Hypeddit Review: Build Hype With Music Promotion

Hypeddit Review: Build Hype With Music Promotion
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Price Plans

  • Rookie (1 Download = 1 Follower)

  • Rookie (1 Download = 1 Follower)

  • Pro (1 Download = 3+ Follower)

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1 Download = 1 Follower

Hypeddit Review: In-Depth

The software invites users to “hype” their music. They do this through download gates that they share with others. The website offers free tools and a blog with helpful hints. Buyers can work on an exchange system or try self-promotion. Through the service, they can send their tunes to blogs and other sites. The company’s website is thorough and clear. They let fans browse different genres to find their next favorite song. It’s a creative way to expand one’s musical horizons.


Supported Networks and Services

Users can share their music with blogs and websites. Then, they get fan emails and comments in exchange. This creates a circular community for listeners and creators. This provider also has Top 100 lists to encourage discovery.


Artists can make a custom music tab on their Facebook page. This makes it easier for them to get their tracks to other people. Fans can come to the FB profile and click the tab. Then they download the music right there. This is perfect for clients who are into self-promotion. The process is as simple as can be.


People can get more followers and reposts on Instagram through Hypeddit. They do this by creating a download gate. This allows them to share their songs all over the social network. They will then get access to fan email addresses and more. In general, one gate will get one follower.


Twitter might not seem like the most obvious place for new music downloads. Yet lots of creators are sharing here. They can submit links to their music that leads to other networks. Send fans all over to make the most of brand promotion. A pro subscription gets 3 followers per download.


There is a conversion tool that lets people put their SoundCloud music on YouTube. It’s ideal for musicians who want to get their face and sound out there. It could be a whole album or just a song. Plus, the YouTube converter is a free tool that anyone can try.


This program reaches millions of people, so it’s ideal for creatives. They can make the most of their gates to get more followers. This service simplifies the process so clients can submit songs to SoundCloud. The result is easy awareness for brands across genres. They can use automatic emails to share music, too.


This is another popular music streaming site. When a client shares their download gate to Spotify, they can get more likes and comments. Fans can find more info about the artist through these gates. For example, they can look at their social media profiles. This spreads the word about new artists.

Plans & Prices

The free tools and services are great by themselves. Of course, people get even more with a paid subscription. It only costs $9 each month. Clients can pay with a credit card for easy payments. Any type of musician can take advantage of this tool. Hypeddit welcomes new DJs, singers, songwriters, and more. This is a prime opportunity to get noticed and make money from downloads and tracks. It makes it easy to build a fanbase, too.


This is a unique program in that it doesn’t supply a set number of followers or likes. Rather, it gives clients a suite of products and services to help them boost their brand. Plus, they can use the program on all of their social platforms. The paid plan gives customers more freedom and capabilities on their channels. The tool can’t promise a certain number of followers or specific engagement.

Rookie Pro
Unlimited Download Gates Unlimited Download Gates
Gain 1 Follower Per Download Gain 3+ Follower Per Download
Unlimited Social Links
Send Automatic Emails to Fans
Access to New Releases
Build A Fan Email List
Create Unlimited Campaigns Create Unlimited Campaigns
1 Promo Exchange at a Time 3 Promo Exchange at a Time
Get Influencer Feedback Get Influencer Feedback
Share on All Social Channels Share on All Social Channels
$0 Per Month $9 Per Month

Network Services in Detail

Various social networks work with Hypeddit. Each one has its own unique features. For example, Facebook’s music tab or the SoundCloud converter. Musicians can use all of the platforms to make the most of their music downloads. The more they share, the better their success. Many of the features are available on the free Rookie plan.


A paid plan gives buyers access to as many download links as they want. They can share these on Facebook and elsewhere. Plus, a person can get fan emails through the social media platform.

Rookie Pro
Facebook Music Sharing Tab Facebook Music Sharing Tab
$0 Per Month $9 Per Month


If a person chooses to pay just $9 per month, they can send out as many new music campaigns as they want. They can also share video clips of their songs on Instagram. Another good idea is using the Stories function to build up the hype.

Rookie Pro
Share Songs 1 At A Time Share Unlimited Songs
$0 Per Month $9 Per Month


The paid plan allows buyers to link up their Twitter profile at all times. They can tweet about their latest news and developments. Fans will never miss a beat.

Rookie Pro
Link Unlimited Social Profiles
$0 Per Month $9 Per Month


This is a popular place to gather contact information from fans. Then musicians can send out promotions and create hype about their products.

Rookie Pro
Capture Verified Fan Email Addresses
$0 Per Month $9 Per Month


A client can get onto the different playlists on SoundCloud. This will promote their songs to even more listeners. A person gets more chances to do this if they pay the $9 each month.

