Followiz Review:The Complete Facts

Followiz Review:The Complete Facts
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  • 100 Instagram Followers ($0.02)

  • 100 Instagram Followers ($0.02)

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Followiz Review: In-Depth

Followiz serves as a unique tool that can be used by any person. It claims to be the premier reseller of SMM options on the web. People can reach out to the website and get something they need for their social account. From its homepage, it shows it has offered its features to satisfy over 24,000 clients.

The platform has been working for more than 5 years. Today, it tells customers it is the best choice when it comes to boosting market sales. Meeting up with social trends is not an easy task. And so is making sure fans or clients get the best out of service is not an easy task. The site retains its fame for handling the of many online profiles over social networks.


Supported Networks and Services

The platform supports a good number of packages. All of which come with unique features that help customers grow their account with time. This way, users do not need to worry about struggling to keep their game growing at a good pace. Here is a quick look at each one of its top offerings.


For a very long time now, this media has always been listed amongst the top social giants in the world. This makes it the perfect spot to promote a business via SMM. Here’s what it offers as regards the network.


Pages are the key areas to go through when finding a famous profile. Therefore, having a lot of likes on a page should go a long way in attracting more people.


Users can depict the number of people who have engaged with their video content through the feature. Giving it a huge boost can cause more people to be curious as to what the video could be about. Hence, bringing more viewers. Followiz claims to provide this to just about any person.


When it comes to the largest networks for brands and business owners to showcase their products, Instagram is never left out.


Getting follows is the dream of every user across the network of Instagram. The good thing is this vendor provides that.


They help to show how many people have been engaged or are being engaged with video content. With a good number on a video, users can attract more viewers.


Comments are usually used to portray the inner thoughts of another user on the network. Getting a load of good ones should give an account that genuine look it deserves.


They are vital features of Instagram. Followiz offers a plan of thousands of them to its members. Helping them boost their presence as well as their fame over the network.


Twitter has not been left out of the list of networks which this tool supports. Its features are sure to come in handy.


One of the most important things about the Twitter feature is its ability to provide unique and real followers. Thereby increasing the follows of any user who makes a purchase of its plan.


Retweets are not just ways of quoting a thread over the Twitter network. They go a long way in making sure others understand that there is interest as well as agreement. Followiz provides this.


YouTube is yet another network which the SMM tool supports. Business owners now use the video site to host product videos and to promote their name.


Many people who have used the network to promote their business are fully aware of how vital the above can be. This website claims to offer just the right number that every business needs on their channel videos.


SoundCloud is referred to as one of the largest music platforms in the world. Getting to use its features on this social tool can give a user’s presence a huge SMM boost. The tool provides unique offerings as regards the network. Some of which include downloads, plays, likes, comments.

Plans & Prices

The plans for the website are built to be cheap. With very cheap plans, people can stand a chance to afford them without having to break the bank. The budget-friendly plans come with unique prices which make them inexpensive to even the smallest brands.

Members are free to purchase these plans using a few payment methods, which include PayPal, Bitcoin, or Payoneer. All payment systems are secured and encrypted over a secure server. This keeps customer data safe and ensures they still get the best out of their features. Below is a detailed table showing its unique plans and prices.

Service Speed / 24 Hours USD / 100 USD / 500 USD / 1000 USD / 3000
Facebook Views 100 000 $0.012 $0.06 $0.12 $0.36
Instagram Followers 15 000 $0.02 $0.10 $0.2 $0.60
Instagram Likes 1 000 $0.012 $0.06 $0.12 $0.36
Instagram Comments 200 $1.45 $7.25 $14.50 $43.50
Twitter Retweets 500 $1.08 $5.40 $10.08 $32.40
Twitter Followers 1 500 $0.72 $3.60 $7.2 $21.60
YouTube Views 500 $0.156 $0.78 $1.56 $4.68

Network Services in Detail

The prices at which all its network services are offered is very cheap. Unlike most other platforms, this one claims to handle the growth of an online account at a particular level and regardless of the amount paid.


FB has gone beyond what many had imagined in the past. Today, it is now seen as the largest network worldwide. This makes it the right place for people to promote their skills, works, products, and services to the world. But the task can turn out to be a bit of a challenge due to the numbers of likes and views a person might need in order to reach more people. This is where the service comes in.

Page Like

Page owners can now get automated likes sent to their account without having to struggle for them. A click of a button will do the job.

Number of Likes 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000 4000
Price (USD) $1.08 $2.16 $3.24 $5.40 $10.8 $21.60 $32.40 $43.20


Video contents are not left out. Brands can bring more views to their videos in order to attract more viewers.

