Moz Review 2024: SEO on Steroids

Moz Review 2024: SEO on Steroids
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Moz: in-Depth

Many people consider Moz a must-have for online marketers. This SEO software offers a wide set of features. The goal is to help brands optimize web pages and email campaigns. Clients use the service for site tracking, link building, and much more. Plus, they can compare themselves to industry-standard metrics. This provider focuses on effective research that translates into more engaging content.

Key Features

Moz Pro has everything an SEO team needs. With this platform, clients can test buzzwords and track website traffic. Custom reports are available, as well as weekly rankings.

Moz Review: History

Moz History

Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig founded the company in 2004. They started the business as a consulting firm. Today it is a SaaS that focuses on inbound marketing. Within the first two years, the team had 5,000 subscribers. The team behind Moz created a domain authority algorithm.

Service Features & Technical Details

In reality, the term “SEO” can cover a wide range of services. Moz appeals to each one of them. That’s why so many marketers and agencies use this software. Here is a review of the top features.


Again, search engine optimization involves several tasks. This platform analyzes each detail to provide a comprehensive picture. Clients can organize their content as they wish. They can also test their keywords against rivals and different engines.

Brand Management

Part of optimizing a website or blog is brand consistency. This software could do a better job with project and workflow management. Yet it still provides an organized campaign dashboard. This helps with keeping team members on task. It also unifies the company’s voice across all channels.

  • Campaign Manager

Marketing Analytics

Moz Marketing Analytics

The software uses industry-standard benchmarks to test clients’ strategies. This means that teams can refine their content sooner. In the long run, this translates to more Web traffic and sales. Users can analyze their backlinks, site visits, and more.

Web Analytics

Clients use the dashboard to check keyword performance and other metrics. They can compare one campaign to another across various channels. Again, the benchmarks are top-notch. Yet reporting is not the software’s strong suit. The truth is, these analytics could be more in-depth.

Website Optimization Tools

Moz Website Optimization Tools

Brands want to make the most of their landing pages and sites. This software helps them find problem areas across their channels. They receive instant alerts so they can take faster action. This works great with keyword filters and tracking analytics.

Features in Detail

Here is a closer review of the Moz suite. Each of these tools works to identify issues and provide trusted solutions.


MOZ Onboarding

The initial set-up is nice and smooth. Potential customers provide their brand name and preferred metrics. They can track competitors or specific keyword performance. When the software knows what to target, it can offer the best solutions. A word of advice is to sync a Google Analytics account with Moz. This way, the reports are deeper and more accurate.

User Interface

The dashboard is appealing and organized. Users can see visual representations of all their analytics. They also have the option to export the reports as a PDF or CSV. The system shows weekly graphs and charts.

Keyword Explorer

MOZ Keyword Explorer

One of the highlights of this platform is the Keyword Explorer. It analyzes SEO buzzwords within four distinct metrics. In each category, they get a score between 1 and 100.

Other facets include keyword suggestions and SERP rankings. Clients can see which websites are using those words, as well as how.

List Analytics

MOZ List Analytics

People can use Keyword Explorer to create individual lists. These lists include buzzwords and related search terms. The system analyzes these items and provides graphs and reports.

This makes it easier to determine which options to include in the site’s SEO campaign.

Teams can see which ones perform best within several categories:

Page Risk Assessment

The system has great website monitoring and page analytics. It upgraded its site crawler tool, too. Now it’s more comprehensive and automated for easier use. It will send weekly reports for every website and page.

Clients receive instant alerts about potential issues and their impact.

There are five main categories:

Backlink Tracker

The system calls this Moz feature the Open Site Explorer. It is not the strongest tool available, but it’s useful. Most of the time, the system lists the domains that are easiest to find. Team members can type a business URL in the URL field.

Then, they can view the domain authority, spam score, and other metrics. The Inbound Links section displays the site’s online influence. There are tons of reports available.

Search Engine Page Analysis

This works to analyze Google’s front page results. It also shows Facebook shares. The report includes all the optimization metrics that teams need. They can see their scores and identify specific problems. The page’s number of backlinks determines the scores.

Moz Local Subscription

Moz Local Subscription

This is an extra package that works for local SEO marketing. It’s a good choice for businesses that want a visibility boost. There are three plans: Basic, Plus, and Complete. Prices range from $129 to $299 per year.

