SocialPilot Review: Social Media in the Tip of One’s Fingers

SocialPilot Review: Social Media in the Tip of One’s Fingers
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  • Professional Package ($25/mo)

  • Small Team Package ($41/mo)

  • Agency Package ($83/mo)

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$25 mo

SocialPilot Review: In-Depth

SocialPilot is a well-known tool in the social media field. Anyone who works with this type of accounts knows how time-consuming they are. And how much effort one has to invest for it to be successful. Luckily, SocialPilot is here to help people who require their services.

Key Features

  • Analytics for any network a person uses
  • Calendar and the option to post in bulk
  • Curating content and produce new pieces
  • Extensions for browsers
  • Inbox that combines many tools
  • Uploading visuals with ease

SocialPilot Review: Background Information

This is a vendor with many functions. Anyone who needs it can find the best option on this site. Designers though about it to suit pros in a related field. But also common people can use it to have a better presence online. This company started out in 2014. Its creator is called Jimit Bagadiya. He decided to found this brand because he saw that many persons struggled with their social media accounts.

This man understood that people mostly use social media to sell their products. And because they want to reach new clients. It is not an easy task. There are medians of brands out there today. All of them want to get to the same goal. The most important thing, then, is to share good content. That’s what SocialPilot is here for. Its base is in the US and is a private company. It has a bunch of employees of approx 20 people. They hire often using online mediums. They focus on building up a strong team, with a sense of identity within the brand. In this manner, they work better. And sell more.

Service Features & Technical Details

As stated above, this provider has many features to offer to those who want to hire them. Let’s take a look at some of them in detail.


The first one above is that it lets anyone manage a lot of accounts at the same time. Up to 50 profiles are available here:

  • This is great for brands with a lot of accounts across many networks.
  • Owners can post the same content in just one time.

Great Metrics

The second one has to do with metrics. Some networks, like Instagram, have their own graphs. Yet, these may not be as powerful as needed. Or they are hard to read. This is not the case with SocialPilot.

  • It has analytics for every tool it supports.
  • The numbers are simple for every person to understand them.
  • They can download the info in a PDF file. So these persons can save it for the future.

Contact with Clients

Also, marketers can answer questions on Facebook, but also on Twitter and other sites. And the best part is that they use just one place. Its name is Social Inbox.

  • Anyone can manage their chats, then, in real-time.
  • Teams can benefit from this. It is not simple to work with others. Especially if they live far away.
  • This platform allows each member to know what the other employees are doing. In this way, they will not repeat the actions, for example.

Curate Content

Finally, content curation is an essential part of the job. Almost all content is already online today. Still, every owner has to create fresh posts every day if they want the public to follow them.

  • With SocialPilot, they can adapt and curate texts to suit their needs.
  • For example, their style, tone, voice and so on to reflect the values of their brand.

Service Features

Below readers can find info on services that will improve the way they manage their accounts. Hiring such products will allow them to be more efficient, especially in terms of marketing and scheduling posts.

Social Media Marketing Features

It is really hard to grow in the social media field without a strong marketing tactic. Good tools can simplify this task a lot. Below, readers can find such info regarding this field.

  • Metrics regarding every post.
  • It’s easy to publish here.
  • Simple managing of content.
  • Tracking how the posts convert.
  • Scheduling in advance.

Campaign Management Features

Marketing campaigns are also crucial when it comes to this field. What does the term mean? It refers to the actions a person takes to have more fans, for example.

  • Leading many management tools at the same time.
  • Trying to get more chances for sales and reviews.
  • Taking care of video channels like YouTube or Instagram ones.

Social Media Analytics Tools Features


Finally, getting to know how feeds perform is also important. For that, their tools are great to display metrics. These work in many fields.

  • Users might track how engaged the followers are.
  • Owners can look for new influencers in the area.
  • People may think about content for the future.
  • They can also schedule posts.

Key Features for Wise Management

There are many things that make this company unique. Readers should keep on reading to find out the top traits of SocialPilot.

