Iconosquare Review 2023: Analytics & Social Media Scheduling for Success

Iconosquare Review 2023: Analytics & Social Media Scheduling for Success
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Iconosquare Review: In-Depth

Iconosquare is a user-friendly platform that helps entrepreneurs and teams build out their social media profiles. The software efficiently schedules and manages posts and crucial analytics, such as followers and likes. With this system, brands can strengthen and refine their online presence and marketing strategy. Iconosquare customers can expect to reach more targeted users and engage in more fruitful interactions on Instagram and Facebook. This review outlines the service’s key features and benefits.

Iconosquare Key Features

Brands can use Iconosquare to create carefully-curated social media feeds that will engage and impress audiences. The software helps with managing posts and tracking comments, as well as comparing performance reviews to competitors. Daily analytics and insights keep teams focused on their goals.

  • Advanced scheduling
  • Competitor performance tracking
  • Custom Instagram feeds
  • Follower growth measurement
  • Landing pages
  • Real-time reporting

Service Review: History

Iconosquare History

The company was founded in 2011 under the name Statigram. Within its first few weeks, the service gained tens of thousands of users. By 2015, there were over 10 million total users. The team rebranded the software and adopted the name Iconosquare.

In 2016, it became an Instagram partner, and the next year, it joined Facebook as a marketing partner. Clients rely on the service to track social media performance, schedule posts, and monitor competitors. The private Iconosquare management suite counts IKEA, H&M, Loreal, and National Geographic among its customers.

  • Over 40 employees representing 10 countries
  • Over 25,000 businesses and agencies use Iconosquare
  • The agency has offices in Limoges, France and Berlin, Germany

Service Features & Technical Details

The agency focuses on Facebook and Instagram, helping individuals and brands build better online content and newsfeeds. This online management suite concentrates on two main areas.

Social Media Marketing

Iconosquare Social Media Marketing

The Iconosquare suite manages the team’s posts and helps them create the ideal upload schedule. Clients can organize their content and rely on the auto-publisher to send everything out at just the right time. Brands can also compare their analytics to any competitors in their niche. Plus, there is a range of plans that can support multiple users and brand profiles.

  • Auto-publisher
  • Content manager
  • Multi-account access
  • Post scheduling
  • Real-time insights

Social Media Management

Iconosquare Social Media Management

Whether a client wants to manage one media profile or 30, they can do it with Iconosquare. Some of the most useful features include tracking comments and reviewing follower gains and losses. This helps businesses engage more with their audience and get valuable feedback and reviews. The software is also conducive to group collaboration so team members can get more done and keep the brand voice consistent.

  • Automatic posting
  • Comment tracking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content scheduling
  • Daily follower counts
  • Real-time reports
  • Team workflows

Features in Detail

Here is a closer look at what makes Iconosquare stand out amidst a sea of social media management suites. Things like community analytics, competitor tracking, and a user-friendly dashboard keep things simple yet effective. Every tool in this software aims to bring brands closer to their followers. This leads to more website traffic and greater sales.

Real-Time Reporting: Track Profile Growth

The system has a handy tool that lets customers know how their growth is progressing or stalling daily. The follower growth measurement is a useful feature that any entrepreneur, influencer, or company needs. It works best for testing a post’s performance with audiences.

Impressions & Insights: See Gains/Losses From the Last 7 Days

To help businesses optimize their IG and Facebook feed, Iconosquare provides up-to-date metrics on different impressions. This includes things like followers gained and lost, comments, and hashtag performance. This way, clients can post more content that people want to see.

Geo-Location Services: See Where Followers Are

No matter whether it’s a local business or a global brand, clients must know where their primary audience is. The software offers location tracking to find out where followers are on a regional, national, and global scale.

Monitor Top Followers: Stay Ahead of the Curve

Another useful tool is the top follower locator, which can discover where the most engaged audiences are hiding. This is a crucial step in figuring out when and what to share across Instagram and Facebook.

