Intercom Review: The Best Tool to Deliver Great Customer Support in 2023?

Intercom Review: The Best Tool to Deliver Great Customer Support in 2023?
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Intercom Review: In-Depth

Intercom In-Depth
Intercom ranks as one of the top Conversational Relationship Platforms (CRPs) worldwide. The software allows subscribers to build improved customer relationships through contact and support systems that are personalized and messenger-based. Its client list includes some of the most successful companies, like Shopify, Atlassian, etc.
Undoubtedly, this impressive portfolio, alongside many others, has put the platform at the forefront of many persons and businesses. Hence, there is a need to evaluate the genuineness of its offerings. This review details Intercom’s features, pricing, and other vital data. 
This way, it can give users comprehensive insight into whether the customer management tool is an excellent choice in 2023.

Intercom Key Features

There are several uses for the service’s tools and products. Customers can streamline their support systems, optimize their delivery alongside many others for better user experience. Here are some of Intercom’s key tools:

Intercom Review: Background Information

In 2011, Intercom became popular as the first mainstream Conversational Relationship Platform (CRP) across the globe. A team of four Irish engineers founded the company. They were Des Traynor, Eoghan McCabe, Dave Barrett, and Ciaran Lee. Over time, the organization has witnessed significant successes that now translate into a global customer base and workforce.
Currently, the firm has approximately 100,000 monthly active users, and over 30,000 are paying customers. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, which is the same place it was launched. According to the company website, it remains dedicated to its primary purpose as ever. Intercom continually aims to help businesses create a personal connection and experience with customers over the internet.

Service Features Block

The platform’s primary focus is to aid businesses in delivering top-notch communication and support. To do this, it offers different services that cut across marketing, deliveries, etc. 

These features are highlighted below. Afterward, their sub-features are given.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most popular means of improving brand growth virtually today. It allows organizations to build relationships with current customers, prospects and leads through their inboxes. The service offers simplified email marketing products and strategies to encourage results.

Customer Service

Intercom Customer Service
Customer service is vital to organizations as it helps to extract more value from clients. However, it requires more than a simple request and messages at its advanced levels. Intercom’s customer service products provide solutions that help businesses in system optimization, organization, and automation.

Lead Generation

Lead generation ensures that companies can make sales and expand over time. It entails different techniques and tools that generate customer traffic and improve conversions. The platform offers subscribers advanced lead generation products to drive their growth ambitions.

Live Chat

Intercom Live Chat
Live chat allows businesses to solve customer’s problems quicker. It is well suited to providing adequate support and is an invaluable tool for enterprises today. Subscribers are offered different features that help them develop efficient instant messages systems for better customer satisfaction.

Marketing Automation

This product offers organizations the ability to deliver a consistent and connected customer experience. They can drive the right campaigns to the right clients at the appropriate time. Intercom provides different tools to help members track and improve their marketing automation.

Features in Detail

Intercom Features in Detail
Intercom has several products that help its members to achieve their results. Undoubtedly, this is why it ranks as the biggest messaging platform in the globe. However, it can be challenging for new or prospective users to pick out the main benefits the service has to offer them. This is as a result of the wide range of functions available for grabs.
Subsequently, this review will provide more information about its features. Hence individuals and businesses can get a clearer picture of its offerings.

Customizable Chat Window

Intercom’s customizable chat window takes out the rigidity and limitations in past widgets. It allows users to develop personalized message pathways that improve engagement with customers. The feature takes on the structure of popular messengers like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. Therefore, visitors can easily navigate around the windows. Alongside texts, this feature also has the following embedded options:

Also, representatives on the business end and customers can attach files in chats, send GIFs and emojis.

Service & Product Tours

New users may not easily understand an organization’s offerings. This brings up the need for a structured guide to assist them in the onboarding and adoption process. Intercom aids its subscribers to get this done through its service and product tours feature. The platform offers members tools that uniquely organize their apps and web pages so that visitors will have no problem navigating them. It is also useful in spotlighting new releases and upgrades.

Multi-User Inbox

Team inboxes streamline message channels to allow more efficient delivery of support services to clients. Rather than having separate requests and leads channels for customers, the Intercom Messenger works as the sole contact route.

