Qualtrics Review: Will It Help to Understand the Clients?

Qualtrics Review: Will It Help to Understand the Clients?
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Qualtrics Review: In Depth

Qualtrics is a platform used to get feedback from previous clients. It has an algorithm that reviews this data. And then, after extracting some insights, it comes up with a summary of customers’ experience using the site. This service offers many types of services to gather different kinds of info.

Key Features

  • The possibility of customizing it to suit users’ needs.
  • The ability to choose from many templates to find the right survey.
  • The latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to analyze data.
  • Statistical and text analysis of the input.

Qualtrics Review: Background Information

This company was created in 2002 by Ryan and Scott Smith, who are father and son. This started as a personal research project between them. And it ended up becoming a multimillionaire business. At the end of 2018, SAP announced that it would acquire this brand shortly. And indeed, they finished this process in January 2023.

Currently, this enterprise has more than 2600 employees. Its headquarters are located in Provo, Utah, and Seattle, Washington, USA. But it offers its services across 9 countries on 4 continents. This company has offices across several cities in the USA, Europe, Australia, and some parts of Asia.

One of the key moments in this brand’s history was when Sequoia Capital and Accel came together to make a joint investment of $70 million. These are two of the most important capital firms in the USA. So, this moment also showed the world the promising future of this brand.

In 2017, Forbes did some reviews and ranked this company in position number 7 of its Forbes Cloud 100 list. This year, the company was already making about $2.6 million in net profits, which was a great improvement in contrast to the previous year’s $12 million loss.

Interesting Facts & Stats


This company has grown a lot during the last years. Its customer base has increased radically, as well as its revenue. Its growth skyrocketed too. They expanded to different continents and countries. This is a list of some of the most interesting facts about this service.

  • In 2013, it had over 5,000 customers.
  • That year, they had $70MM in funding.
  • They turned down a $500MM acquisition offer in 2012.
  • In 2016 the company bought Statwing, a startup specialized in statistical analysis.
  • In 2017, it had a revenue of $289.9 million.
  • In 2018, they also bought Delighted.
  • In that year, they had about 9.000 customers around the world.
  • In 2023, SAP bought this company.
  • This deal cost them $8 million in shares.
  • It grows at about 52% per year.
  • It has more than 2600 people working for the company in 2023.
  • It has offices in over 9 countries, in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Qualtrics Features

This provider has many functions that help to understand clients. Getting insights from reviews, among other features, help to see in which aspects one can improve and in which ones they are doing well. Read on this review to see which are the top characteristics.

Survey Features


Surveys are one of the key tools that this platform offers. They are the best way to get feedback. This, in turn, will lead to the insights one is looking for. For this they offer:

  • Personalized links for every survey so that they are easy to share and remember.
  • It reviews the data extracted from the answers to get insights.
  • Multimedia support, including pictures, recordings, and audios.
  • The possibility of getting offline responses from those who complete the surveys.
  • Email marketing features.
  • The option to branch questions.
  • A catalog of possible questions to include in surveys
  • Website intercept surveys, which target online visitors to understand their intent and get feedback from them.
  • The possibility of collecting surveys on mobile devices.

Brand Management Features


Controlling one’s brand is challenging. There are many things to take into account that only one person cannot do it all. Fortunately, there are many algorithms to help with this.

  • Approval Process Control: forget about tracking down paperwork or dealing with others’ missed deadlines. An approval management system helps to make the whole process much more efficient. This is especially useful for approving documentation and emails.
  • Change management: this feature will help to move to a new set of technologies or goals. It will do that by using some specific strategies for each client. This includes tracking how the change goes and helping employees adapt well to what is new.

Market Research Features


Doing research about the market is essential for any business. This task means to find out what competitors are doing. Also, to gauge how well or bad the own business id going.

  • Manage data with ease using the site.
  • It also has a face-to-face service so clients can consult with experts in the field.
  • Their control panel is quite efficient so it’s simple to manage essential tasks.
  • Those who prefer using the phone can do so with the Phone-based option.
  • These options also include stats. Numbers are crucial when it comes to business, so owners can improve their performance.

Pricing Optimization Features

These are all options related to the packs’ pricing, but they are also related to the activities as they are. So, they will make the owners’ financial lives easier by giving them solutions.

