CoSchedule Review: Is It the Best Option for Marketers?

CoSchedule Review: Is It the Best Option for Marketers?
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CoSchedule Review: In-Depth

It might be hard for admins to keep up with all the tasks they have to carry out. Social media and blog management and taking care of a schedule can be tiring and time-consuming. Luckily for them, CoSchedule is here to save the day. These owners will be able to organize all their tasks in just one place. Let’s break down the details in this review.

Key Features

This is a marketing platform that focuses on giving social media solutions. These features appear in 5 groups, then, depending on their focus:

  • Schedule for content
  • Social media software
  • Calendar for posts and blog
  • A team collaboration tool
  • Organization for the assets of the company

CoSchedule Review: Background Information

This is a company founded to focus on content and social media marketing. The platform is based in the US. It has been working since 2013, for more than five years. Two people found it when they were looking for social media solutions and could not find them. Today, it is very active with more than 30 employees. It is a private site that intends to make a profit. Today, It is so successful that they opened Headquarters in another country. The number of users has climbed to more than 10,000.


The owners believe that this happens because the platform works very fast and offers social templates. The package that sells the best for them the basic one. It has enough features for every person in the business to use the platform. When asked about this, both admins remembered the times in which the service cost only $10 per month. Their main audiences are both bloggers and social media marketers. This type of business find the solutions they are looking for in the many perks that each thing includes. Their safe payment methods and each good review also have a crucial role to play in the increasing numbers.

Interesting Stats & Facts

The website of this company is usually very busy. For example, they integrate more than 67 apps. That is why their reach is so wide, and they can work with so many networks at the same moment.

  • It also makes their site compatible with smartphones, for example.
  • Their annual revenue is set in 4 million dollars. That’s a lot, considering that the platform has been working for less than a decade.
  • The company has quite a popular blog that contains a lot of tricks and tips for those starting out in the industry.

Service Features & Technical Details

Apart from the items, this brand has many products aimed at reducing the efforts of marketers. These are the main three that would surely give them a helping hand.

1. The CoSchedule Suite and Social Organizer


This is a pack of many tools that come together to ease the lives of the people who decide to buy it. It features first a marketing calendar. There, admins can take care of the projects they want and make them visible for every employee that takes part in it. Then, there is an organizer. Every person can take part in that section. So, they can choose which goal they want to take on, for example. Another thing they can decide is a long term objective. And then to post whatever they created on social media.

2. Digital Asset Manager


It is related to the way in which a team works and relates to others. These people will be able to access the same resources as the others did, for instance. Those refer to images, pictures, videos, articles, keywords and so on. All these items will help make the content top-notch. So that people will return to the website to read more.

3. Marketing Calendar and Working Organizer


This calendar, as its name shows, will try to give people the opportunity of organizing their marketing efforts. It will make every project visible, and members within the team can access them in no time. Admins can also monetize the workflow in a very easy way when using these tools.

4. Content Organizer


This software aims at making each post grow. It is very related to the marketing tactics mentioned above. What makes this organizer unique is that it integrates greatly with email. In this manner, purses are able to see everything they get in just one place. Making queues of tasks has never been so easy as with this platform.

CoSchedule Main Features

As stated above, CoSchedule focuses on two main aspects. One has to do with marketing, while the other is related to management. Let’s break down those details below.

Content Marketing Features

Apart from knowing how to write killer content, it is important to know how to sell it. The tools for content marketing can help anyone who truly wants it.

  • Schedule for posts.
  • Publish across many platforms and apps.
  • Grouping of tasks.
  • Management of campaigns


Content Management Features

Designing a tactic when it comes to posting is not easy. There are a lot of goals to achieve. That is when these features come into play.

  • Storing up to 2 GB of ideas.
  • Planning with a calendar.
  • Using collaboration tools.
  • Headline tool for creating better content.
  • Integration with WordPress.


Tools That Will Make Every Marketer’s Life Easier

Apart from the features that each pack includes, this platform gives users many free tools that will help them in their efforts. All of them have to do with content and selling.

1. Headline Analyzer


Headlines are a crucial piece of copy today. Most people do not know this, but readers mostly skim through articles. What truly catches their attention is the headline. If this is not good enough, then every writers’ effort might go to waste. Their analyzer is top-notch to see what aspects of a title are good. And what others have to improve a bit. Making a list of steps or a how-to article is a great idea today. Most writers want to solve their audience issues, and they should show it with a killer title.


