Planoly Review: A Competitive Edge for IG Marketers

Planoly Review: A Competitive Edge for IG Marketers
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Planoly Review: In-Depth

Planoly used to go by the name It was named after its primary focus of Instagram marketing. The service helps with automating tasks and content for the social media network. Within that overarching goal, there are plenty of features that make this software worth it. Plus, clients can try it for free.

Planoly is the one-stop-shop for organizing and planning out Instagram content. The user dashboard is aesthetically pleasing as well as intuitive. There, clients can manage automation, personalize their content calendar, and edit the text to their heart’s content.

Key Features

  • Analyze reports
  • Automate content
  • Save hashtags
  • Schedule content
  • Track comments
  • Visually plan

Planoly Review: Background Information

Planoly was born out of a need to communicate and sell products online. Brandy Pham was a sole content creator and relied on social media posts to create more sales. After giving birth in 2013, life got busy, and Brandy realized she needed some extra help to make scheduling and posting easier. The rest is history.

Planoly History

Today, the company has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, and has a core team of about 30 employees. It also belongs to the Instagram Partner Program. Through this partnership, the business can help even more brands and individuals:

  • Reach their target audiences
  • Clinch more sales
  • Make a great first impression

Service Features & Technical Details

Now, it’s time to see what makes Planoly stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of alternative tools, so content creators need a good reason to try this one. Check out this condensed review of the company’s top features.

Content Management

Planoly Content Management

As an Instagram partner, Planoly helps with automating IG lives, stories, and more. Even the free version offers lots of room for organization and content management. For instance, users can save posts for later and schedule them to publish automatically. The media library has simple drag-and-drop functionality, too. This lets people arrange their images and videos however they prefer.

  • Scheduling
  • Reposting
  • Curating

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Most people have a positive response to drag-and-drop editors. These tools make organizing and planning a whole lot easier. With a simple press and hold, they can swap out one post for another. The summary view lets them see a preview of how the IG feed will appear. Users can also see their scheduled and unscheduled content and add hashtags where they want.

  • Gallery/grid view
  • Scheduled/unscheduled content
  • Recommended hashtags

Interactive Calendar

Planoly Interactive Calendar

Planoly makes it easy to see scheduled posts for the week or month. Clients can sort everything out according to time of day. They can click the corresponding tab to see a weekly or monthly spread. From there, employees can look at the thumbnails of each update.

Instagram Planning

Planoly Instagram Planner

Some Planoly alternatives work with Instagram as well as Facebook and Twitter. Since the brand is an IG partner, its primary focus is on that social network. Creators should know this before paying for a subscription. While it’s a single-platform tool, it offers many core features.

  • Managing comments
  • Planning
  • Schedule calendar
  • Automation
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Grid view
  • Analytics

Reports Overview

Those who try the free version can access analytics and reports. The metrics are available on mobile and desktop. The higher the subscription plan, the more in-depth the graphs. The unpaid package only shows results from the last 30 days. The “snapshot” view reveals quick numbers such as comments, mentions, and likes. Over time, buyers can get a better idea of which content performs the best.

  • Weekly insights
  • Monthly reports
  • Lifetime analytics

E-Commerce Links

Most people who use Planoly have an e-commerce business. The service offers two unique shopping tools. First, Shoplink is similar to IG’s product feature. Users can click on the link in the post to go straight to the online storefront. To implement this, clients only need to add a Shoplink shortcut to their e-commerce website.

The other feature is This helps creators use affiliate links to sell products and services. It also makes it easy to pop a shopping link on the profile’s bio.

  • E-commerce shortcuts
  • Generate affiliate links
  • Involves extra costs

Graphics Editor

Planoly Graphics Editor

The content management feature invites clients to upload their pictures and videos. From there, they can store the media and choose which ones to post. Plus, it works on desktop and mobile for easier access. This way, creators and entrepreneurs can plan their posts even when they’re on the go.