1. Using Every App on Just One Dashboard

Every person who works in the field knows that having many accounts can be a challenge. Big brands always go through these situations. And also marketers have to manage many profiles for clients. So, it’s very important to be able to have all these accounts in just one master one. That’s the case of this company. SocialPilot will say that users time by giving them the chance to work using one dashboard for a fair price.

2. Planning Content Before it is Time


As stated before, this tool gives a person the opportunity to post on every network from just one place. Another perk that it has is that owners can plan what they want to upload in advance. All of this is very easy; people can do it with only one click. Apart from this, users may want to schedule their posts with time. Meaning they can set a certain time for the post to appear on the fans’ feed. No matter the time zone in which they are. This is very useful for marketers who have audiences that live in another country.

3. Branding with Companies’ Names

Brands should be able to put their own name everywhere they can. In this manner, managers will increase the exposure of the company. Many tools in this field do not allow the business to put their name on the posts. Luckily, this is not the case of SocialPilot.

4. All Social Media in Just One Board

People can add a lot of new social accounts to the dashboard. The options are on the left side of the page. Users may want to link their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even VK profiles to this manager. It even supports WordPress. So, as soon as the owner posts something on their blog, they can also update that on their social media to make the traffic organic.

5. Creating Categories for Tasks

It might be messy to know what the person posted if they have hundreds of posts uploaded on a monthly basis. That is why this tool makes it easy for owners to create categories For their feeds. Some examples are news or raffles. It is also possible to make divisions for images. Finally, these classes allow each person to put a specific time for each social media network.

6. Using Simple Links

As stated above, SocialPilot has the option of putting a link to a blog post on a social media network. This can occur in the manual or an automatic manner. The first one, it is the owner who cuts and pastes the URL into the text box on Facebook, for example. In the second case, it is the tool that does it for the person. This is very good for those who upload their posts on a regular basis. Especially if they don’t have time to share those on their social apps.

7. Keep URLs Short

Sometimes, links are too long for people to follow them. In particular, they can be messy if a person is pasting that link on a post on Twitter, for example. So, it’s easier to share those URLs if they are short. SocialPilot helps their users for their links to look clean. People can choose a link or a one. Yet, it is important to mention one thing. Only those who trust in the brand will click on the link. Because they do not know where it will take them.

8. Look for Post Ideas

Apart from knowing when to post, a good influencer also needs to understand what to upload. The content has to be appealing to the audience. Still, it’s hard to be unique today. When there is so much online already. As a result, SocialPilot will give owners ideas and options on what to post.

App Combinations

All in all, efficiency comes down to the number of apps that the tool supports. In this case, they are many. And mostly focuses on professional ones. Let’s take a look at some of them. The first one of them is LinkedIn. The most well-known to look for a job. Others go more on the leisure side. These ones are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But there are also other sites that can go here like Cyfe, Sniply, Zapier, and many others.

SocialPilot Plans & Pricing

The options available in this platform are a lot. And these packages try to account for many needs and requirements. Because of this, plans might be better for some profiles in particular. Below there are more details about each one of them.


Agency Package

This is a plan meant for big teams. Its price is $83 on a monthly basis. There is a discount if clients decide to pay for it on an annual basis. The trial lasts for 2 weeks. During this time, clients can truly get a hold of what the services are. The number of accounts is 200, with access to 20 team members.


  • Functional for big teams
  • Nice free trial
  • Good discounts
  • Many accounts supported

  • Quite pricey

Small Team Package

The package focuses on smaller teams. The price is a bit lower, at $41 per month. The same free trial applies. It allows for 100 social networks, and 10 people using the app. When compared to the other plan, it has the same functions. They include Social Inbox and Bulk Scheduling.


  • Great customer support
  • Available 24/7
  • Secure payments
  • Many accounts supported

  • Not clear setup

Professional Package

This is a plan aimed at individual persons. That’s why it is quite affordable. It only costs $25 a month. Most of the functions are the same. What changes the most is the number of accounts allowed (50) and team members (5). Metrics are easy to read, and it has clear graphs.


