ShippingEasy Review: The Ultimate Ecommerce Tool

ShippingEasy Review: The Ultimate Ecommerce Tool
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ShippingEasy Review: In-Depth

ShippingEasy helps combine orders and select the most favorable rates possible for businesses. With connections to a range of ecommerce platforms, it saves time and eases haulage in 2023. When goods are in transit, there’s always a long list of details to pay attention to. Orders go through processing before shipping to customers.

Then, inventories management and other aspects play out. This cloud-based tool seeks to solve this problem at a go. Streamlining the whole process for sellers is the goal.

ShippingEasy Key Features

Across all plans, some features are standard. Inventory and customer management services still come at a cost.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Multi-Channel sync
  • Inventory
  • Supplier management
  • Shipping labels
  • Reports
  • Alexa skill
  • International Shipping
  • Shipping Insurance (at a discount)
  • Shipping

ShippingEasy Review: Background Information

ShippingEasy About Us

ShippingEasy is a web-based platform founded in Sydney, Australia, in November 2011. The drive is to provide a simplified way of fulfilling orders online is the reason for. Seamless cargo processing, lowering operating costs and simplifying the entire process for ecommerce sellers.

The company’s headquarters is in Austin, Texas. The firm has between 51-200 employee sizes in 2023.

Principal Officers include:

  • Katie May (CEO)
  • Barry Cox (CTO)
  • Eric Youngstrom (SVP/Head of Business Development)
  • Todd Wilkens (CPO)

ShippingEasy Features

The various components on offer help customers track and manage their shipping logistics. These features are present irrespective of the plan subscribed to. In this review, they’ll be looked into in more detail.


ShippingEasy Shipping

This bit allows customers to check across carriers for rates and offers in real-time. Using the shipping calculator, customers also get to automate their order fulfillment processes.

  • Shipping(Air)
  • Shipping (Parcel)
  • Shipping (Freight)
  • Calculation of Shipment Pricing
  • Warehouse Management Services (overseeing storing logistics)
  • Shipment Tracking tool (in real-time)

Campaign Management

ShippingEasy helps to manage how reports go out to customers. The state of their goods and marketing are in view. Customers can then communicate with their buyers across all their platforms.

  • Email Marketing (allows marketing of goods)
  • Contact Database tool (Provides a list of customers’ details)
  • Event-Triggered Actions
  • Multi-Campaign platform (to market across the multiple platforms accessible)
  • Lead Management Services

Small Business

ShippingEasy also provides handy tools for small businesses. That is those who don’t ship too many goods. This offers a more coordinated management structure for transactions.

  • Promotions Management Service
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Order Management Platform (coordinate orders across platforms)
  • Inventory Management Services


One of the cardinal drives of ShippingEasy is to make shipping easier for sellers. So it’s attributes make it possible to do that.

  • Inventory Management Services
  • Multi-Store Management Tools (keep a tab on different stores)
  • Email Management Tools
  • Promotions Management Tools (promote products efficiently)
  • Management of Returns
  • Review Management Services

ShippingEasy Features: Get More Details

As is now evident, ShippingEasy seeks to create ease for the process of handling cargos. From orders to delivery and marketing. The platform provides not only more natural shipping methods but also simplicity. With interactive tools to help navigate through businesses, the job gets done in less time.

Easy Template Editing

ShippingEasy Easy Template Editing

Users can create custom templates for their marketing campaigns. It also has ready-made templates one could use right away.

The ease of editing and re-creating templates on the platform unlocks new potential. Users can now create or choose the perfect mail template in a few minutes. Its customizable HTML editor makes this possible. Preview makes it easy to see what the chosen model looks like on mobile.

Self-Automated Email Campaign Tool

ShippingEasy can use customer data to send automatic marketing emails to the intended customers. This is possible once an account is set up.

Get coupons on deals based on data available for items customers have bought. Get reviews for products and link them to the product’s page. Also, find buyers who haven’t purchased a particular product in a while. Try to woo them back via marketing tools. All these will run without the user’s input.

Request Products Review

ShippingEasy Request Products Review

The need for reviews goes without saying. This platform helps to get valuable info on products to allow one to make better decisions.

