Social Blade Review: Giving Users an Edge on Social Media Marketing

Social Blade Review: Giving Users an Edge on Social Media Marketing
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Social Blade Review: In-Depth

Social Blade allows users to keep track of their channel statistics as well as stay in touch with the online accounts they follow. Participants get to see an accurate reading on all the important numbers, such as subscriber count and page views. This is a tool meant to make creators more competitive and aware of their audiences.

Key Features

This is a marketing platform that focuses on giving social media solutions. These features appear in 5 groups, then, depending on their focus:

  • Includes detailed statistics across all the major platforms
  • Find out who is getting fake followers on YouTube, Instagram, and more
  • Saves time and provides insights into online trends
  • Transparent information about creators and influencers
  • Users can see how many page views or subscribers different accounts have

Social Blade Review: Background Information

Social Blade is a privately held company that specializes in Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube. Clients can see how well their profiles are performing overall or on a day-by-day basis. They can also do this for their favorite YouTubers or influencers. It’s useful for both individuals and teams, as they can see how many followers a person has or which of their posts got the most views.

The platform was founded in 2008 by Jason Urgo and has its headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. The team is less than 20 employees, making it a tight-knit group of creators. At first, Social Blade was created to track statistics on Digg, but in 2010, it began to focus on YouTube. Over the years, they gradually added more channels to keep track of, including Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, and Mixer.


In 2023, Social Blade makes a point of highlighting up-and-coming creators. The team also frequents network events and conferences and posts tips and information on their blog. The company has earned recognition from HuffPost, Money, NBC, and Polygon. This platform tracks millions of profiles every single day and has clients that include everyday folks as well as seasoned influencers.

Interesting Stats & Facts

Based on Alexa Internet, Inc., Social Blade’s global traffic analysis rating in 2023 is 730. They are most known for keeping tabs on YouTuber rankings, but they also work on other streaming and social media sites. They focus as a third-party while offering consulting and management services. Individuals can use the software for free, but there is also a Network Partnership option that will appeal to creators.

The company gained more popularity in the latter half of 2018 when they started live-streaming the subscriber count battle between two famous YouTuber stars. There isn’t anything magical about Social Blade’s services. In fact, they are pulling from the same information that anyone could find online. What they do is they collect all of that data and display it in an aggregated format for easier reading. This can assist users, fans, and influencers in predicting their future growth. Here are some other key facts about the business:

  • About 7 million monthly visitors
  • Info on 416,000 Mixer streamers
  • Over 6 million Twitter profiles tracked
  • Oversees 5 million Twitch accounts
  • Tracks 23 million YouTubers
  • 206,000 Dailymotion users tracked monthly

Service Features & Technical Details

Below are some of the primary ways in which Social Blade compiles information and collects it into a nice, easy to use display. They also offer opportunities for content creators to score promotions and sponsorships.

Platforms That Social Blade Tracks

The most prolific channel that they look at is YouTube. They will share who currently has the most subscribers, as well as how many people are watching. Users can click on any of the options listed in the rankings to see their overall Social Blade Rank as well as their estimated monthly and yearly earnings.

The company also tracks Twitch streamers. Here, clients can see a specific listing’s viewer count and followers. Moreover, they can see a listing of the dates they have streamed and what their latest game played was.

For Twitter, Social Blade shows the top 25 profiles right now. For example, right now, Katy Perry has 107million followers and has an average of 2,363 retweets. Users can see the dates of her tweets from the last two weeks.

Another supported platform is Instagram. The software takes information from the Instagram API, but can only currently show data for business accounts.

Participants can look at Facebook ratings, too. The top 25 lists show which profiles have the most followers, and it also shows how many likes they have and how many people are talking about them.

If someone uses Dailymotion or Mixer, they can use Social Blade to see who’s scoring the most subscribers on their video and channel.

YouTube Top Charts

Social Blade has various top charts for YouTube. Among those are the Top 50 YouTuber streamers and the Top 100 Channels. There is also a daily list for the best and worst 100 creators on the platform. These rankings are super useful for those who want to check out their competition.

YouTube Popular Countries

The site will show clients the top 250 YouTuber streamers in certain countries. Right now, the software focuses on the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany. The list reflects the to 250 YouTuber stars based on the SB ranking, which reflects how influential these accounts and individuals are on the platform.