  • It’s also easy to analyze if the current plan is suitable for one’s needs. Maybe they will have to switch to a more convenient package or not.
  • Those who want to can also use the features to measure if the year was profitable or not. And then act in accordance.
  • Contractors are able to use the planning feature to predict what is going to happen in the future. This will allow them to plan what they want to do with their company.

Product Lifecycle Management Features


Keeping track of a product’s whole life requires effort. From the moment that the idea is born to the design stage, planning, creation, and selling, there are many aspects to bear in mind for this. The software helps with:

  • Managing change: this feature refers to setting new goals when making a product.
  • Managing design: this helps to give form to the product.
  • Managing product data: it finds all info about the product from its inception until the last stage and orders it.
  • Managing requirements: it ensures that all the stages of process comply with the requisites.

Product Roadmap Features

There are many steps to designing the best service or item in the market. Some of them have to do with team actions, while others with marketing or other stages.

  • There are many alternatives for team members to work with each other. Collaboration is made easy.
  • They also have an option for setting priorities. This is also crucial when it comes to seeing which tasks are important and which ones are not.

Qualitative Data Analysis Features

Getting customer feedback is a common activity in the field. Now, analyzing that data without using stats is not that simple. Lucky for owners, they find in this software a helping hand.

  • Visuals make it better for seeing results and getting insights out of the data obtained by surveys.
  • Great AI tools for sentiment analysis of answers. It’s very easy to see how and why respondents say what they say.
  • The filters distinguish between many languages.

Requirements Management Features

Finally, there are other features related to the members of the board. So, the tasks to document, trace, and agree on the requirements for operations are made simple.

  • Tools to track down the status of every activity to complete. Be it for one member or for more.
  • Easy to attribute things to do to any stakeholder within a group.
  • Reports are nice and organized for anyone to understand what is going on.

Key Features

The people at the company know that they have a complex task at hand. This is why they included many of the latest functions in the field. But do they work well? Read on this review to find out.

1. Survey Design: Give them Your Style


Creating the survey that is going to be used takes time and effort. The tool for this is certainly helpful, though it could work on improving the design of this tool to make it more user-friendly. Fortunately, they nailed the control area. Tracking many surveys at the same time is easy with this. To go from one project to another, just click on the upper left side of this page and change between them.

In case there is something already prepared in Word file, it’s possible to import it with an add-on. It is also possible to do this with questions and designs from previous surveys. Then, these can be used as templates. Hopefully, this will end up meaning a lot of saved time in the whole process.

In spite of its drawbacks, one of the perks system’s design is that it allows editing the existing questions very easily. Just click on the question or answer that needs changing. Then, it’s already possible to edit. This means that there are no annoying dialog boxes. But on the negative side, the number of options shown may be limited.

In the case of masked answer choices, the service has some very nice features. This works especially well with matrix-type inquiries. There are up to 14 choices for this. Other services, though, may separate some of these into other types.

The adaptability of this service also appears when there is a need to validate questions or randomize them. But this is not always good. Some other tools allow ordering the answers randomly to avoid bias. While it’s possible to do the same with this software, it is much harder to do. This is because it offers so many options, that tweaking some simple randomization becomes overwhelming.

  • This tool is very flexible and adapts to its users’ needs. This means that some work is required to get the desired results. So, it’s advisable to spend some time getting to know the platform.
  • Even though the user interface is a bit cluttered, it allows customizing the surveys until one gets the expected outcome.
  • It’s possible to use pre-made surveys by the user, or from other platforms.

2. Brand Experience: See Where to Improve


Improving one’s brand experience is key to succeed in any market. This term refers to how one can take control of their biggest strength and make it even better to find new growth opportunities. This, in turn, should help to attract new clients and make them loyal.

Yet, achieving this is not simple. One needs good tools to measure which areas are already strong, and which ones need some more work. Qualtrics offers such features. It allows not only to keep track of one’s brand but also to monitor their competition. This will make it easier to find ideas that can create a better brand experience.

The company offers some features to improve brand experience, such as:

  • Creating brand awareness
  • Promoting brand equity
  • Advertising and creative development. This includes testing ads before they are released massively to see which one performs better.
  • Brand strategy research
  • Segmentation and positioning
  • Value propositions

3. Qualtrics iQ: Use Tech to Understand Texts


This technology is built-in in the brand’s services. Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, this algorithm allows making predictions. This feature used to be reserved for the top companies only, but it’s now at everyone’s reach.

