Pipedrive Review: CRM With a Mission

Pipedrive Review: CRM With a Mission
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Pipedrive Reviev: In Depth

This company bills itself as the first CRM designed for salespeople by others who work in the sales industry. Its tools and functionalities are built for mid-sized businesses and smaller enterprises. Pipedrive’s decent pricing and professional solutions deal with pipeline management, individual and group vendors, and those they work with.

Key Features

With this service, users can fully integrate their Google platforms, such as Maps and Calendar. This is a solid choice for companies that are new to using CRM and want extra assistance and organization. Here is a review of some of their tools:

  • API
  • Contact history
  • Email and Google integrations
  • Goal setting
  • Import and export data
  • Mobile app
  • Personalization
  • Sales reports
  • Timelines

Pipedrive Review: Background Information


The enterprise was founded in June 2010 by five European entrepreneurs. The tiny team started working with AngelPad, an American start-up incubator, in 2011. Out of 14 other groups, they were the only business from Europe.

Fast-forward to 2016, and they had raised over $30 million in venture funding. Most of that money came from Atomico, Bessemer Venture Partners, Paua Ventures, and Rembrandt Venture Partners. The business was named the Best Employer in Estonia as well as the Best Enterprise SaaS B2B Startup.

Two years later, funding from investors had reached over $90 million, and the once-small team grew to over 500 employees. Now, the company has worldwide offices in Dublin, Estonia, Lisbon, London, New York, and Prague. In 2023, over 90,000 companies around the globe are using the service, and it’s still growing. The offices pride themselves on being diverse and multicultural, with over 20 nationalities represented.

Interesting Stats & Facts


Providing visual sales pipelines, notifications, templates, and customization, Pipedrive is an all-in-one solution for smaller corporations. Some fascinating tidbits include:

  • Companies like Amazon, ReMax, and Vimeo use the platform
  • Funding surpassed $91 million in 2023
  • Its services are used in 179 countries

Features & Technical Details

A visual dashboard allows users to see their goals, sales forecasts and reports, and over 150 app integrations. Several price plans are available, and clients can take advantage of a free trial.

Provided Networks: Cloud, Mobile, PC, Web

Type of Support: Email, Live Chat, Support Center

Free Version: No

Free Trial: Yes

Type of Payment: Credit or Debit Card, PayPal

Price Plans: $12.50/month – $99/month

Devices Supported: Computer, Smartphone, Tablet

Customer Relationship Management

Pipedrive was built by people in the sales and Web development fields, which explains why the features are spot-on for small-business CRM. At a glance, a client can see their leads, performance, goals, and predictions for future vending.

  • Automation
  • Calendar system
  • Email marketing
  • Lead scores
  • Proposals
  • Segmentation
  • Storage
  • Task manager
  • Team chat

Account-Based Marketing

With these features, a team or individual can zero in on which sales and customers they want to focus on. They can prioritize and automate certain tasks, saving them time and energy along the way. Plus, an app version is available in iOS and Android for added convenience.

  • Audience segmentation
  • Lead generation
  • Quoting tools
  • Statistics/reviews

Construction CRM


When looking at the design and user interface, it is easy to see that this software was built by experts in the industry. Everything is organized and laid out for the entire team to see. This makes collaboration and assignments go much smoother.

  • Manage contacts
  • Pipeline and project management
  • Quotes and estimates
  • Sales predictions
  • Schedules
  • Track customers

Contact Management

Communication is key to any successful CRM. Yet, many businesses have a hard time keeping track of their customers and contact information. Perhaps the answer is a visually-appealing dashboard with an organized database and imported lists of phone numbers and email addresses.

  • Audience segmentation
  • Database of contacts
  • Filtering options
  • Importing and exporting
  • Manage leads
  • Prospecting
  • Sales pipeline tools
  • Track engagements

Customer Engagement


Interacting with customers is one of the key aspects of successful CRM. These tools make it impossible to ignore buyers. Up to date reports, as well as survey responses, keep all team members aware of how their company is being received.