With its automation tools, users can ensure that buyers receive frequent review requests. This request can go out to customers at preset times. It could be once in a while or when they give orders, etc.

Highly Interactive Dashboard

This allows the company admin to check essential information on their mail marketing campaigns. At a glance and with no hassles, these details are convenient for viewing.

The amount of money a marketing effort earns is more accessible. On average, the latest trend is to see the general performance of email marketing. This tells a complete story about sales.

Shipping Logistics

The shipping calculator is a unique feature to look out for. It allows users to get info on rates in real-time. This means that one can make better decisions about prices. Which prices would be most reasonable, suiting set needs and the budget becomes more natural. Likewise, it allows one to automate the fulfillment processes for orders.

Multi-Channel Synchronization

This feature allows the control of sales on every platform in use. Overseeing orders in real-time, it also provides the use of CSV files to put up requests in bulk on the user’s account.

This makes managing all bookings for goods a lot easier, which is the whole essence of it.

Shipment Tracking Tool

ShippingEasy Tracking Tool

The shipment tracking feature is an essential aspect of the business, especially about customers with regards to delivery.

So not only can one track shipment to ensure that they get to buyers. Or that they are aware of how close or far they are to get the delivery of goods ordered. But it also allows one to send branded emails to those buyers. Their confidence in the company and the safety of the products begin to increase.

Order Management

So while handling the business, there may be a lot of orders. This means a lot of details that need attention.

The order management feature allows one to process many orders at once. It also permits one to print all the shipping labels if the need arises. Customer satisfaction is a lot more convenient and better to achieve this way.

Inventory Management

The inventory feature allows users to manage inventory across all channels in use.

It gives the user autonomy in setting the amounts of thresholds and alerts of stock at hand. So that users always have the products buyers need available.

Supplier Supervisory Management

This feature works hand in hand with an inventory. What it does is that it lets users create and manage the database of the suppliers. This is possible by assigning products to them on the software.

It also allows users to create buy orders on the interactive dashboard as well. Yet, it comes at an extra cost.

Reports Archive

ShippingEasy Reports Archive

It is essential to keep tabs on goods when they’re in transit.  This is to ensure the safety of products and consumer confidence. Practices like this allow users to know the state of their shipment.

The detail of the user interface is right on cue. There is a picture of the shipment and other forms of reporting on the products.

Shipping Label Printing

Once again, sellers can print out their labels for shipped goods on the go. This unique feature makes it all possible. This becomes useful once an order comes in for those goods using the instant label feature.

International Shipping Service

Sellers make use of this feature to create custom forms. These sorts of documents extend to shipments that cut across borders. The process is straightforward to set up. So create, automate, and track!

Alexa Skill Add-On

ShippingEasy Alexa Skill Add-On

Who says all the orders received must be in the form of text? Especially with Alexa on Amazon, hearing the order information has become more accessible.

Users can add an Alexa skill to hear order information. It also permits sending shipping labels through an Amazon Echo device.

Shipping Insurance

Users can buy the discounted shipping insurance for their goods; thus, they ensure their investments are in safety. This is possible through the Shipsurance software available from the company. It even allows preset automated rules to make the process a lot simpler.

Customer Management

Customer Management permits sellers to handle buyers’ management properly. With the needed data already in possession, one could create customer groups. These groups rely on sales activity using the segmentation available on the platform.

Sellers can track buyers though the various cell platforms and channels in use. This will help provide crucial information about consumer activity. Activities that include how they communicate with goods in circulation. And of course, the automated email campaigns could follow in effect. This feature is only available at an extra cost.


ShippingEasy Integrations

One attribute of ShippingEasy is how it helps manage delivery across different platforms. So, here is a list of some of these integrated platforms available. These platforms are online stores, Inventory, E-carriers, and other ecommerce platforms.

