Ingramer Review: Is This Instagram Marketing Tool Safe or a Scam?

Ingramer Review: Is This Instagram Marketing Tool Safe or a Scam?
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  • Starting Price per 2 Weeks: $37

  • Starting Price per 1 Month: $57

  • Starting Price per 3 Month: $144

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Ingramer Review: In-Depth

This marketing toolkit aims to help individuals become IG famous or skyrocket their sales in 2023. It aids members in attracting fans, engaging with customers, creating content, and increasing revenue. From analyzing profiles to creating hashtags, the opportunities are endless.
This service has a simple set-up and easy-to-use dashboard. Customers get more features and benefits than they would from a social media marketing agency.   

Supported Networks and Services

Instagram is the only social media network supported by this tool. It’s a self-service growth tool that helps people grow their followers, likes, and engagement.  


This service supports everything from likes, followers, and profile views, to scheduling posts, generating hashtags, and making sales via direct messaging. 
Here is a list of services specific to IG:  

Story Viewer

This feature lets people watch and download Instagram Stories from any public profile. There is no need to use a third-party app. Users can also save IG Stories and live streams to any device.

Post Planner

This Instagram scheduler allows brands to boost their productivity and focus on their business by planning posts. The feature lets one save over 300 minutes’ worth of content each month. Those with more than one profile can manage up to 10 accounts at one time. 

Automated Direct Messaging

This feature allows users to engage with followers in a more personal way. They can send mass DMs to followers and make automated responses. Besides, there is a function that allows businesses to split clients into categories with labels, which is a major time saver.

Hashtags Search

Ingramer Hashtags Search
The smart hashtag search and generator help members to find useful hashtags up to two times faster. This gives users a higher chance of ending up on the Instagram Explore section, which may be their goal as an up-and-coming IG influencer.

Downloads and Profile Search

Ingramer Downloads and Profile Search
The download functionality lets users download IG posts, stories, profiles, or IGTV. It lets one watch Stories anonymously on their phone or computer. People can also search for profiles to discover potential partners or competitors. 

Ingramer Plans & Prices 

Weekly and monthly packages range from $12 to $300. Ingramer offers a variety of subscriptions to meet each influencer’s needs. For each plan, subscribers can add up to 10 accounts. Each provides a range of features, from bulk messaging to scheduled postings. There is also an option to combine for a package that includes all features.

Plan 2 Weeks (Price per account) 1 Month (Price per account) 3 Months (Price per account)
Promo $37 $57 $144
Direct $19 $29 $74
Scheduled Posting $12 $18 $46
Hashtag Generator $14 $22 $32
All Features $82 $128 $307

Network Services in Detail

This app is marketed as one of the best Instagram self-service growth tools. As a result, the only network they support is Instagram. Typical subscribers include influencers and online business owners. They are often looking to boost their marketing strategy. 


The app is an Instagram marketing toolkit with great solutions that let users grow sales and followers. Here is a general review of their network services for IG. 

Advanced Automated Direct Messaging

This lets individuals interact with followers with a warm welcome message. People can chat from any number of accounts and send mass direct messages to the existing audience to keep the engagement strong. 

Number of accounts 1 2 3 5 10
Price per 2-week period (per account) $19  $17 $16 p $15  $13
Price per 1-month period (per account) $29  $26  $24  $23 $20 
Price per 3-month period (per account) $74 $66 $62  $59  $51 

Hashtag Generator

This AI-based searcher creates hashtags automatically by analyzing a user’s photo, keyword, or link. 

Number of accounts 1 2 3 5 10
Price per 2-week period (per account) $14 $14  $14 $14  $14 
Price per 1-month period (per account) $22  $22 $22 $22 $22
Price per 3-month period (per account) $42  $42  $42  $42  $42 

Scheduled Posting

This feature lets users plan posts ahead of time, saving over 300 minutes each month. 
This tool does not require any download. Instead, subscribers can access their profile from any device.