  • Analytics
  • Churn management
  • Communications
  • Feedback/reviews

Customer Experience


Making the process seamless and enjoyable on the client’s end is tough, but this software can make it easier. A variety of tools are at the team’s disposal to categorize buyers, prompt survey responses, open more modes of communications, analyze reports, and more.

  • Analytics
  • Audience segmentation
  • Dashboard
  • Feedback forms
  • Multiple channels of communication
  • Task manager
  • Trends and statistics

Financial CRM


Along with plenty of integrations, the program can offer awesome tools for monitoring CRM from a finance perspective. This includes things like seeing who’s coming into the sales funnel, which demographics to reach out to, and how to follow-up with buyers.

  • Assign tasks
  • Control assets
  • Generate leads
  • Manage accounts
  • Monitor buyer-seller relationships
  • Organize contact details
  • Track expenses

Healthcare CRM

The software is useful for companies in the health and medical field, too. It can be hard to feel connected to clients in this kind of setting, so a CRM program is particularly meaningful. It provides better organization and efficient interactions between patients and the office on all fronts, such as documentation and phone calls.

  • Keep track of medical history
  • Marketing automation
  • Physician management
  • Seamless patient communication

Inside Sales

Getting into the nitty-gritty of the buyer-seller relationship is intimidating, but the right tools can give businesses more confidence. By organizing contacts and calls, as well as automating projects and certain tasks, more leads can come in.

  • Call lists and recordings
  • Campaign and data management
  • Dashboard access
  • Lead capture and distribution
  • Performance monitoring and feedback

Lead Capture

It’s all about securing leads that are interested in doing business. With this software, teams can organize all of their data and campaigns, automate those pesky to-dos, and extract the information that matters most. Plus, they can set up alerts for when new potentials come through, so they never miss a beat.

  • Build lists and forms
  • Business card scans
  • Extract data
  • Interface
  • Lead distribution and notifications

Lead Generation

The ability to segment audiences, phone numbers, and email addresses make generating new buyers much easier and more enjoyable. It can also ensure more efficient and meaningful conversations between the company and consumers. Plus, a tool for spotting potential customers comes in handy when delving into a new demographic.

  • Import and export contacts
  • Lead capture and segmentation
  • Manage sales and communication pipelines
  • Prospecting analysis

Lead Management CRM

Once an enterprise has a handle on their leads, the need to be sure that they can accommodate them, again, analyzing an audience helps with deciding how to communicate best and determine their needs. The user interface is excellent at keeping track of employee activities, conversations, and other tasks.

  • Activity tracker
  • Campaign manager
  • Lead capture and distribution
  • Manage sales funnel
  • Prospect analysis
  • Segmentation

Lead Nurturing

Lots of enterprises stop at the part where they need to nurture their customers and the people they’re interacting with. This CRM program makes that simple by allowing for multiple projects and different kinds of campaigns, as well as alerts and audience categorization.

  • Analyze metrics and performance
  • Drip campaigns
  • Lead capture
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Notifications
  • Sales funnel monitoring
  • Segmenting


Just about anything that a team would need to assist them with their customer relations can be found here. Everything is detailed and organized, making for efficient tracking and analysis.

  • Campaign manager
  • Catalogs
  • Customer support
  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Lead management and scoring
  • Lists
  • Manage contacts, documents, and projects
  • Marketing automation
  • Online forms
  • Organization surveys and feedback
  • Quotes
  • Track engagements

Online CRM

A blend of technological advancements and humanness creates the ultimate CRM program. This one covers everything that businesses need, such as email monitoring, proper searching and engagement, audience segments, and a self-service online portal for team members.

  • Categories
  • Email contro
  • Response metrics
  • Search functions
  • Team portal
  • Track customer support

Real Estate CRM

This software transitions nicely to the real estate industry, too. This is a fantastic way to add a human touch to the relations between buyers and realtors. For instance, it is being able to match potential homeowners to properties that meet their search requirements.

  • Campaign manager
  • Contact info collection
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing and emails
  • Match buyers to properties
  • Segmentation
  • Track engagements

Sales Enablement

Setting a company up for successful selling isn’t as easy as it sounds. Lots of businesses fall into the trap of not being prepared to accommodate different types of customers. This software streamlines the process and deals with things like finding potential buyers, reviewing employee performance, and collecting paperwork.

