Integrate Demand Cloud Review: Marketers’ Best Ally

Integrate Demand Cloud Review: Marketers’ Best Ally
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Integrate Demand Review: In-Depth

Integrate Demand is a cloud-based software for marketing and customer teams. The main audience is made up of B2B, content agencies, and media businesses. The idea is to have one dashboard to manage all the aspects of branding. Those aspects include analytics, automation of tasks, and integrations. Today, agencies use dozens of tools and apps to be ahead of the game. Luckily, Demand Cloud gives the chance to integrate all of them in 2023.

Key Features

Integrate Key Features

  • Lead generation
  • Marketing software for a low budget
  • Real-time optimization
  • Automation of funnels
  • Branding
  • Live dashboards

Background Information

Integrate Background Information

Integrate Demand Cloud is a company based in the USA that has been active for more than 10 years. Ever since 2010, it has not stopped expanding. Today, it has over 250 employees and plans to keep on growing. The idea behind the business is simple: to give every SaaS a unified platform.

As the name shows, companies will be able to integrate their social media messages, inboxes, and emails in just one place. Plus, there will be other benefits such as stats that help generate tactics for success.

Service Features

Let’s see what is included within the packages. Optimization takes into account many processes like lead gen, segmenting the audience for age and place, and real-time graphs and tables.

Marketing Automation

Marketing processes can be a nightmare for people. In particular, when there are many channels to take care of. So, the platform intends to unify all of them.

  • Lead generation and maintenance
  • Analytics are available to understand crucial info
  • Segmentation of the audience for age and location
  • ROI and other tools for measuring success

Campaign Management

Looking for more efficient ways to manage a campaign? Want to have your budgets in the same place? Then, take a look at some of the perks Integrate offers.

  • It’s possible to see many channels at once
  • Manage a contact list from just one platform
  • Keep a budget for multiple campaigns

Lead Management

Integrate Lead Management

Managing one’s leads is essential to know what channels are truly efficient. In this way, the employees can direct efforts to certain networks and ignore others.

  • Lead scoring and generation of new sales
  • Track the source of the new leads
  • Interactions can be traced and tracked

Features in Detail

Demand Cloud provides clients with a lot of features related to funnels, leads, and measuring to satisfy the demands of the market. All in all, it tries to unify all the functions in just one dashboard and give a fast solution in 2023. This way, the workflows, and pipelines are easier to manage.

Top-Funnel Automation

Funnels are divided into sections. The bottom funnel refers to the clients who are about to make a purchase. But the most difficult customers to acquire are those at the top. Why? Because they don’t know the company or the quality of the products yet.

That is why this technology tries to enhance one’s product or service from the very beginning. So, businesses will have all their efforts in just a place. And they can assess the ROI and other things under the agents’ control.

Improve Lead Gen

Integrate Improve Lead Gen

Getting more leads is one of the toughest tasks in marketing. So, these features will enable managers to achieve their goals in a shorter time. On the one hand, they will be able to integrate their own apps and programs. Next, they can enter an API to connect the system to LinkedIn, Facebook, or other social media networks for crawling. Routing, segmenting, and analyzing stats are some other actions that employees can take when making use of the site.

Enhance Performance Measurement

As stated above, measuring results is the only way to know if the strategy was good or not. This way, the employees will know if it’s worth it to repeat the same tactic. So, what the software connects is automation, CRMs, and logos related to funnels. For instance, people will have access to deep graphs and stats about the clicks, engagement, and interaction with the company’s materials. Plus, they will also get suggestions on what to improve. Thus, they can make sound decisions based on the info they have available and increase sales.

Integrate Demand Cloud Plans & Pricing

Integrate Demand Cloud does not give a lot of info about their packages on the site. Those who are interested will have to contact them via email or phone to know more about their options. Plus, the price will always be custom, as they don’t have fixed packages. Anyway, here are some of their bundles and their features in detail.

Essential Plan

The essential plan is the most basic option. It is mostly aimed at companies that need help managing their content. For instance, they can access all their inboxes and answer every message from just one site. Erasing duplicate content is another crucial feature.


