SocialOomph Review: Put More Pizazz Into Online Marketing

SocialOomph Review: Put More Pizazz Into Online Marketing
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SocialOomph Review: In-Depth

Twitter is aflutter with all kinds of trends and news. Celebrities and influencers have found ways to boost their impact through this site, and now businesses are taking the hint. With more companies tweeting, it has become a competitive playing field. Fortunately, there are tools to help brands break through and reach their target audiences.

Key Features

This software has everything brands need to increase their online presence. The system helps with status updates, content creation, and pre-set schedules. Clients can convert emails to social media posts with the tap of a button. Plus, they can monitor new followers and clinch more engagement and sales.

  • Auto DMs & follow-ups
  • Blog post creation & publishing
  • Keyword tracking
  • Scheduling
  • URL shortener
  • Variety of social channels

Background History

SocialOomph About Us

SocialOomph continues to be a small, private for-profit company. It started in 2008 as TweetLater. The focus was on Twitter accounts and enhancing productivity for entrepreneurs and agencies. Throughout the initial growing phases, the team expanded to include several other social media platforms.

There is very little information available about this company. The “About Us” page is quite empty, and so is the LinkedIn profile. It’s not clear who founded the brand or how many employees there are. However, a look around the site reveals lots of online marketing and management features and benefits for individuals and teams.

  • Canadian company founded in 2008
  • The former name was TweetLater
  • The name changed to SocialOomph in 2009
  • One of the first Twitter API users
  • Its customer service is in the top 5% on ZenDesk
  • They don’t have investors

Service Features & Technical Details

SocialOomph Features

Here’s some more information that shows what makes SocialOomph stand out from the rest. This company is older than many competitors, so there must be something keeping it afloat.

Social Media Marketing Features

With this system, brands can keep track of their blog posts and status updates across several different channels. The software integrates with Shopify, making e-commerce tasks even easier. The user dashboard also simplifies the process of transferring content from emails or one platform to another. That means that if a brand posts something on Facebook, they can be sure to include the same details on LinkedIn or other networks.

The software saves time by relying on automation, too. With auto-tools, clients can search and filter through relevant keywords to spread the right message to the correct audience. They can also manage their content, work on creating engaging posts, and queue them up for proper publishing times.

  • Filter keywords
  • Manage media
  • Schedule posts
  • Track conversions

Features in Detail

Here is where curious consumers can get into the different aspects of this software’s options and innovations. The primary goal of this company is to save businesses and teams time when posting online. Here is how they manage to do that.

Get on a Posting Schedule

This is the first thing that the company focused on. They wanted to help brands tweet at just the right time so they could reach their audiences effectively. That effort only grew with time. Now, clients can address multiple pockets of people through different channels. This helps them reach folks of various demographics. Some examples include Facebook status updates, quippy tweets, Pinterest pins, or LinkedIn events.

  • Blog posts
  • Status updates
  • Events
  • News
  • Videos and images

Manage Multiple Facebook Pages

Ever since Socialoomph moved to include other channels, the toolkit has been growing. As for Facebook, there are plenty of ways that clients can improve their business pages and accounts. They can access their collection of content, be it status updates, posts, or videos. They can have multiple profiles and keep scheduling simple and streamlined.

  • Media database (update reservoir)
  • Group updates
  • Multi-account access
  • Photo uploads
  • Scheduling

Engagement Monitoring

It can be hard to figure out who is commenting back or mentioning the brand online. This is especially true for businesses that have more than one profile. That’s where SocialOomph comes in. It works like a personal assistant that never sleeps. It watches for signals such as replies, comments, and retweets, so team members always know who to respond to.

Target the Right Audience

With all of the individuals and businesses online, finding the right audience can be tricky. Fortunately, SocialOomph has a targeting tool that makes it simple to find customers based on different criteria. The keyword filtering option is a great place to start. With this, teams can look through the most relevant keywords or hashtags and know where to direct their efforts. They can also filter out spam and avoid getting a ban on their account.

  • Keyword filtering
  • Geolocation targeting
  • Sort customers by location or age

Keyword Tools

Having the right keywords is what separates the best from the rest. It can take time and research to find the most suitable hashtags and buzzwords. However, systems like SocialOomph make it easier and save a lot of time. Teams can set up keyword searches and filters, so they always know what hashtags to leave on their posts. With analytics, they’ll be aware of any new trends, too.

