Jooble Review: A Free Platform for Job Seekers

Jooble Review: A Free Platform for Job Seekers
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Jooble Review: In-Depth

Need a job? Go to Jooble. The Ukrainian website,, is a free search engine that focuses on job hunts and adverts. Established in 2006, it is currently among the most famous vertical job search engines in the world.
Jooble searches through thousands of sites and pages of job givers to provide its users’ adverts. Its services are free to job seekers, while employers can choose between a free plan and a paid premium plan. Let’s estimate the review on this provider in depth.

Key Features

  • Searches for job postings
  • Provide links to vacancies’ adverts
  • Job aggregation
  • Displays adverts

Jooble Review: Background Information

Jooble Background Information

Jooble was established on March 27, 2006, by two Ukrainian investors and IT experts, Roman Prokofiev and Eugene Sobakarev. It has its headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Its major aim is to provide a platform where people seeking employment can access all adverts. The website quickly became popular and grew very fast. In less than ten years, it has been among the top 50 job search engines ranking by the number of visitors, and by 2019, it has been recording 2 million visitors per day.

Key Statistics and Facts

  • Ranked 32nd most visited job search engine in 2015
  • Ranked 3rd best company for employees in Ukraine in 2018
  • Now record 70 million monthly visitors
  • Employed over 400 staff
  • Available in 71 countries
  • Can be accessed in 24 languages

Service Features

Jooble looks for the sites and provides its users’ links to adverts that meet their desire. The portal opts for different job boards, social media, corporate portals, and newspapers. There are many tools available on the website that can make the site easier for visitors to use. With these advanced tools, individuals can filter based on their location, skills, qualification, requirement, salary structure, and preferences. Among the board vacancies in its network are LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Craiglist, Glassdoor, Indeed, Jobrapido, Jora. Jooble renders the following service features:

  1. Employer Accounts
  2. Job Marketplace
  3. Matching Engine
  4. Resume Posting
  5. Resume Search
  6. Free posting

Features in Details

Employers can create accounts with the website through which it can advertise his vacancies. Also, people seeking employment can post their resumes for free. The site has features that allow resumes to be matched with employers’ preferences.

Find Job in Any of the 71 Available Countries

Jooble Jobs in 71 Countries

There are many opportunities available on the portal. The site breaks the options into regions. That makes it pretty easy to check adverts from the location nearest to persons.

If location is not a barrier, one can decide to hunt for jobs in any of the 71 available nations. They can also filter by the date the adverts were posted or the salary range. However, there are still more options.

Search for Job in the United States

Jooble Jobs United States

Apart from hunting for work in the United States, Americans can also browse through popular categories of jobs. Among the top categories of vacancies in the United States are online teaching vacancies and work from home. Users can as well specify their categories.

For jobs in the United States, a visitor only needs to select the USA out of the available countries.

Get Job in the Nearest City

Some people wouldn’t mind traveling to work, but some might not want to leave their cities. That is why the site has helped break down the hunt to cities.

For jobs in a particular city in the US, the user only needs to go to the USA and click on “job search by cities”. Then all the popular cities in the United States will be displayed. If the desired city is not among the options, one can still click on “more locations”.

Let Jooble Find the Social Media Vacancies

It does not only check corporate websites, but it also searches postings on social media. It is a well-known fact that a lot of jobs are being posted on different social media platforms every day. Therefore having a tool to navigate those platforms is great. Jooble will provide links to only the adverts that are relevant to the request. Among the popular social media in its network are Linkedin, Facebook, and YouTube.

Filter the Job Search

Jooble Filter the Job Search

The filter option ensures people not to spend all the time on different portals reading postings that are of no relevance to them. Instead of a broad search, the user can easily filter his request. This will narrow down what will be displayed to only those sites that matter and save time and energy.

Search Now, Get Alert Later

In case the kind of employment user is looking for is not available now, he can still get it later. Once the alert feature is activated, visitors will be alerted as soon as it becomes available.

Jooble Plans & Pricing

For employment seekers, the platform is free. But for advertisers, the platform has two main categories – the organic traffic plan and premium traffic plans.