  • Categorize contacts
  • Collaboration
  • Document collection
  • Goals
  • Lead capture
  • Manage quotas
  • Performance and proposal reviews
  • Set up meetings

Salesforce Automation

The power of automating tasks can’t be undervalued. This is especially true when it comes to clinching new buyers or vendors and fielding sales calls and collaborations.

  • Create a database of buyers
  • Email marketing
  • Field sales
  • Forecasts for sellers
  • Leads
  • Manage customers and contracts
  • Metrics for performance
  • Monitor calls
  • Organize projects
  • Spot new opportunitie

Sales Forecasting

It can be incredibly difficult to predict how the market will go every quarter. Even though no one can see into the future, it helps to have the right tools on hand. Offices can explore simulated models and patterns with the software and set up visual cues for improved outcomes.

  • Analyzing trends
  • Performance metrics
  • Sales simulations
  • User interface
  • Visual data and reports

Small Business CRM

With over 90,000 corporations using the software, it must be doing something right. Plus, it caters, especially to smaller stores and vendors. The platform comes in handy in terms of logistics, funneling clients, providing quotes and proposals, storing documents, and much more.

  • Badge and card scans
  • Calendar systems and reminders
  • Forecasts
  • Lead scores
  • Marketing automation
  • Quotes and estimates
  • Segmentation
  • Storage
  • Task organizer

Key Features

Now onto some of the tools and integrations that make this platform truly stand out. Even though these functionalities may be included in other CRM programs, Pipedrive tries to carve its unique path for better client outcomes.

User Interface: A Visual Representation of Work

Most people are visually minded, and they prefer a dashboard that represents things clearly and intuitively. This software doesn’t disappoint. Despite its simple design, everything is quite user-friendly and doesn’t require a long break-in period. Instead, get right to work and implement any preferred changes. The process is straightforward for setting everything up, and it all transitions nicely to the mobile app. There is also lots of room for customization here, so each client can give things their personal touch. Best of all, it’s possible to create multiple pipelines and drive collaborations between team members, so no one falls out of the loop.

While the tools on the dashboard aren’t out of this world, they provide the basics and should be fine for a small to mid-sized enterprise. The clean visuals and simple drag-and-drop functionality allow for quick organization and project creation. Sure, this isn’t anything special, but it will save time and effort for teams that aren’t as knowledgeable about CRM.

Contact Management: Never Neglect a Client

The clean design on the interface means it takes just a couple of clicks to put in new contacts and edit existing ones. Plus, every time a person is added to the list, the program automatically shows opportunities for up-sales. There are also plenty of visuals to assist with pipelines.

Deals: Clean & Clear Negotiations


When it’s time to make a deal, the dashboard can keep track of all interactions and activities. This enables the team to have a clear picture of the entire process, including closing the negotiation. Again, the visuals are helpful, and there is room for customization.

Email in Pipedrive: Everyone Stays on the Same Page


The software integrates team members’ emails and messages seamlessly so that everyone stays in the loop and responds to inquiries promptly. Also, clients can set up custom templates that save loads of time when they would otherwise be writing the same thing over and over.

Sales Pipeline: Effective Collaboration

Keeping a record of all the pipelines in the company can be a daunting task. That’s why the platform comes with all the tools to make this process streamlined and efficient. For example, users can track every action and assignment within multiple projects. They can also mark certain tasks as complete or in progress, so that team collaboration runs more smoothly and customers get the best experience possible. There is also a tool for forecasting sales and promotions, perfect for drafting messages to vendors and partners.

Reporting: Sync With Third-Parties

To help with making reports, the software integrations with many other apps and programs, such as Google G Suite and MailChimp. This is incredibly useful when writing invoices and completing financial reports. The storage feature is also great for keeping all documentation in a safe, easy-to-reach place.

Different pricing plans on the platform come with varying integrations and availability. Even so, it is still a worthwhile investment, especially for corporations that haven’t gotten the hang of CRM yet. Another cool element here is the reporting. First of all, users can see visual statistics and metrics for each item in a pipeline. This gives them a break-down of how they’re performing and where they need to step up.

