Sendinblue Review: Let Verity Do The Talking

Sendinblue Review: Let Verity Do The Talking
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Sendinblue Review: In-Depth

Sendinblue creates an avenue where businesses find it easy to engage their customers. The site provides a host of services, which range from email and SMS marketing to client relationship management and more. This way, it can aid enterprises to scale and expand easily.

This review details vast information about the history, operations, and products of the service. Alongside its digital offerings, it also looks at experiences with users. As a result, individuals, agencies, and organizations can foresee if the software will yield a great result or cut off their expectations.

Key Features

The site contains numerous tools to aid businesses boost sales and engagement. It is designed to allow users to express creativity as they use these technologies at any time. Here are some of its core offerings.

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Chat
  • CRM
  • Automation
  • Transaction Email
  • Segmentation
  • Landing Pages
  • Signup Forms
  • Facebook Ads
  • Retargeting
  • Open and Click-through Reports

Sendinblue Review: Background Information

Sendinblue Background Information
The software company provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for relationship marketing. It was founded in 2007 by Armand Theberge and Kapil Sharma. Its headquarters are located in Paris, which stands home to the customer service, product, and technical teams. It has four offices globally, which are located in Paris, Delhi, Seattle, and Berlin, alongside an estimated team of 250 employees.

On 31st of January 2019, Sendinblue teamed up with Newsletter2go (Berlin-based competitor) to expand its operations. Co-CEOs, Armand Thiberge, and Mickael Arias currently lead the company.

  • Type of company: Private
  • Total funding: $197.7M

Service Features

The website summarises its function in three hot-words: Grow, Sell, and Engage. To this end, it provides a wide variety of tools to aid customers in achieving the best levels of productivity. This review presents a comprehensive outlook into the various products Sendinblue uses to optimize its service delivery.

Email Marketing

The service offers subscribers an opportunity to communicate effectively with their customers through beautifully designed emails. It applies relevant products that help members create and catchy, as well as professional marketing messages. Also, it promotes efficient coordination of communication channels with its segmentation and management technologies.

  • A/B Testing
  • Auto-Responders
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Dynamic Content
  • Event-Triggered Email
  • Image Library
  • Landing Pages/Web Forms
  • List Management
  • Mobile Optimized Emails
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Subscriber Management
  • Template Management
  • WYSIWYG Email Editor

Campaign Management

Campaigns are essential marketing instruments today. They support businesses to send messages to as many customers without much stress. Hence, this website gives individuals an efficient means of monitoring their campaigns.

  • SMS campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Contact Database
  • Channel management
  • Automation
  • Segmentation
  • Statistics and Analytics tools

Email Management

This tool ensures that members enjoy a hassle-free management experience. It deals with the storage, organization, and retrieval of customers’ addresses. This unit also collaborates with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) section of the website to assist subscribers to provide personalized experience for their clients.

  • Contact management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Contact segmentation
  • Contact database
  • Subscriber management
  • Email monitoring

Marketing Automation

Sendinblue Marketing Automation
This software also works as a personal assistant. It aids subscribers with some low-priority tasks so they can achieve more in less time. The system works by using a unique flowchart. It serves as a map to direct automatic response systems that are based on the customer’s activities. Therefore, owners can maintain interactions with customers as they send quick and pre-designed emails.

  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Customizable CTAs
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Dynamic Content
  • Landing Pages/Web Forms
  • Automated workflow system
  • Lead Scoring
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Search Marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Social Marketing
  • Website Visitor Tracking

Transactional Email

Sendinblue Transactional Email
Transactional emailing is a way that companies communicate with their clients when making a transaction. The purpose of this channel is to facilitate an easy and fast purchase. Thus, businesses use various quick response strategies to attend to customers’ needs. Some of these methods include the use of templates.

  • A/B Testing
  • Contact Database
  • Dynamic Content
  • Email Monitoring
  • List Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Spam Check
  • Template Management

Features in Detail

Sendinblue is designed to provide the best marketing solutions to its clients. Thus, it exhibits a robust toolbox to drive sales, amplify their capacity, and boost returns on investment. The site also displays a user-friendly interface to accommodate users at extreme ends of the digital divide. The following segment of this review takes a deep dive into its main technologies.

Web Designer

This tool allows subscribers to send beautiful and personalized emails and promotions to suit their customers’ tastes. It also offers a pool of ready-made templates and custom designs for fast and efficient operation. Moreso, it allows users to test their designs and proof-read their messages before sending them to their target audience.

Transactional Messaging

This is an important feature that the service offers. It promotes 2-way communication between businesses and their contacts. This way, enterprises can quickly and efficiently attend to their clients’ needs. The types of messages usually featured here are customers’ orders, delivery reviews, receipts, support requests, complaints, and feedback.