YouTube Top Categories

The categories listing is cool because it can show individuals the top YouTuber stars in premium niches. These include automobiles, comedy, education, entertainment, film, gaming, music, politics, science, sports, style, technology, and travel. Each category covers YouTuber channels all over the world, so the top 250 in gaming would include listings from all countries.

Twitch Top Charts

The Twitch top charts will show individuals the most popular streamers and Twitch users based on SB ranking. They can see the top 10 and top 50 followed and viewed streamers. There is also a list of top,100 and top 500 followed and viewed Twitch users.

Instagram Top Charts

The Instagram charts will show clients the top 50 and top 100 followed and following users. The software also ranks Instagram users into a top 50 and top 100 list based on uploads. Since SocialBlade is using the new Instagram API, they can only do these rankings for business accounts.

Twitter Top Charts

The charts for Twitter include the top 10, 50, and 100 users with the most followers. There is also a ranking of the top 10, 50, and 100 users based on tweets and engagements. These lists are determined by how many times they’ve tweeted and how many replies and retweets they have.

Dailymotion: Top Charts, Popular Countries, Top Categories

Dailymotion has top charts that rank users based on how many views or followers they have. This includes the top 50, 100, and 500 users based on these statistics. There are also rankings for the top 250 Dailymotion accounts from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany determined by viewer count. Like YouTube, Dailymotion has categories on the site. These include animals, cars, games, kids, music, politics, sports, technology, travel, and TV shows. There are also separate categories for Dailymotion blogs, people, vlogs, and webcam. This can make it easier for individuals to find a popular streamer in their preferred niche.

Mixer Top Charts

Mixer has a few top charts on the site that participants can use to find popular accounts. The lists include the top 50, 100, and 500 Mixer streamers based on followers, viewer count, and highest level. Individuals get to higher levels by watching streams and interacting.

Facebook Top Charts

There isn’t much when it comes to the top Facebook charts. All that they show participants is the top 50, 100, and 500 liked Facebook pages across the network. Facebook itself has the most page likes, followed by Samsung, Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid C.F., and Coca-Cola.

Live Sub and Follower Counts

It’s possible for anyone to check on specific YouTuber influencer via the live sub, and follower counts. It updates every second and shows how many subscribers a specific video or page currently has.

YouTube Real-time

Socialblade Track YouTube

Click on the YouTube sub and follower counts button to see a YouTuber’s actual subscriber amount in real time. Users can also type a certain name into the search bar to see a running tally of how many subscriptions they have.

Twitch Real-time

Socialblade Track Twitch

To see how many followers a Twitch streamer has right now, anyone can go to SocialBlade’s real-time counter to take a look. It updated every second and will show when streamers lose a follower or gain one.

Twitter Real-time

Socialblade Track Twitter

Click on the Twitter real-time follower count, and it will automatically pull up a random profile and show the number of followers. Clients can use the search bar to look at a particular account, too.

Dailymotion Real-time

Socialblade Track Dailymotion

The live follower count for Dailymotion also updates second by second. Users can share the statistics via Google+, Facebook, or Twitter, too. It’s a cool way to keep tabs on specific networks.

Mixer Real-time

Socialblade Track Mixer

Finally, they monitor real-time follower counts for streams on Mixer, too. This is an easy and fun way for individuals to track analytics for their own account or for their favorite profiles.

Mobile App & Extensions

The site tries to be as inclusive as possible in terms of accessibility. They have their premium and real-time mobile applications on the Apple and Google Play Stores. Their browser extension is available for Google Chrome and Firefox. In addition, the team is open to suggestions in case clients want to recommend they expand their apps and services to other Web browsers.

socialblade-singl-review-Mobile App & Extensions

Besides all of that, the platform has some widgets and additional applications to make the software readily available anytime, anywhere. For instance, the widget allows YouTubers to add the statistical counter to their channel, blog, or personal website. There is also a YouTube money calculator on the site, and this tool is convenient for estimating daily, monthly, and yearly earnings. Anyone with a YouTube account can try out this free tool. They just need to enter some information such as their daily watchers, and estimated CPM.

Another cool community tool for visitors to the site is the Discord server. This is a place for tips and hints, as well as further insights that other participants have to share. It can be a way to build community and find some extra support, especially for streamers and influencers who are just starting out with online media.

Discord Server and Community

As mentioned above, the Discord server is one of the great community aspects of SocialBlade. Their Discord currently has over 13,800 users and at any given time, there are hundreds of them online. Some folks might not see what the big deal is about this, but anyone who has tried their hand at online marketing and influencing knows that it can be a tough gig. They need all the help they can get. A common server where individuals who are in the same boat can chat, ask questions, and share insights can make a world of difference.