Rookie Pro
Send Songs to Promo Channels & Playlists Send Songs to Promo Channels & Playlists
$0 Per Month $9 Per Month


Through using this software, clients can hear the opinions of their peers. They will also be able to gather email addresses from people who like their songs on Spotify. That way, they can send out promotional messages.

Rookie Pro
Get Influencer Feedback Get Influencer Feedback
$0 Per Month $9 Per Month

Terms and Guarantees

This company knows how to make their clients trust them. One of such ways is by stating their terms of service in a transparent way. The policies on privacy, refills, and refunds are also on site.

Terms and Conditions

The Privacy and Copyright Policies are included in the Terms and Conditions. All of the materials on the website are protected by copyright and trademark law. Buyers have permission to download one copy of the software. This is for personal use only, not commercial. It is a grant of a license, not a transfer. Clients cannot change the material or put it on public display. They’re not allowed to create spam or junk mail with it. They can’t have any bots with the materials.


Privacy Policy

The company collects customer info for data control. They will always explain why they are collecting information beforehand. These details help the website improve its services. The process should be lawful and fair. Clients may dispute this if they disagree. All personal details are protected by the website. The company uses cookies on its site. The privacy policy refers to customers as data subjects. This means they are part of the research the business uses for improvement. Hypeddit shares personal information with third parties.


Refund Policy

All payments are through credit card or PayPal. Hypeddit LLC does not offer refunds on the pro plan. Canceling that subscription is the customer’s choice. The business will not refund terminated accounts. If a client violates the terms, they won’t get their money back. These details are on the Terms and Conditions page. They are under section 9, “Account Subscription.” Clients can upgrade from a free plan to a paid one anytime. They can also change their monthly payments to an annual one. The changes occur immediately.

Retention Policy

There is no retention policy on the Hypeddit website. Subscribers do not have a partnership with this provider. They simply have an account with them. The company has not reviewed all of the links on the website. They are not responsible for how the links affect clients. These third party sites may help them grow a following, or not. Customers try them at their own risk. The business does not offer any warranties. Their services are not guaranteed. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more details.


Customer Support

The Hypeddit team is available on the website. A chat box pops up after clicking the Contact Us link. This chatbot is set up by Zendesk. Clients can ask their questions here. There is also an FAQ page for even more details. The team is also on social. Their channels include Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, and YouTube. Customers may go there to get more information and answers. The website includes a “How it Works” page as well. There are forums on the FAQ page.

Hypeddit Quality of Followers

There isn’t a lot of information on the followers. The site can help clients get more fans, but the process isn’t clear. It seems that customers share their links on social media. In exchange, they get email addresses from interested people. It is then up to the artist to reach out. This process can be time-consuming, but it is also a marketing tactic. If they keep up with it, they might see fan growth. The unpaid plan has a lot of these features. The paid subscription makes it easier and faster. It depends on what the musician wants to pay for.

Retention Rate

Again, this isn’t easy to understand. The terms and conditions don’t talk about this. Clients can guess that it is up to them to keep an audience. They can share their music on different platforms to get started. In exchange, they receive fan email addresses. They should stay up to date with their followers. This is how they can grow their brand and see more success. It seems that the site can kickstart this process, but they are not responsible. It is up to the artist to promote themselves. There are free tools on the website that can get them started.

Hypeddit`s Pros & Cons

There are many great things about Hypeddit. First, it’s on many different platforms. This makes it so easy for buyers to share. They can spread the word in a matter of seconds across networks. The features are also helpful, even for an unpaid subscription. The paid plan is only $9 a month, which is affordable. However, this service seems better for beginners. It might not sustain the pros. Still, it’s worth a try. Customers can get to know influencers and like-minded people through this service.



  • Free Tools
  • Unpaid Subscription
  • Multiple Platforms
  • Download Gates
  • Influencer Feedback
  • No Refunds
  • Not Suitable for Pros

Top 5 Hypeddit Alternatives

SubPals Media Mister RedSocial AudienceGain TweetAngels
Price/5.000 plays $150.00 $17.00 $7.00 $10.00 $19.99
Rating 4.3 4.2 4.2 4.6 4.1
Networks Youtube, Soundcloud Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud Instagram, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Services Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers Followers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers
Delivery Fast Fast
Support 24/7 24/7 24/7
Safe 96% 92% 90% 96% 90%

The Final Word

It seems that this service can be a decent platform for musicians. They can share their songs with lots of people with little effort. Of course, the site is a starting point. It will be the client’s responsibility to keep up the work. Hypeddit can provide download gates, but they are not a promotion software. Also, they use third-party sites to help artists get started. Overall, this is a cool program that people can try for free. They should always read through the policies first.

Published: July 03, 2019Updated: March 27, 2024

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