RelayThat Review: Taking Away the Heavy Lifting from Graphic Designing

RelayThat Review: Taking Away the Heavy Lifting from Graphic Designing
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RelayThat Review: In-Depth

RelayThat is an automated graphic designer. It creates stunning images for social media channels and websites. Creating likable and catchy photos for these marketing purposes can be a time-consuming task. Marketers simply upload multiple images into the digital workspace, and the service takes care of the rest. RelayThat provides different layouts, background colors, or text fonts to create professional-looking ad banners.

Users also automatically suggest SEO-enable keywords to generate effective headlines. All these features reduce designing by 90%. So, it is like having a team of graphic designers working for you at a small percent of the cost.

Key Features

  • Collaboration 
  • Image Edition
  • Templates 
  • Image Database 

RelayThat Review: Background Information

The service was founded several years ago by Craig Carpenter. He had the vision to provide a 5-star solution for marketers and social media strategists. 

  1. Headquarters location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States 
  2. Year founded: 2016
  3. Key Person: One person is the founder and SEO. 
  4. Employees: Less than 10
  5. Number of active users: Undisclosed

Service Features

To make the job of marketers and designers easier, it provides thousands of options for fonts, images, and formats. The service gets the job done in very little time. All it requires is a clear vision and ideas to put together. 

Graphic Design

RelayThat comes as a relief for social media strategists looking to up their marketing game. It has so many applications, not only for marketing and design. 

This package includes:

  • Collaboration to get all the team members on board. 
  • A seamless and no-hassle image editor
  • An image database of more than 2000 images to choose from
  • Templates for any design.  

Features in Details

It is one of the most accessible graphic design software tools out there. The time invested in getting high-end designs shrinks, allowing brands to focus on what is more important. With pre-designed templates, there is no hassle in trying to come up with the desired idea. One of the things users love best is the ability to customize fonts and other adjustments. These are in-depth descriptions of its most essential features. 


The tab labeled as layout provides the ability to choose from different sizes of images. Sometimes, the job of trying to find the perfect shot can prove to be a daunting one. 

To simplify this, the tool groups the image sizes into channels. These channels also have subcategories. For instance, under Social, one can find designs for YouTube headers, Instagram stories, Facebook banners, etc. 

As an alternative, users get to preview the images. 

Millions of Images

When it comes to images, designers usually spend a lot of time looking for the perfect one. With over 3 million photographs, the need for outsourcing stock images, icons, or designs is taken care of. 

The process of searching these millions of photos is straightforward, and they usually load fast. Users have experienced a delay in image upload, but it’s something that the team seems to have been working on. 

Project Management Section

On the top part of the dashboard, one can find the project management section. With easy-to-use sections, it helps get the job done pretty straightforwardly. It includes the following:

  • Eye symbol: To view and edit all assets in one single area.
  • Plus symbol: Create a new project.
  • Two docs symbol: Duplicate the project. 
  • Pencil symbol: Rename.
  • Trash symbol: Delete. 

Font Upload

RelayThat allows users to upload their fonts. There is a lot of value in that, and it is not a common feature in graphic design packages. 

The majority of graphic design tools will allow users to customize fonts fully. This includes size, shape, color, etc.  But sometimes, designers are limited by the number and type of fonts available. Whenever there is a particular vision, there will be an original design, fonts included. Customers get that flexibility. 

Pre-Configured Templates for Ads

When running ads for a blog or business, images must fit the dimensions recommended by each network. Failing to do this results in faulty designs that can do more harm than good. With a decent collection of Google Ads and Facebook Ads images sizes, this is no longer an issue. 

Perfect Font Combination

Having to think about color combinations and artistic pairing of art, banners, photos, etc., is one of the most time-consuming aspects of graphic design. The impact that a perfect combination can make on viewers and visitors is almost as strong as what a blatant pairing would do. 

The team at RelayThat understands this, and they have taken away that work off users. Of course, designers have their own choices, but the combinations found in the app are good enough. 

Changing the Resizing/Remixing Game

This is one time-saving feature that designers across many social media channels will enjoy. With this feature, users can resize the same image to adapt to more sites. 

