Sellbrite Review: How Efficient Are E-Commerce Platforms?

Sellbrite Review: How Efficient Are E-Commerce Platforms?
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  • Pro 500: $79/mo

  • Pro 2k: $179/mo

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Sellbrite Review: In-Depth

Sellbrite creates a platform where small and medium scale enterprises can effectively manage their online business. It offers features ranging from order and catalog control, analytics, and many more. This aids enterprises to monitor their business growth. It enables companies to ship their goods to various buyers effectively.

This review provides information about the history,  use,  mode of operation, and services rendered. It also details the experience of its customers. As a result, individuals, agencies, and organizations can foresee if the software will yield significant results in 2023 or not live up to expectations.

Key Features

  • Multichannel order management
  • Channel flexibility
  • Catalog control
  • Report generation
  • Online hands-on assistance service
  • Order optimization
  • Easy CSV import/export
  • Multichannel listings
  • Multiple accounts management
  • Product training

Sellbrite Review: Background Information

Sellbrite Background Information

The software company provides a multichannel E-commerce solution for enterprises to effectively manage their business. Brian Nolan and Michael Ugino found it in 2013. Their headquarters is situated in the Greater Los Angeles Area, Pasadena, California. It has an estimated number of 43 employees currently.

Over thousands of customers make use of the platform for their e-commerce needs currently. On the 10th of April 2019, GoDaddy acquired the company to launch cross-market tools and expand its operations. Leadership-wise, Co-founder Brian Nolan leads presently as the CEO of the company.

  • Type of company: Private
  • Total funding:$2.8 M

Service Features

The software enables enterprises to manage the business and control their database effortlessly. It provides a wide range of tools and automation to simplify tallying and optimize sales reports. This review presents a description of the service.

Inventory Management

This solution enhances the efficient utilization of commodities. It assists in the proper coordination of business operations and distribution. It also enables effective cost optimization.

  • Warehouse management
  • Analytics
  • Multichannel management

Inventory Control

This feature aids in overseeing goods storage, classification, replenishment, and tracking. It sends a notification when a commodity stock starts to deplete to prevent shortages.

  • Cost tracking
  • Catalog tracking
  • Item management

Multichannel E-commerce

This tool helps the enterprise to increase its market exposure and reach out to more buyers. In turn, they are able to guarantee better sales. Also, it creates channels for goods purchase and payment.

  • SEO management
  •  Order management
  •  Marketplace integration

Features in Detail

Sellbrite, as a platform, offers its catalog-management tools to its customers to ensure business growth and profitability. This review explores these tools and the roles they play in delivering efficient services to the site’s customers.

Bulk List Products

Sellbrite Bulk List Products

The software aids in managing product listings and details by the item titles. It enhances its SEO friendliness to increase commodity awareness in popular sales platforms, e.g., eBay, and rank well in the search engine index.

Listing Management

The software allows customers to automate tallying and cataloging across all sales channels. Thereby, the stress of manually updating the items is eliminated. Aside from this, it improves product ranking in search engines.

Inventory Management

Through its tools, Sellbrite enables small and medium scale enterprises to manage inventory quantity. It ensures accurate record-keeping, as well as saves time by automating catalog documentation and sales reports.

FBA Inventory Management

The platform helps to manage the catalog, packaging, shipping, and product delivery on the Amazon marketplace. It facilitates the timely supply of commodities to generate positive reviews. Furthermore, it explores the use of the Amazon marketplace to create item awareness.

Multi-Warehouse Automation

The site helps to efficiently manage the stockpile of products across various warehouses.  It channels the movement of goods between them. Lastly, it provides access to real-time data on different stocks on online marketplaces such as eBay and Shopify. Clients looking forward to automating their enterprises in 2023 can use this software.

Print Shipping labels

The software aids in creating customized commodity tags to facilitate onward delivery to buyers. This feature enhances the image of the enterprise. At the same time, it aids item identification and tagging.

Product Shipping Management

The platform helps to manage shipping options for commodity distribution effectively. It assists in organizing the shipping carts on Amazon and eBay platforms. Integration with third-parties such as ShipStation and other marketplaces ensures efficient product tracking and delivery.

Drag & Drop Multi-Warehouse Support

Sellbrite Drag & Drop

The drag and drop feature aids the movement of commodities from one warehouse to another with just a single click. The site monitors product stock in the warehouses. It makes its platform more customer-friendly.

Automated Sales Report Generation

The software enables enterprise managers to monitor their sales performance. It helps plan efficient tactics and provides forecasting insights.  Additionally, the platform offers useful information on proper marketing techniques to attract more sales.


Integration assists in proper synchronization of data across websites. The site’s integration feature helps manage sales and create an online presence of members on popular marketplaces. This feature has helped boost software reviews.

