Percolate Review: 2024 Pricing, Features, & Content Strategies

Percolate Review: 2024 Pricing, Features, & Content Strategies
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Percolate Review: In-Depth

Percolate is sturdy marketing software for content-driven businesses. As the name suggests, this platform filters through the entire marketing/advertising lifecycle. It helps teams manage simultaneous tasks and collaborations with effortless automation.

No matter the niche, companies will find the system’s planning, development, and publishing features to be powerful.

Through visual aids and seamless workflows, they’ll feel greater control over everyday operations. Huge brands like UPS, American Express, and Mars use Percolate to drive consistency, service, and coordination to new levels.

Percolate Key Features

The system focuses on offering the right tools and shortcuts to help marketers optimize content. Thanks to its acquisition by Seismic, Percolate now has more sales lead technology. Here are the areas where this software shines.

  • Collaborative Task Workflows
  • Customer-Relationship Management
  • Growth Analytics
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns

Percolate Background Information

Percolate Background Information

Noah Brier and James Gross founded the company in 2011 as a way to change up marketing in the face of social technology. Their goal was to create a new automation software that was visually appealing yet familiar to advertisers. Today, over 600 international brands use Percolate to organize content and drive traffic.

  • Headquarters in New York City
  • Additional offices in San Francisco, Denver, and London
  • Recently signed an agreement for Seismic, a sales enablement brand, to acquire them
  • Raised $32 million in Series D funding
  • Less than 500 employees
  • Focuses on B2B and B2C businesses

Service Features & Technical Details

There is a lot that goes into the Percolate platform. Check out the primary areas of focus that make up this all-in-one suite.

Marketing Automation

Percolate Marketing Automation

Being able to automate more tasks means that brands can focus on their customers. The system still allows for plenty of customization, but it saves loads of time. Teams no longer have to worry about doing all the busywork. Instead, they can maintain a library of stellar content and let the software do the rest. This includes posting to social channels, organizing contacts, and more.

  • Insight Reports
  • ROI Tracking
  • Social Monitoring/Marketing

Brand Management

In 2024, companies can’t get away with inauthenticity. Not only do they need a consistent brand voice, but they must appeal to consumers. Listening and learning is part of the game. That’s why Percolate offers a CRM toolkit. It allows businesses to find the right prospects, hear their needs, and meet expectations. No matter the project, the system keeps everything organized.

  • Campaign Organization
  • Collaborative Workflows
  • Project Manager
  • Team Communication

Campaign Management

Whatever the project, Percolate is here to serve. The system works with hundreds of well-known brands spanning all kinds of industries. There is a solution for anyone and everyone.

Percolate helps teams understand the impact of their marketing efforts and put those strategies to action. It does this through Kanban boards, visual organizers, and much more.

  • Channel Management
  • Event-Triggered Emails
  • Multi-Campaign Organizer

Channel Management

Another huge task for marketers these days is multi-channel accessibility. As more consumers move to mobile and social media, this is crucial. Companies must meet buyers where they’re at, but it’s not always easy.

An all-in-one dashboard keeps all the working pieces together.

  • Campaign Tasks
  • Channel Monitoring
  • Insights & Reports

Content Marketing

Percolate Content Marketing

One of the top advantages of this software is its marketing planning features. With these tools, teams can build their strategies from the ground up. They can do this in less time and with a stronger focus on their goals. Integrated campaigns and collaborative user workflows keep everyone on the same page.

  • Brand Management
  • Campaign Tasks
  • Editing Calendar
  • Multi-Channel Promotion
  • Project Categories
  • Publishing Schedule
  • Social Media Monitoring

Digital Asset Management

Percolate Digital Asset Management

When creating several campaigns at once, a content library is critical. The system’s media collection tool allows groups to save important images and digital assets in one place.

Regular insights make it easy for brands to review their strategies as they go.

  • Asset Categories
  • Collaborative Sharing
  • Content Library
  • Custom Branding
  • Metadata Manager
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Reports
  • Search Filters
  • Templates
  • Version Control
  • Workflow Management


The Percolate suite includes marketing resource management. These tools help designers organize their digital assets and plan content accordingly. In the end, this streamlines the entire publishing process across all channels.

  • Activity Planning
  • Analytics
  • Approval Workflow
  • Brand Management
  • Budgeting
  • Content Library
  • Digital Assets
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Project Strategy
  • ROI Tracking
  • Sales Forecasts

Marketing Analytics

Percolate Marketing Analytics

Getting the right insights and reports makes all the difference. With this platform, marketers can review these analytics with the click of a button.