Auto DMs

DMs or direct messages are an important part of any business or entrepreneur’s online life. Customers and fans want to reach out to their favorite companies or influencers. Yet, keeping track of all this correspondence can be virtually impossible for a human. To save the day, SocialOomph allows for pre-set DMs. Clients pre-approve the direct messages and then set triggers for when the software sends them out. The benefits are grand:

  • Reels in new followers
  • Lets current customers know their value
  • Keeps fans up to date

On-the-Go Messaging

This feature works well for companies as well as solo entrepreneurs, bloggers, and influencers. All they have to do is link their business email address to their social channels. From there, it’s easy to send messages from just about anywhere. It streamlines the posting process, too.

  • Write an update via email
  • Disperse it across all channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Keep in touch with followers on all profiles

Automate Blog Schedules

Those who have a blog know that it can be challenging to bring over people from social media. This software tool keeps a central hub of content that influencers can share across their Tumblr or WordPress site as well as Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. The networks will automatically update whenever they write a new blog post, too. It’s also conducive to queueing posts for later release.

Clean Up the Followers List

Networks like Twitter can be full of the following and unfollowing people. Often, companies will take time to subscribe to certain profiles so they can boost their list of fans. Later, they have to go through and manually unsub to these accounts. SocialOomph’s automatic cleanup tool relieves clients of this tedious job.

Selective Direct Messages

Businesses often find it hard to keep up with DMs. First, some of their followers may be useless accounts. Others could be bots or people who aren’t truly interested. The auto-unfollow tool is great for this, but so is the DM reviewer.

  • Send the right messages to targeted groups
  • Bypass fake or shady profiles
  • Review which accounts should get a DM

Better Pinterest Sharing

Along with Twitter, SocialOomph can help with Pinterest boards. These are great for sharing interests and relevant information with subscribers. The thing is, pinning a bunch of content to this platform can be time-consuming. This is where the software can help out.

  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Curate a variety of Pinterest boards
  • Instantly share infographics, images, and more

Generate More LinkedIn Leads

Companies need a business page on LinkedIn. That said, it can be difficult to manage when there are other channels to take care of. The software works by posting unique content to the profile with the push of a button. Employees can use the content calendar and publishing schedule to set things up in advance. That way, there is always something new on the page.

Drip Campaigns for Social Channels

Across all platforms and accounts, it can be hard to keep track of subscribers and top fans. The software makes it, so there aren’t any worries about what to post next. Clients can upload a collection of content and set up a drip-feed option. This way, all of the right images and media go to specific channels at the best times.

Custom URLs and Bio Links

It’s easy to get annoyed by character limits, especially when clients want to promote something. This software lets them use a custom URL shortener so they can always share their new products and services. This also makes the post or profile bio look cleaner and more streamlined. People are more likely to click a short link, too.


Any great marketing software needs some third-party integrations. The company continues to be a Twitter partner, as it has since the beginning. It also works with Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest. This means that clients can automatically share data and content with these social networks.

Other integrations include and OneLogin. The former helps with designing and building beautiful posts for various online platforms. The latter is a cloud-based identity and access management service. It streamlines the log-in process for teams and agencies. Below is a list of more third-party integrations that customers can find on SocialOomph.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Mastodon
  • OneLogin
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • RSS
  • Shopify
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • WordPress

SocialOomph Plans & Pricing

The company has been in service for over a decade, so they know how to offer complete packages. They also provide several options to appeal to individuals, partners, and agencies. The subscriptions are contract-free, and clients can cancel at any time.

#1 Personal Suite: A Free Edition for Beginners

This no-cost option is a wonderful way for people to try out SocialOomph without any commitment. They can get started in minutes and work on integrating their business goals with their social channels. Keep in mind that this is for only one person and account, and there is limited accessibility.

Pricing SocialOomph Personal Suite

Features: free support, integrations, personal area, unlimited schedulingFunctionality: Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Shopify, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress

Number of Users: 1

Number of Social Accounts: 1

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $0


  • Access to the personal area
  • Better manage DMs
  • Free support
  • No monthly cost or contract
  • Unlimited scheduling


  • Basic content management
  • No profile add-ons

#2 Advanced Suite: A Plan for Established Solopreneurs

This affordable package is perfect for a one-person team. The downside is that they can’t add more team members. There are still plenty of benefits, though. This includes blogging capabilities, post sourcing, unlimited scheduling, and an RSS feed. This is a good subscription for entrepreneurs who want to get started growing their channels and brand.