Some of them are:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Wal-Mart
  • Google’ Shopping
  • Sears
  • Newegg
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • ShipStation

Sellbrite Plans and Pricing

Sellbrite Plans and Pricing

Sellbrite offers various packages for small and medium scale enterprises. It has a free plan that has limited components. Payments for the packages are renewed monthly or annually. More details are provided below.

Forever Free Plan

This plan is free for any customer for as long as possible. However, it is quite limited. It only allows sellers to manage up to 30 orders per month. The plan doesn’t include any add-ons.


  • The package is free for use
  • The chat service is enabled
  • The number of integrated sales channels are unlimited
  • The numbers of SKUs are unlimited
  • Integration with online marketplaces


  • The orders are limited to about 30 monthly
  • Phone service is unavailable

PRO 100 Plan

This package is suitable for small and medium scale enterprises. It has an optional FBA integration add-on, which costs an additional $19. It allows clients to manage up to 100 orders per month. This plan includes new and advanced features, e.g., phone service.


  • It provides an  efficient chat support system
  • API access
  • Faster catalog sync frequency
  • Allows integration with app stores
  • It automates sales report generation


  • Phone service is not included
  • It is only limited to 100 orders monthly

PRO 500 Plan

This package is suitable for medium and large scale enterprises. It has features ranging from API access, product variation, listings, etc. It allows the customer to manage up to 500 orders per month. The phone service component is introduced in this package.


  • Phone service is accessible
  • Efficient e-commerce management
  • It allows up to 500 orders monthly
  • Order routing and splitting
  • Multi-warehouse functionalities


  • The package is quite expensive
  • It doesn’t include the FBA integration add-on

Pro 2K Plan

It’s the best and most expensive package. It is best suited for large scale businesses. This plan can accommodate over 2000 orders per month. It allows the client to receive synced sales reports on the go. The package also provides for efficient warehouse control.


  • Up to 2000 orders monthly
  • Listing optimization functionality
  • It enables product variations
  • Customized warehouse tagging functionalities
  • Product tracking


  • It is unaffordable for small scale enterprises
  • This option does not offer unlimited orders for large scale enterprises

Price and Key Features Comparison Table

The platform offers a variety of packages depending on the size of the enterprise. These packages have their corresponding features and prices. However, medium to large scale businesses have access to premium benefits with the PRO 2K plan.  Below is a comprehensive table of its different categories of prices and main features.

Forever Free PRO 100 PRO 500 PRO 2K
Monthly Pricing $0 $29 $79 $179
# of Orders 30 100 500 2000
Chat Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi Warehouse Capabilities

Yes Yes Yes Yes
API access No Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support No No Yes Yes
Listing Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes
Selective Stock Push Yes Yes Yes Yes
App store Partner Integrations No Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
ShipStation Integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Order Routing and Splitting Yes Yes Yes Yes

Sellbrite for Shopify

This is an extension of the original software. It offers seamless integration of the members’ products to the Shopify marketplace. Doing this eliminates the errors that occur due to workflow changes and enables the inventory’s efficient maintenance.

Sellbrite Sellbrite for Shopify
Pricing $29 $19
Chat Support Yes Yes
Listing Manager Yes Yes
Auto-Import Products From Shopify No Yes
Phone Support No No
Multi Warehouse Capabilities Yes Yes
Product Variations Yes Yes
FBA Integration Add-on Yes No

Sellbrite for Shopify Plans

This software offers a variety of options for enterprises. It provides a free plan which allows only 30 orders per month. It has options ranging from the PRO 100 package, which is limited to only 100 orders per month, the  PRO 500 plan for medium scale enterprise, which is limited to 500 orders per month, and the PRO 2K option, which allows  2000 orders monthly.

Forever Free PRO 100 PRO 500 PRO 2K
Price $0/mo $19/mo $59/mo $99/mo
Catalog and Price Sync Frequency Every 2 hours Every 15 minutes Every 15 minutes Every 15 minutes
Listing Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multichannel Inventory Control Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support No No Yes Yes
Customer Chat  Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Listing Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes

Terms and Conditions

The agreement states both parties’ roles (GoDaddy and the client) in securing the data of a customer. It discloses that the user is responsible for personal security. Thus the site can’t be held liable for any damage resulting from unauthorized access to members’ accounts.

The terms disclose that GoDaddy reserves the right to delete the user account if irregularities are spotted. Consequently, the breach of the agreement by any of the parties will lead to the contract’s termination.

Privacy Policy

The site only collects the personal information needed to deliver items and to ensure proper communication. It may also share data with trusted third-parties that are its partners. Simultaneously, a customer’s details could be disclosed to the government and law enforcement agencies if need be.

However, its representatives may contact subscribers first regarding consent to sharing and the use of such information. This policy complies with existing regulations governing the client’s locality.