Groups can see everything from campaign progress, published posts, engagement, and sales funnels.

  • Campaign Manager
  • Channel Attribution
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Dashboard
  • Performance Benchmarks
  • ROI Tracking
  • Social Media Metrics

Marketing Planning

A successful campaign starts in the planning phase. That’s why the software puts a ton of emphasis on strategic processes. With this suite of features, clients can prepare digital assets, spending budgets, and outreach goals. Throughout the project, they’ll be able to track growth and any areas of concern.

  • Budgeting
  • Collaboration
  • Engagement Forecasting
  • Goal Setting
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Project Manager
  • Progress Tracking
  • Roadmapping Tool
  • Spending Calculator

Reputation Management

The road to strengthening customer relations is a long and hard one. Companies must juggle several tasks at once. Fortunately, the software makes it a lot easier to track reports and learn from the numbers. The dashboard reveals campaign progress, operational insights, and content performance.

  • Analytics
  • Campaign Manager
  • Content Metadata
  • Performance Measurements Tool

Features in Detail

With this platform, teams no longer need to rely on messy dashboards and gaps in communication. Whether the work is creative or straightforward, clients can collaborate towards a common goal. Here are the top tools that make this software a standout.

Plan Campaign Stages

Percolate Plan Campaign Stages

Companies usually have more than one campaign in the works at one time. It can lead to a lot of confusion and questions that get lost in translation. Percolate helps clients organize and plan for success. They can come up with a solid vision and visualize each stage of the project.

The software lets them break down tasks into deadlines and milestones. Individuals can add status updates and questions over time. Managers can categorize conversations to keep things streamlined and to flow smoothly. In this way, the dashboard becomes a communal space for everyone.

Collaborative Workflows & Schedules

Percolate Collaborative Workflows & Schedules

To better coordinate campaign tasks, Percolate offers clean dashboards. The marketing calendar system is useful for planning activities and publishing schedules. Individuals can organize content and digital assets right from the central hub. High visibility enables more collaborative action and conversations. The production schedule tool is a lifesaver when it comes to multi-campaign management.

  • View asset status
  • Track production schedules
  • Flag off-track content
  • Hold team members accountable
  • Set deadlines and milestones

Plan & Manage Digital Assets

Percolate’s clean and tidy content library saves tons of time. It’s a useful feature in creating more stunning campaigns. The neat layout helps individuals picture the entire visual project from start to finish. Each piece includes relevant info like deadlines, progress, ownership, and online location. These tools are ideal for maintaining brand consistency across all channels. They also make it easy to refine a production schedule and stick to it.

Social Marketing & Monitoring

A primary focus is on distributing content across social media channels. The concept applies to nationwide and global outreach efforts. It’s one of the main reasons why so many international brands turn to this system.

Along with social media, clients can manage their publishing schedules to blogs, websites, and custom URLs. The developer API grants them the possibility to connect with consumers across newer destinations, too.

Drag-and-Drop Kanban Boards

Everyone loves this functionality for its ease of use and seamless collaboration. The platform maximizes this capability through visual Kanban boards. Clients can click and drag digital assets to manage content and perfect their campaigns.

The technique also works to help them change deadlines and publishing schedules. Companies can integrate their preferred content management solutions if they so choose.

Integrated DAM

Percolate Integrated DAM

Percolate’s integrated digital asset management suite allows for more personalization. Companies have the ability to play with their preferred planning tools. This way, they can build their production schedule on their terms. In other words, brands get the final say in how they optimize their content.

It doesn’t matter what format they want because the platform caters to a variety of solutions.

  • Upstream planning
  • Collaboration
  • Asset storage
  • Team frameworks
  • Metadata migration
  • Search and retrieval


Any marketing project requires attention to insights. With Percolate, brands can see an overview of their performance across all channels. That includes social media, blogs, and websites, among others. Visual charts make it easy to track progress and identify areas of improvement. Sharing reports and related data with others is a seamless process, too.

  • Metadata (tags, objectives, regions)
  • Bar graphs
  • Process analytics
  • Line graphs
  • Operational efficiency

Marketing on a Global Scale

This software works well for creative workspaces as well as more traditional industries. Either way, clients can manage every aspect of their projects and goals from start to finish. Administrators can control user access and permissions. They may also assign specific regional and functional goals to certain groups.

