MeetEdgar Review: Automate Social Media Schedules & More

MeetEdgar Review: Automate Social Media Schedules & More
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  • Monthly Subscription ($49/mo)

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MeetEdgar Review: In-Depth

MeetEdgar is a social media marketing tool to help businesses put their products and offerings in the spotlight. The platform can automate schedules, optimize posts, and more. Its organizational tools are streamlined and intuitive for simple management. Everything from scheduling content to collecting text and images is as easy as clicking a button. Individuals and corporations can take advantage of this service’s in-depth resources. This review will be helpful for those thinking about using the tool.

Key Features

  • Automation
  • Categorization
  • Custom Schedules
  • New Content Filters
  • Multi-Account Friendly
  • Upload Videos Directly

MeetEdgar Review: Background Information

MeetEdgar was born in 2014 as a platform for business professionals on social media. Founder and CEO Laura Roeder wanted something that could help her save time and energy. At the same time, she didn’t want to skimp on quality and professionalism. She started by teaching herself all about online marketing. Then, she gathered up six of her friends and set to work on creating MeetEdgar.

Roeder started by working at LKR Social Media. This is where she learned how to create online courses and tutorials for professionals. Her video courses often centered around how to master social media marketing. Yet she noticed that there wasn’t a way to bulk schedule things in advance. MeetEdgar aims to make the entrepreneurs’ lives easier and their tasks more enjoyable.


Today, the company works with entrepreneurs and businesses of all shapes and sizes. They believe in a team effort while letting customers have the final say. The team recognizes that this industry is constantly changing, which is why they’re open to new ways of thinking. The employees work remotely yet have a small family feel. They value organization and honesty, and they hate useless busy work that leads to nothing.

Interesting Stats & Facts

There are a few intriguing details about this company that makes them unique in the social media marketing sphere.

  • All Employees Work Remotely
  • Their Mascot is an Octopus
  • They Pride Themselves on Human Support
  • CEO Has Been Featured in Various Podcasts & Blogs
  • Surpassed 5,000 Customers in May 2016

Service Features & Technical Details

MeetEdgar aims to shine professionals in their best light. They work primarily on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The platform does have browser extensions for Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. It works on Mac, mobile app, and PC. Below is an overview of their offerings.

  • Automation – Removes time-intensive tasks
  • Auto-Refill Queue – No need to update the content calendar
  • Auto Resharing – Expertly manages social profiles to spread newsworthy stories
  • Browser Extension – Suitable for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • Category-Based Scheduling – Color-coded for easy identification
  • Direct Video Uploads – Eliminates gaps in production and work time
  • In-App Tracking – Different Test messages to see which make an impact
  • RSS Feed – For easy uploading and posting
  • Unlimited Content Collection – Shuffle and pause at will
  • URL Shortener – Drive more traffic with shorter links

Social Media Management

Managing multiple accounts across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter is easy. Users have a library of work they can review and post from. Even if their schedule queue is empty, the software will republish past content. Studies show that recycling older posts can increase performance on blogs and social media.

  • Content Sharing
  • Library of Content
  • Organize by Category
  • Republishing/Reposting
  • Schedule Posts

Social Media Marketing

Marketing efforts become a piece of cake with this resource. All team members can see the content queue and review the schedule with the click of a button. They can also ensure that everything looks streamlined with shortened URLs and proper RSS feeds.

  • Browser Extensions
  • Queue Refills Automatically
  • RSS Integration
  • Shorten URLs
  • Video Uploads

Key Features

The following are some of the best resources that this software has to offer. These help with organization and management so companies can save time and effort.

Adding Content

One of MeetEdgar’s coolest tools is its auto-variation. The software finds quotes, blogs, and text that matches the customer’s content to share automatically. This is perfect for those times when there’s a lack of updates to share. This trick ensures that businesses always stay present online and don’t leave their followers waiting!


While surfing the Web, clients can use the browser button to upload the article or blog they’re reading automatically. The straightforward way to add things is to go directly to the dashboard. From there, click on “Add New Content.” This will bring up the RSS feed. Clients can review the list and choose anything to add to the queue. There is also a “Bulk Import” option for uploading posts.

  • Locate images and text
  • Click on MeetEdgar browser button
  • Use auto-variation to upload to collection
  • Add to the calendar or save for later

Don’t worry; the program also allows users to load image-only posts, too. They even have a guide for how to properly size a photo before posting.

Set A Schedule


The schedule feature is what carries this platform. Users can log in and click on their “Account Schedule” to see a run-down of their queue. This page also shows the time zone of the account, and they can share the schedule with other teammates. Businesses can keep up to 1,000 pieces of content in their scheduler. Clients simply go to their Content Library, choose a post, and click on “Send Now and Save” to send it to the scheduling line-up.

View & Edit the Library

This will list everything in reverse order from when someone added it. In other words, the most recent additions are at the top of the list. All users can see this line-up, and they can click on one of the entries to edit it. The pencil icon allows people to make edits such as moving it to a new category. The fast-forward icon can change the scheduled upload time. There is also a delete function for removing posts from the dashboard.

