Fastlykke Review: Stop Being a Social Media Rookie

Fastlykke Review: Stop Being a Social Media Rookie
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Price Plans

  • 100 Instagram Likes ($3)

  • 100 IGTV Likes ($3)

  • 500 Facebook Likes ($ 20)

  • 100 YouTube Likes ($10)

  • 100 SoundCloud Likes ($4)

  • 100 Spotify Followers ($3)

  • 500 Twitter Followers ($20)

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Starting Price per 100 Instagram Likes


Fastlykke Review: In-Depth

Fastlykke is a social media company that has professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the market. They got into this field because they recognized one of the difficulties that most brands had when taking their business to the web. The team saw how it was becoming increasingly difficult to stand out among thousands of other pages that offered similar things.

So, they created the website to help up and coming companies to stand out from the crowd and to build a trustworthy reputation. Their technique consists in giving their clients paid followers, comments, subscribers, viewers, and plays. In this way, they will become better known, and eventually, they will be able to get these organically.

Supported Networks and Services

This site offers complete bundles. They are compatible with Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Twitter. Among the services they offer, it is possible to get followers, subscribers, views, plays, comments, reposts, and retweets. Here is what each of them offers in detail.


Even though some regard Facebook as a network for elders, it is still very relevant. Actually, it is the network with the most users in the world. Fastlykke is aware of this, and that is why they offer a lot of different options for this platform. Most of them are very useful for influencers, for example, who want to show their networks are not a scam.

  • Likes
  • USA Facebook Likes
  • Followers
  • Friends
  • Video Views
  • Post/Photo Likes


Today, Instagram services are vital for influencers and companies. And keeping an account alive can be hard. Especially when the business has several networks to maintain. That is why the website has plans for many interactions, as seen below. The customer support in case of issues is high-quality, and the reviews online are also decent for these services.

  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Comments
  • Video Likes


This network is not very well-known by itself, but it was created and is backed up by the Instagram team itself. Its main focus is on uploading and sharing videos that can go up to 10 minutes for regular users and up to 60 for popular or verified accounts. Users can either contact them by email or use the form on the site. This is safe and prevents people from suffering scams.

  • Likes
  • Views
  • Comments


This is the most popular video-sharing platform available at the moment. It was bought by the web giant, Google. And, to this day, it is the second most used social network. In 2023, most influencers and companies use it to raise money and to obtain real customers. The reviews they get are crucial for reputation, so this provider has plenty of options for them.

  • Likes
  • Views
  • USA Views
  • Subscribers
  • Comments


Being one of the most popular social media platforms when it comes to music, Soundcloud is growing in popularity year after year. Many musicians use it to make their art known. And Fastlykke gives them a little push to become more popular. It is safe to contact artists in this way. And it is also easy to review them for others to see.

  • Plays
  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Reposts


This popular music platform is also a great place for new artists to make their names known. Yet, in order to be considered by Spotify’s search engine to appear among the results, having many interactions is key. This is what Fastlykke proposes to help its users earn more money and obtain more reviews in 2023.

  • Followers
  • Plays


This superfamous social network is known by practically anyone. It offers its users the potential to express great ideas to convey a message in just a limited number of words. It is a good tool for influencers to make more money. Users should be careful, though, with not falling subject to a scam when buying services for this platform. Always check they offer real ones. Those who want to increase their reach here with Fastlykke have the following options.

Today, Instagram services are vital for influencers and companies. And keeping an account alive can be hard. Especially when the business has several networks to maintain. That is why the website has plans for many interactions, as seen below. The customer support in case of issues is high-quality, and the reviews online are also decent for these services.

  • Followers
  • USA Followers
  • Retweets

Plans & Prices

Fastlykke is a platform that stands out for the affordability of its services. It works with seven main social networks and offers different bundles for each. In general, almost all of them include thumbs-up and followers. But the ones that specialize in music offer plays, while those that work with videos have views. In some platforms, it is even possible to get localized interactions of people from the USA.