For instance, an Instagram post is usually square. With regular software, one has to manually resize the image, sometimes changing its configuration. RelayThat takes that off the plate and does it automatically. Definitely a game-changer.

The Magic Import Tool

Another tool that will change the designing game for many is the Magic Import tool. It is a new feature that will save even more time during the designing process. 

This feature allows users to import colors, logos, and photos from any URL. It is straightforward and easy to use. One has to simply follow these steps:

  • Select and copy any page’s URL.
  • Open Magic Import and paste or enter this URL.
  • Click Load.

This will pull all graphic designs from this website where a selection of images is made before clicking on the final import button. It is highly customizable as one can not only select images, colors, and art, but also make editions. 

Save and Collect

This tool allows users to save a particular design they are simply fond of or will probably use in the future. All the images, logos, and art within a project go to the user’s collection after clicking Collect. This is especially useful whenever the task requires creating variations of an old image.

Swap Between Color Schemes 

Selecting the perfect matching color combination requires a keen artistic eye. But if such skill is not present, RelayThat comes to the rescue. Designers can easily swap out color presets that pair up nicely with a single click.

When SEO Image is Important

Traffic is the target of SEO efforts, and images play a significant role as most of the population is mainly visual. If a channel allows SEO as a traffic-generation strategy, then this tool works great. Alt text for an image is vital to get that photo ranking. Coming up with this is time-consuming, and RelayThat also takes that away from the task pipeline. 

RelayThat Plans & Pricing

All the above benefits and more come with a price. Startups, nonprofits, or brands can take the plan that better suits their needs. There is no free trial for this service. However, given the standard of service offered, they believe no such trial is necessary. The purchase of this tool might feel like hiring a group of designers dedicated to the company’s imagery and social outreach.

There are two paid plans available—the Pro monthly subscription for a single license and an Enterprise account for larger brands. 

The Monthly Pro License Plan

This $25/month subscription is best for a one-person army or a pair of hard-working entrepreneurs. 

Features included:

  • 20 projects
  • Unlimited image downloads
  • Space for two members
  • One brand portal
  • All the other features such as SmartLayouts, Image SEO Automation, and One Click Resize/Remix


  • Competitive price
  • Allows seamless collaboration
  • Most features available for Enterprise subscriptions are available
  • Processing time and customer service is great


  • Only two people can work on a project at the same time
  • The 1-portal-only functionality will limit the number of brands that can be handled

The Enterprise License Plan 

Larger companies with more members need more robust equipment and features that can work across several users. This is the purpose of the Enterprise license. The cost of the Enterprise license is not disclosed on the page since it can be customized to the size of the company requesting it. 

Features included:

  • Unlimited workspaces for projects
  • Team members allowed will depend on the size of the company and can be adjusted
  • Multiple Portals
  • Everything else included in the Pro license


  • Highly customizable plan
  • Flexible rates
  • Branded sign-in pages
  • Collaboration within a large team
  • Data integration


  • The price tag can still be a bit high for medium-sized corporations
  • More customization is still needed; however, that seems to be on the works
  • For large companies, it might represent a risky investment as some designer might wish to ger more granular about the designs instead of merely applying what is thrown into the mix.

Price and Key Features Comparison Table

The decision on whether to choose the Pro or Enterprise license largely depends on the size of the company. Features present in each plan are pretty straightforward, making the decision relatively easy. 

Feature Pro Plan Enterprise Plan
Monthly Price $25 Varies
Unlimited Number of Projects No Yes
Unlimited Image Downloads Yes Yes
Countless Team Members Number No Yes
One-Click Resize/Remix Yes Yes
Over 3 Million Images Yes Yes
Uploading Custom Fonts Yes Yes
Color & Font inspiration Yes Yes
Image SEO Automation Yes Yes
Headline Generator Yes Yes
Over 2000 Smart Layouts Yes Yes
Multiple Brand Portals No Yes

Terms and Conditions

Once subscribed to the monthly subscription, subscribers are bound to it for the duration of the billing cycle. No refund will take place if the user decides to opt-out before the billing cycle ends. 

