MailerLite Review: Take Your Campaigns to the Next Level

MailerLite Review: Take Your Campaigns to the Next Level
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MailerLite Review: In Depth

Similar to Mailchimp, MailerLite is software for email marketing. Today, making a business well-known using tools and newsletters is essential. So, this platform not only provides content and design. But it’s also possible to do customer support from there. Tracking results and managing followers are also some other perks. Want to know more? Then keep on reading this review to discover other nice features of this company.

Key Features

  • API for integrations
  • Editor with drag and drop
  • Click map for managing data
  • Emojis to use
  • Pins to subscribe
  • Segmenting the audience
  • Reports for analytics
  • Webforms available

MailerLite Review: Background Information

MailerLite About Us

The company was born in 2009. This means it has a lot of experience in the field. And that it had time to expand and grow. Both in the country and abroad. The creators are from Lithuania. But, of course, it works all over the world. It started a bit humble, though, after three years, it hit the million revenue mark. Today, it’s one of the most successful marketing platforms.

Features Block

Within the field of digital marketing, MailerLite focuses on different aspects. Most of them are related to email management. But there are also elements for landing pages and design. Let’s examine them in detail below.

Email Marketing

The focus of email marketing is simple. The interface is easy to use and tries to provide nice and stable designs for those who need them. Because the visual part of emails is important for newsletters.

  • Features to avoid being spam.
  • Emails that work well in mobile devices.
  • A/B testing available.
  • Surveys to gather info about products and customer care.
  • Photo stock of royalty-free images.
  • Nice templates for immediate use.
  • Owners can create auto-responders if needed.
  • List management of emails and messages.
  • Drip campaigns.

Email Tracking

Mailerlite Email Tracking

Some of the features are closely related to marketing, of course. But these focus more on keeping clients hooked. And knowing if they open them or not and the rate.

  • A/B testing also available to track down engagement.
  • Managing every aspect of the campaign with these tools.
  • Know where the clients are located.
  • Segment the audience to get a clear picture.
  • Age and gender filters.

Landing Page

Mailerlite Landing Page

Apart from emails, it’s also possible to design a landing page using this platform. Landings are crucial when it comes to conversions. They are the pages where users will be convinced to buy the product.

  • Features for a very responsive website
  • Creating forms and surveys.
  • Detailed analytics for pages.
  • Templates for designs
  • SEO management of tags and headlines.

Marketing Automation

It’s also possible to automate every business process with this service. The perks are similar to the ones above. But more focused on other fields of the company. Such as creating forms that provide the owner with feedback about a product.

  • Call to action can be personalized.
  • Create web forms or landing pages easily.
  • Dynamic content.
  • Tracking of campaigns.

Key Features in Details

The platform has an integral service. For that, it has a lot of features that have to do with the interface, the integrations, and the editors available. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Ease of Use: Access the Platform Today

The interface of the page is not very nice, but it is functional. What does it mean? That this platform has dozens of options for users. And the crucial thing is that they are able to find them with ease. Also, the approval process for each campaign is quite quick. It will not delay the start of the efforts. The dashboard is elegant and neat to provide a smooth experience when browsing through the options and tools.

Contact Management (Landing Pages & Forms): Design Made Easy

Those who want to manage their contacts can also do it here. They will only need to have them in a CSV, Excel, or TXT format. And then upload them to the site. But if there are clients who just don’t have an email list yet, that’s fine too. MailerLite has tools to build them up from scratch.

It’s possible to integrate this tool with one’s webpage. In this way, they would use the same buttons or surveys, for example. And the best part is that the owner does not need to have a lot of skills in coding or design. Instead, they can apply the templates available on the site in a very simple manner. These are also very easy to customize, and soon subscribers will start to appear.

A/B Testing: Take Away Every Error

Mailerlite A_B Testing

A/B testing is a nice function to have to copy the first version and then tweak it. Or people can just come up with two different emails and see how it goes. To test them, the owner just needs to change some elements of the campaign. And these parameters will help to measure success. Then, the platform will help the person decide which design is the best and send it via email if necessary.

Building Campaigns: Different Editors Available

Buyers can also manage their email campaigns using MailerLite. For example, surveys, newsletters, and autoresponders are available. So, the first thing to do is to enter the editor and choose the one that suits the person the most. One of them is called Rich Text and applies HTML. People with at least a basic knowledge of that code will find it thrilling. But, in case they find it boring, there are other options here.