  • Affordable for a small business
  • Nice design
  • Good reviews
  • Still allows more than 2 people

  • Web analytics only
  • No Social Messages

Enterprise Package

Finally, they have an option for those who need really big numbers. Those companies can access these plans. But they will be custom following what they need. That is why they do not have a price or a list of functions on site. Clients who are interested in buying these plans have to contact support. Either via email, phone, or form on the page.

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

These plans are better in terms of what the customer wants. For a small business, it might be better to buy the Small Team or Pro plan. Agencies may hire the most pricey one.

Agency Small Team Professional
Price $83 $41 $25
Accounts 100 50 25
Posts a day 1000 500 200
Metrics Report PDF PDF Web
Drafting Posts Yes Yes Yes
Social Inbox Yes Yes No
Members allowed 20 10 5
Managing Clients Yes Yes No
RSS Feeds 20 20 10
Free Trial 14 Days 14 Days 14 Days

Terms & Conditions

In terms of service, the company clearly states what the clients need to do to hire them. The first thing they assure is that they keep all data confidential. SocialPilot only agrees to disclose info because of legal matters, if that was the case. Also, they write that the services are mainly intended to the United States. They do not guarantee that they will be available to any other countries abroad.


In addition, even though they do their best to provide top-notch service, they claim that it will not be error free. There are cookies involved when accessing this site. These are only there to ensure the users’ experience is fast and easy.

Privacy Policy

SocialPilot cares about the use of info online. They also understand the risks involved when clients give them their data. That is why they strive to protect those details in every way they can. The team also claims they comply with everything the law of the US says about these matters.


The first thing they give, then, is a number of definitions about key terms. Some of them are cookies, account, site, and so on. The scope of the policy is also clearly stated. After this, there is a section in which the text describes the company in detail. That is, there is data on where they are, who manages the company, and how to contact them.

Refund Policy

Social Pilot gives no refunds. First, because they guide their future buyers into getting the plan they truly need. Then, their customer care team will do a follow up to make sure nobody regrets its. Finally, clients can cancel any time if they are not happy with the management service.

Customer Support

This marketing and scheduling service has many ways in which clients can contact them. Let’s review each one of them in detail and see the ones that are available.


Again, there is no chance to talk to them using an email address. It would have been very useful. Especially in case, the form failed for any reason. But the company is not willing to give users such details, it seems.

Support Center

Their support center is really useful. There, their employees have broken down the most common topics with doubts. Then, they made groups out of these themes. These have a name, and many articles within each page. In this way, users with questions can read about this before wasting time contacting support. So, some of the questions have to do with getting started.

New clients may have questions on how to give the brand their billing details, for example. Or what to do if the bank declines their credit cards. Then, there are many other posts on social media calendars, how to make groups. Even about the best way in which to post in bulk. It’s a nice way to save time and effort.


A telephone number might be a quick way in which clients can communicate with the company. Yet, this one, in particular, does not have this option available. Customers can only send queries through the form on the site.

Online Chart

The online form is very fast and useful. The only thing that people have to do is fill in their info. It could be either about a question before buying, or reporting an issue after they became clients. No matter the reason, the team will be fast and kind to answer.

Quality of Service

Most users report that this is a reputable, serious company. They praise their customer service, claiming it is fast and reliable. Clients who had issues got them solved in a short period of time. In terms of dashboard use, it seems that it had its moments. But it does not crash often. The integration with social media apps is good. Social inbox works well when related to real-time messages.

Customer Types

There are many who seek the services of SocialPilot today. But, is this company suitable for everyone? Let’s take a look at each of these customers below. And see if they are truly making a good choice.

Who is SocialPilot Best For

There are a number of social media users who may need these marketing services for their posts. They give a helping hand in management for Instagram, Facebook, and many others. Let’s see below the perks for each one.

Small Businesses

These teams might not have a lot of employees, but still, they need help, especially when it comes to scheduling posts in a large amount. So, these people will truly find what they are looking for at quite an affordable price because their plan allows up to 10 persons to work at the same time.