2. Social Message Optimizer


This is similar to the above tool. Social media messages are usually very short. Twitter is a nice instance of that. Owners only have a few words to convey a great message. That is why this agency wants to make the most out of those few terms. The idea is to create a catchy text that will entice readers to share it and like it. Adding some humor is key. But at the same time, the comment needs to build up trust for the brand. That way, the traffic is sure to come back and to convert.


3. Email Subject Line Tester


Finally, email marketing is still a crucial way to catch a client’s attention. No matter if they are new or old ones. The thing is that no one opens emails anymore. They are either afraid of spam or of viruses. With this tool, things will change. First, the team guarantees the email has delivery. The effect of such a text will also be better. It will give the best results, even than Facebook ones. The key feature of those emails is the goal and the benefit. Without a good reason, potential clients would not open the message.


CoSchedule Key Features and Benefits

Each product in their tier has good things to offer to a wide public. Below, readers can find the details about those perks to see if they are a good fit for them or not.

1. Start in an Easy Way

Everyone who wants to get started with CoSchedule can do so without much effort. The first thing to do is to create an account. Luckily, that is free of charge. Clients may want to upgrade their goods in the future. But in the beginning, they do not have to pay. The data people have to provide is related to their business. And some contact info in case the platform has to send them any alerts. They ask for no credit card data, at least during the free trial period. Which, by the way, lasts two full weeks.

2. WordPress Integration

Everybody today knows about how crucial WordPress is for bloggers. It has a lot of functions, and it’s hard to keep up the good work there. Luckily, this platform has great integrations for such a blogging page. The calendar, for example, allows users to see their blog live. That is very simple to do. The only thing that people have to do is to activate a plugin on their Chrome. That is quick. After doing so, the app will start working. In addition, it is easy to add social profiles from the website. There, it is simple to share the posts.

3. Calendar for Every Task

Being a content marketer is hard. And it is even harder if there is a big team working at the same time. The to-do list can be endless. As a result, the tasks can become messy because nobody knows what the other people are doing. That’s when CoSchedule comes in handy. Using the calendar is very useful to track down deadlines, for example. Also, to see the tasks, others are working on so as not to repeat those.

This calendar is very visual and comes in many colors. Admins can insert visuals, videos, deadlines, and text within each box. This makes it interactive and easy to use. The design is great.

4. Does not Focus on Seeing What Others Do

Social media listening is a great task to carry out. It allows business owners to know what others say about them. And they can also see what they are doing right to copy those tactics. Admins might decide to build up a community to get to know the public better. Yet, but will not be possible when using this platform. The idea behind CoSchedule Is to make the posts better. They are not exactly interested in giving people a choice to see what their network is trying to do. Those who really require that function should start looking for another option to complement this one.

5. Main Two Functions

There are two main ways to take advantage of this tool truly. First, it is great for WordPress. Using the platform people can post, upload audios, insert videos, and even gifs. That is a great perk for bloggers who usually don’t have a place in social media marketing apps.

The second one has to do with webpages as such. Of course, social media networks are the focus. But it also supports sites which are equally important. They are, owners can use the calendars, download metrics, and get to know crucial info about their pages. Also, it is very easy to share the content that people upload theirs on other apps. Like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

6. Posting Within the Board

As said before, having a social media profile is not only about posting things. People ought to craft what is it that they want to say. The first stage, then, is to think ahead of time. Look for great ideas and put them into action. After that, it is crucial to write down the post or article around certain keywords. Last but not least, owners have to upload the content online so that the whole world can see it.

Trying to see the big picture is a part of the campaign. That is why CoSchedule has many tools that can help persons to post their articles in no time. In addition, they may keep track of what happens the day they post it. But also what goes on with the things on the following days and weeks. There is a button that will allow them to choose the social media platform where they would like to interact.

7. Fulfill Many Goals

This tool allows to create new tasks and manage them. It is possible to assign them to other members or even come up with discussions. To do this, one has to go to the right bar and give a name to the new task. Then, there is a progress bar that allows tracking how close your team is to finish it. For this, first, the person that creates the activity can include several items within it. Then, as the one who is in charge of it ticks the parts that he has completed, the bar moves. It is also possible to do this by seeing how much content is uploaded in contrast to the amount that should be there. In this way, it is possible to know accurately how much there it left to finish a project.