Contact Administration

The contact administration resource aids proper data management. It allows enterprises to store, organize, and retrieve contact information with ease.

So, reps can achieve a personalized experience with each client, regardless of the business size.

Campaign Record

Campaign messaging is a highly demanded service on the site. This is because it allows subscribers to measure how well their promotions are performing. They have access to products that allow them to track as well as categorize their campaigns so they can be aware of what is working and what is not.

Marketing Mechanization

This feature helps marketers to have a better promotions experience. Subscribers can attend only top priority issues while the system automatically handles the rest. It works hand in hand with some other programs like scheduling, segmentation, and automation technology for optimum performance.

A/B Testing

This resource is an experience research technology that helps to promote efficiency. It allows individuals to compare two campaign templates and choose the best before sending them out to customers. It also grants subscribers the opportunity to look out for other attributes such as visual appeal, message quality, choice of words, etc.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM performs the secretarial duties of the entire software. It contains a centralized contact profile that helps users to store, organize, and retrieve data. It also holds information on clients’ preferences, transaction history, and registration information. Thus, it serves as a necessary tool to maintain a solid relationship with old and existing customers.

Sign-Up Forms

Sendinblue helps businesses to create attractive and eye-catchy sign-up forms. The contact information gathered here then helps to create personalized relationships with visitors. Some benefits that clients enjoy while using this tool are:

  • The website allows them to design their signup forms.
  • They can place the forms wherever they wish
  • The site makes sure that the contact database is GDPR-compliant (totally secure).

Lead Capture Pages

This method of advertisement helps members to attract more customers into patronizing their services. It offers visitors enticing gifts in exchange for their contact information. It is often displayed on social media platforms, campaigns, search engines, high-quality articles, or affiliate accounts to effectively increase advertisement.

SMS Merchandising

Most people check their emails just a few times per day. Thus, it may not be an efficient method to pass urgent and time-sensitive messages. This product allows individuals to send these messages directly to their clients’ phones. This way, there is a higher chance that the texts will be read within the required time-frame.

Facebook Ads

Sendinblue Facebook Ads
This is a common method of advertising today. It works by displaying ads to numerous Facebook users. When a person clicks these ads, it redirects the visitor to the company’s website. This method of advertising helps businesses to promote their brands to a large number and category of people. The widget can also target specific clients based on their recent web activities.


This feature helps businesses to boost their customer support services. It achieves this by helping businesses to connect with their customers in real-time. Another important characteristic of the software, according to reviews, is its simplicity. This, alongside speed and efficiency, makes it a preferred choice among other customer support options.


This is a paid promotions scheme that helps businesses to close more customers and convert potentials into subscribers. This scheme assists businesses to display ads to everyone who visits their site without making a purchase. More so, the system sends personalized ads to visitors based on their activities on the site. Thus, a mere website visit becomes an opportunity to sell more.


Integration helps members enjoy a seamless experience while on the website. It works by allowing people to connect third-party applications to Sendinblue’s services. This way, they can use its tools on all their campaign operations.

Some popular apps the software integrates with are:

  • Riddle quiz maker
  • 10 to 8 online booking
  • Facebook offline
  • Google forms
  • Twitter lead ads
  • Microsoft office 365
  • Planyo online booking
  • Zendesk sell
  • Google analytics
  • Linkedin lead gen forms

Sendinblue Plans and Pricing

Sendinblue Plans and Pricing
Sendinblue offers various plans for individuals and businesses. It has a free package but with extremely limited capabilities available. It also contains upgraded plans which provide more and better tools than the preceding one. More details about these plans are provided below.

Free Plan

This package offers free services to subscribers. However, it contains only a small amount of features. It allows subscribers to send out 9,000 emails per month. It also provides users the opportunity to hold as many contacts as they wish.


  • The package is free for use
  • CRM is available to manage clients’ leads
  • Clients can run Facebook ads campaigns
  • Personalized templates are available
  • Chat is enabled


  • Unavailability of landing page builder
  • Capabilities are very limited

Lite Plan

This subscription package is best for start-ups and small-scale businesses. The plan offers no limits to the number of contacts a subscriber can hold. It also provides unlimited outbound messages per day. Despite this, the package can only allow a maximum of 100,000 messages per month.


  • Email designer is easy to use
  • There are pre-set templates to choose from
  • Contains embedded chat widget
  • Allows integration with external apps
  • Quick delivery rates of transactional mails


  • Some of its objectives are too straight forward
  • Account setup may be complex

Premium Plan

This package is an excellent option for medium-scale businesses and individuals with large audiences. The plan allows businesses to send up to 1,000,000 emails.