Another possibility is enabling cross-collaboration or custom roles. There is a reason why brands like American Express turn to Percolate’s secure platform.

Integrated Apps

Most automation systems offer integrated access to certain apps. This software plays well with all kinds of marketing tools. Together, they create a robust suite of technical services. Some of these tools help with data migration, while others work with Percolate’s API. The integrations range from CRM and CMS to social outreach, publishing, and more.

Percolate Plans & Pricing

The company keeps its pricing model under wraps. Prospective buyers have to reach out to the support staff to get a reliable quote. The good news is that the team is very responsive. Individuals can get in touch with them right on the website. The live chat box will connect potential clients to a brand representative in minutes. This process can also occur over email.

Yearly License Fee

When it comes to the pricing plans, there is good news and bad news. First, the downside is that this software is very expensive. On a positive note, it is a complete suite of ad tools, project planning, and insights. There is only one package to choose from, too.


  • Build advertising plans from the ground up
  • Collaborative conversations & file-sharing
  • Digital asset library
  • Integrates with dozens of third-party apps
  • Visual graphs and clear data points


  • Minimum of 25 group members
  • Very expensive

Terms & Conditions

Percolate has its distinct terms of use, as listed on its website. It last updated these guidelines in November 2014. The company works with and offers third-party app support, but these providers have unique policies. It’s up to customers to follow each service’s regulations. The enterprise offers its tools and features on an “as-is” basis. That means that there is no warranty on the products or solutions. The corporation does not assume responsibility for things like stolen passwords and viruses.

Privacy Policy

The last update to the privacy policies occurred in December 2019. Users should read through the document to better understand their rights in data collection. They will also learn what kind of personal details the company stores and shares. For example, the brand keeps registration info as well as log-in information from third-parties like Google. Posts and other public content contains data that the software can file and maintain. Identifying details typically have an advertising or research purpose. Customers can request access to this information by emailing [email protected].

Refund Policy

The enterprise does not have a refund policy in its Terms and Conditions. There is a disclaimer section in the document that describes the warranty guidelines. All the content and services are provided on an “as-is” basis. Customers assume the entire cost of any repair or service to their Percolate content. When they purchase a plan, they are acknowledging and agreeing to this policy.

Customer Support

The corporation gets high reviews for its customer service department. Whether it’s via the website or over email, the support staff does its best to reach consumers.


To better support a range of customers, the company lists several means of communication to its regional offices. Brand representatives are available during regular business hours. Individuals can call the New York headquarters at 646-586-9878.


For written correspondence, clients and interested organizations can email [email protected]. Alternatively, they can fill out the submission request form on the “Contact” page of the website. It asks for name, company, email, industry, and the number of employees.

Online Chat

As soon as visitors go to the agency’s website, they will see a chat box in the lower-right corner. Here, they can fast-track their communications with a brand representative. First, they have to answer some pre-built questions. From there, they can choose to speak to someone or learn more about the company.

Support Center

The website offers help and resource pages to current and prospective customers. There, they can learn more about the types of tools the platform employs. It is also the place to get advertising tips and glean insights from some of Percolate’s top clients. For example, individuals can read about how the software’s marketing cloud boosts outreach efforts. They’ll see how it enables advertisers to get the right content in front of the ideal audience.

These resources are an awesome place to start researching effective outreach strategies, too. Both clients and interested parties can discover new ways to create, plan, and executive winning projects.

Quality of Service

Lots of reputable brands use this service. Some prime examples include Unilever, Land o’ Lakes, Levis, and Mazda. There is no doubt that the company is doing something right. Its strength lies in content management and project execution, something every business needs. Although it’s not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, it has a 7 out of 10 on Trustradius. Most reviewers praise the platform for its effective combination of marketing and e-commerce.

Customer Types

Given that this company provides support to some of the biggest brands out there, some marketers might wonder if the service is right for them. Below are some insights into a range of clientele.

Small Businesses

A young business or start-up wouldn’t have the budget for this service. Pricing starts well over the $100,000 mark, so it’s out of most entrepreneurs’ range. That said, the website has lots of resources that could benefit smaller companies.

Mid-Sized Companies

It is a hit or miss for a medium-sized corporation. The marketing department may or may not have the money for this kind of investment. If they do, they will find the platform to be full of rich features and strategic functions.

Large Enterprises

Bigger corporations are the most ideal candidate for the system’s products. The solutions cater to businesses with large ad spending budgets. Plus, a larger brand can make good use of the multi-channel and collaborative workflows.


