Gramblast “Blastup” Review: Is It a Scam?

Gramblast “Blastup” Review: Is It a Scam?
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Price Plans

  • 100 Instagram Followers ($2.99)

  • 100 Instagram Followers ($2.99)

  • 100 Instagram Likes ($2.99)

  • 500 Instagram Views ($1.99)

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Gramblast "Blastup" Review: In-depth

Gramblast(Blastup) is a unique site which aims to provide a better chance for people to promote their online profile. Through reviews on its features, brand leaders can decide whether to move their sales to the next level within a short time or not.

Although the site has switched its name to Blastup, it still retains its old name of Gramblast(Blastup). The site is based in a city in the country of Sweden. As a matter of fact, it claims to be an experienced team with a great rating that has been working with social media since its early days. The whole website is designed to offer special features and tools. This platform centers around giving users a chance to keep track of the growth of their online profile by getting real-time stats. Below is a brief rundown on each feature the platform offers to the public.

Supported Networks and Services

Unlike many alike platforms that feature more than just a few networks, this one does not. It knows how much brands use social networks today to advertise their goods and products. By so doing, the tool goes a long way in supporting only one network. One which is the main platform where most business leaders review so as to promote their market sales. This is no other than the social giant Instagram (IG).

With the kind of tech this platform uses, members can begin to attract thousands of new IG users to their account or page. A good number of IG business profiles have added this platform to their marketing plans due to its rating. This is not just because of the unique Instagram service it offers, but also due to its added features, updates, and tools.


Case studies have shown that IG is the most used when it comes to brand promotion. For this reason, the website has chosen to help these bodies convert their online presence to real sales. It does this through its Instagram service. Which includes sending followers, likes views to the contents of a user on the Instagram network.

  • Followers – are people who show interest in the contents of an IG user account. By having a good number of them, people can showcase their contents across a wider set of audience. This is something the site claims to provide within a matter of hours fully.
  • Likes – just as the name implies, likes are unique ways to show a person likes the content of a user. Brand owners can buy them and take a good hold of the chance of driving more people towards their market.
  • Views – come as yet another feature which the platform gives to its members. Through views, people can see how humans are getting engaged with a video.


Plans & Prices

Price is one of the major factors that define the affordability of an online service. This service has taken note of this and has worked towards making sure its users can afford the broad range of plans it offers. Its IG plans are not free but come in a unique state of prices. This gives people a chance to choose one that suits them best.

This way, they really do not have to break the bank or cut a large part of their budget to be able to afford the plans offered. Below is a quick review table at some of the crucial features that relate to the prices of the IG plans.

Users can verify and make payments through credit and debit cards. Below is another table. This shows the combined plans and features for all services. The site claims that all packages are delivered within 24 hours.

Number 100 500 1000 2500 5000 10000
Price for Views $1.99 $6.99 $12.99 $24.99
Price for Likes $2.99 $6.99 $13.98 $29.99
Price for Followers $2.99 $5.99 $9.99

Network Services in Detail

Apart from providing unique IG plans to fit customer needs, the platform also delivers special tools. One of these tools is attached to the network service of IG followers. This way, users can keep track of their follower count. The website does this by giving real-time and live IG stats that would help users know just how well their budget is being used. Here’s a quick review on the IG service this special platform offers.


Likes, followers, and views are crucial to the social growth of a person on IG. It claims that the minute a user completes their purchase, their IG account is bound to start receiving new exposure at a fast rate. In fact, users do not need to worry about their safety due to the intense speed. The platform provides 100% organic tactics and makes sure their account stays in perfect standing.


Views are very important to video contents on IG. This platform understands the key features it offers and so, includes it in its IG plan. Her is a table showing its range of plans and their prices.

Number 100 500 1000 2500 5000 10000
Price for Views $1.99 $6.99 $12.99 $24.99



Likes are crucial features and are one of the most used ones on IG. Gramblast(Blastup) knows how this works and has offered a broad range of plans and prices for it.

Number 100 500 1000 2500 5000 10000
Price for Likes $2.99 $6.99 $13.98 $29.99



Having a great number of followers ensures an online profile has a wider reach. This means there would be many more people to show contents to. Below is a table of its special plans and prices which this service provides.

Number 100 500 1000 2500 5000 10000
Price for Followers $2.99 $5.99 $9.99


Terms and Guarantees

Gramblast(Blastup) tries to provide the best service they can. That’s not possible without giving transparent info about their terms of service and privacy policy. Also, clients can find data on their refills and refunds.