Organic Traffic Plan

There is no fee for the organic traffic plan, but the coverage is minimal.

Premium Plan

The premium plan is charged both on a pay per click basis as pay per view. The employer is to set his budget and make a deposit with his credit or debit card. The advertiser will be charged as the adverts are being displayed.  The website charges payment per number of views. If an advertiser chooses per pay click, there will be no fixed price, rather, he will be required to set his budget. The advert will be displayed based on the budget. The price range depends on various factors. To know more details on their charges, please contact the vendor.

Terms of Service

Jooble Terms of Service

Jooble does not charge any fee from employment seekers, and they can as well use the tools on the website at no cost.

It also provides users with information on different workplaces based on the available data. However, the portal does not give any guarantee that a workplace is safe or that an employee will give a satisfactory service. Therefore, it accepts no liability for any issue that arises between employer and employment seekers due to the use of its portal. Also, it does not accept responsibility for any misinformation from a third party link obtained from its website.

Jooble will not condone infringement of copyright law or unauthorized use of intellectual properties from its portal.

The portal is only to be used by a person above the age of 18 and only for legal purposes. Visitors are not allowed to have more than one account, and they must not share the content of their accounts with other users.

Finally, users are to accept the privacy policy of the website.

Privacy Policy

Its privacy policy includes the website’s right to collect users’ personal data like name, surname, phone number, email address, resume, and login details. The portal can extract the data when the user voluntarily provides them, or the data can be extracted automatically as the visitor navigates through the website.

The data obtained by the website is to help in providing the accommodations requested by the user and also to notify the user about new policies and the changes in the website’s mode of operation. It may give their visitors’ data to other websites that may need it to provide the service requested. It may also disclose it if mandated by the law. However, it may not sell a user’s data.

The portal uses cookies to improve the browsing experience, make critical analysis, and send targeted adverts.

Although the website uses secure SSL encryption to help safeguard users’ data, it will not accept any liability in case of data leakage.

Refund Policy

Jooble only charges advertisers for a premium plan. Payment is usually calculated based on pay per click. However, if a partner decides to cancel his adverts’ premium plan, he only needs to click on “Pause” under settings. This will remove the advert from the premium plan. If he wishes to remove the advert completely from his account, he should click “Remove”.

If all premium ads are removed before the deposited fund runs out, the advertiser may seek a refund. Upon receiving a request for this, the provider will decide whether there is a reasonable ground to grant the request. This decision is solely by the discretion of the company. If it decides to make a refund, a sum of $50 will be charged as a processing fee.

Support Services

Jooble Support Services

There are two major ways to contact the support service of the IT company. They are through an email and an online form.


No telephone number is provided by the website for users with queries to call. The site relies on other means to communicate with its customers.


Customers may contact the support service through an email. For complaints or inquiries, one can send an email to the company, to [email protected].

Online Chat

This feature is not available on the website.

Support Centre

Instead of sending an email, users can also send a message to the support center through an online form. To fill the form, users are to click on “Customer Support”, then select category. There are three available categories – job seekers, partners, and employers. Choose the most appropriate issue of concern and then click on “Contact Support”.

The form will be displayed, and the customer will be required to fill the name and email address and choose a topic for the query. If there is a screenshot to illustrate the query, it can be uploaded. Then the message should be typed and submitted.

Quality of Service

Many users are satisfied with the quality of this service. Apart from the fact that the portal is easy to navigate and the tools are handy, its customer support is also excellent. The reviews show that there are always quick responses to queries and the support staff is professional, friendly, and eager to help.

Employment seekers believe the website is doing enough to find all available jobs that match their description, while the majority of the employers agreed that they are getting values for their money. However, some users complained of receiving spam emails from the company.

Pros and Cons of Using Jooble

Like any other tool, there are many benefits to using the services of this provider, but there are also disadvantages.