  • Personal messages
  • Call-to-action editor
  • Manager for email campaigns
  • Eliminate duplicate content
  • Cleaning data


  • Customer support is lacking
  • No integrations with Excel

Business Plan

The business plan is meant for companies that need to have some order about their leads and performance. The conversion tracker is great to understand where the new clients are coming from. Thus, the managers can make those channels, be it social media or LinkedIn, stronger and more attractive to novel buyers.


  • Lead generation tools
  • Stats at hand
  • Integration with Excel and Google Sheets
  • 24/7 attention
  • Conversion tracker


  • The API is hard to find
  • Only one account is enabled

Growth Plan

This package is designed for big companies who wish to increase their numbers even more. Among its features, the website offers live dashboards with changing stats and graphs. The idea is that marketers apply them to make decisions about content and design. This way, they will attract more and more readers.


  • ROI calculator
  • Tools to assess lead quality
  • Digital strategy planner
  • Integrate live dashboards
  • Ad networks integration


  • No prices on the site
  • No tutorials on their tools

Price & Key Features Comparison Table

So, which one is better to buy? It all depends on what part of the scale the company is. For instance, a big firm will make better use of the Growth plan. The table below can help these professionals decide which one is better for them.

Essential Business Growth
Price Starts at $50 Custom Custom
Number of accounts Up to 2 Up to 5 Up to 10
Integration with Excel No Yes Yes
A Social media conversion tracker Yes Yes Yes
Live dashboards No Yes Yes
Ads integration No No Yes
Live Stats Yes Yes Yes
Free trial No No No
Personalized support No No Yes
Cleaning Data tools No No No
ROI Calculator No Yes Yes

Terms and Conditions

Their terms & conditions are hard to find within the logo or page. That’s because they are mainly under the general company Conditions. First, they ask their clients to be of age. Minors cannot sign contracts or use their packages. Second, they claim they don’t ask for passwords or personal info, such as an SSN. But what they do ask is for an address and safe way of payment. The employees claim they will not disclose that data with third-party sites.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is tight. And one unique thing is their privacy compliance. They will never feature a company on their website as their client if they did not give permission. First, because maybe the firm is using Integrate Demand Cloud as a kind of secret weapon. That is why they do not want anyone, and competition, to know about this platform. Also, they do not store cookies without people’s consent.

Refund Policy

No refund policy is available when hiring these services. The only thing the agency has is a money-back guarantee. For instance, if a tech issue takes place, and the person cannot access his or her account, the company will, of course, refund that money to the clients’ credit card.

Customer Support

Integrate Customer Support

This is one of the main ways in which companies can make a reputation. If it’s good, then more clients will come their way. Below, readers can find a list of all the channels of attention and their reviews.


There is a phone number from the USA where customers can call. But those who don’t live in the country should beware. Though it’s efficient, it can be quite expensive when calling from abroad.


The most efficient way of contact is the email address they have on the site. The team works from Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 pm, so they will answer quite quickly. Their response can take up to 72 hours.

Online Chart

Those looking for an online chart are out of luck. There is none on the site, it’s not enabled. They won’t be able to find a live chat either.

Support Center

There is no support center or tutorials available on the site. In case they need help, clients will have to get in touch with the company and clear up their doubts with the support team.

Quality of Service

Though a bit mysterious, most people praise the quality of this service. For instance, many buyers claim they like having an agent that tends to their needs. As they have 24/7 support, they will have all their issues solved anytime, anywhere. Plus, they also seem to like the speed of their apps and tools. On the negative side, the API is a bit hard to access. And the integrations are scarce, but the firm is always working on adding more.

Customer Types

Let’s analyze now whether the business is convenient for everyone. Does it adapt to different sizes, budgets, situations, and needs?

Small Business

A small business can also find a suitable alternative to Integrate Demand Cloud. One of the reasons is that the price is custom. But also because it has a range of features that go from content marketing to assessment of results.

Large Enterprises

The Growth plan is a nice option for a large business. The package allows for many accounts at once. Plus, the ROI is very detailed, meaning that employees can assess what they did OK and what they should ignore in the future.

Medium Business

As the service is personalized, a medium business can do well on this platform. The only thing they have to consider is the cost and all the features they want to include in the plan before asking for a quote.


Freelancers can get in touch with the company and see what they offer. Yet, the service is aimed at agencies or places that manage employees. This means that freelancers will only find the platform nice if they have a lot of clients to manage.