Pricing SocialOomph Advanced Suite

Features: all posting tools, free support, personal & team areas, RSS feed, unlimited schedulingFunctionality: Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Shopify, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress

Number of Users: 1

Number of Social Accounts: 1

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $15/mo


  • Access to the personal & team areas
  • Affordable
  • RSS feed
  • Supports one blog
  • Unlimited posting tools


  • Clients can’t add more members or social accounts
  • Suits one person only

#3 Professional Suite: Manage All Brand Accounts in One Place

For the savvy professional who already has multiple social profiles, this is their ideal package. They can take care of up to 10 accounts and five blogs. While it’s still a one-person team, they can access five RSS feeds, one webhook, and five posting queues. They can also add profiles as they see fit.

Pricing SocialOomph Professional Suite

Features: five RSS feeds, free support, unlimited scheduling, webhookFunctionality: Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Shopify, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress

Number of Users: 1

Number of Social Accounts: 10

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $25/mo


  • Ability to add more profiles
  • Blog posting
  • Five RSS feeds
  • Scheduling queues
  • Supports 10 brand pages


  • Clients can’t add team members
  • Limited to one user

Business Suite: Full Access & Teamwork

The Business subscription is great for professionals who want to manage over a dozen accounts and maybe add an associate to help. The monthly price is competitive, but users should factor in any add-ons they’ll want or need. As a standard, the plan comes with access to 20 profiles, ten blogs, unlimited posting and scheduling, and one webhook.

Pricing SocialOomph Business Suite

Features: add-ons, full integration, personal & team areas, ten blogs & RSS feeds, unlimited scheduling, webhookFunctionality: Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Shopify, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress

Number of Users: 1+

Number of Social Accounts: 20

Scheduling: Yes

Price: $55/mo


  • Add-ons available
  • Clients can add team members
  • Competitive pricing
  • Good for 20 social profiles
  • Multi-account collaboration


  • Customers have to pay more as they grow
  • Starts with just one user

Pricing & Key Features Comparison Table

Here is a quick review of the four packages and their perks. SocialOomph works best for an individual client, although the Business subscription allows for associate members.

Personal Advanced Professional Business
Price $0/mo $15/mo $25/mo $55/mo
# of Users $1 $1.00 1 1+
Add-ons No No Yes Yes
Auto-DMs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blogs 0 1 5 10
Keyword Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Queues 0 1 5 10
RSS Feeds 0 1 5 10
Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes
URL Shortener Yes Yes Yes Yes

Terms & Conditions

SocialOomph Terms And Conditions

Clients cannot reproduce, copy, or resell any of SocialOomph’s services. The only exception is through written consent. Customers must be at least 18 years old. Sending mass mail or spam is prohibited. The company reserves the right to edit or remove any material on its site. Service partially depends on the availability of third-party apps and integrations. The enterprise has no control over these factors. It can refuse to work with clients if there is evidence of refund abuse on their account. Copyright infringement claims can be sent to [email protected]. All services and products on the website are sold on an “as-is” basis.

Privacy Policy

SocialOomph has a page dedicated to its privacy policy on the website. It states that the enterprise may collect, store, and use various personal data from customers. This includes site visits, transactions, and information about the goods and services clients purchase. The enterprise also collects registration details and subscriber data. It uses this info to improve customer browsing experiences and to send marketing communication. While the staff takes precautions to protect this personal data, it does not hold itself liable for insecure third-party apps and websites. Clients should read the privacy policies of integrated services as they may differ from SocialOomph.

Refund Policy

SocialOomph has a 30-day refund policy. To request their money back, customers can send an email or ticket request to the support team. The email address for this is [email protected]. Unless otherwise stated, subscription fees are not refundable outside of the normal refund period.

Customer Support

SocialOomph Support

Here is a closer look at how clients can get the assistance they need while using the site and services.


The company does not have a phone number on its website. However, it does list the corporate office’s address. It is 331 Elmwood Dr, Suite 4-999, Moncton, NB E1A 7Y1, Canada. Besides physical mail, SocialOomph has quicker ways to get in touch, including email and a support center.