Refund Policy

The company has a strict refund policy. It doesn’t offer a refund for renewal for both monthly and annual subscribers. Clients are free to opt-out of their contracts by canceling their packages anytime.

Customer Support

The site provides a range of channels to attend to the needs and complaints of its clients. Aside from their physical address, they provide services such as Live Q and A, FAQs, and articles to aid understanding. More information regarding this is provided below.


Errors and glitches might occur during the use of the platform’s services. The support center has a dedicated email address, which a customer can use to make requests and lodge complaints. At the same time, interested buyers and clients can contact Sellbrite by sending an email to [email protected].

Support Center

Sellbrite offers live chat assistance to its clients. It usually provides common FAQs, live Q&A, and video guides to aid easy site setup.  These materials provide detailed information that its members can use to understand its services.

Quality of Service

The software has thousands of clients and replies to hundreds of them daily through its online support team. According to previous reviews, the software had a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. It has a track record of user-friendliness and ease of use for small businesses. Some reviewers described it as reliable, well synced, and time-saving.

However, this wasn’t the opinion of all reviewers. Some people gave the software negative reviews because of its subscription prices and frequency of updates. These reviews have helped the software to improve and optimize its service delivery.

Sellbrite Pros and Cons

Sellbrite has been used and reviewed by a lot of customers. While many enjoyed the tools, others experienced dissatisfaction. Some of its pros and cons are listed below.



  • Good customer support service.
  • It offers efficient catalog management.
  • It integrates enterprises to online marketplaces.
  • Efficient e-commerce management.
  • It is user friendly.
  • It provides an efficient communication platform.
  • Efficient sales report generation.
  • Expensive packages
  • Time delay
  • Errors during uploading
  • Non-refundable policy

Sellbrite Alternatives

Many companies provide customers with features and services that are similar to Sellbrite. This review gives an insight into the most popular of them below.

Zoho Inventory: All-in-One Tool

Zoho Social Media Analytics
Zoho Inventory tool provides an online platform where a customer easily automates business integration. Its other features include catalog and order control, and many more. The service also automates customers’ inventory across platforms like Amazon and Shopify.

Ecomdash: King of Automation

Ecomdash Main
Ecomdash is an American e-commerce website that automates businesses. It has grown to integrate sellers to popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Users can also use the software to manage their inventory and provide sales forecasting.

Cin7: Value-Oriented Tool

Cin7 Main
This platform offers a fully integrated inventory system for online sellers. Cin7 provides any customer with an all-in-one software containing shipping management, 3PL, and warehousing control tools. It also works with Amazon and eBay.

Brightpearl: Customized Just for You

Brightpearl Main
Brightpearl is an English company that offers a platform where online retailers can manage sales and catalog. Its features include CRM, inbuilt POS systems, accounting tools, and many more. Additionally, the software enables the user to monitor sales and retail operations through its retail feature.

Selleractive: Top Software for Medium-Scale Enterprises

SellerActive Main
The platform provides services ranging from tallying optimization and FBA integration. It enables sales forecasting, shipment management to complement the organizational efforts of enterprises. Its oversell protection feature prevents its users from incurring losses. It also integrates with Amazon and Shopify.

Service Alternatives Pricing & Features Comparison

Sellbrite Zoho Inventory Ecomdash Cin7 SellerActive Brightpearl
Base Plan Monthly Pricing $29 $39 $60 $299 $79 custom
Multichannel Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warehouse Management Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Integrations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chat Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inventory Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
POS No No Yes Yes No No
Shipping Management Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Payment System Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Low Stock Alerts No No Yes No No Yes
CRM Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
API Access No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sales/Marketing Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes

FAQ Section

  • How Does Sellbrite Work?

    It’s a multichannel platform that enables the client to monitor purchase and commodity tallying. The software has a lot of features on their website that allows members to manage their enterprises. Firstly, it has the product tab feature, which the seller can use to edit an item description.

    Within the listings tab, multiple business channels are integrated into the marketplace. The site also has the reports tab where subscribers can access the breakdown of business and catalog reports.

  • How to Get Started With Sellbrite?

    To get started, a person can open an account to access the sales channels. Also, the individual should have stock keeping units for their products. This would help identify every commodity sold. Furthermore, the person should use an item catalog. After that, the account can go live.

Is Sellbrite Worth It?

Sellbrite has over seven years of experience in business integration and catalog optimization. With time, the site has continued to update its tools to enhance sales and improve its subscribers’ efficiency. Subscription-wise, it also has a range of packages that are suited for all types of businesses and their needs.

The software provides specialized products and add-on integrations to help its customers optimize commodity distribution and sales. Lastly, top reviews revealed that the majority of users feel satisfied with their services.

Are you interested in using this platform in 2023, or you have any beneficial information about it? Feel free to indicate in the comment section below.

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