Deep Analytics: Up-to-the-Minute Performance

Customers can dig deeper into their performance metrics with easy-to-read graphs. These can monitor things like follower growth, top comments, engagement per post, and overall impressions. This way, team members can optimize their strategy for a wider market reach.

Impressions Tracking: Daily Comments & Likes

A company can’t grow its social media presence without looking at daily insights. Iconosquare makes this simple by providing advanced analytics on impressions and overall performance. Clients can see where the bulk of their likes and comments are coming from and then take appropriate action.

Community Analytics: Filter Out the Appropriate Data Filters

With this convenient tool, customers and better understand who their followers are and what they want. Clients can see critical information, such as their audience’s age, gender, native language, and more.

Track Hashtag Performance: Learn What Engages Audiences

Iconosquare Track Hashtag Performance

Hashtag filters and tracking tools can let customers know which tactics are working and engaging followers. Brands can also test their tags and keywords and compare them against competitors for deeper insights.

Content Overview & Impressions: Track Engagement

The customizable dashboard allows clients to see their daily growth and reach across the platform. They can gather a comprehensive overview of their online content and how it’s performing with audiences. Everything is multi-user accessible for better collaboration.

Monitor the Competitor: Compare Performance Metrics

To help brands reach the top of their game, Iconosquare offers competitor tracking and monitoring. This way, influencers can see how their posts are performing and compare that to what rivals are doing.

Engagement Reports: Test More Marketing Strategies

Daily insights can streamline key metrics so companies can see their engagement at a glance. The real-time reports make it easy to respond to comments, monitor likes, and research new followers.

Advanced Analytics: Key Metrics for Success

Iconosquare Advanced Analytics

With this software, people can browse dozens of industry benchmarks and optimize their marketing strategies. Iconosquare analytics review things like average reach rate, follower growth, and engagement.

Iconosquare Integrations

While the software doesn’t currently support Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube, it’s still a worthy social media management suite. Below are the primary integrations available on this system.

  • FB and IG Audits: Business profiles can take advantage of this complimentary performance review, which provides helpful graphics and actionable improvement tips.
  • Instagram and Facebook Business Pages: The service supports these specific online profiles and helps brands build custom landing pages.
  • Instagram Creator Profiles: Influencers who have over 10,000 followers can utilize demographic data and weekly growth counts. However, there’s no automatic posting.
  • Random Comment Picker Tool: This bonus tool is a huge timesaver for businesses that want to hold social media contests and giveaways.
  • Social Content Calendar: This costs nothing to download and simplifies hashtag holidays and online media events to boost engagement.

Iconosquare Plans & Pricing

Iconosquare is transparent about its pricing structure and aims to offer a subscription package to suit a variety of customers. Along with its 14-day free trial, there are three tiers to choose from, each one catering to brands of all industries. Review the details of each one below.

PRO: Ideal for Small Businesses

Iconosquare’s Pro plan supports two users, but clients can add additional team members for an extra $15 each. The subscription supports up to 30 collaborators. Even though this is the lowest tier available, it still provides tons of valuable insights and reports. This includes analytics for impressions, reach, and engagements. Customers can also access a media library full of saved captions, hashtags, and posts. The auto-publisher works on mobile as well as via the browser extension and webpage widget.

Iconosquare Plans Pro

Features: Auto-publisher, community insights, competitor tracking, Facebook page performance reviews, hashtag monitors, IG story analytics, impressions tracker, industry benchmarks, media library/albums, post scheduler

Functionality: Facebook, Instagram

Number of Users: 2-30

Number of Social Accounts: 3

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $39/mo ($29/mo if billed annually)


  • Automatic publishing and scheduler
  • Customers can add additional team members
  • Media library
  • Supports IG stories & carousel posts
  • Up to 5 custom feeds
  • Weekly, monthly, & yearly reports
  • Widgets & browser extensions


  • Can’t monitor client mentions across IG/FB
  • Doesn’t track promoted posts
  • The dashboard isn’t customizable

ADVANCED: The Best Choice for Marketing Teams

Businesses that deal exclusively with social media marketing should take advantage of Iconosquare’s Advanced plan. The pricing is quite good if billed annually, plus it supports up to five profiles and a maximum of 30 users. Clients can access more performance metrics, such as tags, mentions, comments, and profile views. Those with an IG business account can compare their insights with a handful of competitors. Weekly, monthly, and annual reports are available via PDF or XLS.