Integrations: It All Comes Together


There are over 150 integrated apps on this platform. They range from email marketing to sales reporting to communications and more. The entire Google G Suite connects seamlessly to the software. This allows for easier scheduling, more efficient team collaboration, prompt conversations and responses, a closer look at customer data, and a lot more.

  • Gmail
  • Hubspot
  • MailChimp
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • QuickBooks
  • SharpSpring
  • Slack
  • Xero
  • Zapier

Academy: The Ultimate Help Center

Academy Pipedrive

Another feature worth mentioning is the Pipedrive Academy. This is an online training center on their website that provides courses and tutorials on things like workflow automation, inbox management, generating leads, as well as the basics of CRM. The classes last an average of 20 minutes, so it’s easy to fit in a lesson here and there. Plus, these video tutorials are free, so anyone can access them.

This is also the place to find webinars are just about everything that the platform offers. Not only will viewers learn how to run a better CRM campaign, but they will also see how they can make the most of Pipedrive’s particular tools and features.

Pipedrive Plans & Pricing

There are four packages available to clients. These range from individual entrepreneurs to startups to full-fledged enterprises.

1. Essential

This plan is for the person who wants to get organized and clear on how they can improve their relationship with potential buyers. The monthly price is manageable, and they can always try it out for free beforehand.

Features Included: calendar, custom pipelines, GDPR-compliant, goal-setting, inbox linking, integrations, mobile app, open API, 24/7 support.

Number of Users: 1

Number of Accounts: 1

Price: $12.50/month


  • Customization
  • Over 150 integrations
  • Performance racking
  • Pricing
  • Sales organization

  • Limited functionality
  • One user only

2. Advanced

A great choice for a start-up, this package has more room for personalization and includes everything on the previous plan.

Features Included: All Essential features, automation templates, custom permissions, GDPR-compliant, integrations, mobile app, open API, sync inboxes, track email opens and clicks, 24/7 support

Number of Users: 1+

Number of Accounts: 1

Price: $24.90/month


  • API
  • Custom permissions
  • Inbox syncing
  • More automation
  • Templates

  • Limited customization
  • One user dashboard

3. Professional

This package is perfect for teams and predicting seller performance. The pricing may be a bit high for some businesses.

Features Included: All Advanced features, call tracker, distribution lists, GDPR-compliant, integrations, mobile app, open API, revenue predictions, Sales Manager app, team management, unlimited scheduling, 24/7 support

Number of Users: 1+

Number of Accounts: 1+



  • Multiple dashboards
  • Sales Manager app
  • Scheduling
  • Team management
  • Track calls

  • Limited automation
  • Pricing

4. Enterprise

The priciest package, this one supports up to 10 members and grants the most customization and protection.

Features Included: All Professional features, custom onboarding, enhanced security and protection, GDPR-compliant, integrations, mobile app, open API, support service, workflow automation, 24/7 support.

Number of Users: 10

Number of Accounts: 1

Price: $99/month


  • Customization
  • Enhanced security
  • More permissions
  • Up to 10 users
  • Workflow automation

  • Expensive
  • Not as in-depth as other CRM platforms

Price & Key Features Comparison Table

Check out the stand-out specs for each plan below, along with pricing.

Essential Advanced Professional Enterprise
Price $12.50/mo $24.90/mo $49.90/mo $99/mo
# of Users 1 1+ 1+ 10
Custom Pipelines Yes Yes Yes Yes
Workflow Automation No Yes Yes Yes
Team Management No No Yes Yes
Inbox Syncing No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Templates No Yes Yes Yes
Calendar View Yes Yes Yes Yes
Activity Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Revenue Forecast Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Academy Yes Yes Yes Yes

Terms & Conditions

The corporation reserves the right to alter its policies at any time. It also assumes administrative, physical, and technical security of the client’s data. The service also works with third-party solutions and processors, including Akamai, Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, Intercom, and Twillo, among others. Customers can terminate their account at any time, but all payments are non-refundable. A user can also upgrade or downgrade their plan. Fees can be paid via credit or debit card, and overage charges do apply.

