GetResponse Review: Make Big Marketing Moves With Simple Solutions

GetResponse Review: Make Big Marketing Moves With Simple Solutions
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GetResponse Review: In Depth

The start of 2023 brings in a fresh perspective on e-commerce and digital marketing. Today, businesses need trustworthy solutions that are both simple and powerful. GetResponse specializes in product promotion, sales funnels, and email automation to help companies expand their audiences and bottom line. Just about every brand could use that kind of growth. Check out this review for an in-depth look at GetResponse, including its prices, tools, and benefits.

Key Features

Users can craft their distinct campaigns with the help of powerful solutions that streamline many of the time-intensive tasks. This includes things like drafting landing pages, organizing canned responses, and creating webinars. There are also plenty of automations and integrations so that businesses in different fields can work with the programs that suit them best.

  • Autoresponder
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Marketing Automation
  • Reporting
  • RSS-to-Email Functionality
  • Social Sharing Tools
  • Webinars

GetResponse Review: Background Information

GetResponse About Us

The business was founded by Simon Grabowski in the late 90s. That means it has over 20 years of experience in email, tech marketing, and customer relationships. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the brand is a regular on Inc. 500’s top 10 list of fastest-growing private companies. It has more than 350,000 clients in 183 countries and is trusted by GlaxoSmithKline, Marriott, Men’s Health Magazine, and others. The team is based primarily in Poland, with offices in Russia, Halifax, and Boston.

Intersting Company Stats & Facts

  • Clients can earn credits through the Digital Marketing Certification course
  • Founder Grabowski launched his first autoresponder in 1997
  • It’s available in 26 languages
  • The platform is in use on all continents

GetResponse Features & Technical Details

Consumers may be impressed with the solutions that this software offers, and once they use those tools, they’ll see their business grow each month. Below is a list review of the top features, how they work, and their benefit to businesses.

Email Marketing

GetResponse Email Marketing

Clients will appreciate the split testing feature because it gives them room to grow, create, and use different options to reach their audiences. Plus, the list reports and insights keep track of crucial information like deliverability, bounce rate, and more. Moreover, teams can review subscriber details and contact info all in one place, making campaigns a lot easier to execute.

  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics
  • Auto-Responses
  • CAN-SPAM Compliant
  • Contact List
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Event Triggers
  • Landing Page Edito
  • Media Library
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Surveys/Feedback
  • Templates

Landing Page

GetResponse Landing Page

Meeting potential buyers where they’re at is critical. That’s why the software has a specific approach to create landing pages and reach out to new subscribers in a way that’s efficient yet professional. The interface on the back-end is easy to use and allows room for A/B testing, real-time edits, and insightful monthly analytics.

  • Drag-and-Drop Functionalit
  • Quick Response
  • Real-Time Editing
  • Reporting
  • Split Testing
  • Templates
  • Webforms

Marketing Automation

GetResponse Marketing Automation

As with other platforms, there is a ton of marketing assistance and automation here to please even the pickiest customer. This is a helpful resource to have around no matter the size of the team, the industry, or how much experience employees have.

  • Analytics
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Scoring
  • ROI Reports
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Webforms

Key Features in Detail

GetResponse Features

Businesses need to differentiate their programs from competitors. That’s what GetResponse does, often by using customer feedback and honest conversations with client enterprises large and small. This section reviews the best capabilities of the brand in detail.

Creating a Subscriber List: Gain a Following ASAP

Building up a client base of loyal subscribers is something that every company dreams about. There is more than one way to do that with this software, which makes sense because each brand is unique. One way is to do a simple copy and paste of email addresses into the interface. Teams can upload longer contact lists in a file format or through Google, Zendesk, or Salesforce.

Setting Up a GetResponse Campaign: Send Out Stunning Messages

Similarly, clients can convert their current campaigns or add them to the software using the convenient drag-and-drop tool. For those who are comfortable with basic code, they can input the HTML Source Editor. To create and organize marketing emails, team members can select one of the dozens of templates or build one from scratch. The variety of design options should appeal to a wider range of brands and industries.

