Rebrandly Review: The Link Management Tool that Everyone is Using in 2023

Rebrandly Review: The Link Management Tool that Everyone is Using in 2023
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Rebrandly Review: In-Depth

Having a consistent and recognizable brand is to have a domain name that aligns with the company.  Another part is to have short URLs to help the customer remember them easily.

These two are essential to make connections between the brand and the content it shares. It improves the user’s trust. Domains with confusing words will look sketchy to the average person. Here is a Rebrandly Review and why it is the best builder.

Key Features

It offers different tools, depending on the plan. It has available customized plans to meet the client’s specific needs.

These are some key features that are available for all plans, including the free version:

  • Link management
  • Traffic routing
  • Deep linking
  • Customize analytics
  • Link retargeting
  • Dedicated onboarding
  • Domain name management
  • Collaboration
  • Training and support
  • Mobile app

Rebrandly Review: Background Information

Rebrandly Background Information
The company has headquarters in Dublin and Rome. But it also has remote team members on different continents. David De Guz founded it back in 2015, and now, in 2023, this tool has become more popular. It has grown with a culture of collaboration, honesty, partnership, integrity, and creativity.

It has worked with more than 250 thousand customers. Twenty-five thousand developers are using their APIs for integration. It is one of the best tools in the market, and it has created one billion branded links so far.

It is the perfect solution for individuals, small and big companies alike. Now, with its wide list of provided networks from Facebook, to Instagram and even LinkedIn, Rebrandly has received many positive reviews during 2023.

Service Features and Technical Details

It is one of the most thorough builders in the market. Its main feature is its link management tools. With its web-based platform, companies can create, manage, and share their websites.

Link Management Tools

Links are what is behind every click a user makes on the internet. Keeping track of all URLs can become challenging. It is more true if they are long and complicated. That’s where its link management tools come in to save the day.

Below are some of its key features:

  • Brand control
  • Fast redirects
  • Channel attribution
  • Read Reports and Analytics
  • URL shortener
  • Campaign Management
  • Branded link export
  • Retargeting
  • URL expiration
  • QR Codes
  • UTM Presets

Features in Detail

Rebrandly offers more than just URL management tools. Its platform is  comprehensive software to create connections and increase the company’s click-through rate. Its services help improve teamwork and collaboration and visualize the result of the new strategies.

That’s one of the reasons it is a top-rated tool in 2023. Why settle for a generic URL shortener when this service has many more advantages and for free? Here are all the things companies can do with it.

Workspaces and Teammates

Rebrandly Workspaces and Teammates
This feature allows teammates to collaborate on one platform. It gives each member a different access level. It will improve security with two-factor authentication and activity audit logs.

Multiple Domain Names

Rebrandly Multiple Domain Names
Companies can use the software to manage all their domains, 404 traffic, and secure sockets layer (SSL) from the same dashboard. SSL is a protocol to send information over the internet securely. These attributes also include redirecting to the main website when an error occurs.

Link Management

Small and big companies use URLs everywhere in their operations. It increased this year with almost everything going online. Links are used for the company’s website, social media profiles, email marketings, and even inside communication. It is the perfect software to have complete control over all of them, keeping them organized and consistent with the company’s brand.

Customized Analytics

Rebrandly Customized Analytics
Part of using Rebrandly’s services is to see results. That’s why it offers customized analytics, so users can read their reports, see which branded links are receiving more traffic, and find solutions.

Some of the things companies can do with its customized analytics are:

  • UTM builder to monitor performance
  • Aggregated reports
  • Server to server clickstream
  • Add the company’s logo to reports

Traffic Routing

Rebrandly Traffic Routing
Traffic routing is the perfect way to give the user a more personalized experience. They will receive different responses from a click depending on which devices they are using, their location, and other factors. It also includes 301 SEO redirect, open graph control, and deep mobile linking.

Link Retargeting

Rebrandly Link Retargeting
In digital marketing, retargeting is a strategy to reach out to people that already visit the company’s website. The goal is to make them become a conversion. Retargeting is when a person clicks on any URL the company shares and adds them to the retargeting campaign. It applies even to clicks to other websites.

Dedicated Onboarding

Rebrandly Dedicated Onboarding
Rebrandly’s web-based platform is user-friendly. It doesn’t need any deep tech knowledge. But it also gives dedicated onboarding. This feature will help companies exploit the full potential of the tools. It offers assistance with any issue the customer could have. Things like problems with the platform and set up like importing existing URLs.

Account Management

Rebrandly Account Management
Rebrandly’s team is there to help the company from set up to execution. They will assign an account manager to each customer. The manager will advise on how to get the most out of their investment because it has a lot of power if used well. When it comes to account management, this tool is very organized with its different social media that go from Facebook to Twitter and many others..


It doesn’t matter if a company is big or very small with just the founder. It needs to use different online platforms for its operations. Companies probably use multiple channels for marketing, communication, and other processes. Any new software should integrate with the existing ones.

Rebrandly’s founder designed it to integrate with a company seamlessly. Making the whole experience intuitive.