Iconosquare Plans Advanced

Features: All of the Pro benefits, comments export, conversations inbox, custom dashboard, hashtag lists, PDF reports, promoted posts analytics, tags/mentions feed

Functionality: Facebook, Instagram

Number of Users: 3-30

Number of Social Accounts: 5

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $79/mo ($59/mo if billed annually)


  • Additional profiles available
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Export weekly/monthly/yearly reports
  • Insights sent straight to inbox
  • Monitor five competitors per profile
  • Promoted Posts Analytics
  • Track tags/mentions across IG & FB


  • Customer Success Program not included
  • Only supports three team members
  • No company branding on PDFs

AGENCY: Trusted by Top-Performing Global Brands

Iconosquare’s Agency plan is a popular choice with some of the most successful companies on the planet. Those who are interested will have to contact the sales department for an appropriate quote. Regardless, this package includes the most analytics and customization. Clients can have as many collaborators as they want, and they’ll get access to a dedicated support manager. This expert will guide the team in optimizing a social media strategy.

Iconosquare Plans Agency

Features: All of the Advanced benefits, company-branded PDF reports, custom feeds, Customer Success Program, unlimited team members

Functionality: Facebook, Instagram

Number of Users: Unlimited

Number of Social Accounts: 10

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $199+/mo


  • Access to a dedicated customer success manager
  • Additional feeds available
  • No limit on the number of users
  • Special pricing for NGOs
  • Up to 10 hashtags per profile
  • Used by top companies like Hilton & Lufthansa
  • White-labeled reports with brand logo


  • Free trial not available
  • Must contact sales for a quote
  • Tags & mentions work for Facebook only

Price & Key Features Comparison Table

Individuals and companies can check out this comparison chart for a closer look at each plan’s benefits and inclusions. Each package has lots to offer, and it’s simply a matter of how much support and implementation brands need.

Pro Advanced Agency
Price (billed monthly) $39/mo $79/mo $199+/mo
# of Users 2-30 3-30 Unlimited
# of Accounts 3 5 10
Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Auto-Publish Yes Yes Yes
Custom Dashboards No Yes Yes
Customer Success Manager No No Yes
PDF Reports No Yes Yes
Promoted Posts No Yes Yes
Scheduler Yes Yes Yes
Tags & Mentions No Yes Yes

Terms & Conditions

Iconosquare’s terms of use are up to date and quite thorough. Clients can take the time to read through the fine print, but here are some of the highlights.

Customers use the software at their own risk, as Iconosquare does not hold responsibility for what users post via the platform. Any third parties that people work with will have their separate terms and conditions. The company provides all services on an as-is basis. All of its logos and graphics are under copyright and intellectual property laws.

Privacy Policy

Iconosquare’s privacy policy complies with French and EU regulations. Some of the data that the site collects from users includes name, email address, phone number, and birthdate. The software also obtains IP addresses and data stored in cookies. This information helps the business improve the platform, gather customer analytics, and develop marketing materials. The system may include links to third-party sites. Iconosquare is not responsible for the privacy policies provided by these third parties.

Refund Policy

Clients may cancel and deactivate their account at any time by emailing [email protected]. Alternatively, they can fill out the contact form at pro.iconosquare.com/contact. Upon deactivation, the system automatically deletes all of the customer’s data. This action is irreversible. Users are eligible for a refund if they cancel within 7 days of purchasing a monthly subscription or within 30 days of buying a yearly package.