Number of Views 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000 4000
Price (USD) $0.012 $0.024 $0.036 $0.06 $0.12 $0.24 $0.36 $0.48


Instagram is a really famous network. This tool knows its in and outs. So, it has offered unique plans to help people grow their presence on the platform.


Having a lot of follows on their profile is the dream of every Instagram user. The wide range of plans the tool offers to make it possible to achieve this.

Number of Followers 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000 4000
Price (USD) $0.02 $0.04 $0.06 $0.1 $0.2 $0.4 $0.6 $0.8


Views are crucial features that portray the number of people being engaged with video content. This alone can boost the fame of a profile.

Number of Views 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000 4000
Price (USD) $0.024 $0.048 $0.072 $0.12 $0.24 $0.48 $0.72 $0.96


Just as the name implies, users get a like from others to show that they like that user’s content. This can attract more audience members to that user’s profile.

Number of Likes 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000 4000
Price (USD) $0.012 $0.024 $0.036 $0.06 $0.12 $0.24 $0.36 $0.48


Used in portraying thoughts, an account with several positive comments is sure to attract the attention of many other users across the network.

Number of Likes 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000
Price (USD) $1.45 $2.9 $4.35 $7.25 $14.50 $29 $43.50


YouTube is, not a doubt, the largest video platform. Business owners are now using the platform to promote their brand and boost market sales. For this, Followiz provides features that are likely to come in handy.


The views features are vital for YouTube channels in need of growth. Followiz says it is the best option for that.

Number of Views 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000 4000
Price (USD) $0.156 $0.312 $0.468 $0.78 $1.56 $3.12 $4.68 $6.24


Twitter has always been around from the start. As a matter of fact, the unique features offered by the service are enough to lift the account of a user to the next level. All without hassles.


Since the rolling out of the retweets features, using Twitter has been made to come with more ease. Brands can get the most out of the feature by simply opting in for a boost. This is something provides.

Number of Retweets 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000
Price (USD) $1.08 $2.16 $3.24 $5.40 $6.48 $21.60 $32.40


Known to be the key feature of the Twitter network, getting follows has now been made easy through the use of SMM tools.

Number of Followers 100 200 300 500 1000 2000 3000 4000
Price (USD) $0.72 $1.44 $2.16 $3.60 $5.40 $10.80 $21.60 $32.40

Terms and Guarantees

To get the best out of this tool, it is important to follow the rules in the terms and conditions below. Data of clients will be kept safe from those who could scam them. There are also nice refund and service retention policies with a working support system.


Terms and Conditions

By using the service, customers have agreed to abide by the stated terms of use. Some of which include:

  • No upload of nude contents.
  • The tool must only be used to promote social accounts.
  • Account must be kept public else refunds will never be offered.

For a full of its terms, members can refer to the Terms of Service page on the site.

Privacy Policy

The policy covers how the private data of customers are being used by the website. It does not sell or redistribute this data to anyone to avoid scam issues. Not to mention, all private data received are encrypted over secure servers and are used only to fill customer orders. A strict panel ensures the privacy policy is not neglected.

Refund Policy

Refunds are made only to customers who never got their order delivered. Private account orders will not get refunds. Same goes for PayPal users. As there is no panel to reverse finished payments.

Retention Policy

Dealing with its plans, the tool ensures each provided service is retained within the course of time. This gives customers a chance at growing their profile in a genuine manner.

Customer Support

Client support is never left out when it comes to Followiz. As a matter of fact, customers can get full aid when they contact the admins over social platforms and through support panels. Users can subscribe to their newsletter in order for them to stay updated.


Followiz Quality of Followers

Followers offered by the service are of high quality. Although, the site does not assure its customers that these followers provided will have a profile picture or a full bio.

Retention Rate

Keeping customers in check and retaining each service provided is not an easy task. For this, Followiz has chosen to take charge of the retention. Thereby keeping the likes, follows, views and all others retained to the account of a user.

Followiz`s Pros & Cons

There are huge benefits that can be derived from the process of using this tool. In the same sense, they can be downsides attached. Below is a list of the pros and cons of adopting the usage of Followiz.



  • Features more than one payment systems
  • 24/7 client aid
  • Diverse numbers of plans to choose from
  • Very cheap
  • Secured website
  • Displayed reviews have no proof
  • Complex UI/UX design

The Final Word

Today, having to promote a brand on social networks is not an easy task. As a matter of fact, brands need more than just a couple of followers to stand out from competitors and beat the market. A profile with a great level of traffic or comments is more likely to receive more interest from the public than a profile with a lower level. The above review should guide users on what Followiz truly offers and whether it is a scam or not.

Published: July 22, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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