  • Easy to use
  • No need to pay for posting a resume, browsing through vacancies, and posting non-premium adverts
  • It has millions of visitors; hence employers can easily get good hands
  • The portal is available in 71 countries and 24 languages
  • Location filters
  • It accepts adverts from all fields of jobs
  • ustomer support usually gives quick responses to queries
  • It uses the information obtained from users to spam them
  • There is no live chat feature

Top 6 Best Jooble Alternatives

Of course, Jooble is not the only option available to job seekers. In fact, there are countless of them on the web. Other similar platforms include the following:

1. Indeed: The Most Famous Job Board in America

Indeed Alternatives

Indeed is another platform that accepts adverts from all categories of employers. It is among the most famous job search engines in the United States. The portal archives over 120 million resumes and boasts of over 250 million monthly users. However, with the high number of visitors, competition for jobs posted on the website is very keen, and there are many junk vacancies as well.

2. LinkedIn: For Only Serious Users

LinkedIn Alternatives

LinkedIn can be used for all kinds of jobs. It has over 500 million users and more than 250 million monthly visitors. LinkedIn does not allow free adverts, therefore limiting its services to only serious employers.

3. Glassdoor: Where Job Seekers Can Read Employers Review

Glassdoor Alternatives

Glassdoor does not only provide an avenue to post jobs and hunt for jobs, but it also allows employees to write reviews about the employers. Therefore before applying on the platform, the applicant will have significant knowledge about the company. Glassdoor has over 150 million users, and it posts resumes to over 100 other boards.

4. ZipRecruiter: Another Famous Platform for Job Seekers

ZipRecruiter Alternatives

ZipRecruiter is relatively new, but it has over 150 million users and works with over 100 board vacancies. It is, therefore, an excellent platform for people seeking employment and a good place for employers to advertise their vacancies. The portal offers employers four days of free trial.

5. USAJobs: The Federal Job Portal

USAJobs Alternatives

USAJob is different from others as it is an official site for advertising federal Jobs. USAJobs is owned and run by the government of the United States. The site allows citizens to post their resumes for free.

6. Snagajob: Job Board with a Focus on Hourly Paid Job

Snagajob Alternatives

Snagajob, now known as Snag, is a job board with millions of users. It allows users’ resumes to be available to several employers and links job seekers to adverts on several platforms. This platform also pays a lot of attention to hourly paid jobs.

Comparison Between Jooble & Other Job Boards

As there are many job boards available online, it is necessary to compare the popular ones. The table below shows a comparison between Jooble and other popular alternatives.

Job Board Type of Job Monthly Visitors Year Founded Alexa Rank Free Plan
1. Jooble International 70 million 2006 847 Yes
2. Indeed General 250 million 2004 107 Yes
3. LinkedIn General 250 million 2002 57 No
4. Glassdoor General 150 million 2007 397 No
5. ZipRecruiter General 150 million 2010 1069 No
6. USAJobs Federal 11 million 1996 4593 Not Applicable
7.Snag General 10 million 2000 15905 No

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do You Post a Job on Jooble?

    1. Create an employer account.
    2. Choose a traffic plan from an organic plan and paid premium plan.
    3. Fill an online form requesting to index your XML. In the form, you will provide your name, email address, phone number, website, traffic plan, and a link to the XML.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Use Jooble?

    This provider charges no fees from employment seekers. However, an employer has a choice to choose between organic traffic or paid premium traffic. For premium adverts, the website charges 5.25 krona per view.

  • How Can I Remove My Post From Jooble?

    To remove a post, all is needed to do is to delete it from the portal it was originally posted. Once that is done, the post will automatically be deleted from the site.

    To remove a post:

    1. Go to the portal where the post was originally published
    2. Search for the post and delete
    3. Confirm it is no longer on Jooble’s website

  • Can Jooble Target Traffic to My Job Board?

    Yes, Jooble can send targeted traffic to a posting. To get this done, provide the XML of the advert and choose the preferred traffic plan.

Summing It Up

Seeking employment is one of the major reasons people visit the internet. That is why many sites that allow employers to post adverts rank in Alexa ranking. Jooble is one of them. It is a platform that can be used to search for jobs. It gives its users links to various adverts on different portals. The website is constantly improving its technology and welcomes suggestions from its users.

If you have used this Jooble website before, please leave a comment about your experience.

Published: September 28, 2020Updated: March 27, 2024

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