8. Change Things All the Time

Engaging a client is a hard task. Coming up with one good post that catches users’ attention is easy. But doing this repeatedly is quite challenging what is more, doing all these demands a lot of time. And there is not much of that. People want to be constantly entertained. If they do not see quality content regularly, they will just stop following the page. Fortunately, there is a way to solve all this. ReQueue is a tool that helps to keep on sharing previous content. So, if there is a post that was of excellent quality and the audience has not seen it in a while, this is the perfect way to show it to them. Also, there always new people liking a site, so this is a way for them to get to know the previous content better. In this way, followers are entertained, and content writers have more time to create quality content.

9. Access Team Metrics Easily

Team managers must know which members are doing their job and performing well as well as who is underperforming and needs some help. CoSchedule offers a tool that helps those who are in charge to do this. It creates a team performance report, which can be found in the metrics section. There, it lists information on how many tasks each team completes and at what speed. This tool can also be tweaked easily to specify a certain period of time. In this way, it shows how many tasks each group has completed in a certain span.

10. Analyze Engagement In Social Media at Once

Many other platforms have a rather difficult way of getting metrics. They rely on other tools, like Google Analytics, to do this for them. CoSchedule, on the other hand, has its own system that is integrated into the platform. Using it is very simple. First, go to the Analytics section and in there look for the Social Media Report function. In that place, there are several graphics that show how users have interacted with the content over the selected period of time.

11. Brand New Ideas

Last but not least, there is the chance of looking for new ideas. This platform has many search engines that allow users to take a look at what others are writing about. Maybe an article is long, but then there is the option of curating it. That is to adapt it to a niche and audience.


This review already mentions that it integrates with blogs. Yet, it has many more of these. It focuses a lot on social media apps. But the platform also considers items that are great for teamwork. Let’s see some of these.

  • Google Docs and Evernote to share texts with others.
  • Google Analytics to get exact reports about a blog.
  • Email marketing items such as MailChimp.
  • Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more.

CoSchedule Plans & Pricing

CoSchedule has some options when it comes to products and their prices. All of them have different functions that aim at a public. The cheapest ones are more suitable for freelancers than for big brands, for example.


Growth Plan

This package is quite convenient for freelancers. Small teams may also find it useful. The price is not that high per month, and it has a free trial. Also, up to three people can work on projects at the same time. Marketers who use many accounts on social media will be happy. They will be able to access almost 10 profiles together.


  • Good not only for persons but also for marketing teams.
  • Friendly dashboard.
  • Can combine with blogs and pages as well.

  • No support 24/7
  • No review on page

Professional Plan

The Pro option is far more expensive than the basic one. It costs five times more. They have $300 might be difficult to afford for small teams. That’s why the best audience for this package is medium or large businesses. Even though there is no free trial, admittance may ask for a demo. In terms of the number of users it allows, it’s only five. So large teams may find some difficulties when using this plan. The headline analyzer picture is one of the best that it offers.


  • Fast and reliable service.
  • Nice reviews.
  • Allows for collaboration.

  • A bit expensive

Enterprise Plan

The last option that it offers is the enterprise plan. As the name shows, the audience is owners of big companies look for convenient tools. The number of employees is higher than for the other choices. Yet, 10 might be quite low if the business is large. What improves a lot is a number of social media profiles that people can put within the board. In addition, there is 24/7 support for customers in this tier, which means that their issues will get an answer very fast. Finally, they have permission controls to customize any item they want.


  • All the other perks plus the new ones.
  • No free trial but demo available.
  • A higher number of users and profiles.

  • No info about the price

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

Each plan certainly has many perks and benefits. All of them will suit a budget. Below, readers can find more info and details on all the plans that ChoSchedule has.