Bland emails do not catch others’ attention. So, these should not be the standard but the exception. The Drag and Drop editor, then, can be one’s best ally to craft Newsletters. Here, it’s possible to customize templates with different images, colors, graphs, and so on. And the best part is that it’s very easy to use and send.

Automation Service: Access the Analytics

Campaign workflows don’t work alone. They need a human hand to make them efficient. And this tool has an editor to create the campaigns with ease. It is intuitive and easy to manage for everyone. Even for those who have never used such a tool before. So, the process to follow is like this. First, the person needs to create a series of emails with a launching sequence. This is set through a chart.

The next step is to track down what is going on with the list of contacts. And to take a look at the analytics charts and task reports. Of course, there is always room for improvement. There are not, for example, any options to automate in mass. So, it’s more suitable for a small business. Or even for a blogger to keep track of their marketing efforts.

Email Builder: Killer Emails at Hand

Mailerlite Email Builder

The email builder is made up of three different editors. The first one is based on HTML editors. So, the messages will be made up of plain text. But if anyone wants to add images, videos, pictures, or even colors, then they would need to use the second editor. Once the work is done, the builder has a feature to set up a timely delivery. And this will depend on where the person is located in the world. Which is great for those who have clients all over the planet.

Plus, there is an auto-resend feature that can start a campaign from scratch again. Either for new subscribers or for those who never opened the email in the first place. The things the owner can change are the subject, the content, or all different elements. And don’t forget to personalize the message!

Integrations: Social Media Accessible

In the last decade, this vendor has been trying to build up its integrations. So, it offers a lot of value to those who need them. For example, it can be used together with a CMS. Or owners can embed MailerLite to their e-shops. There is even a plugin for WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify. And those who use social media will not be disappointed. They can find an API to connect with major sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

MailerLite Plans & Pricing

Mailerlite Pricing

MailerLite aims at a lot of audiences. So, the packages are varied in terms of prices and of perks offered. From a free plan to 4 tiers in premium, anyone can find what they are looking for. Let’s see the pros and cons of each one in this section.


The free plan, as the name shows, includes no charges. The user just has to create an account and start using the services. In terms of the numbers included, they are quite nice for individuals and small businesses. Then, if they need more interactions, these people can just upgrade to premium packages.


  • Up to 1,000 subscribers allowed
  • Can send more than 10,000 emails each month
  • Video tutorials available
  • Nice templates
  • File manager usable

  • No premium attention

Premium 1

The first tier of the premium plans includes exactly the same numbers as the free one. What is the difference? Well, it has to do with other features. For example, by paying a low price per month, they will have access to 24/7 attention. And it’s even cheaper if paid annually.


  • Live chat available
  • Custom HTML editor
  • Newsletter templates available
  • Only $10 per month
  • No watermark

  • The number of subscribers is still the same

Premium 2

This second tier aims at companies and small businesses. On the good side, it’s only $5 different from the previous one. And it doubles the number of subscribers that can be added to the contact list. Plus, the user can also create landing pages if needed.


  • It’s possible to remove the logo
  • Pop-ups can be custom
  • Landing pages included
  • Sign up forms to create
  • Very affordable

  • Does not include Mailer Pro

Premium 3

The third plan focuses on photo editing and design. So, the ones who don’t want to use the templates can custom the images. Other things can also be personalized. For example, the buttons to subscribe and unsubscribe are there for users to play. And the tags available are also very useful.


  • Custom domains
  • 14-day trial
  • Photo editing is included
  • Unsubscribe buttons
  • Tagging of interested groups

  • A bit pricey

Premium 4

The last tier has very big numbers, and the pricing is not so elevated. In case anyone doubts it, they can always take the 14-day trial and see how it goes. This option also has a lot of features for analytics. So, the owners can track down results and even deliver the messages by the time zone.


  • RSS campaigns
  • A/B testing
  • Dedicated IP for cheap
  • Deliver emails by time zone
  • Click maps

  • Users still have to pay $100 extra to use the Pro tool

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

In short, there are mainly two options to use this provider. One is paid, and the other is not. Within premium plans, there are also many alternatives. And they have different perks depending on the price. The table below shows them all.