Interaction, $ 50 75 100 200 500 1000 2000 3000 Delivery
Instagram likes X X $3 $4 $6 X X X 2-3
Instagram followers X X X X $8 $14 $28 $40 5-30
Instagram comments $20 $28 $38 $68 $158 $240 X X 1-7 
Instagram video views X X X X $6 $10 $18 $25 1-3 
IGTV likes X X $3 $4 $6 $9 X $32 1-3 
IGTV views X X X X $6 $10 $18 $25 1-5 
IGTV comments $20 $28 $38 $68 $158 $240 X X 1-7 
Facebook likes X X X X $20 $35 $68 $99 3-12 
Facebook friends X X $10 $20 $40 $70 $120 $170 1-7 
Facebook followers X X X $15 $20 $35 $60 X 1-10 
Facebook video views X X X X X $3 X $8 1-3 
Youtube likes X X $10 $20 $45 $88 $170 $250 1-7 
Youtube views X X X X X $5 X $14 1-3 
Youtube subscribers X X $16 $30 $60 $100 $180 X 3-15 
Youtube comments $24 X $48 $90 $160 $280 X X 1-7 
Soundcloud plays X X X X X X $3 X 1-3 
Soundcloud followers X X $4 $8 $16 $27 $46 X 1-5 
Soundcloud likes X X $4 $7 $16 $22 $40 X 1-5 
Soundcloud comments $20 X $30 $60 $120 $200 X X 1-7 
Spotify followers X X $3 $5 $8 $14 $25 X 1-5 
Spotify plays X X X X X $7 $13 $18 1-5 
Twitter followers X X X X $20 $50 $60 X 1-8 
Twitter retweets X X $4 X $7 $12 X X 1-7 

Network Services in Detail

Fastlykke is quite a flexible platform. They work with most of the major platforms of the moment, like Facebook and Youtube. But they also include some of the minor ones, like IGTV and Soundcloud. This is also reflected in the pricing. The better known the network is, the more expensive the services are. To know in detail how their pricing system works for each platform, read on.


In short, Fastlykke offers many perks for this visual network. Comments are the most pricey because they ask for a person to write a text related to the content. Video hearts are spread throughout 7 days, so the account does not get blocked. The general double-taps are very cheap, and there are not many options for those who want to buy in bulk.

Interaction, $ 50 75 100 200 500 1000 2000 3000 Delivery
Likes X X $3 $4 $6 X X X 2-3 days
Followers X X X X $8 $14 $28 $40 5-30 days
Comments $20 $28 $38 $68 $158 $240 X X 1-7 days
Video Views X X X X $6 $10 $18 $25 1-3 days


Fastlykke Instagram Likes

The packages offered are truly affordable. They go from very low numbers (only 100) for only $3. Clients with more volume can find greater plans of 10,000 accounts for $65.


Fastlykke Instagram Followers

Another option for Instagram clients, these are also quite cheap. On the grey side, these followers will not interact with any of the content posted. The smaller pack costs $8 for 500 subs and the bigger, $450 for 50,000.


Fastlykke Instagram Comments

The texts come from real accounts, but they are not personalized. So, they might come as random comments in the videos or photos. Prices are much more pricey than other types of interactions. These go from $10 for 20 comments to $240 for 1,000.

Video Likes

Fastlykke Instagram Video Views

These are more specific clicks only for videos. Prices go from $6 for 500 video hearts to $210 for 50,000. These clicks arrive at the target account very spread. So, the person will not get fishy movements but many thumbs-up during the whole week.


This type of interaction is a bit more limited. This happens because IGTV is fairly new, and not many companies or people use it. Still, the views start at a higher number while persons can buy very few comments if they want to. The provider promises that each text will be about the video. And that it will not include just emojis, for example.

Interaction, $ 50 75 100 200 500 1000 2000 3000 Delivery
IGTV likes X No $3 $4 $6 $9 X $32 1-3 
IGTV views X X X X $6 $10 $18 $25 1-5 
IGTV comments $20 $28 $38 $68 $158 $240 X X 1-7 


Fastlykke IGTV Likes

These are one of the most affordable services the platform offers. 100 hearts cost only $3, and the most expensive plan of an astounding number of 10,000 comes at a quite cheap $65.


Fastlykke IGTV Views

This is also one of their specialties, and are quite cheap. The smallest package brings 500 of these interactions at $6. And it is possible to get up to 50,000 for $210.


Fastlykke IGTV Comments

These are usually harder to get, so they come in smaller bundles. But they are still quite affordable. For $10, users can get 20 comments on a post of their choice. And for $240, they can get 1,000 comments.


The interactions for Facebook are complete. The delivery rate, for example, varies depending on the type of bunch the client decides to buy. Thumbs-up arrive on the same day if they are not too many. On the other hand, followers are slower, with a rate of 10 days.

Interaction, $ 200 500 1000 2000 3000 5000 10,000 Delivery
Facebook likes X $20 $35 $68 $99 $150 $250 3-12 
Facebook friends $20 $40 $70 $120 $170 $250 X 1-7 
Facebook followers $15 $20 $35 $60 X X X 1-10 
Facebook video views X X $3 X $8 $14 $26 1-3 


Fastlykke Facebook Likes

The cheapest plan in this section starts at $20 for 500 thumbs-ups and ends at $250 for 10,000. These are important when it comes to the reputation of a business. Nobody will trust a company that has very few people who liked the page.

USA Facebook Likes

Fastlykke Facebook Likes USA

This service is sometimes not available. But when it is, it costs $20 for 100 USA likes at the lowest point, and $180 for 1,000. These packs target companies based in the US. Because these will need clients from that country.


