought, they guarantee a refill for 60 days. In general, numbers tend to drop as regards views. This happens in apps such as YouTube and Instagram. Facebook, SoundCloud, and Vimeo, for example, are more flexible. To improve this retention rate, they would have to sell true accounts. Yet, this could raise the price of the service a lot. Yet, the good thing is that they are very helpful. When it comes to solving certain issues about numbers dropping, this team is available. They will always help those who lose views or likes they had bought.

CoinCrack`s Pros & Cons



  • Customer care. They are fast and kind. Not only when answering questions before buying, but also after that. They do not disappear and try to give solutions at all times.
  • Refill policy. It’s efficient. 60 days is a good amount of time. Those who lose any service within that time can be sure they will receive an equal amount of followers.
  • Variety of apps. Apart from the traditional Facebook and Instagram, this company supports many platforms. Those who use Vimeo or Pinterest, for example, will be happy.
  • Price. They have very good benefits for quite a low price
  • Quality of followers. It’s true they try the accounts to look real. Most of them have photos and some friends, for example. Yet, this is not always the case so some accounts might look empty.
  • Retention rate. It’s not the best, especially in views on YouTube or Instagram, for example. But, it’s true they do their best to give good followers to each client. Their refill policy is accurate when numbers have dropped.

The Final Word

To conclude, this is one of the most affordable boosting vendors you can find, especially in the field of social media marketing. Their delivery is quick and reliable. All of the accounts emulate real ones. They have photos, friends and other features. This assures that the traffic does not come from bots. It is important because, if not, apps can ban accounts. Though the quality of them could improve, the price is appropriate.

Regarding customer care, their answers were excellent. They were fast, kind, and helpful. They deliver orders in time and according to their saying. This delivery is not abrupt either. This is good since it is similar to organic growth. Depending on users needs, this might be a great option to boost a social media account or page. They protect their customers with their policies. So rest assured that, if you become one, you will receive a safe and reliable service.

Published: June 14, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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