For faster results, customers can send a message to the care team at [email protected]. They should receive a response within a few hours or a couple of days at most. Clients should include their problem in the subject line.

Online Chat

There doesn’t appear to be an online chat option on the company’s homepage. There are FAQs and helpful articles on the site, but no chatbots. Having an online agent pop-up or something similar would be useful for visitors and current customers.

Support Center

If visitors scroll down to the bottom of SocialOomph’s homepage, they can click on “Support.” This will take them to some frequently asked questions. At the top of the page, there is a link that says, “Submit a request.” There, customers can fill out a request form and send it off to the support team. They must include their email address and a subject for their request. There is also a text box for their comments and descriptions. The attachment option is where clients can send over any documents or screenshots.

Quality of Service

SocialOomph has no reviews on Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau. However, there are still alternative review sites and tech experts that have looked over the service. The bulk of these analyses are mostly positive. Users agree that the service saves lots of time and can streamline a lot of social media marketing and online messaging. They also say that the software makes it easy to switch between brand accounts. On the downside, the service doesn’t give clients total control.

Customer Types

So, individuals may know more about what this system does, but they might not be certain if it’s the right choice for their needs. Here is a rundown of the different client types and how’d they fare with this software.

Small Business

A smaller company or start-up could make good use of this system. Most of the plans only accommodate one person, so the team would have to be particularly small. That said, the pricing is good, so it wouldn’t be too difficult for brands to buy multiple accounts.

Mid-Sized Companies

A medium-sized agency would want to look into the Business plan. It allows one person, but there is the option to add on more associates. It costs extra, but it’s the only subscription that has this capability. With this package, they can handle 20 brand profiles, ten blogs, and dozens of posts per hour.

Large Enterprises

A bigger company would probably have trouble with this service. The top-tier subscription suits only one user, although there are add-ons available. The pricing shouldn’t be an issue for most larger enterprises, but it can be annoying to have so many accounts for the same brand profile.


A solo entrepreneur or freelancer may want to check out this system. With it, they can tackle a lot of those time-consuming tasks and automate them for more ease of use. The free version could be a good starting point, too. That said, these clients should be sure that they utilize the supported networks (Tumblr, WordPress, etc.).

SocialOomph Pros & Cons

On the whole, SocialOomph is easy to use and does a lot of hard work for content creators. The software is especially good for scheduling and bulk uploads. These are benefits that most customers can try out right away. Other perks are for the higher-tiered packages but may be worth the price. Plus, the costs are competitive, and there is a 30-day refund guarantee.

That said, there is a free version, which is a huge advantage. Individuals can get their feet wet and determine if the service would be a good fit for their goals. SocialOomph is a particularly nice choice for bloggers. There are handy integrations with WordPress, Tumblr, and other sites. The downsides of this platform are the bad multi-user access and the inferior dashboard. There are also limited analytical tools.



  • A nice choice for bloggers
  • Bulk uploads
  • Free version
  • Good for scheduling
  • Refund guarantee
  • Bad multi-user access
  • Limited analytical tools

SocialOomph Alternatives

For those who want to explore the other possibilities out there, here are a few services that rival SocialOomph. Check them out and then get a side-by-side comparison of all seven systems below.

TweetDeck: A Free Twitter Service

TweetDeck Alternatives

It’s hard to beat TweetDeck’s price: it’s free. Even for a no-cost service, it offers quite a lot of capabilities. Users can monitor their contact lists and analyze which hashtags are performing the best. There is also scheduling and a Chrome browser extension. However, its advantages don’t translate to blogs.

HubSpot: Expensive But Extensive

HubSpot Alternatives

HubSpot caters to bloggers as well as brands that want to step up their online presence. There is room for both here. The costs are much higher than some competitors, but there are also lots of CRM tools and ways to make ads work for the client.

Agorapulse: Focusing on Teamwork

Agorapulse Alternatives

Agorapulse keeps things simple and streamlined with team-friendly tools. It also has a “Social Media Manager School” to guide users through online marketing and sales. The lowest plan costs $99 per month, but it accommodates two clients and up to 10 brand profiles. There is also the Facebook Competitor Analysis, which tracks the customer’s progress against a rival business.