Tracking a Campaign: Never Lose Sight of the Goal

Part of a successful campaign is tracking it from start to finish. GetResponse lets users get into the nitty-gritty of their projects so they can achieve their goals and reach their target audiences. Plus, the interface has a resourceful campaign page where people can see all of the details at a glance. They’ll be able to see the number of recipients, open rates, and other tracking info. Google Analytics integration is perfect for this.

Solid Marketing Automation: Better Workflows for More Achievement

The workflow management tool is set up so that clients can drag and drop details. There are sub-categories for actions, conditions, and filters, and this organization helps to make collaboration easier. Even for smaller teams or freelancers, being able to simply click on a specific action and manage tasks like this is a lifesaver. The interface design isn’t anything special, but it’s neat, clean, and well-organized.

Recent Updates: Always Evolving

A great thing about this platform is that it’s constantly growing and expanding its offerings. That means that long-term customers don’t get bored with tools because new ones aren’t far behind. Plus, new clients get to experience modern advancements that other brands aren’t savvy to yet. A specific example is an Autofunnel feature, which visually lays out the buying process. It starts with brand and product awareness, sales efforts, and conversion from consumer to customer.

Landing Page Creator: An Intuitive Add-On

For those who want some extra help with building a custom landing page, the software offers assistance at an extra cost. However, it can be well worth it because the tools and design are intuitive and make the creation a seamless process. Clients have the flexibility to use GetResponse domain hosting or to choose their preferred host. Moreover, the interface has a convenient drag-and-drop function, which streamlines the task even more.

Contact Management: Segment Subscribers for Greater Engagement

The program comes with advanced segmentation, which lets users categorize their buyers based on specific conditions. This includes things like geo-location, the customer’s last action, industry or field, and contact info. Having a visual representation of the contact type and status makes it easy to approach customers in a way that’s engaging, efficient, and personal. Besides sorting contacts into sub-categories, team members can also exclude recipients from certain emails or campaigns.

Autoresponder 2.0: Improves Customer-Company Relationships

It’s one thing to have canned responses for interested consumers, but this software takes that to a whole new level. The Autoresponder 2.0 tool will send messages to people based on things like time and context. For example, teams can set it up to release information on a specific date, such as a work anniversary. Combined with event-triggered emails, this is a surefire recipe for greater engagement and customer satisfaction.

A/B Split Testing: Find What Works Best

With this feature, it’s easier to figure out what works best and what’s just a waste of time and effort. The split tests apply to newsletters, marketing emails, timelines, subject lines, and more. By taking the time to run these analyses, companies can be sure of reaching their target audience at just the right time and with the perfect keywords for better engagement.

Email Editor: Send Time-Based Messages

For those with a larger, global audience, reaching people at peak times can be difficult. Fortunately, there is audience segmentation to assist with delivering emails based on the recipient’s time zone. Users can edit the HTML code itself, preview the email, check for spam, and segment their customers to send mail immediately. Not only does this tool allow teams to send time-based messages. Everything is CAN-SPAM compliant, meaning there is greater deliverability.

RSS to Email: Keep Customers in the Loop

It’s important to keep audiences aware of the brand’s latest services and products. However, those email updates can often fall on deaf ears. This software ensures greater success and engagement by offering an RSS feed to the email feature. Whenever clients share a new post to their blog or website, this will automatically send an update to subscribers.

GetResponse Plans & Pricing

There are four bundles to choose from, each with its unique focus. The lowest plan works well for entrepreneurs and freelancers, while the highest-tiered one is more of a custom-order package. This section reviews the top benefits of each one, including the number of accounts, advantages, and downsides.

1. Basic

This standard package accommodates subscriber lists of up to 1,000 and costs just $15 per month. Clients can add more contacts, but that will also increase the price (the maximum is $450/month). With this bundle, individuals get the basics they need to start their sales funnels, build marketing campaigns, and analyze insights and reports.