Privacy Policy

The software collects certain personal information about clients. This includes name, email and physical address, mobile phone number, and credit card details. Other info is automatically collected by the website, such as IP address and Web browser. The site uses cookies and tracking technology to monitor aggregate website usage and improve the user experience. It also utilizes Google Analytics to measure and evaluate traffic. User information may be shared with third-party partners or law enforcement.

Refund Policy

The service will not distribute refunds under any circumstances. All purchases are final, and it is up to the client to ensure they use their account. Fortunately, free trial versions are available for all of the plans, so people can be sure they want to pay for a package.

Customer Support


The availability of resources and support in the site is great and should be able to answer any questions that clients may have. There are also different avenues of assistance that individuals may access.


Over-the-phone assistance is available to paying customers. To access this option, they can log in, go to the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and click “Talk to us!” English-speaking agents are on-call 24/7, while another language support is available Monday through Friday during regular business hours.


Should anyone have a question for the team, they can send a message to [email protected]. They will probably get an answer within a few hours or a day. This option is mostly for general inquiries or tech problems.

Online Chat

Upon visiting the homepage, a chat box pops up in the lower right-hand corner. This is where visitors can speak to a support agent and get more insight into how to navigate the site. The chat shows the agent’s name and where they’re located.

Support Center

This page has a search bar at the top where individuals can type in a keyword or phrase related to their question. There are also topic suggestions to help them get started. Categories include setup, webinars, basics, account settings, billing, and mobile apps. Typing in a search query will bring up dozens of blog posts and articles. Visuals and graphics help to explain the topic and outline instructions for users.

Quality of Service

Overall, there aren’t many complaints about this platform. It may not be the most in-depth CRM program out there, but the pricing is on par with others, and there are good package options. Also, the mobile app adds greater functionality and accessibility, something that’s very important in this day and age. Where this software truly shines is in the realm of direct sales.

Customer Types

Pipedrive is best for smaller clients, such as entrepreneurs, business partners, and startups. Even so, smaller and mid-sized companies can also take advantage of the service.

Small Businesses

Teams of 10 to 25 people will be able to get lots of use out of this program. Managers can efficiently assign tasks and monitor employee activities. It’s a great way to see reports and analytics of team performance, too.

Mid-size Companies

Medium-sized businesses, or those with 50 to 100 employees, may also find the software to be helpful. This is especially true for prioritizing leads and deals. It can save people a lot of time and make better use of company resources.

Large Enterprises

A bigger corporation may find the features and tools to be lacking. Of course, it depends on the particular company. Some might prefer this platform, especially if they don’t have a lot of CRM experience. However, the software is designed for smaller businesses.


Freelancers and entrepreneurial partners may want to give this service a try. They may find it to be useful in streamlining processes and allowing for more flexibility and personalization in their sales funnels. The pricing is quite manageable, too.

Pipedrive`s Pros & Cons

Many things make this a solution worth checking out. The simple dashboard creates more efficiency in the office. The email and app integrations are fabulous and save lots of time. There is also lots of room for customization, which is perfect when a company is trying to solidify its sales and customer support strategies.

Another bright spot is the resource center, where individuals can find answers to their questions and access courses and video tutorials. Pipedrive agents are also readily available and keep proper working hours, so it’s quite easy to get in touch with one of them.

On the downside, it can get glitchy at times, and pricing may not be where some people want it. However, for a company that can afford it and wants to get a handle on their CRM, this is worth a try.



  • App integrations
  • Lots of customization
  • Resource center
  • Simple design
  • Support agents
  • Glitchy
  • Pricing

Pipedrive Alternatives

There are lots of other programs out there, and while they may be similar, they each have their unique approach. Below are some of the leading CRM competitors.



This technology is centered on project marketing and works to make the customer experience positive from start to finish. Pick-and-choose bundles are available, and all the plans rely on workflow automation.

Zoho CRM


This option offers real-time access to consumer data and revenue prospects. It also grants teams the ability to track the entire sales cycles and upcoming opportunities. It works with cloud-based solutions like Outlook, OneSaas, and QuickBooks, too.