Some key features include:

The main goal is to transfer a strong online presence to greater offline results. Location data and formatting streamline store listings. This removes any confusion or contrasting information.

Page Content Optimization

The software helps customers streamline and optimize their content. This works for both existing posts and new additions.

Users can also get reports on their current landing pages and blog posts. They’ll see numerical scores for several categories:

Search Engine Rankings

MOZ Search Engine Ranking

Any change to a link or website will change SEO results. The platform helps clients identify any issues early on. Users can type their keywords or domains into the rank tracker to start analyzing. They can see daily search engine reactions.

Chrome Browser Extension

The system’s in-browser tool is MozBar. It’s a convenient way to get instant SEO metrics. Users can toggle it on and off. It shows domain authority for each listing on the results page.

Plans & Pricing

Moz offers two subscription options: Local and Pro. The former focuses on store listings and outreach within a specific geographic area. The professional package offers more keyword and ranking metrics. Clients can also access the site crawling tools and identify more local marketing opportunities. Below is a review of the four different price points and their features.

Standard: A Good Jumping-Off Point

This package is ideal for businesses that are new to search engine optimization. The platform will walk them through each tool. It accommodates one user, but there is an add-on option. This costs $49 per month. Other perks include MozBar, PDF reporting, and link performance.

Moz Pricing Standart

Features:3 Campaigns, 5,000 Backlink Queries/Month, 300 Keyword Rankings/Month, Keyword Explorer, Mobile SEO, 100,000 Page Crawls, 200 Rank Checkers/Month, 150 Research Queries/Month, Unlimited Scheduled ReportsNumber of Users:  1

Number of Accounts: 3

Scheduling: No

Price: $99/mo


  • Access to Moz associates/experts
  • Chrome extension included
  • Personalized walk-through
  • Unlimited page grader metrics
  • Weekly/monthly PDF reports


  • Limited reporting
  • Single user only

Medium: An SEO Booster Package

This is a great stepping stone into more optimization. Clients will see an increase in most of their features. They’ll also have access to unlimited scheduling and branding reports.

Moz Medium Pricing

Features: 10 Campaigns, 20,000 Backlink Queries/Month, 800 Keyword Rankings/Month, Keyword Explorer, Mobile SEO, 500,000 Page Crawls, 200 Rank Checkers/Month, 5,000 Research Queries/Month, Unlimited Scheduled/Branded ReportsNumber of Users: 1

Number of Accounts: 10

Scheduling: No

Price: $149/mo


  • All reports are unlimited
  • Decent pricing
  • Huge increase in monthly keyword queries
  • More help with link performance
  • Two million automatic page crawls


  • Keywords list is small
  • Still one user only

Large: A Valuable Resource for Serious Growth

This subscription is for larger teams or agencies. These are clients that want to maximize their optimization strategy. The dashboard has everything they need to track buzzwords, phrases, and page listings.

Moz LARGE Pricing

Features: 25 Campaigns, 70,000 Backlink Queries/Month, 1,900 Keyword Rankings/Month, Keyword Explorer, Mobile SEO, 1,250,000 Page Crawls, 500 Rank Checkers/Month, 15,000 Research Queries/Month, Unlimited Scheduled/Branded ReportsNumber of Users: 3

Number of Accounts: 25

Scheduling: No

Price: $249/mo


  • Hundreds of daily rank checkers
  • More backlink queries
  • Plenty of listing options
  • Supports 25 campaigns
  • Unlimited access to templates


  • May be too expensive for some agencies
  • Three-user maximum

Premium: Designed For In-House Marketing Teams

This is the top-tier package. Large agencies and digital marketing teams suit this plan best. They can scan through millions of pages each week. This helps them spot SEO errors across all campaigns.

The subscription supports up to 50 websites. It’s a lot of functionality, but the price is steep.