Content Schedule

Creators must figure out their posting schedule on their own, but Planoly can help with the organization. Once clients know when they want to post to IG, they can schedule everything in the software. To make things easier, they can automate the content. This way, the right content goes on Instagram at the proper time.


One of the best parts of the software is auto-posting. The only potential issue is that this requires a business account on Instagram. This feature saves a lot of time and is as simple as dragging and dropping. This works for carousel ads, IG stories, and more. Automation frees up more time for focusing on customers.

GIFs & Stories

Speaking of stories, Planoly is one of the few services that allow them. Not only that, but clients can post GIFs, too. Individuals will need a paid plan to take advantage of this because the free version only allows 30 saved posts at a time. Still, $7 is a great price for auto-posting stories and GIFs.

Hashtag Generation

Hashtags help influencers stand out and attract more followers. With Planoly, users can auto-generate their hashtags and save time. The software keeps a library of their pre-researched tags for future reference. When it’s time to post, clients can choose from the listings and be on their way.

Search Functions

The “search and discover” tool is a great way to explore the possibilities. Even if entrepreneurs have a social media strategy, this feature comes in handy. They can browse through relevant hashtags and media. If clients see something that suits the business, they can save it for later.

Comments & Replies

It can be hard for online entrepreneurs to keep track of responses. They want to engage with their followers, but everything can get scrambled. Planoly helps with a comment inbox so clients can reply and interact on their platforms. The downside is that this feature only works on the desktop version.

In-Depth Analytics

An online business without benchmarks is doomed to fail. That’s why this software offers lots of metrics and analytics tools. Here, clients can see their views, number of likes and comments, and much more. This helps them see their most popular posts and where they could improve. Plus, the graphs are super easy to read.

Stand-Out Elements

To wrap up, potential customers can review some of the brand’s distinct offerings. Besides its affordability, the software is easy to use. It also includes lots of functionality for measuring progress and managing photos and videos.

  • Planning/automating IG Stories
  • Feedback reports
  • Shoplink and compatibility

Planoly Plans & Pricing

Visitors can check out a free version of the software, which they can access on mobile and desktop. If visitors like what the demo offers, they might consider one of the three paid packages. Compared to service alternatives, these plans are inexpensive. Here’s a brief review of each subscription and its benefits.

#1 Free: Enjoy For As Long As You Want

This unpaid plan never expires and accommodates one user. They can manage their Instagram and Pinterest accounts separately. The subscription includes up to 30 planned posts for each profile and basic analytics. The comments inbox works for the five most recent updates. This is a great way for people to get their feet way before buying a package.

Planoly Pricing Free
Features: Basic analytics, comments inbox, two social profiles

Functionality: Instagram, Pinterest

Number of Users: 1

Number of Social Accounts: 2

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $0


  • Allows two social profiles
  • Includes basic metrics
  • Manages photos and videos
  • Never expires
  • Schedules up to 60 posts in advance

  • Limited inbox
  • One user only

#2 Solo: Better Insights, More Polish

The Solo plan allows clients to measure their progress more closely. They also get insights into the best time to post as well as auto-posting their first comment. This gets the conversation started and boosts engagement. The image filters add more polish to the overall IG feed for a better first impression.

Planoly Pricing Solo
Features: Advanced analytics, Facebook sharing, GIF support, image filters, quick schedule, two social accounts

Functionality: Instagram, Pinterest

Number of Users: 1

Number of Social Accounts: 2

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $9/mo ($7/mo if billed annually)


  • Advanced reports
  • Affordability
  • Image filters
  • Supports GIFs
  • Unlimited uploads for one account

  • Limited comments inbox
  • Upload limit for the secondary account

#3 Duo: Perfect For a Business Partner

This subscription is ideal for business partners or an entrepreneur who needs an extra set of eyes. The Duo plan accommodates two users but only works with two social accounts. On the plus side, there is a bigger comment inbox and unlimited uploads. So, clients can save time by automating as much as they want.