Fastlykke Facebook Followers

It is possible to order 200, 500, 1,000, or 2,000 at a time. The smallest option costs $15, while the largest one comes at $60.


Fastlykke Facebook Friends

Personal profiles without friends might look fake or fishy. This is why the company offers this type of service to influencers or others who need to build up a new reliable profile. Prices range between $10 for 50 and $170 for 3,000.

Video Views

Fastlykke Facebook Video Views

These engagements are particularly useful to prove that a video is worth watching. 1,000 views cost a meager $3, and it is possible to get up to 100,000 views for $190.

Post/Photo Likes

Fastlykke Facebook Photo_Post Likes

These are more specific than previous services. The client needs to choose the post that is going to receive the interaction. 100 of these cost $4. The highest option is 5,000 likes and comes at $115.


It is possible to get all the main interactions for this platform. While they are quite affordable, as Youtube is a major network, the pricing for this platform is a bit higher than for other systems. In terms of delivery, they perform quite well. Though getting new subscribers takes a bit longer than expected.

Interaction, $ 50 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000 Delivery
Youtube likes X $10 $20 X $45 $88 $170 $250 1-7 
Youtube views X X X X X $5 X $14 1-3 
Youtube subscribers X $16 $30 X $60 $100 $180 X 3-15 
Youtube comments $24 $48 $90 $120 $160 $280 X X 1-7 


Fastlykke YouTube Likes

They are one of the most important stats in this social network. It is possible to get 100 likes for only $10. Those users who need to grow their channels exponentially can get up to 5,000 for $400.


Fastlykke YouTube Views

This is the metric by which most users count their video’s success. Those who just want to give the website a try can get 1000 for $5. Power users, on the other hand, can buy up to 200,000 for $650.

USA Views

Fastlykke YouTube Views USA

Ideal for those who are targeting the American market, this service is a bit more expensive than the previous one. $7 will only get 500 localized views, while the maximum is 100,000 for $450.


Fastlykke YouTube Subscribers

YouTubers who just want to give a little push to their channels can get 100 for just $16. Those who need to grow their channels fast can increase their numbers by 10,000 for $640. This last order, though, can take between 20 and 25 days to be delivered.


Fastlykke YouTube Comments

These are good to show that a video is engaging, and it truly awakens interest in viewers.10 comments cost $6 and can be received between 1 to 3 days. The highest plan for 1,000, on the other hand, takes between 5 and 7 days and costs only $280.


Soundcloud is growing every day, and this provider has perks for users to grow there, too. Plays are the least expensive because they do not show a lot of engagement. The ones that do are the comments. Why? Because they need to be related to music or song. That is why they do not have big packages for texts.

Interaction, $ 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000 10,000 20,000 Delivery
Soundcloud plays X X X X $3 $6 $10 $18 1-3 
Soundcloud followers $4 $8 $16 $27 $46 $95 $160 $280 1-5 
Soundcloud likes $4 $7 $16 $22 $40 $80 $140 $250 1-5 
Soundcloud comments $30 $60 $120 $200 X X X X 1-7 


Fastlykke SoundCloud Plays

These are quite cheap to get. For only $3, users can get 2,000 plays. And for $200, they can purchase an impressive number of 500,000. The best part is that they only take between 5 and 7 days to be delivered.


Fastlykke SoundCloud Followers

These are a bit harder to get. So, the price for 100 of them is $4, which is still quite low. The users who want fast growth can get 20,000 for $280.


Fastlykke SoundCloud Likes

It takes only $4 and between 1 and 3 days to get 100 likes. But this may not be enough for all. Power users will probably prefer to get a package of 20,000 for $250.


Fastlykke SoundCloud Comments

Comments are ideal for showing how much engagement a song can generate. Those who want to try Fastlykke to see how it performs may want to get 25 of them for $10. Clients who already trust the platform can choose packs of 50, 100, 150, 200, 500, 700, and 1,000 comments. The last one costs $200.


Fastlykke SoundCloud Repost

This service is aimed at those who want to expand their reach. 100 reposts cost $4 and take 1 to 3 days to be delivered. 20,000 reposts, on the other hand, take between 5 and 7 days and come at a price of $250.


Spotify is a bit neglected by the platform. But still, the followers and pays come at a very reasonable price. In the last option, they have equal values. In terms of delivery, both of them are fast and reliable. And they will certainly help any person who is trying to make their music channel grow.

Interaction, $ 200 500 1000 2000 3000 5000 10,000 50,000 Delivery (days)
Spotify followers $5 $8 $14 $25 No $48 $60 $150 1-5 
Spotify plays No No $7 $13 $18 $30 $54 $150 1-5 


Fastlykke Spotify Followers

The services for this platform are rather inexpensive. For just $3, clients will receive in 1 to 3 days approximately 100 followers. And for $150, one can get 50,000 in 5 to 7 days.