Automatic Routing

Visitors usually have different intentions when they contact the business’s support representatives. Therefore, it is essential that messages are directed to the appropriate team to address their concerns. The routing feature automatically identifies and separates leads from customers. This way, new conversations from clients can always find its way to the right representative or team.

Operator Saved Replies

Sometimes, operators witness the same set of queries from multiple prospects and clients. Responding to these same queries can be time-wasting. However, they can avoid this scenario with saved replies. Questions and inquiries regularly asked by a product’s users can be set to have preset answers. 
So, the response time is shorter. To use saved replies, a subscriber needs to have:

Automatic Trigger Chat

Alongside the provision of direct communication and support products, the platform also offers members the ability to engage visitors automatically. This is possible through trigger chats that are activated based on a user’s behavior. For example, a chat window can pop up after a visitor opens a particular number of pages. Ultimately, the tool allows organizations to improve their conversions over time.

Advanced Resolution Bot

Intercom Advanced Resolution Bot
Intercom’s advanced resolution bot is a tool that takes automated support experience to the next level. It entails a chatbot that is capable of answering common client queries through machine language, and preset replies. 

User Data Tracking

Segmentation is essential for any business that aims to understand its users efficiently. This is why user data tracking is vital to businesses today. With Intercom, members can monitor and classify information about their customers for better marketing and service delivery. The site stores data for subscribers in two types. These types depend on the characteristics of information recorded, and they are:

Auto In-App Messaging

Intercom Auto In-App Messaging
The management tool’s in-app messaging works the same way as the automatic trigger chats. However, the product focuses on nurturing relationships between already existing customers. The feature allows members to set up “pop-ups” that facilitate the onboarding of clients on new releases, promote offers, share updates, and offer support. The different editions of in-app messages are:

Integrated Knowledge Base

Intercom Integrated Knowledge Base
The knowledge base is the platform’s edition of a self-help center for members. It is a critical tool that aids operators in handling queries when dealing with high influxes. Organizations can efficiently manage resources to help clients achieve quick fixes to their issues and requests. Alongside providing subscribers with software, the platform also offers guides on how to maximize it.

Intercom Report

Here, members receive a breakdown of all important information about their operations on the support management tool. This allows for tracking, analysis, and advancement of all services. The different forms of reports are:

Intercom API

The site’s API allows product owners to integrate the customer management tool into their external services. These could be applications or web pages. It is particularly suited to developers and individuals with advanced technical knowledge.


Intercom Integrations
The service offers members several tools to allow them to improve their productivity. To ensure their proper functioning, the software was designed to allow for a seamless connection with external systems. Some of the most popular applications it works with are:

Intercom Plan & Pricing

Intercom offers four different plans that are designed to meet specific business needs. These packages vary between $39 per month to $499/month, with significant distinctions belonging to their features. For the low-end plans, the platform provides basic tools to assist subscribers to improve their support systems.

Meanwhile, users have access to a full list of advanced products to aid better service delivery and customer satisfaction on the higher packages. 
These plans are listed and explained in detail below:

Start Plan

This package is the lowest in the list of Intercom’s plans. It is pegged at $39/month and suited for organizations that are still at their early development stage. The plan provides basic tools that can help businesses with a manageable influx of traffic. Its core benefits include basic live chat and outbound messaging. Also, this plan offers operators a single-seat alone.

Intercom Plan & Pricing Start Plan
Features: Live Chat, Targeted Outbound Chat, Team Inbox

Functionality: Basic live chat, Outbound Messaging

Number of Users: 1

Price: $39/month


  • The package is affordable
  • A personalized live chat window
  • Access to basic messaging tools 
  • Presence if team inbox 


  • Only one seat available 
  • Limited features for use 

Grow Plan

As the name implies, this plan is designed for organizations aiming to expand their brand through better marketing and support systems. At $99 per month, it is the immediate package before the software’s big-scale plans. It has all of Start’s privileges, alongside several other perks. Also, it offers operators a higher number of seats.