There seems to be no annual fee, but most probably, Enterprise will provide that as an option. Once the deal is closed, users have access to all resources provided by RelayThat. If the user suspends the monthly subscription, the login will be suspended until the client decides to renew. If a user suspends the service, they can download all of their work before losing access. 

As a company, RelayThat offers to protect the company’s confidentiality, making it only accessible to those members in a corporation that need access to it. There is no issue here, according to reviews from past and current clients.

Privacy Policy

A subscription does not grant the company permission to publish personal data or use it for publicity purposes. 

There appears to be no privacy note addressing some concerns that users might have in the reviews. However, the company is bound to privacy policies from the location of its headquarters. This means that they are all about protecting the client’s privacy and not disclosing private information to third parties.

Any information placed in the app will never be published or used for the interests of third parties. Users can rest assured that private details of their businesses will remain confidential, and it will never be attribution of RelayThat to disclose or publish such info.

One will expect then that this information is not stored within the service. There is no review or comment on this matter. 

Refund Policy

The website does not feature any refund policy. It is good practice to contact the team before making a purchase. Some sites are so confident that their service will not glitch, they do not see fit to publish a refund policy. They will, however, consider a money-back guarantee if the client is not happy. Reviews do not mention any refund policy, either, so the best strategy is to contact them via email.  Certified partners have the option of making one purchase for RelayThat, each of which has its refund policy that should be considered as well. 

Customer Support

Despite being a relatively young service, it already has users counted by the thousands. This, of course, will limit the scope and response time of their customer support.  The following is a thorough detail on how clients can get in touch with customer support:


To this date, the service has not published any telephone numbers. Users hope that a line becomes available for them to take phone calls. RelayThat does not consider that matters regarding their service will require telephone interaction.


The company appreciates their support and is continually improving the site. In the case of a comment or inquiry, users can email at [email protected]

This is the email to which Enterprise licenses requests go through. They suggest that for Enterprise accounts or white labeling to include the number of subscriptions that might be needed or the reach of the audience for growth. 

Online Chat

An online chat is the closest to a telephone call due to the ease and rate of response. However, this option is not available at this time. There is a private Facebook group whose focus is only software announcements and user-to-user discussions.   

Support Center

RelayThat is not too active in their social media channels. YouTube has only one video dated from 2017, Instagram’s last post is from that year also, and their latest tweet is from 2019. 

So, there is no trusting those channels to get a response in the case of a comment or inquiry. The only support center is on their help page and via email. To this day, there are no other means of communication with the team. 

There are a few complaints about their customer service not being at par with the quality of the service. Core issues such as changing email addresses or switching modes take a while to get a response. 

Customers can get lifetime access through third parties, which will save them a lot of money. It is to be noted, though, that the response time of customer service is not that immediate. 

Quality of Service

As a brand management tool, RelayThat comes in handy to those with challenging graphic design skills. No such skills are needed as this service does all the heavy lifting. It is template-based, meaning that the app completes the major design choices to be made. Users only need to make minor adjustments. One of the things users love the most is the Resize/Remix option, which creates copies for every social network. 

The most outstanding value of RelayThat lies in time-saving and the ability to turn ideas into professional, SEO-integrated images for social media outreach. It turns difficult into simple.

Some glitches have been reported, especially when it comes to uploading media, but those appear to be isolated cases. 

Customer Types

The service is open to anyone seeking to improve the visual of their online presence. It creates stunning combinations of design, photos, and fonts to provide an outstanding appeal. 

Small Business

For small businesses, the Pro license provides the management of 5 brands or workspaces. With the option of having two users working on a project simultaneously, it is an optimal service that will prove its value sooner than later. 

Large Enterprises

The Enterprise option offers full access to all the benefits. There is no limit to the number of collaborators and workspaces. Large corporations dedicated to providing social media strategies for several companies (B2B) will find enormous value on this service. 

Medium Business

A medium business will be benefited from this service, especially if their area of service is solely social media marketing. Thanks to the fact that the Enterprise license is priced according to the size of the company, medium businesses can take advantage of the full service at a competitive cost. 