Moz Premium Pricing

Features: 50 Campaigns, 100,000 Backlink Queries/Month, 4,500 Keyword Rankings/Month, Keyword Explorer, Mobile SEO, 2,000,000 Page Crawls, 800 Rank Checkers/Month, 30,000 Research Queries/Month, Speed Crawl, Unlimited Scheduled/Branded ReportsNumber of Users: 5

Number of Accounts: 50

Scheduling: No

Price: $599/mo


  • Crawl millions of pages each week
  • More than enough rank checkers
  • On-demand page auditing
  • Speed Crawl feature
  • Thousands of weekly keyword rankings


  • Accommodates only 5 users
  • Very expensive

Pricing & Key Features Comparison Chart

These four Moz subscriptions vary quite a bit in pricing and functionality. All the plans include one-on-one onboarding and 24/7 online support. Plus, they come with the SEO resources teams need. Review the table below to see the best parts of each package.

Standard Medium Large Premium
Price/mo $99 $149 $249 $599
# of Accounts 3 10 25 50
# of Users 1 1 3 5
Backlink Queries 5,000/mo 20,000/mo 70,000/mo 100,000/mo
Buzzword Rankings 300 800 1,900 4,500
Campaigns 3 10 25 50
Chrome Extension Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Lists 5 30 60 100
Link Trackers 1 30 60 100
Mobile Rankings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Page Crawls 100,000 500,000 1,250,000 2,000,000
Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes

Terms & Conditions

The last update to the terms was in May 2018. The company follows GDPR policies on all its services. Users must be over the age of 13. The system requires clients to pay all fees upfront. All payments for Moz Local are final. The enterprise distributes data to location data aggregators. Customers should be aware that these third parties have their unique usage agreements.

Moz reserves the right to change the subscription prices at any time. It must notify buyers at least 30 days in advance. Any plan cancellations are immediate, no matter the time frame. Individuals may not use bots or related services.

Privacy Policy

The last update to the privacy policy was March 2024. The document lists the various details the site collects. This includes customer names, addresses, telephone numbers, and job titles. Other data may involve Internet connection, device info, and usage. Collection methods include direct forms, tracking cookies, transactions, and third-parties.

The information is statistical data and does not identify individual clients. It helps the company improve its services. Examples include speeding up searches and offering more relevant content. Customers have the right to object to processing. They may also request access to those details. Finally, the system is secure and keeps all user data safe from misuse.

Refund Policy

The company reserves the right to restrict access to customers. The staff determines when and if this is necessary. In this case, users would not get a refund. Also, all fee payments are final. Subscription is immediate and irreversible. Cancellation does not entitle clients to a refund. For more information, email [email protected].

Customer Support

MOZ Customer Support

Part of a service’s usability is its access to support. Below is a brief review of Moz’s different help options.


The company doesn’t provide a local phone number on its website. It does share the office address. It is 1100 2nd Avenue, Suite 500, Seattle, Washington 98101. Yet if one looks it up on Google Maps, it’s not listed.


For general inquiries, people can email the support team at [email protected]. They can also click the “Contact” link on the business website. Here, there is a request ticket. Visitors can also select the “What’s New” tab to see company updates.

Online Chat

The enterprise does not have an online chat option. Clients or visitors have to find a different way to get in touch. They can email or submit a request form. Also, the Help Center reviews lots of resources and articles.

Support Center

The Moz website has a “Help” link at the bottom. This will direct visitors to the online Help Center. This hub is where people can find articles, reviews, and tutorials. Some popular topics are “Getting Started,” “Procedures,” and “Links API.” There is also staff information and bios. The search bar at the top is useful. Clients can type in a topic and find dozens of potential resources.

Quality of Service

The service has a 3.6 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Yet there are only three reviews. Also, the company is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Other tech experts list several consistent benefits of the system – for example, many like the site audits and link building tools. Most reviewers agree that the platform offers competitive analysis and research. As for complaints, most relate to missing links or inaccurate reports.

Customer Types

Since there are several subscriptions, it seems that the service is quite approachable. Check out this section, which reviews the different customer profiles. See which ones will benefit the most from the platform.

Small Businesses

A smaller enterprise could make good use of the software. It would help them gain more footing in the world of SEO. They could commit to the standard plan and polish their strategy. A potential problem could be the user limit.

Mid-Sized Companies

A slightly larger business is a great fit for this service. Teams could choose from several packages. They might struggle with the Medium plan because it’s for a single user. Still, they could add an extra group member. The functionality is robust and worth the money.

Large Enterprises

Big corporations should check out Moz. This is especially true for those that are new to SEO. The dashboard will have all the tools they need. They can test their backlinks, do a site audit, and much more.