GetResponse Basic Plan
Features: Automation templates, autoresponder, e-commerce, email marketing suite, Facebook/Instagram ads, sales funnel, unlimited landing pages, unlimited lead funnels

Functionality: Mobile, Web

Number of Users: 1

Number of Social Accounts: 1

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $15/month


  • 24/7 support
  • The full email marketing suite
  • Includes all available integrations
  • Social media ads
  • Webforms & surveys

  • Lacks audience segmentation
  • Limited to one user

2. Plus

GetResponse’s most popular choice, this bundle will appeal to smaller teams that need help with reaching buyers and improving customer relations. The package comes with the ability to track and tag contacts as well as recovery efforts for abandoned orders, which saves time and boosts professionalism.

GetResponse Plus Plan
Features: All Basic tools, contact scoring/tagging, five distinct workflows, five sales funnels, webinars

Functionality: Mobile, Web

Number of Users: 3

Number of Social Accounts: 3

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $49/month


  • Abandoned order recovery
  • Event tracking
  • Interactive webinars
  • Greater segmentation tools
  • More collaborative workflows

  • A bit pricey
  • Limited webinar tools

3. Professional

Those who want more interactivity between the brand and its clientele should consider this bundle. It’s got all of the advanced webinar tools that will make outreach and education efforts a huge success. Moreover, the plan comes with custom workflow management and team resources for larger groups.

GetResponse Professional Plan
Features: All Professional options, on-demand/paid webinars, unlimited automations, unlimited sales funnels, workflows for five users

Functionality: Mobile, Web

Number of Users: 5

Number of Social Accounts: 5

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $99/month


  • Access to all automations
  • Custom workflow management
  • Full access to webinar resources
  • Six hours of recording storage
  • Unlimited funnels

  • Can get expensive for larger teams
  • Similar team size as the previous plan

4. Max

As the largest bundle available, the Enterprise package can support subscriber lists of up to 100,000. That said, the price will reflect that, and businesses can expect to pay over $1,000 per month. Those who are interested need to contact the company to get a quote. On the upside, this is the only package that comes with full enterprising and consulting services.

GetResponse Max Plan
Features: All Professional tools, account manager, dedicated IP address, deliverability/email campaign consulting, single sign-on, transactional email option

Functionality: Mobile, Web

Number of Users: 10

Number of Social Accounts: 10

Scheduling: Yes

Price: N/A


  • Consulting services
  • Priority assistance
  • Supports up to 100,000 subscribers
  • Up to 500 webinar participants
  • Unlimited access to Autofunnel

  • Expensive
  • Some tools are paid add-ons

Pricing & Key Features Comparison Chart

Each plan has its pros and cons and will appeal to a specific customer type. To help individuals and teams get a better feel for each package, this chart reviews the top functionalities and accessible options.

Free Plus Professional Enterprise
Price $15/mo $49/mo $99/mo Custom
# of Users 1 3 5 10
Automation Builder No Yes Yes Yes
Autofunnel No Yes Yes Yes
“Auto-Responder” Yes Yes Yes Yes
CRM No Yes Yes Yes
RSS to Email Yes Yes Yes Yes
Segmentation No Yes Yes Yes
Split Testing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webinars No Yes Yes Yes

Terms & Conditions

There aren’t clear Terms of Service agreements on the company’s website. However, individuals can visit the website’s Help Center for more information about conditions and term details. For instance, accounts can be canceled if they have an outstanding negative balance for longer than 90 days. For those who try the free trial, they can continue using the services for up to 60 days. That additional 30-day grace period is meant to give them time to upgrade.

Privacy Policy

The software and its programs are protected by TRUSTe Certified Privacy. While the business does collect personal information, it does not sell those details to third parties. Rather, it shares the info with service providers to provide improved assistance and for marketing purposes. Some examples of what the enterprise collects from clients include name, address, social security number, employment history, browsing and search history, and activity on the platform.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy because the software is a pay-as-you-go service. People should be careful about which plan they purchase because they will be locked into the usage period with no exceptions. Therefore, it may be best for them to do the free trial or a monthly package rather than an annual bundle.