Growth Professional Enterprise
Price $100 $300 Custom
Free Trial Yes No No
Number of Users 3 5 10
Social Media Profiles 10 15 25
24/7 Support No No Yes
Account Manager No Yes Yes
Headline Analyzer Yes Yes Yes
Permission Controls No No Yes
Access to Academy No Yes Yes
ReQueue No Yes Yes
Project Status No Yes Yes

Terms & Conditions

In their terms of use, the site clearly states that they will ask for some info about their future clients. All that data needs to be correct and updated. The aim behind this is to be able to communicate with the people who buy the service. They will get alerts every time something changes. The team also claims that they will have all the rights to suspend any account they find fake. In case the terms of use transform, every client will receive an email.


Also, buyers can only be at least 18 years old. As the company is based in the US, they will follow those laws and so will the clients. When it comes to passwords, CoSchedule claims that the only ones responsible are their users. They will take no blame for any safety breaches.

Privacy Policy

Their privacy policy is quite tight. Of course, they will take care of the private info that clients gave them when they acquired their plans. Even though they ask for some personal data, like email or telephone number, the company assures that this is only for contact purposes. The promise never to disclose those details to any other websites or brand. Also, they seem to value privacy a lot. For example, the team tries not to use so many cookies. This piece of software can be invasive and annoying. Basic doors to their side will be thankful for not having to store many of them.


Refund Policy

The service has no money back guarantee. This means that if clients are not satisfied with the product they bought, they will have to cancel. But if they have already paid for that month in particular, there is nothing they can do. The only exception is for those who have issues with tech.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, this platform has many ways of caring for the clients. To keep them happy, they give them many options with which they can keep in contact. All of them are in the list below.


The same happens with the email address. Maybe it is a more direct way of communication. But it does not appear on the main site. Only premium buyers can use the email to send them a question or a doubt.

Online Chart

The online form is public. It is quite easy and quick to use. The only thing people have to do is to put their info on the correct places and ask the questions they want. The company will try to see that they are not robots by asking them for a captcha.


A phone number might be used for quick answers especially if clients are in serious necessity for a solution to their issue. Yet, this platform does not offer this option all the clients. It is only available for those of the enterprise plan.

Support Center

Their support center is a section that aims at helping those who do not quite get what they have to do. For that, there is a part with videos. They show step by step how to set up an account, for example. Or how to join social media apps to the dashboard. In the other part, there are a lot of articles on related topics. Some of them are related to learning new skills that are useful in this field. Some others have to do with using the tools of the service as such.


Finally, the last division’s name is the popular questions that shoppers ask. This tries to save time to others, so they do not have to wait to get the answer they desire for their queries.

Quality of Service

CoSchedule has a fairly decent reputation online. Most previous users show satisfaction with the relation between price and amount of perks they receive. Some of them complain about the slow customer service for the cheapest plans. Or about the fact that there is no trial for the most expensive ones. Still, they seem to be reliable. And they take good care of their users’ private data, which seems to be so crucial today. In addition, their payment methods are safe as well.

Customer Types

Those who look for a helping hand in this field are usually people who come from many groups. These are small or medium teams. Or either large companies. Below in this guide, there is more info on how each type will benefit from this platform.

Who is CoSchedule Best For

It all comes down to the needs of each one of them. And the price that they can afford depending on the benefits each plan offers. Let’s see the details for each one of them.

Small Businesses

The basic plan might suit their needs. It is not so expensive and has a limited number of users who can access the board at the same time. They will even have the analyzer and other tools that every other plan will have.

Medium Businesses

A medium business may not have so many alternatives on the site. After the basic plan, there is another one which can be quite expensive for those who do not have a large budget. In addition, the number of supported users is not very high. So if the team has more than three people working together, it might not be convenient.

Large Enterprises

This type of business has the option to hire an enterprise plan. Even though there is no info about how much it costs on the side, it says that it is custom. It means that is the pricing will try to adapt to any budget. And all the perks that it offers are worth the effort.


Freelancers may decide to just go with the free trial for a while to see how it goes. CoSchedule might be a bit pricey for their pocket. Unless, of course, the self-employed people have a lot of clients with many social media apps to take care.

CoSchedule Pros & Cons

There might be readers who are still not sure of whether CoSchedule is the best option for them or not. If that’s the case, keep on reading the pros and cons below.