The majority of contractors probably can’t afford Moz Pro. They could look into the Local subscription. This will be a good option if they have a physical store. If they don’t, then they should check out an alternative service.

Pros & Cons

This software has a lot going for it. Most user reviews are positive, and the complaints are minor. The service’s weak points are gaps in reporting and link tracking. It helps if clients sync their Google Analytics account for more accurate results.

As for the advantages, there are many. The support hub is full of resources, and some of them are free. The SEO toolkit is well-rounded and functional on all plans.



  • Free access to helpful webinars
  • Industry-standard metrics with suggestions
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Link-building opportunities
  • Page optimization and crawling
  • Robust SEO management and research
  • Thorough website audits
  • High price jumps on each plan
  • There are some reporting hiccups
  • User limits might deter some agencies

Moz Alternatives

The reality is that some people can’t afford Moz. That’s okay because there are other worthy competitors out there. Check out six of those options below.

1. SEMrush: Organic Research & Analytics

SEMrush Main Alternatives

This SaaS company focuses on professional tools for digital marketers. One of its approaches is benefitting from competitors. Clients can dig into organic research and domain changes. This gives them a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.

2. Majestic: Spot-On Data & Link Tracking

Majestic Main Alternatives

Majestic is one of the authorities to link intelligence. It has one of the largest backlink databases. Plus, visitors can get their first domain search for free. This service is ideal for digital marketers, media analysts, and SEO pros.

3. Ahrefs: Beginner-Friendly SEO


Ahrefs helps people achieve higher SEO rankings, even if they’re new to it. Experts like Facebook and Netflix use the service, too. Clients can enjoy site audits, keyword filters, and content analysis. It makes online marketing much more approachable.

4. Serpstat: A Secret Weapon for SEO & PPC


Serpstat helps brands find the best online strategies for growth. Its visual dashboards show things like rank distribution and competitor graphs. Customers can audit their websites with a URL and domain analysis. They can also get deeper PPC research and insights.

5. Spyfu: Competitor Research & Advice


Spyfu offers keyword analyses for PPC and AdWords success. It’s an affordable option with unlimited searches and projects. The software generates appropriate suggestions that can boost growth and sales. Competitor analysis keeps brands striving for the top spot on search engines.

6. Long Tail Pro: Rank Higher on Google

This platform is most useful for researching long-tail keywords. The premise is simple yet profound. Users enter their key phrases and generate hundreds of suggestions. They get competitor analyses based on 13 metrics. The software tells them each word’s profitability and rank value.

Moz & Alternatives Comparison Table

Check out each service alternative’s features in the table below. This is also a chance to see how each provider compares to Moz. Remember, this chart reflects the lowest paid tier.

Moz SEMrush Majestic Ahrefs SERPStat Spyfu Long Tail Pro
Price/mo $99 $100 $50 $99 $69 $33 $97
# of Accts 3 3 1 5 1 1 1
# of Users 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Campaigns 3 3 1 5 10 10 10
Free Trial Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes
Keyword Filters Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link Tracking Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Listing Mgmt Yes No No No Yes No Yes
Page Crawling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Real-Time Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Monitoring No Yes No No No No No


Is Moz Free?

What Does Moz Pro Do?

This is an all-in-one SEO toolkit. It includes the free keyword and link explorer as well as MozBar. The prime benefits are the page crawlers and site audits. Users can better manage their campaigns and optimization, too.

Some of the ways they do this are:

Is Moz a Good SEO Tool?

Yes. Dozens of expert reviews agree that this is a platform worth checking out. There are free tools available, as well as professional services. It is going to work best for a small or mid-sized agency. Plus, it doesn’t only look at keywords. The dashboard provides a visual representation of backlinks, domains, and more. This gives clients greater control over their website traffic and sales growth.

A Competitive Business Solution for SEO & Domain Authority

Every company wants to improve its search rankings online. This kind of optimization is crucial, and it’s not always easy. The software caters to brands in various niches to provide suggestions and scores. It compares clients to industry benchmarks.

Visual graphs keep things organized and easy to read. It doesn’t matter if an agency has years of SEO experience or not. The service is an all-in-one solution that can boost competitiveness. If you have experience with the Moz platform, tell us about it in the comments below.

Published: July 23, 2021Updated: March 26, 2024

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