This can also help others get familiar with the way that the platform works, as well as how to read and estimate statistics. This can be useful whether they have their own online channels and pages or if they’re just fans of others. It’s easy to sign up, too. A person just needs a Discord account to join the platforms’ server and get started chatting with other users. This whole endeavor is a smart choice by the team because it acts as a sort of self-teaching tutorial as well as a community forum where people can give advice to each other.

YouTube 101

While the Discord server is great for building a community forum and a sense of belonging, the YouTube 101 course is more of an educational aspect. It is a series of virtual tutorials and courses that was specifically designed for those who are just getting started as YouTubers. Some of the topics that are included are tips on creating an engaging channel with stellar content as well as how to amass subscribers. It touches on things such as posting consistency, interacting with the audience, using a schedule uploader, and ensuring quality control for audio and visuals.

socialblade-singl-review-youtube 101

There are 23 different courses in this YouTube EDU program. Each “episode,” as they’re called, consists of a video as well as some notes and resource links. The videos are short and sweet, but they get to the gist of what to expect when building a new brand online. Best of all, anyone can access these for absolutely free, and they can come back to these videos any time they need to. They can delve into the fun stuff, such as creating compelling thumbnails and monetizing, as well as the more technical things like how to optimize and following the rules and regulations of YouTube.

Expert Input for New YouTubers

Clearly, the company has a lot of love for YouTube, and they want to help newcomers make the most of the experience. They offer consulting advice that users can sign up for right on the company website. A consultation includes assistance with SEO, analytics, and demographics. It’s a one-on-one call via Skype with people who are experts in optimization and YouTube influencing.

socialblade-singl-review-Expert Input for New YouTubers

These pros will dive into a personal call to discuss the tried and true methods of making a great channel, and they will also share their own insights and experiences with the platform. It’s a great chance for aspiring influencers to pick their brains and get to hear how online marketing works first-hand from someone who has been there. One of their claims is that they can help clients see results within six weeks, which sounds like a pretty good deal.

Earnings Estimator

This is one of the coolest free tools that they offer. It’s a YouTube calculator that can give an estimated window of how much money a channel will earn based on some crucial info. Participants can check out what they can expect from their account in the coming months. All they need is their average number of daily watchers as well as their CPM, or cost per mille. In terms of YouTube, it means cost per one thousand views.

With this information, anyone with a YouTube account can figure out what they would make on average every day, month, and year based on those numbers. The downside is that lots of additional factors go into calculating CPM. This includes the category of videos, source country, and the price of ads placed in the video. Still, it’s definitely useful when trying to gauge if the endeavor is a worthwhile pursuit.

Social Blade Plans & Pricing

For the most part, SocialBlade is free to use. The tools are available to just about anyone, and clients can access the top charts for all the platforms. It can be awesome for getting a feel for a certain channel or estimating one’s own earnings. That being said, there is a premium network partnership that offers all kinds of amazing perks.

Free Access

Features Included: Top lists, live counts, blog, YouTube money calculator, YouTube EDU, dashboard

Functionality: Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Mixer, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube

Number of Users: 1

Number of Accounts: 7

Price: Free


  • Discord server
  • Free tools
  • Channel insights
  • No cost to clients
  • Real-time analytics

  • Limited online platforms
  • Publicly available information

BBTV Network Partner

This is a premium creator network where users get access to free music and social media tools. They can also earn money with Social Blade and get the added benefits of channel promotion and sponsorships.

Features Included: Free access features, consulting, 30-day trial, one-on-one support, VISO catalyst, exclusive Discord hangout, Epidemic Sound library

Functionality: Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Mixer, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube

Number of Users: 1

Number of Accounts: 7

Price: Free, but takes a portion out of client’s monetization


  • Access to partners and community
  • Additional resources
  • Exclusive hangout
  • Help with sponsorships
  • One-on-one advice

  • Difficult to understand
  • Takes a portion out of customer’s earnings

Features Comparisons Table

Here is a brief overview of the differences between the no-cost version and joining the partnership program.