Customer Support

GetResponse Customer Support

Below are some ways that individuals can reach the company’s support team. Keep in mind that the headquarters is in Poland, which may limit communication for international clients.


There doesn’t appear to be a telephone number on the corporation’s website. However, a bit of digging around reveals some contact info in the privacy policy. The business has a primary office located at Arkonska 6, A3, 80-387 Gdansk, Poland. The number there is 48-58-668-3133.


People can find a couple of email addresses in the service agreement, but they pertain more to legal matters ([email protected] and [email protected]). Alternatively, there is a contact form where individuals can leave a message in regards to billing, deliverability, and other issues.

Online Chat

An online chatbot is available on the brand’s website. Visitors can type in their name and email address to start chatting with a trained representative. There is space for the person to write in their question or concern, and they can rate the assistant’s help after the conversation is over.

Support Center

The “Help Center” is a base for answers to frequently asked questions, helpful articles, and tutorials. There is a search bar at the top of the page where visitors can look for blog posts or guides based on a keyword or phrase. They can also scroll to the bottom of the page to review a list of featured webinars and team-created resources.

Quality of GetResponse

The GetResponse service itself is great, with lots of tools and helpful resources like infographics and whitepapers. Unfortunately, GetResponse didn’t get much love on Trustpilot, with an average user rating of just 2.5 out of 5 stars, based on 170 reviews. The top complaints focus on the strict no-refund policy. The corporation has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. Again, the complaints there center around the pricing and being charged for canceled accounts.

Customer Types

After reviewing the pricing plans, some people might be wondering if this platform is right for them. Here’s a run-down of how the software performs for different clients.

Small Businesses

A smaller company or start-up might want to look into this program for its automations and over a hundred integrations. It will streamline the process of growing the brand and interacting with an expanding clientele. That said, the pricing may deter lots of entrepreneurs.

Mid-Sized Companies

Since all of the plans can accommodate at least 1,000 subscribers, a mid-sized enterprise should be fine trying out this service. There are plenty of tools to experiment with on the Plus and Professional packages, including webinars, deliverability insights, and split testing.

Large Enterprises

Large-scale companies with anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000 subscribers or contacts can check out the top bundle from this software. It will grant them full access to the automation builder, sales funnels, and marketing campaign resources.


This program could be a hit or a miss for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs. The pricing could be a major disadvantage, but there is a decent number of features on the standard plan. Plus, they could try it out for 30 days to get a feel for how things work.

GetResponse Pros & Cons

As an overall GetResponse service for email marketing and CRM, this software does a great job and would be a worthy competitor in just about any industry. The founders did a good job of making the platform highly accessible, plus there are 150 integrations in the fields of sales, promotion, payments, social media, and more. The interface and custom workflows are relatively easy to use, and the reporting and insights are invaluable.

That said, the lack of refund policy is a huge red flag. It can be hard to get in touch with the corporate team too, which only adds more discouragement.



  • Autofunnel
  • Ease of use/navigable interface
  • Plenty of integrations & mobile optimization
  • Split testing & valuable insights
  • Webinars led by industry professionals
  • The support team could be more helpful/responsive
  • The user interface could be better

Top 6 Best GetResponse Alternatives

Visitors to the website may be wondering what makes this software stand out from the rest. Given the saturated market of platforms out there, it may help to review the best deals of GetResponse and its competitors.

1. Active Campaign: A Complete CRM Toolkit

GetResponse Active Campaign Alternatives

This platform has it all: CRM, sales management, marketing emails. What sets it apart is its awareness promotion that brings consumers in and solidifies their loyalty to the brand. It achieves this through site tracking, custom Facebook ads, and more.