Intercom Plan & Pricing Grow Plan
Features: Inbound & Outbound Email, Help Centert, Saved Replies, Conversation Ratings, Hubspot & GitHub Integrations, Mobile Carousels

Functionality: Chat, Targeted Email,Self-service Support

Number of Users: 5

Price: $99/month


  • It has all the features offered in the Start plan and more
  • The number of seats available is higher at 5
  • Members have access to help center and saved replies tools
  • Presence of self-support products 


  • The plan is inadequate for operators with lots of traffic
  • No advanced reporting and automation

Premium Plan

According to Intercom, the premium plan is the most popular among its subscribers. The platform’s website states that 53% of businesses who enroll for its services opt for the plan, which runs at a base price of $499/month. It is also the first of Intercom’s packages designed for automation and messaging at scale. This plan has an impressive arsenal of conversational solutions for the advancement of communication systems of users.
Intercom Plan & Pricing Premium Plan


  • There are a higher number of users compared to start and growth plans
  • There is advanced automation in tools to improve efficiency
  • Subscribers have access to a relationship manager for faster dispute resolve
  • Overall team performance monitoring tools


  • The high cost of the subscription plan
  • Absence of tailored training sessions

Price and Key Features Comparison Table

All of the site’s plans come with a 14 day trial period for subscribers. Also, there are options to include add-ons to individual packages at different rates. So, it can be said that the service offers its members a fair range of alternatives to choose from.
For businesses that are still at their early stages of development, the Start and Grow plan are excellent choices. However, for well-established and now looking to expand more, the Premium plan is a perfect fit.

Start Grow Premium
Seat 1 10
Monthly Price $39 $99 $499
Live Chat Yes Yes Yes 
Team Inbox Yes Yes Yes
Help Center No Yes Yes
Saved Replies No Yes Yes
Mobile Carousels No Yes Yes
Custom Bots No No Yes
Team Report No No Yes
Dedicated Relationship Officer No No No
Custom API Rate Limits No No No

Terms and Conditions

Intercom has various regulations to protect its services from abuse and ensure that subscribers keep to agreements. According to the messaging software’s site, only permitted members can access and utilize its tools. Users cannot modify or share API keys, passwords, and other confidential information with external parties. In cases where it is essential, subscribers must adhere to special terms as given. Lastly, Intercom reserves the right to limit access on accounts on members who violate its terms.

Privacy Policy

The software collects data from subscribers and prospects on its website and physical locations. This is to allow the platform to facilitate the delivery of its services efficiently. For visitors on its website, the company retains browser information such as cookies, location, etc.
In scenarios where users register on the platform, the site collects more information like names, phone numbers, to develop customer profiles and arrange contracts. Intercom does not share member information with third parties that are not highlighted in its privacy policy.

Refund Policy

New members have the opportunity to use Intercom’s products for free during the trial period. This lasts for 14 days, and afterward, they will be charged for a paid plan. An individual can terminate a plan within the 14-day window. Once payments are made, they are non-refundable.

Customer Support

Intercom Customer Support
Members can contact the site’s support team through the live chat option available on the platform’s website. Replies to queries typically take a few minutes. However, in scenarios where it takes longer, users can leave their email address for follow-up from representatives.

Quality of Service

According to customer reviews, more than half of subscribers considered Intercom’s services to be excellent. This was certified after the users rated the platform five stars, alongside some great comments. One person described it as great, user-friendly, and modern, while another hailed it for excellent customer service. On the far end, about 20% of reviewers rated the messaging-as-a-service company as below average. One comment is based on the bad review on surging prices of subscription.

Customer Types

Intercom’s tools are structured to assist organizations in delivering excellent communication services. These can be in the form of marketing, outreach, support, etc. The company also offers a variety of plans to provide users with options that suit their needs. Here are some types of individuals and businesses that can take advantage of its products:

Small Business

Excellent communication is a good way for small organizations to set themselves apart in today’s increasingly competitive world. The messaging-as-a service company offers small businesses the opportunity to take their communication systems up a notch with its advanced features. It also makes these features easily accessible with its low-end packages such as the Start and Grow plans.

Large Business

Most companies’ dream is to become a global brand that can service customers all over the world. However, this also comes with some challenges, and one is the development of complicated systems.  The platform assists in easing down some of these challenges through its automated and efficiently structured tools. Intercom aids large businesses to optimize their networks with innovative products and features.