Text iQ: Analyze Responses in a Jiff

Getting useful insights from clients needs a lot of deep analysis. And it’s almost impossible for a person to do this. Usually, there are tons of answers, and studying them closely would take ages. But with Text iQ, this can be done in seconds.

Driver iQ: Understand What to Improve

Finding which is the most negative aspect of a business is hard work. But this provider does this for any owner. It also helps to know which are the best aspects. And allows separating info according to different parameters.

Stats iQ: Get Complete Statistics

This feature aims at helping users understand statistics easily. It transforms complex numbers and figures into simple language. It helps to see what the numbers extracted from a survey mean and to pinpoint new trends. All this without any formal training.

Predict iQ: Avoid Losses

Sometimes, when the feedback comes, it’s too late. Companies need to address problems before they drive customers away. That is where this feature comes into play. It spots accounts with problems. And helps to understand what is going on.

Voice iQ: Insights on the Spot

This feature makes getting tons of data much easier. It helps to get insights from phone calls. It does so by extracting main topics and sentiments from the audio. And it’s very useful that it does live.

4. Reporting: Show the Info in a Clear Way


This vendor is known for how much it adapts to its users’ needs. And this also shows in its flexible reports. This company lets people create a set of rules to filter results. This goes hand in hand with their option to show info in their own sheets platform, without having to use Microsoft’s.

A very useful function allows for customizing the presentation. One can choose a theme and change the layout natively. This does not need any external program or add-on. In this way, the report will be ready for a presentation in no time.

Another important feature is that of making up for samples that are not truly representative of what most users say. In these cases, one can use the weighting and cross-tab editor. Most of these tools are very simple to use. There are some exceptions that require some knowledge of statistics. But they are available only in the pricey plans.

Finally, all the reports that this tool created can be shared with anyone. Just complete the right fields and they will get a copy of all the insights and stats extracted from the data.

Qualtrics Plans & Pricing

Free Plan

This plan includes all the basic features. It is perfect for those who want to get a taste of how it works. Then, it’s possible to upgrade it to the paid one. It has all the necessary tools to see if it is what one is looking for. For example, it allows to run up to one survey and receive a limited number of responses so that the client can see how everything goes. If they believe that this is a suitable option, then they can go for the following plan.


  • It allows receiving up to 100 responses and sending 10 outgoing emails.
  • It is possible to test the service with a quick survey.
  • 7 question types to get a thorough sample.
  • It provides complete summary reports.
  • It gives access to many key tools, like online reporting.

  • It is possible to use only one survey at a time.
  • The number of answers is limited.

Paid Plan

This vendor does not make public the pricing. Actually, they even forbid their clients from revealing it in their terms of service. Yet, some sources claim that the base plan goes from $1500 to $3000. And many features are included there. Some of them are concept testing, data filtering, A/B testing, SMS surveys, feedback management, customer segmentation, and multi-language communication, among others.


  • Plans can be customized according to the users’ needs.
  • All of them are full of useful features.
  • It is possible to run many surveys at the same time.
  • There are no limitations in responses, for example.
  • A/B testing is available in these plans

  • One needs to call a sales rep to get full info about plans.
  • It is hard know which one is the best for each need.

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

This vendor offers two main plans to their clients. The first one is completely free, but limited in terms of functions. The second one includes all the features, but it is pricier. In spite of this, the paid version is probably the most suitable one for those who want to do this on a large scale.

Free Plan Paid Plan
Price Free Between $1500 and $3000
Number of users 1 1
Number of responses 100 Unlimited
Number of outgoing emails 10 Unlimited
Number of question types 7 Unlimited
Reports Yes Yes
Number of surveys 1 Unlimited
Filtering Yes Yes
A/B testing No Yes
Feedback management No Yes

Terms and Conditions


The team takes this part of their service very seriously. Here, they make explicit that clients should not make public any information about the company or their pricing. They also describe what obligations and rights each party has. In some sections, they also explicit which actions could lead to limiting or blocking an account.

The company also says that they can change their policies at any time. Of course, customers will receive an email letting them know about this. But this is only in serious cases. An example is adding new features.

This section also talks about how customers cannot claim to be in partnership with the vendor. Similarly, this company will tell anyone who its clients are. Unless otherwise agrees. In these cases, the provider can tell their investors. Or even include the name of all the clients in their marketing campaign.

Privacy Policy

The company promises not to share with anyone who pays for their services. They could only do this after asking the client for permission. If this happens, the customers could always refuse to do it.