  • Allows everyone to plan their content with time. That happens for networks and for blogs as well
  • Tools are useful for a lot of resources, like images, videos, music, and so on
  • It may integrate with Google Docs and other apps that are great for teams
  • The pricing adapts to many budgets and requirements
  • It takes into account blogs and social media as being equally important
  • Some plans are not balanced in terms of price and the benefits it offers
  • It may be hard to choose the best plan for a person or business

Top 5 CoSchedule Alternatives

There is a lot of competition out there in the market. Social media services have become very popular. That is why there are a lot of services that offer to help those who need it. The options below have many things in common but also some that are different.



This is one of the leaders in the market. Each month, more than 15,000 people decide to hire their services. That happens because they are truly reliable. And because they have a fair price for the number of benefits it offers.

Meet Edgar


This is a great platform for small teams. The price is quite affordable, and it has a number of benefits for employees who use it at the same time. The focus is on making content more reachable. And for the audience to see them easily.



Buffer is a great platform for big brands who have a lot of tasks to fulfill. It has a lot of integrated apps and tools for storing info and for generating new projects. The idea behind all of this is to come up with original posts, after all.



This is a competitors analyzer. That means that they are listening tools try to give owners as much information as possible about what others in the field are doing. Without help, admins can take decisions as to what content to keep, for example.



This is another very famous company that has built its reputation over the years. Their pricing is not cheap at all, but it is worth the effort. Their field of expertise is SEO and keyword analysis.

Table of Comparison

After analyzing each of these plans, readers can clearly see the data for the companies below. It includes crucial info to help them decide.

MeetEdgar Hootsuite HubSpot Buffer Coschedule Agorapulse
Price $45 $19 $50 $15 $80 $39
Free Trial No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Number Networks 25 10 15 8 10 3
Social Inbox Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
URL Shortener No No Yes Yes No No
Team Collaboration No Yes Yes No Yes No
Chrome Extension No No Yes Yes No Yes
Number of Users 1 1 3 1 3 1
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

FAQ Section

What Is a Social Media Scheduler?

It is a great shortcut for marketers with a lot of tasks but not so much time to complete them. They are tools that have a lot of functions related to social media networks. First, they integrate with many channels and apps. So, from the same dashboard, people can post across different networks. Another feature of these schedules is that they have calendars. They are usually very visual so that people can get organized in a good way.

What Is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule Is a premium platform with high-quality services. The main audience is content creators and businesses in the social media field. The idea is to bring them a top-notch product so they can manage their networks with ease. The agency appeared almost a decade ago, and from then it has done nothing but get bigger. The number of users that choose this platform grows every year. This happens because the site is reliable and safe.

How Does CoSchedule Work?

The idea behind CoSchedule simplifying people’s every task. The owners here want to give these persons the possibility of having more time to spend on the things that they want to do. So, the first thing that clients have to do is to create an account. Then, the second step is to choose a plan that suits their needs. After paying for them, customers will receive different benefits that will last for a month. Access to the board is very friendly. From there, people are able to manage every function of their social networks.

Is CoSchedule Worth Buying?

Yes, for those who truly decide on the right plan for them. Of course, there might be those who will carry out all the activities by themselves. Yet, this can be quite time-consuming. I might take people a lot of effort that they could save by using CoSchedule. With this tool, they will be able to download reports, analyze URLs. Also, to think about posts for the future. And to illustrate them with visuals using the calendar.

How Is CoSchedule Different Than Other Social Media Calendars?

Even if some of the functions are very similar to other companies, this one from them in some aspects, first, it has better design and the board is very easy to use. This is very important for new users who might be quite lost at the beginning. In addition, it has premium plans that have a better price than those of the competition. CoSchedule packs have features that others may not consider when they sell them. Finally, it integrates in a great way with WordPress. This is one of them crucial websites for bloggers.

How to Edit and Re-Schedule Posts?

There are two ways of doing this. The first one is directly on the site. For example, owners can just enter the Facebook page and see all the posts for the future. From there, there are many options to edit them. People may also change the date of those posts. The other option is doing this through CoSchedule. For that, users need to Log into the panel and look for a tab called “Posts”. In that place, persons can find the buttons to edit the content and do a lot more things with them.

The Final Word

This content calendar is a good tool to consider when planning what is going to be posted over the next weeks and months. It allows staying organized, as well as tracking each person’s performance. As team members have to check the tasks they have finished, content marketers can keep an eye on their teams to see if everything is working as it should. What is more, it allows them to work together from wherever they are to achieve the results they expect.

Published: August 16, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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