2. Drip: Pricey, But Rich in Business Offerings

GetResponse Drip Alternatives

Drip is the first e-commerce CRM. It focuses on customer data, personalization, engagement, and optimization. Through custom workflows, clients can send messages, so they arrive exactly when buyers want them. The lowest plan accommodates up to 2,000 contacts, which is great.

3. MailChimp: Affordable & Accessible

GetResponse MailChimp Alternatives

MailChimp continues to be popular to this day for its approachable pricing and its commitment to value. Even the standard package comes with A/B testing, dozens of templates, and room for basic customization.

4. InfusionSoft (Keap): Different Name, New Tools, Same Brand

GetResponse InfusionSoft Alternatives

InfusionSoft took on a new name, and with the change came new resources for its clientele. That said, the pricing is steep to make up for the advanced CRM tools. For those who can afford it, it’s worth looking into.

5. MailerLite: Marketing, Automation, & Tips

GetResponse MailerLite Alternatives

MailerLite is all about reaching more people through spot-on email marketing campaigns and audience segmentation. It has a variety of bundles available with decent pricing, lots of automated tools, and drag-and-drop functionality clients will love using.

6. iContact: A Must-Try

GetResponse iContact Alternatives

iContact is tailored to high-volume senders. It boasts multi-user workflows, a Salesforce mass email toolkit, and excellent customer support. Moreover, it has a 98% deliverability rate, which is not too shabby. Compared to others, it’s on par in terms of automations, segmentation, and templates.

Basic Pricing & Tools Comparison Table

Before reviewing this comparison chart, remember that this reflects the standard package, not the free trial. So, while the base plan may not include some of these options, that doesn’t mean the enterprise doesn’t offer it.

GetResponse Service Active
Drip Service MailChimp Service Infusion Soft MailerLite Servcie iContact Service
Price $15/mo $9/mo $49/mo $9.99/mo $79/mo $10/mo $12.75/mo
# of Users 1 3 1-49 $3 $1.00 $1 $1
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto-Responder Yes Yes Yes No No No No
CRM No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
RSS to Email Yes No No No No Yes No
Segmentation No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Split Testing Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webinars No No Yes No No No No
# of Subs 1,000 500 2,000 50,000 500 1,000 500

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GetResponse Free?

Not exactly, but people can sign up for free and try out the GetResponse service for 30 days. After that, they will need to choose a paid package or else drop their dependency on the software completely. The most basic bundle costs just $15 per month, which isn’t terrible. It also comes with a decent amount of tools and resources for newsletters and emails, landing pages, and sales funnels.

Where is GetResponse Located?

The corporate headquarters are in Gdańsk, Poland. There are also regional offices scattered across the globe since the software’s reach is so wide. There are locations in the United States (Boston and Wilmington; Halifax, Canada; Moscow, Russia; Sao Paolo, Brazil; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There’s also a secondary Polish office in Warsaw.

What is the GetResponse App?

This is the mobile application that lets users get into their account from an iPhone or Android device. It’s perfect for on-the-go management and collaboration. The interface is optimized to work on a smaller screen and allows people to access their insights and statistics, create drafts, respond to messages, and add new contacts.

How to Delete a GetResponse Account?

This is as simple as going to the account settings on GetResponse’s dashboard. The menu should be located in the top-right corner of the screen. From there, individuals can select the “Delete Account” option and click to confirm the cancellation. They should be aware that they won’t get a refund, even if they cancel their account within days of signing up for it. Since it’s a “pay-as-you-go” service, the administrative team decided to forego money-back guarantees.

Final Thoughts: Get This Software, or Leave It?

With its webinar hosting, landing pages, sales funnel, and standard CRM tools, this is a software that can rival the most popular platforms on the market. Even its most basic package boasts automations and integrations for creating newsletters, analyzing statistics, and time-saving auto-responders. Where the company needs to improve is in customer relations and policies. Be aware of the refund restrictions and read the fine print before jumping into a long-term agreement.

Published: July 20, 2020Updated: March 27, 2024

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