They include: 

  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Walmart
  • Wish
  • Woo Commerce
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Magento
  • Geek Seller
  • Yahoo
  • Big Commerce
  • Ameri Commerce
  • Volusion
  • Squarespace
  • Bonanza
  • Cratejoy
  • Sears
  • DHL
  • Stripe
  • 3M
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Oracle Netsuite
  • FedEx

ShippingEasy Plans & Pricing

ShippingEasy Plans & Pricing

ShippingEasy offers a wide range of plans with different pricings, varying based on the number of monthly shipments. A pass to premium features such as customer management, training programs raises the price. It has a free Starter plan and five other paid plans. Here’s a rundown of these plans so that subscribers can pick whichever they find suitable if interested.

Starter Plan

The Starter plan is the most basic on offer. It is free and generally provides entry to the basic features. Batch printing shipping labels, knowledge-based support, customizable slips, belong here. But it only allows 50 shipments per month. Go on the website to check out the latest deals on offer.


  • A plan for trying out the service at no cost
  • Access to the basic features on the software
  • Unlimited access to marketplaces
  • Batch label printing


  • Allows only 50 shipments per month
  • No access to the CSV orders feature
  • Doesn’t come with support facility like on paid plans

Basic Plan

It has all the Starter plan attributes, such as an increased shipment rate of 500 per month. It includes exclusive training and set-up features, support for chat, phone, emails. It also grants access to all carriers, among others.


  • Increased Shipments up to 500
  • More support for phones, chats, emails, etc.
  • Two unique logins available
  • Access to CSV order feature
  • Exclusive training


  • At this price point training is still not offered
  • At $29/month 500 shipments may not just cut it

Plus Plan

The Plus plan has all the features found in the Basic Plan. It comes with more advanced exclusive training. A discount for USPS rates and an increased shipment rate of 1500 per month concludes the plan.


  • More advanced training
  • Increased shipments to 1500
  • Discounted USPS rates
  • Access to three unique user logins


  • No access to features of higher-paid plans
  • Some features need to be improved

Select Plan

The Select Plan comes with even more offers. Among this is an increased shipping rate of about 3000 shipments per month; it also affords subscribers the opportunity for advanced training. It offers discounts on USPS, dedicated support for mobile, mails, and chats. Every other feature on the Plus plan is included.


  • Access to more advanced training
  • Discounts on USPS
  • Increase shipments rates to 3000 per month
  • Access to five unique logins for users


  • Increased shipment is the only edge it has over the Plus plan
  • HTML editing and graphical review of email newsletters is limited

Premium Plan

For the Premium paid plan, shipments increase to about 6000 per month. Access to every other feature in lower-paid plans is part of the deal. USPS discounts and higher integration for all carriers in the market conclude the offer.


  • Increase shipments rates to 6000 per month
  • Access to every other feature or lower-paid plans
  • Access to unlimited login for users
  • Smooth inventory management integration


  • Apart from increased shipment, the Select and Plus plans offer similar deals
  • Excess functions that are not used

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is the apex plan available. It permits over 6000 shipments per month; the full range of features and products comes with it. These include multi-user support and unlimited user sub-accounts. It offers support for multi-printer routing, USB barcode scanners. Dedicated customer support, as well as other perks, is also possible to get.


  • Access to every feature available asides the add ons
  • The shipment volume is not limited
  • Customer support is usually fast and very helpful


  • It might be an overkill for small/medium-sized businesses that don’t need that many features
  • At $149/mo, it is far more expensive than the Premium plan with similar attributes

There are other add-on components available on the software. They come at an extra cost regardless of the plan that is currently active. These include inventory management and customer management tools. Customer marketing is part of the optional add-ons. Pricing for this plan varies between $14/month (5000 emails a month) to $1199 (two million emails a month). Schedule a demo with a ShippingEasy representative to sign up for it.

Price and Key Features Comparisons Table

There are several plans available on ShippingEasy. It then begs the question, which is better? Which would be more comfortable for each class of ecommerce sellers? Or even customers using the platform. So here is a review of all bundles to help make better choices.