Planoly Pricing Duo
Features: Auto-posting, the best time to post, image filters, quick schedule, share to Facebook, unlimited uploads

Functionality: Instagram, Pinterest

Number of Users: 2

Number of Social Accounts: 2

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $19/mo ($15/mo if billed annually)


  • Auto-posting
  • Bigger comment inbox
  • GIFs and Stories
  • Two users
  • Unlimited uploads

  • Doesn’t differ from the Solo plan
  • Limited to two social profiles

#4 Custom: Content Management On Your Terms

There isn’t a huge difference between the Custom and Duo plans. The biggest thing is there are no user or account limits. Clients can enjoy advanced reports and auto-posting. The comments inbox works with the last 30 posts. The price is competitive, but the Shoplink add-on costs an extra $40 per month.

Planoly Pricing Custom
Features: Auto-posting, the best time to post, image filters, quick schedule, share to Facebook, unlimited uploads, unlimited users/profiles

Functionality: Instagram, Pinterest

Number of Users: Unlimited

Number of Social Accounts: Unlimited

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $29/mo ($23/mo if billed annually)


  • Advanced reports
  • No upload limits
  • Quick schedule
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Unlimited users and profiles

  • Most of the same options as Duo
  • Shoplink costs extra

Pricing & Key Features Comparison Table

This chart provides a simple review of each plan’s benefits. Clients can check out a side-by-side comparison to see which package best suits their business. The pricing here reflects monthly billing.

Free Solo Duo Custom
Price $0 $9/mo $19/mo $29/mo
# of Users 1 1 2 Unlimited
# of Accounts 2 2 2 Unlimited
Analytics Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced
Comment Inbox Last 5 posts Last 15 posts Last 30 posts Last 30 posts
Facebook Sharing No Yes Yes Yes
GIFs No Yes Yes Yes
Image Filters No Yes Yes Yes
Quick Schedule No Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Uploads No One account only Yes Yes

Terms & Conditions

Planoly Terms & Conditions

The last time the company updated its Terms of Use was December 26, 2019. Buyers must be 18 years or older to use the products. Customers can request a “family” account if they want children under 18 to access the software. Clients are responsible for all of the passwords and information shared on the site. Individuals are responsible for their actions and any photo or video they post publicly via the app. Clients may not use the platform for any of these purposes:

  • Threats or defamatory remarks
  • Impersonation or misrepresentatio
  • Forgery
  • Posting spam
  • Sharing viruses or malware
  • Interfering with the company’s servers

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy also had an update in late December 2019. By using the company’s services and products, clients agree to these terms. The brand collects certain information as individuals use the site. If they purchase the Shoplink add-on, customers must abide by those separate terms and privacy policy.

The businesses use personal information to improve services, record client behavior, process payments, and send marketing correspondence. The company does not sell, rent, or lease any of these customer details. The site stores this info for up to 10 years. Those who have questions about this policy can contact [email protected].

Refund Policy

Customers can go to the “Billing” page on their account and click “Cancel.” Their service will remain intact until the end of the billing cycle. There is a 24-hour refund policy. If someone tries to cancel more than 24 hours after purchase, they may have trouble getting their money back.

Customer Support

Planoly Customer Support

Below are the ways that people can contact the company’s support staff. The team isn’t as readily available as on other platforms, but there is still ample assistance available.


There is no telephone number associated with the software. The website does have a “Contact” link on the homepage, but this leads to email. The company’s LinkedIn page lists a physical address, but no phone number. The address is 3636 Executive Center Drive, Suite 150, Austin, TX 78731, US.


The only email address on the site is [email protected]. It seems that the business is using this as the go-to contact for all questions. This includes concerns about billing and payments, sales, and legal concerns.

Online Chat

There is no online chat option on the website. Lots of competitors prefer using a chatbot on the landing page. However, this platform only offers email support and request tickets on the site.