Free Premium 1 Premium 2 Premium 3 Premium 4
Price 0 10 15 $30 $50.00
Number of subscribers 1-1,000 1-1,000 1,001-2,500 2,501- 5,000 5,000-10,000
Video Tutorials Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support 24/7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat No No No Yes Yes
Mailer pro No $100 a month $100 a month $100 a month $100 a month
Remove Logo No No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Domain No No Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated IP No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Terms and Conditions

When creating an account, the user is complying with the terms of service of the site. For example, they promise not to send any spam to contact lists. Or to make phishing emails trying to get data in an illegal way. Payment and periods of use are also stated here. For example, they claim that no VAT or taxes are included within the pricing of the plans. So, the user is in charge of paying him or herself.

Privacy Policy

The company here tries to protect the data of two parties. First, one of the buyers. Second, the privacy of the people included in the email list. This software as a service, then, gives encrypted ways of payment. So, anyone who includes their credit card is safe. In terms of data protection, they comply with European law as well. So, they promise not to reveal any info to third party apps or sites.

Refund Policy

There is no money-back guarantee. Plus, the terms for refunds can be a bit harsh. The only way people can ask for a refund is the following. MailerLite has not provided a service for a period of time that the client has already paid for. If not, no money will be sent back to the customer.

Customer Support

Mailerlite Customer Support

Customer support is top-notch. Especially because they promise a 24/7 service via chat. The expected response time is under 5 minutes. So, below, readers can find more info about all their channels of contact.


Those who prefer talking by phone to solve urgent issues are out of luck. The company does not display a phone number. Not even for those living in the same country of origin. Anyone who needs a problem solved will have to use another means of contact.


Though MailerLite does not provide an email address, it’s possible to contact them that way. First, the client has to access the part on the site called “Contact us”. Then, they will be sent to the Help Center. They will be able to ask a question there and send an email ticket at last.

Online Chart

The online chat is just a way to get to the live chat. This is available 24/7. If users have an issue, they just have to type it on the available box. Then, an agent will reach out and ask what’s wrong. This person displays his or her name, so it’s nice to know that a person is always behind the screen.

Support Center

The page has a support center with a lot of articles to help customers. Plus, it has video tutorials that make the processes even clearer. Some of the topics they talk about are upgrading the account and paying for new plans. They also talk about segmenting, creating ads, and even making a new campaign. And the FAQ section is also included here, with useful answers for all persons.

Quality of Service

Most of the users are very happy with this service. For example, some of them praise the customer care team. Most of these employees show their faces and name. Such a thing makes the process of solving issues much more personalized. Another thing that makes the platform unique is the integrations. From Facebook and Twitter to WordPress, it will help anyone stay connected and up to date.

Customer Types

So, is MailerLite a good fit for anyone? It depends, of course, on their budget, their needs, and the perks they want to get. Below, let’s examine how the plans and packages adapt to different audiences and types of clients.

Who is MailerLite Best For

Does this business have the ability to serve all types of clients? Yes, but that depends on what they are looking for. Every company, from small to big, can find a suitable plan and package. But, in the end, it will come down to the business requirements.

Small Business

This is a perfect option for small businesses or workers who don’t have a lot of money to spend here. And it does more than just send newsletters for a low price. For example, they’ll be able to tag their contacts and segment their audience as they see fit.

Large Enterprises

The software might not be the best option for a large company. Even if there is a plan (tier 4 in premium ones), the automation features are not that suitable for big business. For example, there are no triggers for traffic that comes through the website.

Medium Business

A medium-firm can satisfy its needs using premium plans in higher tiers. This means they will have more options to send emails to their audiences. In terms of the rest of the features, they are exactly the same. The only thing that varies is the price.


There are different types of freelancers out there. Those who have a high budget and those who do not. But all of them will find in this company a good ally for email marketing. The templates are a lot and can be personalized.

MailerLite Pros & Cons

As seen above, using MailerLite is a breeze. But there are some users who, of course, find some negative spots about the service. It’s important to review all of them to be able to make an informed decision in the future.



  • It has a free plan and many options for different tiers.
  • There are 3 mail editors for those who don’t know HTML, for example.
  • Landing pages, forms, and buttons are also part of the deal.
  • The interface is simple and easy to use.
  • The service also allows buyers to manage their contacts.
  • It can be slow to set up the account and start a campaign.
  • Customizing the templates is not easy or unlimited.