Starter Basic Plus Select Premium Enterprise
Monthly price $0 $29 $49 $69 $99 $149
Shipment Rate/mo 50 500 1500 3000 6000 Unlimited
Support for chats, phone, emails No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 2 3 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Personalized Labels No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CSV order Upload No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive Set-up and Training Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shipping Report No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Terms and Conditions

Like any other software, there are terms of use that are worthy of note. The monthly fee paid for the software depends on the kind of service chosen. But when the Starter plan is active, and the subscription continues, the immediate higher paid plan option effect.

Also, it’s important to note that subscribers pay for all extra and transactional costs, including package insurance and postage. Other tariffs for carrier services, third party fees, are part of this charge.

Charges for monthly services come into effect at the start of the billing period. If a user decides to change their plan type, it only goes into effect on the last day of the current billing period. Payment structures include common types of credit cards. Direct bank transfer and checking accounts are parts of the billing methods available. However, those are subject to regulations.

Privacy Policy

ShippingEasy operates its privacy policy in alignment with current data laws and regulations. Their privacy policy covers the use of their site, services as well as shipping products.

The data entered is essential for providing the services the software makes available. This includes the name, phone number, address, email address, information, and the likes. The USPS regulates haulage, so specific information is obtainable by them.

Also, once in a while, ShippingEasy may display any service they or another company offers. When choosing to accept any of these services, the user’s data allows for better interaction.  It is necessary for running products or services.

Refund Policy

There is an opportunity to cancel a shipment. But, it’s important to note that this depends on the carrier used. Different integrated platforms have different rules.

For example, if one wants to cancel a USPS label for a refund, it must be a purchase made within the last 28 days. It also has to be part of a USPS SCAN form. Upon approval, the refunded postage goes to the parent account.

Customer Support

ShippingEasy Customer Support

A platform that offers a lot of integrations must have reliable customer support. ShippingEasy Customer support is robust. There are four different channels to reach out for help. The assistance is quite knowledgeable, easy to reach, and approachable.


There is a dedicated telephone line that allows users to reach out: (855) 202-2275. Users can use this option to clarify products and other concerns. This line is usually open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily. It is available to paid plans subscribers.


Users can also reach out to the customer service via emails: [email protected] and [email protected].  They can ask for clarification or more information on products and the likes. The platform is active from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily. This is also available for paid plans.


There is also a chat platform, to receive responses from the customer service team from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily. Users can interact with support and receive answers from the team faster. This is for paid plans only.

Support Center

Several platforms are available for customers to reach out. For more information and solutions to problems with the use of the product, alert support. These include online support, live support platforms for customers’ convenience.

The ShippingEasy knowledge base and FAQs are available to all customers. Irrespective of plans, 24/7 access to real experts is possible in the community forum rooms. Their Customer Success Team moderates them.

Quality of Service

On a general note, ShippingEasy has quite positive reviews on its software. They have excellent customer service. The opportunity to use most platforms for a seamless integration is natural. With the high amount of automated services, human error is minimal. But, the user interfaces may be a bit challenging for very new users. Once this is out of the way, the use of the platform becomes smoother.

Customer Types

For order fulfillment, several customers may want to use ShippingEasy’s software. From small scale businesses to larger enterprises, let’s check which of these users it suits best.

Who is ShippingEasy Best For?

It is an excellent fit for businesses that do small volumes. Pricing for different plans and the value they offer suggests this. The software is easy to put in place and deploy for companies.

Small Businesses

A free Starter plan offers a safe trial ground for small businesses. The provision of essential services is on offer. Printing shipping labels and managing orders from customers are part of this. It suits the needs of small companies well enough.

Medium Businesses

For medium businesses, the paid options would be much preferable. From Basic to Select, it allows them to manage shipments up to 3000 at $49 a month, with USPS discounts. It could be a good bet.

Large Businesses

For larger businesses, it is not clear if ShippingEasy is a perfect choice. With an increased number of shipments detailing and orders, there could be issues. The software might not be able to manage such amounts of orders very well. But then its Enterprise plan may prove a handy tool for large enterprises as well.


For freelancers, ShippingEasy seems to check all the boxes. The Starter plan available for free allows one to decide if the service would be suitable. This makes the platform reachable while integrations are in place. Higher priced plans have this option also.