Creating A Schedule

The schedule will become the client’s best friend. It’s a good idea to start by checking out the demo on the website. This will walk customers through the way they should be using the feature. It can even provide beginner and intermediate schedules for newcomers. The “Quick Setup” button will get everything underway.

Once they get the hang of things, users can add their own time slots and select which social media accounts they want to send posts to. A pop-up screen will show the posting time as well as which category to get content from.

Auto-Variations Feature


While browsing the Internet, customers might find something that aligns perfectly with their message. They can use MeetEdgar’s auto-variation function to share it. All they have to do is get the link to the specific page and then click on the “Auto Generate variations” button. The program scans the content and then creates new versions of it. Individuals can choose the one that best meets their needs. They can also make edits if they’d like. Then, it’s ready to go!

MeetEdgar Plans & Pricing

MeetEdgar only comes at one price: $49 per month. Those who wish to get their feet wet can request a demo or try it for 30 days. There is a money-back guarantee for everyone. The service provides discounts for those who have served in the military or who are involved in a non-profit.

Features Included: Auto-Variations, Browser Extension, Category-Based Scheduler, Content Library, Continual Posting, Photo Uploads, Promo Support, URL Shortener

Number of Users: 1

Number of Social Accounts: 25

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $49/month


  • A/B Testing
  • Continual Posting
  • Generate Auto-Variations
  • Unlimited Content Library
  • Weekly Reports

  • One Price Only
  • Single Person Account

Price $49/mo
Users 1
Social Profiles 25
Auto-Variation Yes
Category Organization Yes
Content Library Yes
Unlimited Support Yes
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Yes
Browser Extension Yes
Automatic Uploads Yes
A/B Testing Yes
Analytics Yes
URL Shortener Yes
Auto Scheduler Yes

Terms & Conditions

MeetEdgar’s price of $49 per month is in accordance with monthly billing. If customers pay the annual fee upfront, it costs $539, a savings of $49. Clients can use a variety of credit cards, but PayPal and bank transfers are not accepted. The platform has a referral system called the Octopal Program. It rewards clients with a $10 discount for every friend they refer.


The service works with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They are working on integrating with Pinterest. The company also takes requests for additional tools on their website. Those who are interested can use the code “demome” to get a free trial. The site uses cookies to improve the customer experience. The company adheres to the United States federal anti-spam law.

Privacy Policy

MeetEdgar is always looking for ways to improve the customer’s enjoyment of the product. Therefore, they reserve the right to change their privacy policy at any time. Currently, the site extracts personal data by using cookies. They use this information to make improvements and adjustments to the service. Moreover, they may share these details with their partners or groups. This includes subsidiaries and any holding companies.


The Edgar team uses third-party cookies to provide analytics reports to customers. Under data protection law, users have the right to restrict or object processing. The enterprise complies with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

Refund Policy

Edgar offers a 30-day money back guarantee that provides a full refund. To cancel an account, go to the “Settings” page and navigate to “Subscriptions.” Click on “Close My Account.” The site will provide prompts for deactivation. In order to receive a refund, clients need to end their account and send an email to [email protected].

Customer Support

The team behind Edgar aims to provide a real human connection with their support channels. They strive to answer questions as soon as possible to the best of their ability. There are a couple of ways for individuals to get direct, immediate responses. The Help Center is another venue for finding answers to frequently asked questions.


Customers can send messages to [email protected] to reach the team by email. The company strives to answer all queries within a couple of days. Clients should be sure to include their name, business name, and a full description of their issue.

Online Chat

An online chat box can help clients get immediate responses to their answers. The chat room is run and monitored by an actual Edgar employee. This is an ideal option for someone who needs solutions quickly and doesn’t want to browse the Help Center.

Support / Educational Center


This is also known as the Help Center or Knowledge Base. It has a search function at the top of the page for easy access. Someone can type in their query and find different solutions to the problem.

Quality of Service

Customers seem to agree that the team behind MeetEdgar is qualified in social media management and provides great support. Many clients praise the site’s auto-scheduler and queue function as a favorite feature. Support is strong,function and it’s not hard to speak with a human being. Lots of people who purchased from the website are fond of how organized it is. Many reports that they save loads of time with it. Their analytics isn’t top-notch, but it’s adequate for the price.

Support Types


Even though this service is only offered at one price plan, there is a variety of customers who purchase from MeetEdgar. From solo-preneurs to companies of all shapes and sizes, the client base is vast. Plus, there are thousands of paying customers on the site, so they have some clout.

Small Businesses

Those who have a smaller team will find MeetEdgar to meet most of their needs. It’s easy for any member to log in and see the various posts that are queued up. Anyone who logs in can make changes, so communication is critical. The site doesn’t appear to have a team messaging system, which means they’ll have to use something like email.