Fastlykke Spotify Plays

These come in high quantities. 1,000 plays cost only $7. And the packages go up until they reach the highest one at 50,000 for $150.


The only interactions available for this platform are getting new followers and increase the number of retweets. The price for retweets is quite low, but the fans are a bit pricier. Fastlykke will deliver them fast or slow, depending on the demand.

Price for interaction 100 500 1000 1500 2000 5000 Delivery
Followers X $20 $35 $50 $60 X 1-8 
Retweets $4 $7 $12 X X $55 1-7 


Fastlykke Twitter Followers

The prices for this service start at $20 for 500 followers, and then go up to $60 for 2,000. The delivery time will vary depending on the size of the order, but it usually takes between 1 and 8 days to be completed.

USA Followers

Fastlykke Twitter Followers USA

This option for those who want to boost the reach of their content in America starts at $30 for 1,000 US followers, and go up to $150 for 5,000. Yet, bear in mind that sometimes this service is not available.


Fastlykke Twitter Retweets

These are a really cheap way to share content and help to expand one’s reach exponentially. The smallest bundle of 100 retweets costs only $4. Then, there are other options of 500, 1,000, and 5,000 interactions. The last one comes with a $55 price tag.

Terms and Guarantees

Terms and Conditions

The company outlines in its Terms of Service how the system works and what the user is expected to do. They state that if the client does not agree with what the document says, then he should not keep on using the service. Also, bear in mind that the platform is available only to those who are over 13, and that is if their legal guardians are aware of this. They also reserve the right to ban any account that does not comply with the rules.

Privacy Policy

In their policy, Fastlykke makes it clear that they collect and store their users’ information. They also give some tips to their clients regarding what info they should never upload to the platform, especially in the case of children. They always make it clear that it is possible to opt-out of their email campaigns, and also to ask them to remove any info they may have gathered about the user through the website.

Refund Policy

Fastlykke claims that the only situation in which they will give back money is if the service does not start within 30 days. This is to say that if the order is incomplete or if the numbers drop for any reason, there will be no financial compensation. Instead, the user will be able to ask for refills. They will also give back their money to those users that have a business within their forbidden categories, like guns, and have already paid.

Retention Policy

In their Terms of Service, the company makes it explicit that it is possible that numbers may drop after some time. Yet, they have a course of action to take if this happens. As soon as the user lets them know about what is going on, they will send new interactions to refill the lost numbers. Of course, this may take some time, as they usually take up to 30 days to review the situation and deliver what they promised. Also, bear in mind that this not enough reason to ask to get the money back.

Customer Support

Fastlykke Contact Us

The company offers many contact methods for their clients. For example, it is possible to get in touch with them by email or live chat. In both cases, they are available at all times, 24/7. They even claim that those who send a message to [email protected] will receive an answer within 8 hours, which is quite good. It is also possible to send them a query through their website. Unfortunately, there is no way to call them on the phone.

Fastlykke Quality of Followers

Fastlykke works exclusively with organic traffic. They start promoting their users’ posts on different groups where people are likely to be interested in the account. In this way, there are many chances that they will follow it and interact with it. This means that Instagram cannot ban the profile because there are no bots involved in the process. In the first two days, the team creates a campaign to promote the site. So, results can be seen within 5 to 7 days. This means that it is impossible to determine the exact number that the company will send. What one buys is the minimum to be received. Reviews back up this.

Fastlykke Retention Rate

Fastlykke’s retention rate is relative. Some clients find it to be among the best in the market, while others claim that they have seen their website and share numbers go down a little after some time. Yet, while this is natural, the company offers its users some ways to change this. For example, they can ask for refills to go back to the numbers they paid for. It is advisable to bear in mind, though, that this may take some time, as the company has many orders to fulfill. Yet, the retention rate is quite good overall, and cases of drops are quite rare, reviews claim.

Pros & Cons

Paying for a social media service is an investment that should be made carefully. Choosing the wrong company may have terrible consequences for the account and even make users lose money. To review if Fastlykke is the right choice for the brand, here are their strong and weak points.



  • Organic traffic
  • High retention rate
  • Supports all main platforms
  • Offers all types of interactions
  • Sometimes they overdeliver
  • Delivery may take some time
  • Tight refund policy

It Has a Bit of Everything

Overall, Fastlykke has decent services for the major social media networks of 2023. From music platforms like Spotify to text ones like Twitter or the classic Facebook, users can find it all. They specialize in giving likes and followers, as well as helping get a share. But those who need more specific targets, like IGTV, can also buy related packages. Users just need to review their needs and acquire the pack that will give them the results they are looking for.

Published: January 22, 2020Updated: March 27, 2024

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