ShippingEasy Pros and Cons

Having spent time analyzing ShippingEasy features and its reviews, what are the benefits? Is there anything to consider before deciding to use the platform? Is it worth all the hype?



  • Easy to use after initial inconveniences
  • Comparison tool for shipping across carriers
  • A free Starter plan for trials
  • Simpler order batching
  • Labels reprinting is unlimited
  • Seamless integrations
  • Initial inconvenience for Starter users in learning how to use the platform
  • Slower than desktop apps especially for data transfer
  • No automated drop shipping (support only through inventory management feature)
  • Some features need improvements, e.g., No autocorrect for address suggestions

ShippingEasy Alternatives

Not only does ShippingEasy offer the services it does. There are several other similar platforms to look at. Easyship, Shippo, ShipBob, ShipStation, and the likes, will make an appearance here.

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship Main Alternatives

Pirate ship as a software focuses on small businesses. It provides the cheapest rates with an easy user interface in moving goods. There are no monthly charges or rates, no hidden costs whatsoever. While using the platform, only the actual prices for haulage are charged.


ShipStation Main Alternatives

ShipStation is another software looking to help stores. They help manage orders. They also assist with importing, marketplace integrations across different popular platforms. ShipStation offers support for email marketing campaigns.


ShipBob Main Alternatives

ShipBob is a cloud-based software created to enhance cargo processing. The process is more comfortable to handle for distributors, retailers, and manufacturers; it is more convenient to ship their goods. It also provides connections to integrated platforms.


Shippo Main Alternatives

Shippo makes the delivery process more manageable. It allows users to integrate shopping marketplaces and carts. Printing packing slips importing orders and purchasing shipping labels with several pricing plans, available to users.


Easyship Main Alternatives

This platform is another cloud-based software for merchants. It prides itself on focusing on customer needs. With over 100,000 clients all over the world, it is only right to go into logistics operations.


Freightpop Main Alternatives

FreightPOP helps sellers manage freight. Their services range from invoicing to tracking of carriers. Features like shipment tracking, import, and export make it ideal. Warehouse management and label printing are services to look out for. Retailers, manufacturers, and distributors make good use of it.

Competitors’ Table of Comparison

Order fulfillment is the backbone of ecommerce shop owners. With all-round software, a company can continue to stay on top of their game. Below is a short review that compares the attributes of five software. The Basic plan was considered in all cases.

ShippingEasy Shippo FreightPOP ShipBob ShipStation Easyship
Monthly price $29 $10-125 $89 $25-$35/man-hour $9 $29
Subscription Based Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Integration 38 38 3 19 117 12
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inventory Tracking No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Web Web Web Web Web, iOS & Android Web
API Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Shipping Report No Yes Yes Yes No No
Data Import Yes No No No Yes Yes
Delivery Tracking Yes Yes No No Yes No
Multichannel Distribution Yes No No No Yes No

FAQ Section

Is ShippingEasy Legit?

ShippingEasy is as legal and legit as they come. It has continued to do business in the industry since 2011. In 2023, there are still excellent reviews of the product all over. There are also a handful of negative ones but not enough to cast the product in a bad light.

How Does ShippingEasy Work?

ShippingEasy seeks to provide online shipping solutions for sellers and businesses. There is much emphasis on simplicity in its user interface; it integrates the major shopping carts, marketplaces, and ecommerce platforms.

Customers can manage their order track data of shipped goods in real-time. They are helping to save money on time as well as reducing postal errors. Numerous reviews support this as an essential metric in running businesses in 2023.

Does Shippingeasy Have an App?

ShippingEasy began as a web-based haulage platform. It now has applications on major app stores and shops, for example, on Shopify. All the benefits of the platform are accessible on mobile and PC (or Mac). As an aside, all the apps get rave reviews from users.

The Soul of Every Ecommerce Business

From the extensive review of ShippingEasy above, it offers a lot to ecommerce businesses in 2023. There are very favorable reviews across the board; excellent customer service and interactive interface lend credence to this. The software may prove the right choice for businesses. Reviews of this product for 2023 will make a complete read.

Drop comments about personal experience with this product below.

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