  • Subscribers can build custom forms to collect and gather leads
  • High delivery rates of transactional emails
  • Automation templates are based on the campaign objective
  • Presence of automation technology for promotions
  • Availability of ad retargeting


  • The chat widget is not comprehensive
  • There is no option for forms

Enterprise Plan

This is the best and most expensive plan of Sendinblue’s series. The package description highlights sophisticated tools like SAML, priority support, and customer success managers. It also makes it possible for subscribers to have more than 10 users and 20 landing pages per account. This plan is best suitable for large enterprises and marketers with more advanced needs.


  • Offers SMS campaigns
  • Responsive design templates are available
  • Offers transactional and autoresponder email options
  • A dedicated customer success manager
  • Unlimited landing page builders


  • Templates are limited
  • Account set-up can be complicated

Price and Key Features Comparison Table

The website offers a variety of plans which attract corresponding features and pricing. This caters to the need of all customers from start-up ventures to large-scale businesses. Below is a comprehensive table of its different categories of prices and main technologies.

Free Lite Premium Enterprise
Pricing $0/mo $25/mo $65/mo By Quote
Marketing Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transactional Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contacts Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support and Integrations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landing Pages No No Yes Yes
Facebook & Retargeting Ads No No Yes Yes
Priority Sending No No No Yes
Multi-User Access No No Yes Yes
SSO No No Yes Yes

Terms and Conditions

The agreement states the roles of both parties (Sendinblue and the client) in securing the user’s data. It expressly discloses that users are responsible for ensuring personal account security. Thus, the platform isn’t liable for any loss incurred by unauthorized access.

The document also mandates that individuals operate within the laws governing communication in their region. This encompasses respect for intellectual property and avoidance of plagiarism. Consequently, the breach of the agreement by any of the parties will lead to the termination of the contract.

Privacy Policy

The website only collects data that is necessary for the proper user experience. It does not transfer personal data to third parties without the express consent of its members. Hence, it is committed to providing its services in compliance with the applicable law and regulations. The agreement also allows the site to delete incomplete, false, or outdated data from its storage.

Users with concerns can contact the team at the email address: [email protected] or through a letter to the company headquarters.

Refund Policy

Sendinblue has a strict refund policy. It does not provide a refund for unused credits for monthly subscribers. However, annual subscribers can contact customer service agents to request refunds. They can do this by sending a message to reps at the email address: [email protected]

Customer Support

Sendinblue Customer Support
Sendinblue offers different levels of customer support to attend to its subscribers. Alongside the provision of messaging contacts, the site also offers resources like articles, video guides, and FAQs to assist users with whatever problem they may encounter. More information is given below.


There are no official numbers for their customer services. Rather, it provides a contact form on their website. However, according to its social media profiles, the site can be contacted on +1 844-744-2639.


As customers use the available services, various issues and errors may arise. The support center has a dedicated email address that receives queries and requests from clients. Visitors, subscribers, and partners who wish to contact Sendinblue can do so by sending a message to [email protected]

Online Chat

The website does not offer live-chat customer service. This is a big down score. However, it provides a widget where customers can send in complaints. The customer service agent will then send a reply to the complainant’s address.

Help Center

Sendinblue offers round-the-clock support to customers through the help center. It provides FAQs, articles, and video guides to address popular queries of its members. These materials provide detailed information supported by a lot of graphical and picture references. So, they are more understandable.

Quality of Service

Sendinblue has over 80,000 users and sends 100 million emails per day. According to a past review, the software has an average rating of 4 stars out of 5. So, its track record mainly affirms its credibility and efficiency. Some reviewers described it as a great value for small businesses. However, few people also had unsatisfactory feedback to give. Some individuals scored the site 1 star out of 5. They claimed that the support for premium users is inexistent.

Customer Types

The variety of packages and features makes the website’s services accessible to all businesses and individuals. So, this review gives an insight into the different types of individuals and organizations that can take advantage of the service in 2024.

Small Business

Sendinblue caters to the needs of start-up ventures and one-off individuals. It provides plans to cater to the needs of start-ups and small businesses. Such low-end plans are free service and lite packages. These plans are adequately embellished with features to suit their needs. However, as the business expands, entrepreneurs will be expected to upgrade to higher plans.

Large Enterprises

Large enterprises usually have corresponding high marketing needs. The site adequately provides tools needed to satisfy those needs. It provides enterprise and premium plans to help businesses meet their promotional goals. More importantly, these packages are not only adequate but also affordable.

Medium Business

The medium-scale ventures are characterized by high growth and expansion rate. This website has a robust toolbox to help support the scope of the growing business. The premium plan is the best fit for this category of business. It contains rights tools such as email analytics, automation, etc. that help drive innovation and development.