Hootsuite: Get More Client Connection

Hootsuite Alternatives

Hootsuite has over a decade of experience connecting brands with customers. Its pricing is just a bit higher than SocialOomph, but the media apps are vast. This includes unlimited schedules, auto-publishing, content calendars, and campaign planning for those who pay extra.

Sprout Social: Helping Clients Put Their Best Foot Forward

Sprout Social Alternatives

Sprout offers the essentials for getting started with an online business. This includes an all-in-one social inbox, review management, and a content calendar. The analytics are more basic but can address trending keywords, hashtags, and some CRM tools. Clients will also get help with Facebook lead ads and promotion tools.

Buffer: Easier Engagement

Buffer Alternatives

Buffer works across all of the major platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. Those on the lower plan can get up to 100 scheduled posts per month. They can also access IG’s first comment to get in front of more potential buyers. The analytics provide a 30-day view of engagement.

SocialOomph & Alternatives Comparison Chart

Check out this quick review of each platform’s basic packages. For additional management assistance, clients will have to splurge for a higher-tiered plan.

SocialOomph Service TweetDeck Service HubSpot Service Agora Pulse Hoot Suite Sprout Social Buffer Service
Price $15/mo $0/mo $50/mo $99/mo $29/mo $99/mo $15/mo
# of Users $1 $1.00 1 2 1 1 1
Ads No No Yes Yes No Yes No
Analytics Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic Basic
Auto-DMs Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Blogs Yes No Yes Yes No No No
Contact Lists Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyword Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
URL Shortener Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SocialOomph?

This software helps brands boost their content creation and outreach efforts. The productivity tools and schedulers make it easier to queue posts and share relevant info with the right audiences. The system works best for individuals, but there is a business plan available. With this support, brands can manage their online profiles, better communicate with consumers, and keep track of trends, hashtags, and keywords.

Is There a Demo of SocialOomph?

There is a free version. This could be considered a demo because it gives individuals a general overview of what the system has to offer. With this no-cost plan, they can access basic posting features and schedules. Keep in mind, this package doesn’t come with webhooks, RSS feeds, and blogging tools.

It does include:

  • Basic integrations
  • Bulk uploading
  • Post tags
  • Precise scheduling

Can I Manage Multiple Facebook Pages With SocialOomph?

It depends on which subscription the person has. On SocialOomph’s free plan, they can’t access most of the Facebook tools. Once someone signs on to a paid suite package, more options open up. It’s important to note that each Facebook page will count as a social profile. The advanced suite accommodates only one, but the professional suite allows up to 10. So, that person could have 10 FB business pages.

How Do I Invite My Clients to My Brand?

Individuals will have to use their social channels to get viewers and followers excited about their brand. SocialOomph does not have a specific invitation feature. Instead, team members can use other means to attract buyers and fans.

  • Auto-DMs
  • Engage with comments and replies
  • Mail campaigns
  • Promotions

How Do I Set Up Custom Targeting?

SocialOomph doesn’t have a specific custom targeting option. Instead, clients will have to do more manual labor to pinpoint their ideal audience. This isn’t too hard to do, though.

  • Try keyword search filters to find relevant buzzwords and hashtags
  • Promote posts across all channels
  • Engage with customers and turn on automatic direct messages

Can I Customize My Posts For a Specific Geographical Location?

Not exactly. Other services have these kinds of custom targeting tools, but SocialOomph does not. Instead, clients can try keyword tracking and filters to find out where their ideal audience is lurking online. That way, their posts, and shared content appeal to these consumers. Plus, the system offers conversion reports so individuals can see which tactics are working best.

How Many Team Members Can I Add on the Business Plans?

The package at the highest tier is the Business Suite. Once a professional signs up, they can add as many people as they want to their team. There is no limit to the number or size of a group. However, clients will have to pay extra to add these people to the crew.

Helping Brands Boost Engagement With Confidence

SocialOomph is here to bring more automation and marketing assistance to teams and individuals. It works best for small-to-medium-sized agencies as well as solo entrepreneurs. The prices are solid, and the toolkit is quite extensive. It would be nice to see more CRM or ad options, but there are still lots of options for publishing across various platforms and networks. Have you tried this system for yourself or a partner? Tell us about the experience below and spread the word for other entrepreneurs.

Published: December 04, 2020Updated: March 26, 2024

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