This smart system is dedicated to multi-channel communication and collaboration. It focuses special attention on both customer relations and workflow between employees. There are over 100 integrated tools, and the prices are very similar to Pipedrive.

Hubspot CRM

This platform has a free version for inexperienced freelancers and entrepreneurs. It has similar basic capabilities and offers website and social media integration. Other highlights include reporting, insights, and deal tracking.



This fresh approach to CRM comes with automation, self-service, ticketing, predictive support, reporting, and much more. A free version and several paid plans are available. Freshdesk works with American Express, HP, Panasonic, and others.

Microsoft Dynamics


This system enforces CRM and enterprise resource planning for businesses. Users can define their projects and goals for marketing, finance, operations, commerce, and HR. The prices are quite high and are geared toward larger corporations.

Alternatives Price and Key Features Comparison Table

This chart compares the pricing and work tools for the basic plans for each service. While there are similarities, some starter packages are more inclusive than others.

Insightly Zoho
Nimble Hubspot
Microsoft Dynamics
Price $12.50/mo $29/mo $12/mo $19/mo $50/mo $15/mo $65/mo
# of Users 1-10 2+ 3+ 1+ 1-100 1+ 1+
Integrations Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes
Custom Templates No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Call Tracking No No No Yes Yes No Yes
Workflow Automation No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Revenue Predictions Yes No No Yes No No No
Team Management No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pipedrive Used For?

This software is for small-to-mid-sized businesses as well as startups and freelancers. The primary aims of this platform are to increase closing rates on sales deals, improve customer relations, streamline employee collaboration, and provide excellent support services for clients. The program is used by companies in all kinds of industries, such as healthcare, finance, sales, and marketing. Some of its advantages include automation, campaign and project management, call tracking, goal-setting, and performance metrics.

Is Pipedrive Secure?

Yes. All of the plans on the platform include security protection protocols to keep client data safe. While the company does share some aggregate information, this is for quality assurance purposes. Things that might be shared are contact info, billing processes, IP address, and browsing history. Clients can trust that all of their business contacts, lists, and projects will remain secure and confidential.

How Do I Cancel Pipedrive?

To terminate a paid account, users can go to the profile icon at the top of the dashboard. Then, click on “Settings” and navigate to “Billing.” From there, individuals should see an option at the bottom of the menu that says “Cancel my subscription.” People should be aware that if they terminate their account, they will not be entitled to a refund.

Does Pipedrive Integrate With Outlook?

Yes, Microsoft Outlook is one of the applications that the system can integrate with. That’s just one of the over 150 apps that clients can explore through integration. This means that users have more efficient access to their inbox, event calendar, task manager, contacts, and work goals. It’s a convenient tool for both entrepreneurs and corporate partners and groups.

What is Pipedrive Smart BCC System?

This is an email feature that is available in the Essential or most basic package. It makes streamlining an inbox super simple, although to access the full Smart BCC functionalities, clients will have to upgrade to a more expensive subscription. With this system, it is easier to link deals and contacts, forward important messages to team members, share specific emails, and strategize sales plans.

What is the Difference Between Pipeline and Funnel?

These two things sound quite similar and may even be used interchangeably among business people. However, a pipeline entails organizing every stage of a sales process, from prospects to meetings to closing. On the other hand, a funnel is a visual aid that represents conversion rates or prospects and leads. It gets its name from the cone shape it creates, which eventually funnels into actual buyers.

How Do You Build a Strong Pipeline in Sales?

The first step is deciding what the ideal scenario would look like. Teams need to put their heads together and figure out who the perfect target audience is, as well as what a proposal to them would look like. Then, it’s all about doing the proper calculations to find out how many projects and buyers the company needs. Then comes goal-setting, benchmarks, and action plans, followed by analytics and reports.

Is It Time to Give Pipedrive a Shot?

Overall, this system is clear and easy to use. It centralizes the key aspects of a pipeline and even brings a bunch of applications, such as Google and Outlook. The pricing is decent, and there is a lot of value in each subscription plan. There are more benefits than disadvantages, and the platform is accessible on smartphones and tablets, too. Smaller businesses who are looking to get ahead of their customer support goals should give this system a try.

Published: January 29, 2020Updated: March 26, 2024

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