Customer Support

Iconosquare Customer Support

There are a few ways that clients can get extra assistance or contact the support team.


The business does not offer a customer support telephone number on its website. While it provides the office locations in France and Germany, the contact info doesn’t include a phone number. Clients will have to try an alternative means of getting in touch.


Users across the globe can contact the support team by emailing [email protected]. This applies to all kinds of customer inquiries, such as billing questions, technical issues, and so on. There is also a specific email address for those who want to become marketing partners with the company: [email protected].

Online Chat

The service doesn’t offer an online chat option on its website. However, individuals can go to the contact page by clicking the “Report a Problem” link at the bottom right of the site. This will direct them to a request ticket that they can fill out and send it to the support team.

Support Center

Under the Support menu at the bottom of the website, there is an “FAQ” link. Users can click this to go to the system’s Knowledge Center. Here, there are articles and blog posts related to all kinds of social media marketing questions. People can also type a specific inquiry into the search bar on the page.

If they click the “Tools & Resources” link at the top, they can find bonus features such as the Random Comment Picker Tool and Social Media Calendar. Other options here include courses and e-books related to content strategy and marketing. The e-books and courses are accessible to anyone and require an email sign-up.

Quality of Service

Social media experts seem to agree that Iconosquare’s analytics game is on point and highly competitive. The tools are most suitable for influencers and those with business pages on Instagram and Facebook. Some of the key benefits include community statistics, hashtag tracking, most engaging posts, and best times to reach an audience. The service has a score of 8.4 out of 10 on TrustRadius and 4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

Customer Types

Now it’s time to see who would most benefit from this system. Below are the most common customer types and how they would fare using this software for social media management and marketing.

Small Businesses

A smaller agency or start-up could take advantage of the service’s in-depth analytics and free resources. If they have a smaller team, the Pro plan is a good option. They can manage their upload schedules, keep content organized, and track progress on a daily and weekly basis.

Mid-Sized Companies

An agency or company with more employees or a larger following should check out Iconosquare’s Advanced or Agency packages. They can save 25% by purchasing an annual subscription, plus they’ll get access to more collaborative tools. There is also more room for customization, which is perfect for standing out online.

Large Enterprises

Most larger companies already have a presence on social media, but that doesn’t mean Iconosquare can’t help them. It depends on the particular business, but they would likely need the Agency subscription. Pricing can vary based on the size of the team and the number of social profiles. Still, this tier grants customers access to a dedicated customer care manager who can boost online growth and reach.


Independent influencers and contractors should look into this software. The pricing isn’t terrible, and they can always take advantage of the 14-day free trial. Even on the lowest plan, customers get deep insights, daily and weekly reports, and access to almost all of the system’s resources.

Iconosquare Pros & Cons

Many services offer a range of subscriptions, although the lower-tiered ones are usually useless, not so with Iconosquare. Its basic plan is full of analytical tools, content schedulers, and automatic publishing features.

Another perk is the software’s ease of use. Most people take to the dashboard right away, and everything is quite intuitive and seamless. On the other hand, it would be nice if the company could expand to include Twitter and YouTube integration. Clients should also be aware that certain features are only available for Business pages.



  • Deep insights
  • Free trial
  • Huge timesaver
  • Lots of value on each plan
  • Multi-account management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Web and mobile accessibility
  • Available for Facebook and Instagram only
  • Some features only work with Business pages
  • Very few integrations

Iconosquare Alternatives

Of course, this software isn’t the only option out there. Below are some worthy competitors that have their fair share of opportunities. Check out the alternatives as well as the chart that compares and contrasts features.

Sprout Social: Reach More People With CRM

Sprout Social Main Alternatives

This system is well-known in the world of social media marketing. With its focus on building relationships, it provides a great opportunity for brands to reach wider audiences. It’s expensive, but it also supports more social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter).