Support Center

Visitors to the website can scroll down the homepage to the “Get in Touch” From there, they can fill out a request ticket or click the “Help Desk” link. The submission form asks for a name, email address, and category option. Then, customers can type their message. The Help Desk is a resource center with links to articles and tutorials. There is also a search bar at the top where clients can type in the keyword to their questions.

Quality of Service

Overall, the reviews on Planoly are overwhelmingly positive. Content creators, in particular, are satisfied with the software’s tools. The highlights include the hashtag library and the visually intuitive editor. Entrepreneurs also appreciate mobile and desktop access. This allows them to work from anywhere. On the downside, the lower-tiered plans lack some of the newer, advanced options that competitors offer.

Customer Types

Now that they know what the software does, it’s time to see who it’s best for. Below are some different customer categories and how the software suits their specific needs.

Small Businesses

This platform is a great tool for start-ups and smaller companies. Since the plans typically suit a couple of users, this is perfect. Also, it is an Instagram partner, which works well for new business accounts. The disadvantage is that the e-commerce add-on costs an extra $40 per month.

Mid-Sized Companies

A slightly larger business may take to the system just fine. Teams will most likely want the Custom subscription. This way, members can have as many users and accounts as they want. Employees can upload an unlimited amount of posts and get deeper insights into their performance.

Large Enterprises

Bigger companies could use the software, but the toolkit may be too minimal for them. The features are great, but they appeal more to start-ups, entrepreneurs, and smaller brands. Larger enterprises need more room to grow. One advantage is the Shoplink add-on, which can boost e-commerce efforts.


This is probably the best customer type for the software. A freelancer or a solo content creator can use the software to automate those long tasks. Plus, they can get analytics at a glance so they can improve their marketing efforts faster. The only potential downside is the pricing.

Planoly Pros & Cons

This software has a lot going for it. The pricing is competitive, and there is always the forever free option. There is also a custom subscription for larger brands. The e-commerce add-on is worth the extra charge for many businesses.

Other perks include the hashtag library and comment inbox. This way, clients can save the tags they often use and save time in the long-run. Another advantage is the drag-and-drop editor. In reality, it’s more of a scheduler because there aren’t editing tools. Lots of people create their content on something similar to Canva, then upload it to Planoly.

The disadvantages are few but important. There is limited auto-posting, and the software only works with Instagram and Pinterest. Also, the service has limited functionality compared to competitors.



  • Automated scheduling
  • Forever free option
  • Comment inbox
  • Hashtag library
  • Weekly and monthly calendar views
  • Limited features compared to competitors
  • Only works with Instagram and Pinterest

Top 6 Best Planoly Alternatives

For those who don’t agree with the pricing or want something more extensive, here are some service alternatives.

1. Later: More Flexibility for Less

Later Alternatives

Later has a subscription plan that caters to solo content creators and entrepreneurs. It includes and a small media library. It doesn’t generate hashtags like Planoly, but it includes more analytics and better editing tools.

2. Hootsuite: For Serious Creators

Hootsuite Alternatives

At over ten years old, Hootsuite is still a worthy competitor. Its basic plan is more expensive but comes with greater customization. This includes bulk scheduling and a social inbox. This is similar to Planoly’s comment inbox.

3. Zoho Social: Sales & Outreach

Zoho Alternatives

Zoho is a social media management software that can also rival CRM programs. The standard plan accommodates two users and seven profiles. It also comes with CRM tools and group collaboration. For advertising assistance, clients will have to buy an add-on package.

4. Sprout Social: Engage & Sell

Sprout Social Alternatives

Sprout is on the expensive side, but it is laser-focused on audience engagement. Some of its core components include scheduling, content suggestions, and message tagging. Like Planoly, there is an all-in-one inbox for all of the client’s social channels.

5. Agorapulse: Collaboration & Organization

Agorapulse Alternatives

Agorapulse is another more expensive option, but it is more inclusive. The smallest package accommodates two users and 10 profiles. Clients will enjoy an inbox assistant, unified calendar, and unlimited queued posts. There is also integration for easier cross-promotion.