Freelancers are also encouraged to capitalize on the site’s features. They can create better and more professional communication channels. The site helps to get their messages to their contacts swiftly and effectively. The analytics tools are also available for record and statistics purposes.

Sendinblue Pros and Cons

Sendinblue’s services have had numerous reviews from businesses and individuals. While some have lauded its offerings, others have the opposite to say. Here are some of its pros and cons.



  • Affordable pricing of packages
  • Great contact management
  • Access to multi-user
  • Good email template support
  • Access to documented API
  • Access to webhooks for events
  • Customer support is poor
  • The site may be difficult to set up

Service Alternatives

There are many platforms that provide users with features and pricing that are similar to Sendinblue. This review gives an insight into the most popular of them below.

Mailchimp: Newsletter Tool to Email Giant

BombBomb MailChimp Alternatives
Mailchimp is American marketing automation and email merchandising service. It was founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and has grown tremendously to become a global brand over the decade. Today, Mailchimp is among the fastest-growing in the promotion industry with the introduction of unconventional products like website design and hosting.

Constant Contact: Top Software for Small Businesses

Aweber Constant Contact Alternatives
Constant Contact is one of the old players in the promotions industry. Randy Parker found the company over two decades ago. In May 2010, it acquired NutshellMail, a free tool that enables users to monitor their social media account from their email. This was in a bid to further up its game and compete with fast-growing newbies. The site defines its distinctive quality as ‘smarter work’ for marketers.

MailerLite: Low Prices With High Value

Aweber Mailerlite Alternatives
Mailerlite offers email campaign solutions for all types of businesses. The company provides its customers with several easy-to-use technologies like content editors, simplified subscriber management systems, and campaign reports, and analytics. For individuals and organizations whose focus is on affordability, the platform is a good bet.

ActiveCampaign: Automation Taken up a Notch

ActiveCampaign is a platform for small to mid-sized businesses. It offers customer experience automation solutions that combine email management, promotion, and sales technologies, and other CRM categories. Together with wide integration capabilities, these mergers make the platform’s services not only top-grade but also economical.

AWeber: Flexible Digital Solutions

AWeber Alternatives
AWeber is an email promotion service provider with coverage of 100,000 small business clients in the world. Notwithstanding the industry or business size, the company helps its customers keep in touch with their customers using advanced and easy-to-use promotional tools. It offers a range of top standard technologies that include automation, analytics, and reporting.

GetResponse: The All-in-one Platform

Aweber GetResponse Alternatives
GetResponse helps entrepreneurs build targeted subscriber lists. It does this through video emails, follow-up campaigns, and high-impact newsletters. It also offers features like funneling, responsive design, etc. According to a past report, the platform is particularly excellent when it comes to its automation services.

Service Alternatives Pricing & Features Comparison

It can be difficult for new subscribers to determine the differences between the several software services available. Hence, an all-inclusive table that highlights the price and other major components of these sites is given below.

Sendinblue Mailchimp Constant Contact Mailerlite ActiveCampaign AWeber GetResponse
Base Plan Monthly Pricing $25 $9.99 $20 $100 $9 $15.15 $15
Email Marketing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Campaign Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transactional Email Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
A/B Testing Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
CRM Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sign-up Forms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landing Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
SMS Marketing Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Facebook and Retargeting ads Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

FAQ Section

  • Is Sendinblue Any Good?

    According to past reviews, the user experience on the platform is encouraging. Its services are also easy to access and put to good use. This feedback, alongside a long list of innovative tools, concludes that Sendinblue is an excellent accomplice for businesses and individuals.

  • Is Sendinblue a CRM?

    The site is a relationship marketing industry. CRM is one of its functionalities. It allows individuals and organizations to have access to their customers and send messages in bulk. CRM can also track every customer’s interaction and keep their records safe.

  • Is Sendinblue free?

    The service offers a completely free subscription to help people get started. The free package comes with 9,000 emails per month and unlimited contacts. Aside from this, the site also has other pricing plans such as; Lite, which goes for $25/mo, premium, $65/mo, and enterprise, which is obtained by quote.

The Final Word

Sendinblue has close to a decade and a half of experience in the relationship marketing space. Over the years, the site has supplied users with several advanced tools to drive their promotional campaigns. Subscription-wise, it has different plans that can accommodate varying types of members and their needs.

Also, the site proffers different products alongside its routine offerings to help members have insight and access to its services. Lastly, top reviews in 2024 show that the majority of past purchasers are engraved with its products, among many other things.

Are you an existing subscriber or about to be one, and there is information you’d love to share with the public? Kindly indicate in the comment section of this review below.

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