Hootsuite: Boost Posts & Ads

Hootsuite Main Alternatives

This service offers more assistance with promoted posts and campaign ads across several social networks. Some of its other benefits include collaborative calendars, report templates, and an all-in-one inbox. There is also Hootsuite Academy, where users can achieve social media certifications.

Zoho Social: Bringing Businesses & Agencies to the Forefront

Zoho Alternatives

This platform is better suited to larger customers, but anyone can take advantage of the free version. Clients will get access to unlimited scheduling, published post stats, and a URL shortener. The prices are great, although the lower-tiered packages lack many integrations.

Unmetric: Real-Time Brand Intelligence

Unmetric Main Alternatives

Unmetric is a benchmarking platform that can help brands compare and contrast online strategies. They’ll also receive tools to analyze performance and check out what competitors are doing. Plus, the highly visual dashboard is easy to read. The Analytics features start at $1,000 per month while the Discover toolkit has a monthly cost of $300 and up.

Socialbakers Suite: Easier Cross-Channel Management

SocialBakers Main Alternatives

This social media management suite is very expensive but also supports up to 20 profiles. Clients can get a handle on their content analysis and how their online presence and statistics compare to rival businesses. The dashboard is an all-in-one platform that allows individuals to post to all of their networks at once.

Curalate: Do (and Sell) More With Visual Content

Curalate Main Alternatives

This is a great resource for influencers or creators who want to engage more people and sell more products. Curalate turns a person’s visual content into shoppable features. This works across Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Pricing varies depending on the team.

Iconosquare & Alternatives Comparison Table

Check out this side-by-side comparison for all of the service alternatives below. Keep in mind that this table only refers to the basic packages. So, some of the missing features may be available on a higher-priced subscription.

Hootsuite Service Zoho Social Unmetric Service Social Bakers Curalate Service
Price/mo $39 $99 $29 $15 $300+ $240 $4,170
# of Users 2 1 1 2 N/A 5 N/A
# of Accounts 3 5 10 7 N/A 20 N/A
Auto-Publish Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Follower Stats Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Yes, 14 days Yes, 30 days Yes, 30 days Yes (free version) Yes (tracking only) Yes, 30 days Yes (demo version)
Hashtag Tracker Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Media Library Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes
Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scheduler Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Supported Networks FB, IG FB, IG, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter FB, IG, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YT FB, IG, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter FB, IG, Twitter, YT FB, IG, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YT FB, IG, Pinterest, Twitter


How Do I Create an Iconosquare Account?

People can visit the website and sign up for a 14-day free trial. They don’t even have to enter their credit card number, so there’s no risk involved. If they want to continue after the two weeks, they can sign up for a plan. Clients must have an Instagram or Facebook business page to access all of the software’s features. They’ll have to enter their online handles when signing up for a package.

Is Iconosquare Free?

There isn’t a free version of the service, but people can try the software at no cost for 14 days. This trial period provides the perfect opportunity to explore the deep analytics, content scheduler, and more. Teams can get a better feel for their engagement strategy and what’s working best. Moreover, the basic pricing is quite affordable compared to the alternatives.

Is Iconosquare Safe?

Yes. That said, brands and individuals must be careful when posting things on the Internet. Anything they share on their social channels is their responsibility. Iconosquare is not liable for any damages or losses that result from a client’s social media strategy. The majority of reviews state that the software is secure and keeps customer data safe.

Deeper Insights for a Serious Performance Boost

This service provides an affordable way to get ahead of the competition on Instagram and Facebook. Although it only deals with two social networks, its resources and analytical tools are in-depth and up-to-the-minute. Clients can efficiently monitor everything from their mentions and hashtags to their upload schedule and comments. While the reporting is core to Iconosquare, it also works well as a scheduler and auto-publisher, saving teams more time. For a fully functional statistics tracker, this is a prime candidate.

Published: December 25, 2020Updated: March 26, 2024

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