Clients can have access to their own info at all times. But this has to be done before the service expires. Once this happens, users lose access to the platform. So, it is better to export before this happens.

Yet, even if the subscription period has ended, one can ask the brand to delete the data at all times. They even recommend that the users do this by themselves before closing the account. All of this complies with the protection laws of the United States of America.

Refund Policy

The team does not offer any type of refund. They say explicitly that once an order has been placed, it cannot be canceled. In turn, this means that when the payment has already gone through, it is not possible to get that money back.

Qualtrics Customer Support


This vendor offers many complex tools. So, it is natural that some clients may need help. Fortunately, the team is always available for paid members from their accounts.


This is the type of support that they encourage the most. On their page, they offer different numbers for each region they work in. It is also possible to leave one’s number and get a call later. But this is mainly so for the sales department.


This company does not work much by email. They do not display their email address on any of their sites. And there are no forms to fill so that one can get contacted by this means later. This can only be done once that one has logged in.

Online Chat

The support team is available by chat. Though this is not the case for the sales department. One needs to have an account to contact support. If they do not, the help they can get is limited to recovering one’s account details. In spite of this, the team is indeed helpful.

Support Center

Their center has many tools that will come in handy for most users. This part of the site is divided into sections. One of them is a bar in which one can type whichever doubt he has.

Then, there is also a link to go get in touch with the community. This consists of other users who have experience using the product. And they try to help their peers. Now, there is also a new option to get online training. This is on-demand, so one can get as much as needed. And at any time.

Then, there are several categories from which to choose which problem one has. Each of them has thorough info about each of the areas this company helps its clients with.

Quality of Service

Most customers claim that they enjoy the flexibility of this tool and its user interface. This is combined with the many technologies they use, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, that are the latest in the market.

Another aspect they highlight is the ability to import data from other platforms easily. And also to export all the work one has done on this platform into other popular formats.

Most users are happy with how the report creation works. This is quite simple and customizable. Yet, if there is too much data, it may be a bit clunky.

Qualtrics is a great tool for most companies. But does it suit everyone? All types of businesses, from small ones and freelancers to large companies, can benefit from this tool. Yet, this will depend on what each of them needs. For that, they can get tailor-made plans with the sales team.

Who is Qualtrics Best For

This service has a lot to offer. Yet, maybe not everyone can make the most out of it. So, if in doubt of whether Qualtrics is suitable for the business, read on this review to see what it has for different companies.

Small Business

Small companies that want to increase their user base could benefit from this tool. It gives insights that could help a budding brand to know how to improve what they offer. So, in this case, carrying out research surveys among the first users could help the client to grow.

Large Enterprises

These companies have a large client base. And they are usually well known in their fields. This is why they have to strive to maintain this. In the case of these brands, they will probably need to get a plan that includes a higher number of surveys and analyzes more responses.

Medium Business

These companies are the ones that already have a firm client base. And now they need to expand it. This is why getting insights from their experience is useful. Once they have this data, it is possible to improve on the areas that do not work so well.


Freelancers who work in brand management or marketing can find this tool useful. It will help them to know what to include in a new product. And then, it is also helpful for the marketing stage. In this way, they will be able to promote it in a way that people want to buy it.

Qualtrics Pros & Cons

As with every service, Qualtrics has some strong and weak points. This is based on what many previous users think about it. Read on to know if this tool is fit for the business.



  • Its developed artificial intelligence and machine learning technology help to get detailed insights.
  • It has many tools to create high-quality surveys to obtain the necessary info.
  • The surveys can be either written or also taken from phone calls.
  • It has a very complete free plan that gives a good try of what the service is like.
  • It is suitable for all types of companies, from small ones or freelancers to large enterprises.
  • The main con about this service is its price. It is one of the best tools in the market, but it is also among the priciest.
  • There is not a “to-do” list to organize tasks, which makes it harder for those in charge of project management.
  • To fully understand each option, one needs to get in touch with the sales team on the phone.

Qualtrics Alternatives

There are many options in this field. Most of them have features that resemble Qualtrics. But are they better or worse than it? Here is a brief description of each tool that will help to see this.



This tool was created with marketers, designers, and managers in mind. It offers many of the same features as Qualtrics. But at a cheaper price. One of its key functions is a heat map. This helps to understand what customers are looking for.