Medium-Sized Businesses

Likewise, those with a medium-sized company will be able to make the most of this site. Again, the lack of team messages may put a wrench in things. However, the Edgar interface is very straightforward and intuitive. This could save lots of time for social media managers and their partners.

Large Enterprises

A larger corporation that is trying to get a handle on their social media accounts will find MeetEdgar to be a welcome sight. They will like that they can see all of their accounts at a glance, which makes scheduling take just minutes. The program works with the major professional networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Independent contractors might have it best of all, as long as they can afford $49 per month. Since there is only one user per account, freelancers have more freedom. They can also work on up to 25 social profiles, which is convenient. They’ll find the browser extension useful for their blog as well. That being said, it’s highly unlikely that a single person would need that many accounts.

MeetEdgar Pros & Cons

An awesome part of this program is that it can take things on the Web and spin them in an original way. This is great for posting quotes or text that could be relevant to an audience.



  • A/B Testing
  • Automatic Posting
  • Auto Scheduling
  • Evergreen Ideas
  • Library of Content
  • Analytics
  • Pricing

Top 5 MeetEdgar Alternatives

If businesses are considering a system that is similar to MeetEdgar, there are some programs that share their resources. Below are several options that are worth a look. There is also a comparison table so individuals can see how the primary functions measure up.

Depending on the needs of the company, there might be a solution below that works better. It’s important to do some research and assess the requirements for the social media team. Perhaps automatic scheduling is the most important. Maybe it’s collaboration and messaging that matters most. Check out the details and the table below. It shows only the basic packages for each solution.



This software is available on computers and smartphones. They offer link shortening and analytics to help users optimize their posts. There are also scheduling apps to save time and strategically publish on each social profile.



This company began in 2011 and continues to provide social media management assistance. It allows users to customize their content, schedule it to publish, and check on its performance. The system will report analytics back to the customer to optimize their posts.



This program makes it simpler to curate content and post it at prime time. It features advanced search functions that will scout out the most fitting posts for clients. The interface is intuitive and will give real-time analytics updates.



This marketing tool is all about priming advertising efforts for companies. It has team scheduling features to keep communication on point. The dashboard records and monitors each campaign and its performance. Of course, the scheduler is carefully thought out and easily applied.



The primary focus for this company is zeroing in on analytics. They send reports to clients so they can better track their ROI. There are also options for creating schedules and queueing up posts. There’s even an allocated budget for ads.



With this software, clients can link up 50 social profiles. They have access to bulk scheduling, a content calendar, and plenty of collaboration features. A browser extension and an RSS feed are available, and of course, analysis data.

Pricing Table for MeetEdgar and Competitors

MeetEdgar AgoraPulse Buffer HootSuite CoSchedule Social Pilot
Price/mo $49 $99 $15 $19 $80 $50
Users 1 2 1 1 3 5
Social Profiles 25 10 8 10 10 50
Ad Budget No No No Yes No No
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calendar Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content Library Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image Editing Yes No Yes No No Yes
Mobile App No Yes No Yes No No
Search Feature Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Team Message No Yes No Yes No No
URL Shorten Yes No Yes No No Yes

FAQ Section

Does MeetEdgar Have A Free Trial?

Yes. Those who are interested can request a demo version of the platform. There is a link on the website that they can click to access this. Plus, every single customer is eligible for the 30-day money-back guarantee. They just need to be sure to request a refund before the month is up. The demo will show individuals how to create their own content and put it in the schedule. It will also dive into additional features such as categories and importing.

What Can Businesses Do With MeetEdgar?

This platform acts as a social media manager, taking care of tasks such as marketing and scheduling posts. With this system, teams can manage up to 25 social profiles. They can take a look at everything in the calendar and make changes as needed. There is also a library where they can access all of their content. This is also where they can edit images for posting. An awesome function is the auto-generator for variations to create evergreen text.

Will Followers See the Published By MeetEdgar Tag on Facebook Posts?

Yes. The MeetEdgar is not allowed to take that tag off of the post. They don’t give a reason for this though. However, only page owners or administrators will see that tag. Anyone who is following the page won’t be able to read that. It will just look like a typical post or shared article to them. MeetEdgar does not recommend sharing direct links via the platform. This is because Facebook does not support shared content through third-party apps.

Can MeetEdgar Shorten Links Automatically or Track Clicks?

The software has a couple of different options for shortening links. The first is the function, and the other is Rebrandly. Clients just need to go to the “Settings” page to change their URL shortener. If they go to the “History Page”, they can see click tracking data. This will show the click history for each post. Both of these features are available on the paid service at no additional charge. It’s very useful for optimization and performance reporting.

The Final Word

This service is ideal for independent freelancers since they will have complete access to everything. It is going to be tougher for teams to keep track of communication. The calendar and scheduling functions are wonderful, as is the auto-variation generator. The dashboard is user-friendly, and there are plenty of editing tools to take advantage of. Overall, this platform can save a lot of time. If entrepreneurs can afford it on their own, then it’s one of the best options.

Published: August 08, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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