Gramista Review: Human-Like Instagram Support

Gramista Review: Human-Like Instagram Support
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Gramista Review: In-Depth

This tool manages client accounts with an automation system. They invite people to try it out for free. Their goal is to get fast results. Instagram is a competitive platform, so timing is important. A unique thing about this service is their privacy. They state that they don’t share data with third-party sites. The main idea behind this app is like-for-like. When a person reacts to an image online, the one who posted it notices. Then, they usually send love to the other person’s posts. In the same way, they do follow-for-follow. This is a great way to boost growth. Here are some details to help buyers know if this is right for them.


Supported Networks and Services

This is only for those using Instagram, as the name suggests. They know that most users simply do like-for-like, so that’s their focus. They’re helpful because they save a lot of time. No one wants to spend their day visiting an account and dropping a heart. This is a way to increase growth with minimal effort.



This social network is all about visuals. Liking an image is how users say “you’re doing great!” Another popular part of this platform is following. A person only follows if they’re interested in the account. Or, because they want the other person to follow them back.

  • Followers. The system starts using “Smart Mode” to cycle follows and unfollows. This makes it look as if a human were behind it. They don’t want to spam others! Clients can turn off Smart Mode if they want.
  • Likes. Customers can target their audience based on different cues. This could be hashtags or locations. They can also choose to like profiles with many fans. They decide which settings they want, then let the system do the work. It will begin using those rules to drop hearts on images and posts.

Plans & Prices

The services don’t differ much on the plans. The primary difference is how long clients can use them. There are options for just one day or a week. The most popular choice is the 30-day subscription. Note that the most likes an account can give in an hour is 350. Therefore, bots need to be careful.


It’s important to note that the service doesn’t list the number of reactions a client can expect. This depends on several factors. For example, the type of profile, the subject matter quality of images, etc. Some customers might get dozens per day, while others get even more, or maybe less. The website does not state how many auto followers or likes they give. This varies by customer.

Days 1 3 7 30 60 90
Price $1.79 $4.99 $10.99 $39.99 $64.99 $89.99
Auto Followers Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Likes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Use Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Targeting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Help Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Network Services in Detail

Gramista is just for liking, following, and unfollowing. Still, this can make a big difference in a profile’s popularity. A Boost feature works like a bot to send a burst of engagement for one or two hours. Afterward, there is a cooldown for the rest of the day. It’s a quick method for growth. It’s best for older accounts that already have a small fanbase.


Clients can let hashtags serve as the tracking guide for Gramista. The system will search for matching hashtags, then like those posts. It can do the same thing for location. It depends on what the customer wants to do. A mix of both will prove most effective. A trial period lets users try this bot-like feature for free.


The most likes a profile can give out is 350 per hour. Still, in one day, that brings a lot of growth. Buyers can choose from 6 different price points. All of them are reasonable and will provide a good return on investment. The more reactions they get online, the easier it is to notice.

Days 1 3 7 30 60 90
Likes $1.79 $4.99 $10.99 $39.99 $64.99 $89.99


The great thing about the following is that when someone becomes a fan, the feeling is usually mutual. Out of respect, the other party decides to follow back. This is the type of system that the software uses to help clients. There isn’t a set number of follows or unfollows. The team can’t guarantee that everyone will get the same number each day. However, customers can pay for a specific number of days to have the help.

Days 1 3 7 30 60 90
Follow $1.79 $4.99 $10.99 $39.99 $64.99 $89.99


The tool will even help with unfollowing inactive accounts or people who just don’t engage. This saves so much time for teams because they can focus on more important tasks. It’s important to note that results vary. Each person will get a different number of unfollows, follows, and likes. These prices just pertain to the number of days people can use the service.

Days 1 3 7 30 60 90
Unfollow $1.79 $4.99 $10.99 $39.99 $64.99 $89.99

Terms and Guarantees

This provider has sections on their site regarding their terms of use. They also state how they protect their clients’ private data, and how they refill dropped numbers or give money back.


Terms and Conditions

Gramista reserves the right to change their policies at any time. The team does not encourage spamming other accounts. It makes it look like an obvious bot. The services are meant for promotion only. This can include promoting a person, brand, or product. The site doesn’t have partnerships with Instagram or third parties. The team is not responsible for a customer’s actions on Instagram. They’re not liable if an account gets blocked or banned. If clients change their IG password, Gramista will immediately stop. It needs log-in credentials to work.

Privacy Policy

Clients need to enter their IG username and password to use Gramista. After this, the service won’t ask for this again. They don’t use this info without customer permission. The company uses high encryption on their site. This protects customer data and personal info. However, the team isn’t responsible for any security breaches. The team can cancel a user account at any time. This does not warrant a refund. Users agree to report any bugs or issues to the team.

Refund Policy

If the follower/unfollower function stops working, The company is not liable. Customers can’t get a refund or an extension on their plan. A client won’t get a refund if their account is in good working order. The team needs to see a technical issue on a profile to issue a refund. There needs to be a problem that prevents proper usage. Users choose if they want the app to be inactive. They don’t get refunded or compensated for this inactivity.

Retention Policy

The terms and conditions affirm that retention isn’t guaranteed. The system can’t control how many likes or fans a client gets. While it’s an automatic service, social media is unpredictable. People come and go. The lack of pattern makes it hard to control. The team states that retention depends on the quality of customer images on Instagram. Users can make their own hashtags, but this might slow down the app and any bots. The team suggests that people do a free trial before buying.

Customer Support

There is such a page on the company’s website. This takes viewers to a search bar where they can type their question. There are FAQs they can browse for extra help. The questions are about how to pay, how to use the service, and the different features. There is also a blog with guides and real tips about social media marketing. The contact page allows customers to send the team a message. They can attach files and screenshots, too.


Gramista Quality of Followers

The system tries to match clients with real people online that share their interests. This is why there is a hashtag search filter. A fashion blogger doesn’t want to like a bunch of sports pictures! The searches make it easier to find like-minded users. They can also find people in their geographic location. It seems that these followers are from real accounts. It is unclear if they are active or not. Clients should read the terms and conditions first. There aren’t any guarantees or warranties. The service can assist, but it can’t control results. End of the day, the posted content needs to be intriguing.

Retention Rate

The company won’t give out refunds without a good reason. They don’t say that they’ll get a certain number of fans. Their policy states that customers need to have good quality images to keep followers. This can be a tool to get noticed, but it can’t make fans stay. There isn’t a retention policy, but the terms and conditions talk about this. If someone wants to try this program, they should read everything. They can also take advantage of the free trial. This app might be a way to start building a fan base. It’s probably not great for the long-term though, like other bots.

Gramista`s Pros & Cons

Overall, this can be a good system for starting a popular social media account. Lots of pros are using automation these days. There are so many people on Instagram, so it’s hard to start. Gramista makes it possible to find like-minded people fast. The app tries to copy human actions to avoid spamming others. Also, Instagram won’t see the service as a bot. Right now, there is no auto-comment feature. This is something that lots of people would like. On the bright side, the team uses high encryption and no third parties.



  • No Data Sharing
  • High Encryption
  • Search Filters
  • Price Points
  • No Spam
  • IG Only
  • Refund Policy

The Final Word

The ideal customer is someone with a newer account. They have high-quality pictures and a decent brand. They just need some help getting more fans to come to their profile. They understand how to use hashtags. All of these skills are necessary to make the most of this program. Overall, the app is good design. It should have an auto-comment feature, though. Even so, it’s good that it encrypts data and doesn’t share personal details.

Published: July 03, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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