Number of accounts 1 2 3 5 10
Price per 2-week period (per account) $12  $10  $10  $9 $8 
Price per 1-month period (per account) $18 $16  $15  $14  $12
Price per 3-month period (per account) $46  $41 $39  $37 $32 

Terms and Guarantees 

To begin using the application, users must agree to the Terms and Conditions. The terms cover many bases, including legal speak on the company’s relationship with Instagram. 

Terms and Conditions 

By using this app, users also review and agree to its terms of use and conditions. First, Ingramer explicitly states its relationship with Instagram. The company says they are not affiliated with or sponsored by IG. They also do not intend to tarnish the brand. The company operates separate from IG and does not wish to capitalize on the social channel’s image. 

Privacy Policy 

Members must be 13 years or older. All accounts must be registered to humans. Bots and automated methods or users are not permitted. To create an account, a valid email address must be provided.  
Members are responsible for keeping their password safe. The company cannot be held liable for any loss or damage due to failure to follow security obligations. 

Refund Policy 

Sign-up requires a valid credit or debit card for payment. Subscriptions are automatically renewed at the beginning of each month. The site does not offer refunds for funds that were already paid for a new subscription.   
There are also specific services that are non-refundable. This includes payments for the VPN service and the Hashtag Generator. 
The Paid Subscription policy states members should understand what they are signing up for. They cannot file a fraudulent dispute. 

Retention Policy 

If a member no longer wants to use the service, they must cancel their subscription. To do so, users may email the support team at any time. 
If an account is terminated before the end of the month, the cancellation will take place immediately. They will not be charged again. If a member cancels their subscription before the end of the current billing cycle, their termination will be effective on the day that the next cycle is set to begin. 

Customer Support 

Ingramer Customer Support 
Online support is offered to existing clients and potential customers via the online chat located on their website’s bottom right corner. Besides the chat service, customer support can also be reached at their mailbox: [email protected].
Below are the online chat and business hours to leave a review.

  • New York. Monday – Friday, 9:00 P.M. – 2:00 p.m.
  • San Francisco. Monday – Friday, 2:00 p.m. – 9 a.m.
  • Milan. Monday – Friday, 3:00 – 20:00

Ingramer Quality of Followers 

Gaining followers fast is the ultimate goal of most influencers and businesses on social media in 2023, but it’s always important to take caution when using this type of service. 
Ingramer helps members in their follower count growth to become IG famous or simply to establish a stronger online presence. However, in gaining followers, it’s also important to remember to consider the quality of those profiles. 
According to case studies and real customer reviews on its website, Ingramer helps its clients gain real and engaged followers through various products. In fact, it markets its clients’ pages to tens of thousands of relevant profiles each month. As a result, they often grow by 200-1k engaged profiles per month. 

Ingramer Retention Rate

As stated on their website, Ingramer boasts 1,500 trusted clients, 3,000 new followers per month, and 500 new monthly client sign-ups on average. They report a 98% success rate among happy clients.
While many people are not very trusting of Instagram bots, Ingramer’s members generally like the app and feel safe to use as a powerful growth assistant. This seems to keep clients returning to the service to continue growing their sales or follower base.     
Another thing that keeps customers returning is the constant and reliable customer service and support. The customer reviews featured on the website speak for themselves when it comes to retention rate in 2023.                                                 

Ingramer Pros & Cons

As with all services, there are some positives and negatives when it comes to using Ingramer for IG marketing purposes. From reliable customer support to transparency in pricing. Learn more about what customers like and dislike about the tool.



  • The plans and pricing are displayed directly on Ingram’s homepage.
  • The FAQ and Help page navigate clients through common questions.
  • There is 24/7 support for existing and potential clients.
  • Real customer reviews are displayed on the site.
  • The website is safe and secure.
  • There is no payment verification.
  • Users must meet a minimum number of posts to use Ingramer.

Ingramer: Is It Legit?

Ingramer may very well be worth it for anyone who wishes to grow their online presence in 2023, whether they are a social media influencer or a small business looking to expand.

This service offers effective features that will help people become more engaged on IG as they work to grow followers or revenue. The tool can also assist with building one’s brand through engagement and content creation.

Overall, this social media marketing tool may be considered safe to use, as evidenced by the transparency, support, and benefits offered to customers.

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