Free BBTV Network Partner
Blog Yes Yes
Consulting No Yes
Dashboard Yes Yes
Free Tools Yes Yes
Epidemic Sound Library No Yes
Live Counts Yes Yes
Top Lists Yes Yes
VISO Catalyst No Yes
YouTube Money Calculator Yes Yes
YouTube EDU Yes Yes
30-Day Free Trial No Yes

Terms & Conditions

The company reserves the right to change its terms and conditions at any time. They assume that when a person signs up for their service, they are at least 13 years of age. The program makes it clear that the data they provide is public information that anyone can access. Users are permitted to share screenshots and links to the platform’s statistics, but they need to credit SocialBlade as the source material. Any YouTube videos that share their data need to mention the website in the video verbally and include a written statement about it in the description. The site gets its details and statistics from third-party API sources.


Privacy Policy

The information that the platform displays are public information, so anyone online can find it. If a user would not like the company to share their info on the website, then they need to change their own channel or page’s privacy settings. It is not their responsibility, and they can’t assume that a certain user doesn’t want their public details to be shared.


When someone signs up for consulting services, they are granting the company to be a channel manager on their YouTube account. This means that they are in charge of the management of the YouTube channel and may use the best practices that they see fit. They do not take over the account, but they definitely have a say in which promotion and SEO efforts to use. That being said, the website does not retain responsibility for any damages done to the profile while it is under the care of SocialBlade.

Refund Policy

This is a free service, so they don’t have a need for a refund policy. That being said, if someone is partnered with them, then they should be aware that the platform will take a portion of their earnings as compensation for their services. This amount will range depending on how much the channel earns.

Customer Support


If customers have any questions about the service, they are free to email the team at [email protected]. This email address is also listed on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Inquiries should include as much detail as possible so that the company can respond to the best of their ability.

Online Chart

The business doesn’t have an online chatbot, but they do list their team members’ online handles. For example, the founder, Jason Urgo, is available on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. People can try to reach him there through direct message. They can also visit their Facebook page and leave a message or comment.


There doesn’t seem to be a phone number on the website. It is known that the company is headquartered in North Carolina, but the address and phone number is unknown. Users will have to find other ways to contact the team, such as email or social media.

Support Center

The support center is an FAQ section that has answers to common questions. This includes things like how the ranking system works, where they get their data, and how to sign up for the partnership. There is also a contact page where individuals can send in a request ticket.

Quality of Service

Social Blade is a third-party YouTube analytics website that offers estimations and stats. While there are promotional tips, it isn’t always clear if the numbers and readings are totally accurate. At the end of the day, this is a site that works in conjunction with multiple MCNs (Multi-Channel Networks). This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, especially since creators have more competition than ever. For instance, YouTube is starting to really crack down on violations and copyright issues. Another example is Instagram, which is always changing their algorithm, much to the chagrin of influencers.

Customer Types

Below are some insights about the different types of customers that might check out this software. Anyone could benefit from looking at detailed stats, but the way that they use that information will vary depending on who the client is. Also, certain users will get more out of this site than others.

Small Businesses

A small company or start-up could definitely get good use out of this site. The software may include information that is accessible to the public, but it consolidates all of those details into easy-to-read nuggets. This could be a great way for businesses to keep up with their competition and track their own rankings.

Medium Businesses

It seems that a medium-sized company could still make use of this program. The data presented is something that an online marketing team at any enterprise could find, but if the enterprise is on the smaller side, it could still be useful.

Large Enterprises

This platform could be a hit or miss for larger corporations. Odds are that they already have their own social network and data on people, so they don’t need another third-party site. Still, it could be something that they use from time to time, especially for the free tools.


It would seem that freelancers are the prime audience for this tool. This is because they are working alone and could benefit from free services. Whether they choose the basic tools or try consulting, they could see huge growth on their channels. The YouTube crash course will also help a lot.

Social Blade Pros & Cons

Overall, this is a website that can provide a detailed glimpse of a YouTuber’s success and earnings. People may want to use it to track their own progress or to see what their favorite profiles and competitors are up to. The platform definitely seems to favor YouTube, but it has additional insights for the other major online networking sites.

One thing that is impressive about the site is that it seems to prioritize community. Even non-paying clients can have access to the Discord server, where they can meet like-minded individuals and build a group mentality. For those who do pay to be partners, they get an exclusive hangout online as well as one-on-one advice from experts. That’s a nice perk and can be used for a lot of good. Participants will also appreciate the free tools that litter the SocialBlade website. This includes the money calculator for estimated earnings and the widgets.