6. Statusbrew: Stir Up Some Sales

Statusbrew Alternatives

Statusbrew is the priciest option, but it comes with the most features. Plus, the standard subscription works for three users and 10 profiles. Clients get ad comment moderation and brand monitoring. There are also helpful integrations such as and Slack.

Planoly & Alternatives Comparison Chart

For a better look at all seven competitors, review this chart of costs and key components. Keep in mind that these prices and features reflect the standard subscriptions only.

Planoly Later Hootsuite Zoho Sprout Agorapulse Statusbrew
Price $9/mo $7.50/mo $29/mo $15mo $99/mo $79/mo $125mo
# of Users 1 1 1 2 1 2 3
Analytics Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic
Auto-Posting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
E-Commerce No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
First Comment Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes
Hashtag Library Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image Editor No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Platforms IG, Pinterest FB, IG, Pinterest, Twitter FB, IG, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YT FB, Google, IG, LinkedIn, Twitter FB, IG, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter FB, IG, LinkedIn, Twitter, YT FB, Google, IG, LinkedIn, Twitter
Scheduling >30 posts >100 posts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Planoly?

It is a visual social media planner. It helps entrepreneurs and content creators organize their photos and videos. They can drag and drop media into the calendar and schedule it to automatically upload. The platform also provides analytics and reports so individuals can keep track of things like comments. Some of Planet’s core components include:

  • Upload schedules
  • Weekly/monthly calendar
  • Drafts
  • GIFs and Stories
  • Hashtag suggestions

Is Planoly Approved by Instagram?

Yes. It is part of the Instagram Partners Program. That means IG specifically chose the company for this role. As a partner, the software can have a bigger impact on brands while taking advantage of cutting-edge technology and strategies. Here are some things that an IG Partner can do.

  • Help grow the social media platform
  • Supplement Instagram’s marketing tactics
  • Assist advertisers and their campaigns

Does Planoly Post Automatically?

Yes, but it depends on the subscription. The most basic plan can automatically post up to 30 pieces of content. This is great for someone who shares on IG once a day. Larger or more active brands may need to auto-post more frequently. Also, the feature only works with business accounts on Instagram. The auto-post does not work for carousel ads or IG Stories.

Can You Edit Photos in Planoly?

No, not really. Most people prefer to use something similar to Canva or Snapseed. These apps will be much more in-depth. There, clients can filter and edit their photos the way they prefer. Then, they can upload them to the app and place them into their content schedule. The help center on the website has some articles and tutorials about this.

Can You Crop Images in Planoly?

No. There are a few image filters on the software, but it’s not extensive. If people want to crop or rotate their pictures, they should do it in a third-party app. Something like Lightroom would work well. Again, there are tutorials and advice on the blog. There is also the StoriesEdit feature. This is a Planoly app, but it works separately.

Can You Schedule Stories on Planoly?

Yes. When Instagram added the Stories feature, Planoly adopted a new feature to help buyers plan out their content. It makes it easier for clients to add things to their stories. Normally, IG limits the images and videos to the last 24 hours. With the edit feature, customers can take content from yesterday or weeks ago. They can save it in the app and use it whenever it’s time to post.

How Do I Delete My Planoly Account?

Customers can cancel their account at any time. To do this, they can email [email protected]. In the subject line, clients should write “termination request.” Another way to delete an account is to submit a cancellation request on the website’s “Contact us” page. If a person deletes their account in the middle of a billing cycle, they will still be charged for the remainder.

It's Time to Plan the Next Adventure

This software is a hidden jewel for content creators and independent business owners. The visuals of this tool are inviting but also easy to navigate. While other services offer more CRM and editing features, this one is still worth a try. Most people could benefit from a spruced-up Instagram or Pinterest account. So, let this system do all of the hard work. If you’ve tried this service, tell us about the experience in the comments section below.

Published: August 14, 2020Updated: February 24, 2024

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