Integrate Demand Cloud Review Pros & Cons

So, is it worth becoming a client of Integrate Demand Cloud? What are the main perks and bad points, if any? Does it have good reviews? Let’s break them down below so readers can make a good decision whether to buy these packages or not.



  • Data validation is quick and helpful in making informed decisions.
  • The pricing is custom to include the needs of small and big businesses looking for a digital solution.
  • The customer support team works 24/7 via phone, email, and live chat, with nice reviews.
  • They have a 30-day refund policy in case the client is not happy with the service.
  • Includes integrations with major sites like LinkedIn, Bright Talk, social media, and more.
  • This technology does not give clear information on prices or features included.
  • They only accept credit cards as a form of payment.

Integrate Alternatives

Clearly, Integrate Demand Cloud is not the only vendor in the market. Clients can find a lot of other options, but not all of them will offer the same perks. Let’s see together some alternatives and how they differ from this service.


Hownd Main Alternatives

Hownd has a different business model from the rest. It does not have a monthly plan but requires payment per visit. So, owners will only have to spend money if they truly get more clients thanks to this service.

Real Magnet

Real Magnet Main Alternatives

Real Magnet is a visual site for a good organization. The firm’s strongest point is its simple interface and the colored templates. Plus, the spam filters do a great job when keeping trash and useless emails outside of one’s inbox.


Beeketing Main Alternatives

Beeketing is mostly accessed for email marketing and campaigns. It has thousands of templates and ideas to carry out promotions. Giveaways on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are also supported.


Autopilot Main Alternatives

The main focus of Autopilot is CRM and the relation with customers. For that, it gives a space to have all the messages in just one inbox. In terms of price, the platform defines the value of the contacts each person has. The minimum is 2,000.


Selligent Main Alternatives

Selligent offers management solutions for companies with mobile and desktop sites. AB testing is available for those who need to check if their features work on a smartphone. Their pricing is custom, agents give it over the phone, and it has great reviews.


Report garden Main Alternatives

ReportGarden focuses more on content marketing than other types of sales. For example, it provides keyword research tools and live dashboards to see how well or not the articles are doing. It does not include graphs for analytics, though.

Competitors’ Table of Comparison

Are any of these competitors better to hire? Do all of them apply for the same type of business? Not quite. Some of these are better suited for big companies, and others put the attention on social media. Let’s take a look at all of their features below.

Integrate Demand Hownd Service Real Magnet Beeketing Service Autopilot Service Selligent Service ReportGarden Service
Price Starts at $50 $5 Custom $19.90 $49 Custom $149
N° of accounts 1 1 Up to 5 1 2 Up to 3 2
Integrations with social media Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Detailed analytics Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Personalized agent Yes No No No Yes No No
Refunds 30 days 14 days 7 days No No No No
24/7 attention Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
Keyword Analysis No No No No No No yes
Graphs and tables Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Live Dashboards No No No No No No Yes
AB Testing No Yes No No No Yes No

FAQ Section

What Is Integrate Demand Cloud?

Integrate Demand Cloud tries to provide an integral marketing platform for big and small companies. This way, they will have all their operations in just one site. Plus, it can connect CRM systems to scale the content pipeline. Having this platform is also useful to check the ROI and decide if the strategies applied were worth the money.

Is There Any Use for Integrate?

Yes, the platform is useful to many professionals in the field of marketing. For example, content writers can enter the keyword analysis tool to choose the main terms they will target. Those responsible for ads, instead, will find a great dashboard where they can manage all the social networks together. Analysts can also make use of the graphs and stats to make good decisions.

How to Use Integrate Demand Cloud?

There are many ways to use this site. The first one is for marketing automation. It has a visual way to organize content so that managers and workers can take a look at the pipeline. Targeting and segmentation are other uses of the site to get more sales. Finally, it has features for lead gen. Tactics, quality, and numbering are some of the actions that agents can carry out when it comes to leads and conversions.

Take Your Marketing Game to the Next Level

Those doubting whether to use Integrate Demand Cloud should think twice. The perks it offers are not only a lot, but they are also custom. This means that buyers will not have to pay for things they do not use. Plus, the ROI is easily measured with graphs, tables, and stats. Marketing agencies and related fields will find in this company a great ally to boost their campaigns in 2023.

Published: January 08, 2021Updated: March 27, 2024

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