  • Tutorial videos
  • Good customer service
  • Insights into social networking trends
  • Organized interface
  • Favors YouTube
  • Slow to update statistics

Top 5 Social Blade Alternatives



Tubular is meant for agencies and brands who want to break out into video content. The service uses intelligence API, insights, and strategies, plus they are a member of YouTube’s new Measurement Program. They’re a suitable resource for monetizing a channel.



Statsheep is a third-party site for YouTuber analytics that can help influencers learn and grow. It offers partnerships through ScaleLab and has top charts in various categories. The downside is that they don’t work with other platforms.



This platform is all about smarter analytics, providing comprehensive insights for Facebook Video, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube. It has a clean dashboard similar to SocialBlade and can help clients set appropriate benchmarks. They also have an API for developers.



This site will give visitors the inside scoop on who is out-ranking the rest in terms of subscriber count, followers, and viewer count. It also shows the top gains and losses and keeps a running tally that can help creators track their target audience.



This service is similar in that it posted top lists and categories. It will also show the most popular YouTube channels from the last seven and 30 days. As the name suggests, it is all about stats and data, so expect a lot of numbers.

Social Blade Alternatives Comparison Table

Social Blade Tubular Statsheep Channelmeter VidStatsX Statfire
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blog Yes Yes No Yes No No
Consulting Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Live Sub Counts Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Money Calculator Yes No No No No No
One-on-One Advice Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Partner Program Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Top Lists Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Users 1 1 1 1 1 1
Accounts 1 1 1 1 1 1
Price Free Free Free Free Free Free

FAQ Section

What Does Social Blade Mean?

SocialBlade is a website dedicated to helping creators and influencers accurately see stats and data about their own channel and that of their competition. They offer insights such as top 10 lists, popular accounts, and trending categories. Besides being all about the numbers, this program offers partnerships that can help brands get noticed and snag sponsorships. Moreover, there are video tutorials, a blog, and a Discord hangout for participants to get together, build connections, and learn.

What is the SB Rank All About?

At first, this was merely an indicator of how many views and subscribers a channel had. However, as time went on, the crew behind SocialBlade realized that these two insights weren’t providing the whole picture. There are lots of other factors that go into determining whether a streamer is successful or not. So, the SB Rank was born. It gives profiles a letter grade depending on things like earnings, average CPM, views, and engagement.

Why Does Social Blade Show Negative Views?

They highlight things like gains and losses so that they can provide a more accurate picture of a person’s channel. It is no longer enough to look at the number of subs they have and determine that they are successful and popular. Nowadays, it is important to take into consideration all of the factors, like views, subs lost and gained, and average view time. This will most often give a more detailed and precise idea of how that particular channel or profile is doing.

How Are Estimated Earnings Calculated?

This is a great question and one that only requires two critical pieces of information. First, the individual needs to login and enter their average number of daily views. Perhaps it’s 10,000, or maybe it’s 25. Then, they need to give an estimate of their CPM, or cost per one thousand views. This has a margin of error of a few dollars, but it can still provide decent insights into estimated earnings.

Why Do My Views on Social Blade Differ From YouTube Analytics?

Sometimes it can take a bit for the stats on YouTube Analytics to make it to SocialBlade. Just because there is a delay, it doesn’t mean that they’re wrong. This is why it’s important to login frequently to get a more precise measurement of the data. It can be annoying, but it’s part of being an influencer. Plus, SocialBlade helps a lot by consolidating all of the stats and details into an easy to read format.

How Often Does Social Blade Update the Stats?

It depends on what the actual stats are, but they do a good job of updating quickly and regularly. For instance, they have a live subscriber and follower counts that are updated every second. This literally gives participants a play-by-play look at what someone’s channel is doing. It’s brand-new information every time they login. As for the non-live stats, they are updated on a regular basis and are taken from the API for different platforms.

How Far Back in Time Can You Look Up Stats?

Clients can find data from the last 30 days for some things, and for others, it goes back seven days. It’s nice to get a monthly reading on how a channel grew or diminished. This also gives individuals a monthly look at the account and what they can expect in the future. It’s an awesome tool that they can use for themselves or against their rivals. Sometimes SocialBlade may be a bit behind the actual platform’s data.

The Final Word

Overall, this software has been a mainstay for many people in social media marketing and influencing. As platforms like YouTube and Instagram continue to change their algorithms and analytics, sites like SocialBlade may have some trouble keeping up. In the meantime, it continues to be a third-party site that lots of creators rely on for current stats and important data. What’s great about SocialBlade is that they track various social networks, not just one.

Published: October 01, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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