Here are some of its more popular integrations:

Rebrandly Plans & Pricing

Rebrandly has all the information about the plans on its website. It wants to make sure the customer knows what their investment will be and what they will get out of it. There are different packages for each customer’s needs. It even offers the possibility of creating a customized plan.

Free Plan

It offers an entirely free plan, and customers only need to sign up to access it. It provides unlimited fast redirects and five thousand clicks tracked per month, besides five domains and five hundred branded links.

This subscription also has different limited components. For example, it includes analytics so users can read data and come up with an actionable plan, traffic optimization, domain management, and training. It is the perfect fit for individuals trying to grow their personal brand or small business.


  • It is free
  • It has link history and analytics.
  • Offers 301 redirects.
  • Gives video tutorials on how to use the platform.
  • It provides editable destination URLs.


  • It doesn’t offer email support
  • It has limited functionality
  • It doesn’t work for collaboration

Starter Plan

The Starter is its cheapest paid package. It allows individuals to get unlimited fast directs and five thousand branded links. Also, it gives twenty-five thousand clicks tracked per month and five domain names. Each 1,000 extra per month costs $3, and each additional name costs $5 per month. It has some added functionality like bulk import, 404 redirects, and email support.


  • It allows paying for additional volume without upgrading the plan.
  • Offers email assistance
  • Includes additional attributes like 404 redirects and notes
  • It is the cheapest paid plan
  • It provides video tutorials and email support


  • It doesn’t work for collaboration
  • It still has limited functionality

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is the most popular among its clients. It is a subscription designed for individuals with unlimited fast redirects and 150 thousand clicks tracked per month, besides the 15 thousand branded links and five website names. The extra costs are the same as the Starter plan.

It is perfect for an individual with a website that is getting consistent traffic. It can also work well for a small business with a few employees. It includes some added tools like aggregated reports, tags, and retargeting.


  • It allows paying for additional volume without upgrading the plan
  • Offers email support
  • Includes additional characteristics like aggregated reports and tags
  • It has link retargeting
  • It includes aggregated reports


  • It doesn’t work for collaboration.
  • It is an expensive subscription for individuals

Premium Plan

The Premium plan is catered to large teams. It provides unlimited fast redirects and 1,5 million clicks tracked per month. The volume of this package is perfect for big companies because they have many employees working on its marketing strategy. On top of these, it gives ten active users for the initial price. Additional reports cost $5 each month, and users $15 each month.

It also offers 150 thousand branded links, 20 domain names, and 31 custom reports to read per month. It has all the tools available for the other plans and some additional ones listed below:


  • It allows paying for additional volume without upgrading the plan
  • Offers email assistance and direct training
  • Includes dedicated onboarding
  • It allows for ten or more active teammates
  • Custom reports


  • It is only for teams
  • It is expensive

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is a customizable subscription for teams. It can have all or some of the features from the other plans. Some additional functionality is only available for this plan. Companies can design it to fit their specific needs. The price depends on what each company needs and the components they select. Some of the extras are data streams, high volume websites, and single sign-on.


  • It is entirely customizable.
  • Offers additional functionality only available for this plan
  • Additional active teammates
  • Companies pay only for what they need
  • It provides a custom data stream


  • It is only for teams
  • It’s expensive

Price & Key Feature Comparison Table

Rebrandly Price
Each Rebrandly’s plan is designed to meet different needs. For freelancers, a free subscription is probably the best option. If they have the budget, the Pro package is better. For teams, the Enterprise is better because they will pay only for what they need.

Services Free Starter Pro Premium Enterprise
Price per Month $0 $29 $69 $499 Depends on the company’s needs
Fast Redirects yes yes yes yes yes
Active Teammates no no no yes yes
Custom Reports no no no yes yes
Multiple Custom Domain Names yes yes yes yes yes
Email Support no yes yes yes yes
Link Retargeting no no yes yes yes
Dedicated Onboarding no no no yes yes
Video Tutorials yes yes yes yes yes
Integrations yes yes yes yes yes

Terms and Conditions

Rebrandly reserves the right to refuse its services to any person or entity at any time. It will try its best to provide the service they offer 24/7 through their online platform and solve any issues. But it won’t take responsibility for any loss caused by an error on the communication method like the internet.

It also has the right to limit its customer’s usage. It depends on the package they bought, and it will charge extra fees accordingly. It has the right to disable any account that breaches the term and conditions.

Privacy Policy

Rebrandly complies with the General Data Protection Regulation, the European Union Law for data protection and user privacy. It will collect personal, authentication, and financial information from all their customers. It will use this data for different purposes. Like to process the accounts, provide services, and provide relevant marketing communications.

Refund Policy

Like many other companies in the digital marketing industry, the service offers a money-back guarantee. The customer can cancel the subscription within the first 30 days of buying its services. It will provide a full refund, no questions asked.

Customer Support

Rebrandly commits to give the best service and assistance possible. That’s why it provides different options for contacting them. It can be through telephone and other different methods online. This platform is also available on Facebook but it’s not a very common communication method to sync up with customer support.