Many businesses around the globe use this tool. It is very popular. Users can choose up to fifteen types of questions for their surveys. It has many options that make it perfect to use for one time surveys. If one needs to do a follow-up, there are better options.



This competitor is known for its cheap prices. Their tool helps to have all the chats with clients in one place. This is so even if the company already uses emails as a means of communication.



This tool also uses artificial intelligence to prevent problems. It analyzes current chats with clients. Then, it gives insights based on that info. In this way, one can take the right course of action at a good time.



This company wants to help companies understand two main groups of people. One the one hand, they focus on keeping track of clients and their needs. But, on the other hand, they also help to study employee satisfaction.



Typeform is a good tool to create surveys. This can be done for the target audience, clients, and team members. This tool sources information quickly and efficiently. The info one gets can come from Lead Generation, Customer Feedback, Client Registration, Expenses, or Online Contact Us forms among many others.

Table of Comparison

After reviewing all these sites, the table below came up comparing the most useful features. It is easier, then, for clients to decide what they want to choose. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Qualtrics HotJar Survey
FreshDesk Medallia Honestly TypeForm
Price Custo 89/mo 6/mo 15/mo Custo Custo 35/mo
Number of users 1 Unlimited 3 or more Unlimited Unlimited Custom Unlimited
Multi-Device Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Survey Creation Yes Yes Yes/td>

No Yes Yes Yes
Free Trial No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Customer Support Yes No No No No No No
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email marketing Yes No No No No No Yes
Multiple Members Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Integrations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

What Business Is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a startup company based in Utah. It sells software to analyze, improve and manage one’s service. The founders are brothers Ryan and Jared Smith, together with Stuart Orgill. They created a simple way of getting data from clients and those who work for them to improve any services and money they get. The data collected from surveys gives owners a chance to thrive in a competitive market. Today’s global situation makes sites like these ones necessary tools to stay ahead in the game.

Is Qualtrics Easy to Use?

Most of the users have said they like Qualtrics and the services they provide. Using the site requires very little experience in the area. It also allows users to create any kind of survey and/or evaluation. Its platform makes tasks meaningful and fun. Plus, any time people need help with their customer support center, they will get to the owner right away. It is easy to get help from them in case one needs it.

What Are the Benefits of Using Qualtrics?

This vendor works with an IQ AI system that functions with algorithms. These allow the user to dive into any type of data on the Internet. Then, it reviews the info to come up with insights. It supports plenty of graph types and allows users to do real-time insights and reports. Users can export all the files to programs or platforms. It has every feature a business needs in one single place. Plus, the price is good for the services they provide and people can work with others.

What is SAP Qualtrics?

The way businesses conduct today has changed a lot. It’s not about selling a product anymore. It is about the experiences people have when consuming it. These trigger certain expectations and feelings for each brand. That is why the SAP combined the data from Qualtrics’ customers’ experiences (X) with the operational data (O). They created a new product: The XM or Qualtrics Customer.

What Did Qualtrics Pay SAP?

SAP combined both companies. They acquired Qualtrics for $8 billion outbidding all other companies before going IPO. This means they snapped a deal prior to the release of this business into the stock market. This deal is SAP’s biggest sale ever, but they expect to gain all the money back in the first year of going public. Even now, they are certain the price of the company on the stock market might double.

What Percent of Qualtrics Does Ryan Smith Own?

The Smith family owns almost 88% of the shares of Qualtrics through a trust fund. Ryan, his brother, and father, have a net worth of $7 billion since the sale of SAP. Ryan will remain the CEO of the company. For the time being, Ryan will stay as the CEO of Qualtrics. SAP would not want to drift apart from the brainiacs that created this efficient formula. Plus, Americans like the fact that the company wishes to stay in the country.

Will Qualtrics Go Public?

The provider announced it has every intention of going public. It will offer 20.5 million shares for a price of $18-20, and the extra 3 million shares for the underwriters. They expect to turn that investment into $495 million. Last year, the value of Qualtrics was $2.5 billion but, now, it has raised to almost $5 million. Though the chair has stated they will go public in October, there are still doubts about whether they will wait to see if their price goes higher.

Get Insights Today

Qualtrics is a company whose services center around customer satisfaction. And so they know how important it is to provide good support. This is why they have a specialized center for each one of their markets. And most importantly, they are available 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

Their services are among the best known in the field. So, if the budget is not a problem, this tool has a lot to offer.

Published: January 31, 2020Updated: March 27, 2024

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