RelayThat is useful for anything related to graphic design, not only brand management. This opens up the possibilities of use for a freelancer, which will find great value in the investment. The time-saving aspect will prove to be a game-changer for solo workers.

RelayThat Pros & Cons

As with any other tools, there are significant benefits users might find but also some caveats. Overall, the service has proved to be efficient at saving time and generating traffic from visuals.



  • Easy to use
  • Time saver
  • Tons of pre-made templates
  • Easily adapts itself to all different social media channels
  • Professional-looking designs brand assets created only by putting quick data
  • Various alternatives for designers to pick from
  • The Resize/Remix option to adapt a design to several channels
  • Control over the designs is limited
  • Some loading issues but nothing unmanageable
  • For professional graphic designers, not being able to customize at pleasure can be frustrating
  • Steep learning curve
  • No AI file

Top 6 Best RelayThat Alternatives

If looking for a RelayThat alternative, the market offers many content creation software services to choose from. Here’s our list:

1. Canva

Canva allows users to create beautiful graphics for social media. No photoshop or design skills are needed to create lovely designs. It is seamless and easy to use and provides a library of thousands of designs and elements to choose from. 

2. Inkscape

This software is primarily used to create vector imagery. It is a free open source and works for Linux, Windows, and macOS. Inkscape allows designers to create all types of artistic and technical illustrations easily. 


The GNU Image Manipulation Program is an image editor available for Linux and Windows. It is a free open source software, ideal for illustrators, graphic designers, and photographers. Users can change their source code and distribute such changes. This is a suite of sophisticated tools to create professional imagery.  

4. PicMonkey

A photo-editing and design tool specially designed for social media images and logos. Essentially, this is a photo editing service that provides all the essential services to create eye-catching designs for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Its focus is to help users create and improve their brand through images. 

5. BeFunky

A creative platform with all the essentials to edit photos pretty quickly. No photoshop or design skills are needed for this one. The software includes hundreds of customizable templates and designs for social media and millions of stock photos. 

6. Piktochart

A visual communication solution that offers the needed software for infographics, presentations, graphics, and prints. It is ideal for creating all sorts of media, such as templates, data charts, etc. Companies can also use this tool to create flyers and posters. 

RelayThat Alternatives Comparison Table

Service Monthly Subscription Free Trial Design Skills Needed Full Access Team Access Open Source Photo Edition
1. RelayThat $25 No No Yes No No No
2. Canva $9.95 Yes No Yes No No No
3. Inkscape Free Yes Yes No Yes Yes
4. GIMP Free Yes Yes No Yes Yes
5. PicMonkey $7.99 Yes No Yes No No Yes
6. BeFunky $6.99 No No Yes No No Yes
7. Piktochart $24.17 Yes Yes Yes No No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is There a Freemium Version or a Free Trial of RelayThat?

    They used to have a freemium version, but that was removed some months ago. The reason for this is that they believe that the service is so good that nobody will want to regret their purchase. Plus, they claim that most people opted to purchase the software before their free trial even ended. It might be a good idea to contact them if there are any concerns about a refund policy.

  • Does RelayThat Work on Mobile Devices?

    RelayThat is a desktop tool that works best with Google Chrome. At this time, there is no mobile app available. The site is not optimized to work on a browser on the small screen, either.

  • Is RelayThat a Good Design Tool?

    The answer to this one perhaps rests on the type of designer and particular needs. The software has a lot of pre-made templates with the photos and designs available. This is good if one has little to none graphic design skills. Overall, users seem satisfied with the results they are getting with RelayThat. So, whatever issue might be present; it does not overshadow the fact that this tool is cost-effective.

To Sum it All Up

The uniqueness of RelayThat rests on the fact that, unlike other services, it takes away the hard work of putting graphics together. It is straightforward, and users only need to put in the font, photos, logos, and colors.

This is beautiful for people with little to no graphic design or photoshopped skills. However, a skilled graphic designer might find it frustrating that they cannot customize some more.

If the plan is to make excellent graphics for websites and social media without the hassle of putting vectors together and coding, this is the perfect tool. Leave your comments or questions below.

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