Medium Business

Medium-scale organizations looking to try out new tactics to expand and improve their services can also use the platform. Its various plans allow them to choose between low-cost and aggressive packages based on desired targets.


Freelancers can also put the benefits offered by the site to good use. They can efficiently streamline their communication and support networks with clients for more excellent delivery. Also, the platform provides tools that allow integration with popular channels and apps. So, they have fewer hassles to overcome.

Intercom Pros & Cons

The messaging-as-a-software company was launched in 2011. Since then, the organization has witnessed numerous expansions in personnel, products, and client-base. The platform has its upsides and downsides, and these are some as revealed by past users.



  • The site has good customer service
  • There are many tools for many to choose from
  • The website is easy to navigate and use
  • There are tutorials to assist new members
  • Easy chat integration
  • Plans are expensive
  • No refund policy on packages

Intercom Alternatives

Other messaging-as-as-service companies offer premium products to assist businesses today. These organizations provide tools that are, in some cases, similar to those provided by Intercom. Some popular alternatives under review are the following:


Front Alternatives
Front gets rid of the hassle of shared inboxes through the introduction of collaborations in emails. Businesses can have their incoming feeds automatically routed to the messaging app. Hence there’s no need to continually maintain multiple social accounts.


Freshdesk is a subsidiary of Freshworks. The service offers members online engagement solutions that allow them to manage more customers as they scale. The site has several impressive features such as user tracking, team collaboration, assignment automation, etc.


Freshchat Alternatives
This service is a modern messaging software built for client engagement and sales teams. It allows these operators to instantly engage with customers on the mobile app, website, and social pages.


Olark Alternatives
Olark is a messaging-as-a-service company that focuses on providing live-chat solutions for subscribers. The company was found in 2009, and it has since then grown to become a top brand in the provision of messaging products.


LiveChat Alternatives
This service offers members an advanced live messaging application with help desk and web analytics functionalities. So, organizations can communicate with visitors in real-time while acquiring essential insights.


SnapEngage Alternatives
This is a live chat software that improves a business’s sales and support team operations. It offers subscribers tools such as reporting, monitoring, team chats, priority tiers, etc. To use SnapEngage, members do not need to install any software. All that’s required is a sign in to its website.

  Intercom Front Freshdesk Freshchat Olark LiveChat SnapEngage
Monthly price $39 $9 $15 $15/ $19 $19 $16
Live Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer Service Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Lead Generation Yes No No No No No No
Email Marketing Yes Yes No No No No No
Marketing Automation Yes No No No No No No
Product Tours Yes No No No No No No
Advanced Lead Generation Yes No No No No No No
Advanced Customer Engagement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


  • Is Intercom a CRM?

    Yes. The software offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services to allow subscribers to collect data about their clients. The platform integrates tools that provide users with a direct contact synchronization solution.

  • How Do You Integrate Intercom Sites?

    The process of integrating the service’s solutions into external apps is a straightforward one. A user only needs to:

    1. Login to their Intercom account.
    2. Copy the provided embed code.
    3. Paste the code before the closing tag of all the preferred pages on websites.
    4. Save the settings, and the chat window will appear.

  • What Is Intercom Chat?

    The chat is a live messaging app that site and product owners can use to engage visitors on their platform. This app is integrated into the user’s pages and allows them to contact prospects and customers without registration. It also has additional functions, like tracking and lead generation.

Our Thoughts

Over the years, Intercom has solidified its place as a forerunner in the provision of customer support solutions. The messaging-as-a-software platform has thousands of users spread across the globe and various tools to cater to their needs. With base-plans ranging between $39 and $499, it supplies diverse scales of organizations and individuals.

Its core products, including its chat and marketing tools, have had significant upgrades across the decade. We also see a rollout of more advanced features through its automated services, among others. According to this review and previous ones, it does not appear that there are plans to hit the brakes anytime soon.

Ultimately, Intercom ranks as an excellent accomplice for businesses whose aim is to provide their clients with top-notch support and communication services. Do you agree or think otherwise? Let us know below this review.

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