An independent contractor would need to look elsewhere for automation software. This one is way too expensive and doesn’t have the tools for a solo freelancer. Check out the service alternatives below for additional options.

Percolate Pros & Cons

The company does so many things right that it’s hard to imagine why an agency would turn it down. Upon closer inspection, there are some clear downsides to this service. The first is the price, which is out of my SMBs’ league.

Also, the software caters to organizations of 25 and up, so smaller brands are out of the loop. Looking at the advantages, this platform offers a winning combo of e-commerce and advertising perks.



  • All-in-one platform that saves time
  • Approval workflow and custom permissions
  • Calendar view with deadlines, milestones, and goals
  • Digital asset library
  • Publishing calendar
  • Sales forecasts and related tools
  • Social monitoring and analytics
  • Minimum team size is 25 members
  • Pricing is too high for smaller brands
  • Reviewers report a few difficulties with exporting into certain formats

Service Alternatives

Whether Percolate is too expensive or simply unappealing, check out these competitors.

1. Sprout Social: Multi-Channel Engagement

Sprout Social Main Alternatives

Clients use Sprout Social to boost their engagement across all media. This includes stunning landing pages, Facebook posts, and much more. Real-time insights allow teams to stay ahead of the game while planning their next marketing move. The suite comes with a social inbox, publishing tools, keyword filters, and more.

2. NewsCred:  Execute Expert Campaigns

NewsCred Alternatives

NewsCred offers an automated suite that’s similar to Percolate. It focuses on two primary areas: advertising and content management.  Through its advanced features, clients can track performance, planning, budgeting, and asset control. Collaborative tools make distribution and optimization simple.

3. Hootsuite: Publish & Engage for Less

Hootsuite Main Alternatives

With Hootsuite, smaller agencies and freelancers can pave their own path online. The platform provides intuitive tools for curating content and planning upload schedules. An all-in-one social inbox helps with replying to comments and engaging with followers. Plus, pricing is super affordable.

4. Contently: Expert Planning and Execution

Contently Alternatives

In short, this software helps brands build better content. Digging a bit deeper, the system offers professional planning tools that boost trust and engagement. Its impactful solutions include marketing calendars, lead generation, and ROI tracking.

5. Wrike: Better Management on a Budget

Wrike Review

Wrike specializes in project management. By offering detailed reports and templates, teams can categorize their tasks and subtasks. The automated workflows help out with collaboration, and administrators can assign custom roles. Other great benefits include document sharing and Gantt charts.

6. Agorapulse: Unlimited Scheduling, Reports, and More

Agorapulse Alternatives

Agorapulse is a popular choice for creative entrepreneurs and agencies. This provider’s key benefits include a shared content calendar and inbox assistant. Marketers can also take advantage of unlimited keyword listening. The software comes with a convenient Chrome extension as well as integration. There is also a great CRM suite.

Percolate & Alternatives Comparison Table

Percolate SproutSocial NewsCred Hootsuite Contently Wrike Agorapulse
Price $150,000/yr $99/mo $2,950/mo $29/mo $50,000/yr $49/mo $99/mo
# of Users 25 5 5 1 10 5-15 1-2
# of Accts 1 1 1 10 1 1 10
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content Library Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CRM Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Campaigns Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landing Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Posts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Percolate Content Management Safe?

    Yes. Some of the most well-known corporations rely on this platform for advertising insights. A few prime examples are UPS, BP, and Cisco. Plus, the software works for different industries, so it’s a good match for lots of companies. The only thing to be aware of is the “as-is” warranty.

  • How Do I Use Percolate Management?

    The first thing to do is to identify a branding strategy. From there, the platform can take care of the rest. Here are some insights into how businesses use this software.

    1. Create an outreach project across as many channels as desired
    2. Add to the digital asset library and assign user work roles
    3. Categorize milestones, track progress, and modify deadlines
    4. Schedule content for multi-channel publishing
    5. Measure operational insights and ROI analytics
    6. Understand the findings, predict sales forecasts

Streamline Operational & Advertising Structure With Percolate

For brands that can afford it, this provider is a win-win. Once they sign on with this software, teams don’t need to look anywhere else. Everything from their social posts to landing pages and blogs is taken care of.

Clients will integrate their favorite apps while using new features like Kanban boards and other workflows. Overall, the price tag is hefty, but the features are robust and rich.

Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson

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