Contacting the support team through the telephone is the quicker method. Customers can contact them by calling at +1 (415) 7022047, receive the help they need, and guidance through the platform.


Email is another form of contacting support if the customer isn’t in a hurry. They can send their inquiries to [email protected]. It is possible to contact them through a contact form on the website or other social media profiles.

Online Chat

Users can find a chatbox to contact customer service on the bottom right of the website. An agent will answer in a matter of minutes any question the client may have. The first message is automatic when the users navigate the website.

Support Center

It also has a support center where clients can contact the company and submit a request. It also has a page that shows the software stats like latency and system status. A third page for the documentation for developers. Things like APIs, live APPS, models for workspaces, and much more.

Quality of Service

Looking to Rebrandly reviews in 2023, it has an average score of 4,6 out of five. It is consistent in different review sites like Capterra and Trustpilot. It is praise for customer support, functionality, and value for money.

One of the things some clients have stated in their reviews in 2023 is that it could be more user friendly in some of its services. It charges extra costs for any added feature. But as long as the client adheres to the terms and conditions, it should not happen. It continues to be well-praised for its link management and builder tools.

Customer Types

If you look for any Rebrandly review, you’ll notice it is a software that can adapt to any customer. It can be for individuals with personal websites, small businesses, and big enterprises. Here is how it adapts to each group:

Small Business

Small businesses still have at least one website. They need to keep track of websites and manage them accordingly to improve their returns and conversions. It helps them achieve it at affordable prices. Generally, they don’t have large teams so that they can use the Starter or Pro plan.

Large Enterprises

The service works with large enterprises like IBM, HP, Shopify, Sequoia, and Land Rover. One of the main reasons is because they offer a custom Enterprise plan. Each client can select the tools to meet their unique needs. It can be as affordable or expensive as their needs.

Medium Business

Having recognizable domains that the audience can connect to a brand is only the first step. It offers a subscription for medium businesses with enough employees to need a tool that allows collaboration. It helps them grow their brand. It provides tools like URL shorteners, branded links, and custom domains.


Freelancers are the perfect fit for using free or starter plans. It depends on how big their client-based is. Most review sites have shown that Rebrandly has been widely used by Freelancers. But even with a small clientele, they could use the free attributes that it has to offer.

Rebrandly Pros & Cons

Rebrandly is excellent software with good reviews in 2023 on different websites. But like any other service, it has its pros and cons. Here are a few:



  • It allows click tracking
  • It has different provided Networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn…)
  • Allow collaboration and many active teammates
  • Custom domains
  • Allows domain editing
  • Excellent customer service
  • It is scalable
  • Excellent value for money
  • Its integration is seamless
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Some customers have complained about the UI
  • It charges additional costs for any extra feature
  • The dashboard could use some improvements
  • It doesn’t offer a free trial

Service Alternatives

It is a very competitive service. With extensive functionality, not all people may want to work with it. It may seem too pricey or not user-friendly. No matter the reason, here are some alternatives:


Bitly Main
Bitly is a link management service that has tools like shortener and branded links. It helps companies transform their domains into powerful marketing tools. It provides analytics to show results.


Yourls is an open-sourced tool, and its name stands for Your own URL shortener. It is a program run on PHP. Customers can create their URL shortener with some technical knowledge. It also allows users to read their reports and analytics.

TinyURL Main
TinyURL is a URL shortener tool that anyone can use. The tool is free for everyone as long as they don’t use it for harmful purposes. Customers can use it without the need for an account or any kind of subscription.

Branch Main is one of the best software for mobile attribution. Its services also include deep linking across different platforms. Its clients include Foursquare, Buzzfeed, Amazon Music, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Competitor’s Table of Comparison

Rebrandly Bitly Yourls TinyURL
Price per Month $29 $29 Free Free Free
Custom Domain Names Yes Yes No No No
Branded Links Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Link Shortener Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes No No No
Support Yes Yes Yes No No
Bunk Link Tagging No Yes No No No
Link With Emojis Yes No No No No
Cross-Platform Attribution No No Yes No No
Link Redirects Yes Yes Yes No No

FAQ Section

  • Is Rebrandly Safe?

    It has available a page where anyone can check its reliability reports. They have a 99,9% uptime with its services hosted on Amazon Web Services. It also works under GDPR-EU privacy data regulations.

    Overall, its customer service is one of the best traits of this platform. Customers can get help quickly in any issue they may have.

  • How Long Do Rebrandly Links Last?

    The links last as long as the customer keeps it active and uses their account. It also offers link expiration features. With it, clients can keep their domains clean and don’t go over the limit. But the expiration is set up by each customer on their account.

The Final Word

The company was founded in 2015 and has grown to be one of the top management tools. It offers numerous features that can adapt to any type of customer. Some clients are freelancers, small businesses, and large enterprises.

Its services are also affordable for individuals and teams. They offer a custom package where companies can only ask for the features they need. Rebrandly reviews are excellent on different sites, and many users can’t find a bad thing about it.

Have you used some of its tools? Comment below what you think about their platform and how your experience was, and maybe you can even add a review!

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