Terms and Conditions

During the use of the platform, users will not behave contrary to the terms and laid down rules. Going against these set of rules, a user will be subject to a ban or suspension. This would terminate access to all or certain parts of the site. Here’s a quick look at some of these rules. The above are just a few of these terms. Users can always have access to them through the Gramblast’s(Blastup’s) website.

  • Users should never post or send spam through the site.
  • Using automated systems like harvesting bots, robots, spiders, or scrapers to access the site is strictly prohibited.
  • Users should never upload any code of virus or malware programs.
  • Users should never bully or harass any other user.
  • Users should never post or transmit content that misleads other users.
  • Banned users may not create another account with the intent to bypass previous limitations.


Privacy Policy

Unlike many other alike platforms, Gramblast(Blastup) has a privacy policy attached to its name. It makes sure users are aware of the diverse numbers of ways it gets to use their private data and what it uses them for.

This provider makes it known to all that it collects certain data like a user’s email address. This is only due to the user trying to contact them via email. However, it claims it will only use it in order to respond to their inquiry and deliver feedback to users. Also, the email address is collected in order for the website to send notifications as regards a user’s account, as well as to meet them with information and stats that concern payments.

It also makes use of third-party processors in order to provide emails to clients. Other data needed by the platform include their IP address and IG username. The website’s privacy policy page offers concise information on the exact ways it makes use of these.


Refund Policy

A refund policy supports users to get a refund in case any kind of issue arises with the use of the platform. However, Gramblast(Blastup) does not include one on its website, but still takes a step towards making sure users experience one.

Users may cancel any paid service any time. But they will not be issued a refund except in the platform’s sole discretion, or if legally required. It also claims if clients are not happy with its service, they will receive a 100% money back.

Retention Policy

When it comes to being able to retain users, the quality features Gramblast(Blastup) makes sure that this is possible without the use of bots. As a matter of fact, being able to retain users means helping in the growth of an IG account and keeping the likes, views, and followers that the platform has offered.

Customer Support

Through email, the platform can offer quick and unique aid to its users. It claims to have a top-notch admin department which answers to the questions of users all day long. Users can make inquiries and get feedback on questions as regards the features offered by the platform. This also ensures users are not left behind. In fact, the platform’s user service provides a means for members to receive the help they need to enhance their growth with ease without the use of bots.


Gramblast "Blastup" Quality of Followers

For those who are on the lookout for ways to get a larger online presence, Gramblast(Blastup) declares itself to be the perfect platform to ensure this is possible. However, before a person can achieve this, quality followers have to be used. For this, Gramblast(Blastup) comes right into the picture to make things work out just right for the online life of its users.

It offers real and quality followers and not bots to help move the fame and online presence of an IG account to the next level. No use of bots or fake accounts.

Retention Rate

Being able to keep the views, likes, and followers offered is a challenge Gramblast(Blastup) is willing to take. By being able to retain the service it delivers, it can help brand owners move the online presence of their brand to greater heights.

Gramblast "Blastup`s" Pros & Cons

The platform has a number of benefits and drawbacks which will be looked into below. There are a great number of competitors out there, so it is crucial to understand some of the benefits. These include the pricing, a free option, and the speed of delivery. Yet, there are some features on the gray side that are not so good.



  • Offers a broad range of prices for users to choose from
  • Offers a free trial for new users
  • Provides unique 24-hour client aid
  • Fast delivery
  • No password needed
  • Some pages are not visible
  • Offers more cost when dealing with plans than many similar platforms

Top 5 Gramblast "Blastup" Alternatives

Stormlikes SocialViral Mr. Insta AudienceGain SocialEmpire
Price/250 followers $3.50 $4.99 $8.75 $4.00 $4.49
Price/250 likes $3.50 $3.69 $7.00 $4.00 $4.49
Rating 4.3 4.5 4.4 4.6 4.3
Networks Instagram Instagram, Twitter Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud
Services Followers, Views, LIkes Followers, Views, LIkes, Retweets Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers
Delivery Instant Fast Fast
Support 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
Safe 90% 90% 80% 96% 90%

The Final Word

A good number of people today, find it easy to reach more levels of the audience on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. This is due to the fact that they adopt the use of social media tools. With one like this provider, getting to have a wider reach should not be a problem. However, many have questioned its very existence. Many have tried to figure if it actually offers genuine service or is just another internet scam. Well, the above guide should set anyone on the right path towards getting an answer to that question.

Published: July 05, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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