Top 6 Best MailerLite Alternatives

MailerLite might be a leader in the market. But there are also other options that are nice to bear in mind. In particular, because they have different prices and perks offered to new clients. Let’s take a look at them in detail below.

1. Mailchimp

Mailerlite MailChimp Alternatives

Mailchimp is an American company famous for improving email marketing. Founded in 2001, it has been active for almost two decades. Their CRM tools make it unique and give them a competitive edge. Plus, it’s possible to manage social ads using Mailchimp.


Mailerlite Sender Alternatives

Sender is simple to use, and it is known because it is cheap, mostly. The main idea behind this company is to easily manage contact lists. Further, it has a drag and drops editor that allows for the creation of nice campaigns.

3. GetResponse

Mailerlite GetResponse Alternatives

GetResponse focuses on more integral elements. For example, it includes the option of doing an online survey. In this manner, companies will be able to gather crucial info about their products or services. The autoresponders are also good when, for example, an employee is away. And the client needs immediate answers.

4. Constant Contact

Mailerlite Constant Contact Alternatives

Constant Contact is a bit more limited in the number of subscribers a person can get. With only 2,000 allowed in the basic plan, the prices escalate quickly. On the good side, the templates are well done and can be customized.

5. iContact

Mailerlite iContact Alternatives

iContact is pricey when compared to the competitors. It’s at least double or even triple the price. But the features are not so many. For example, the number of emails to send is only 2,500. The API is quite efficient, though. And a person can connect the service with their social media if needed.

6. Campaign Monitor

Mailerlite Campaign Monitor Alternative

Campaign Monitor designed its plans to suit the needs of big companies. This shows in the limit of subscribers (almost 5,000) for the basic plan. Which is quite affordable. Plus, it takes care of the brand style by locking certain sections of the template. In this way, employees will only edit certain parts and not the whole thing.

Competitors’ Comparison Table

So, how does MailerLite add up to other companies like Sender or Mailchimp? Are they all the same? Not quite, though, they share several features. Let’s examine them in-depth to make an informed decision when the time comes.

Mailerlite Service Mailchimp Service Sender Service Get Response Constant Contact iContact Service Campaign Monitor
Price $10 $10 $9 $15 $18 $30 $9
N° of subscribers 1,000 10,000 5,000 $1,000 Up to 2,000 $3,000 $5,000
API for integrations Yes Yes No No No Yes No
Priority attention No No No No No No No
Inside Analytics Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Templates Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
N° of emails No limits No limits 60,000 No limits No limits 2,000 2,500
Personalized IP Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes
Video Tutorials Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MailerLite Any Good?

Yes, it’s a good tool for those who are looking for a good price and numbers. And the free account and free trial can be nice for those who have a low budget. Or for clients who want to see if the service is any good before paying for it. All in all, it has features for landing pages and for ads. So, it offers an integral.

Is MailerLite Better Than Mailchimp?

It depends on what the person is looking for. In terms of functions, they are almost the same. And they have similar systems. For example, both of them have free options for individuals or small companies. And they have simple interfaces for people to find the functions. The difference is that MailerLite also offers perks for landing pages. And that the packages are much cheaper. So, those on a budget might find this platform a better option than Mailchimp.

Is MailerLite Free?

Yes, it has both free and premium plans. These packages do not depend on the number of emails sent. Rather, it changes according to the number of subscribers. So, in case the business is just growing. Or that it doesn’t need to have thousands on the list, they can go for the free option. It has the same features as the other plans, but people do not have to pay for them.

Does MailerLite Have Landing Pages?

Yes, it does. The name doesn’t show it, but it includes landing pages. It’s not all about the email marketing features. The templates offered are easy to customize. Or can be used as they are. Plus, adding a copy is a very simple process. And the best thing is that the person can test these options and see which one they like best. The only limit is 5 versions of the same landing page. This will be helpful in selling.

Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns in a Heartbeat

The simple tools and intuitive interface make MailerLite the perfect choice for those looking for a budget platform. The free package is quite decent, and freelancers, and small businesses will benefit from this for sure. No matter the task to carry out, it will be fast and easy. From workflows to analytics reports, the system will take the business to the next level. Start automating today and forget about hard pop-ups, surveys, and automation.

Published: July 15, 2020Updated: March 27, 2024

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