Medium Businesses

Companies with not so many employees may find a helping hand in this brand. The plans for a medium number of users are affordable. And it has a good amount of social media networks that people can use to schedule posts. Even at the same time of connection.

Large Enterprises

Such type of business can also find a treasure in SocialPilot. The pricing is accessible when compared to other brands in the same field, for example. The number of social media networks buyers can use, in turn, is very high. And the benefits are also top-notch.


Self-employed persons are likely to be marketers or managers. In general, these people take care of more than one account. If not, they would not be able to make a living out of this. And the budget they have is not usually large. The pro plan can fulfill their wishes, then.

SocialPilot Pros & Cons

This comprehensive guide tries to account for all good and bad aspects of this brand. With all this info, it is easy to see which are some of the benefits of using them. And some of the things that might not be that nice.



  • Saves a lot of time and effort in use
  • Addresses the demands of many types of social media buyers
  • Big discounts for paying annually
  • Safe payment methods
  • A lot of apps supported
  • The design can be messy at times. It is hard to see which scheduling service is which
  • Analytics might not be so easy to read as they claim

Top 5 SocialPilot Alternatives

There are many options that offer the same as SocialPilot. Or at least, they claim so. Read the description below for more info.



Buffer is also a company in this field. Some of the functions are similar to the ones of SocialPilot. Yet, it has a deeper focus on calendar and scheduling posts for the future. Also, they claim that their metrics are simpler than the others.



On the plus side, TweetDeck is totally free. It is a third-party app from Twitter, so it’s only for management on that platform. It divides up multiple newsfeeds to make publishing on different accounts a breeze. It also keeps track of DMs and schedules.

Zoho Social


Zoho Social wants to aim at agencies mostly. Maybe it’s not so good for individuals or small teams. The price is quite high, and the channels available are a lot. The board is also friendly for large teams to work at once.


Social media listening is one of its main perks. With that, owners can get to know how their competitors are doing. Then, they can plan the best tactics to copy. And learn from their mistakes. The rest of the dashboard is similar to the SocialPilot one.



HootSuite is a leader in social media management and marketing. It has over 16 million clients around the world. Its top functions include scheduling and delegating tasks for teams. This might be a great alternative for larger enterprises.

Table of Comparison

After comparing the basic packages for each company, there are a number of items that look the same but are not. Read on to find out which ones.

Social Pilot Hootsuite Tweet Deck Buffer Zoho Social Agora Pulse
Price/Mo $25 $19 Free $15 $10 $99
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Number Networks 25 10 1 8 1 2
Social Inbox Yes No No Yes No Yes
URL Shortener Yes No No Yes Yes No
Team Collaboration Yes Yes No No Yes No
Chrome Extension Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of users 5 1 1 1 6 1
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

FAQ Section

What Is SocialPilot?

It’s a big company that aims at providing support to business owners. Still, individuals can also use their functions and enjoy their perks. The managing options are great when saving time and effort. It provides simple metrics and graphs. Also, many users can access the same dashboard at once. The number will depend on the type of plan a person hires. Finally, many social networks are included here. Plans will give the specific number of these for owners to use.

Does SocialPilot Have a Free Trial?

Yes, it does. The number of days for the trial is fixed. It does not depend on the type of plan a person desires to hire. It will last for 14 days, which seems quite reasonable. In those days, a person can truly get a hold of the quality of the services SocialPilot offers. Also, if they realize they have made an error when choosing it, they can change it in no time. And all this without spending any money.

Is SocialPilot Worth Buying?

It all comes down to the use a person will give the platform. If what they are looking for is benefits like help and efficiency, then yes. It is worth to give them the money they ask for a top-notch product. The most important perks relate to analytics and social inbox since it is not easy to answer a lot of messages if the brand is big.

How Is SocialPilot Different from Other Social Media Tools?

The first thing that is more convenient is its price. SocialPilot is mostly cheaper than other platforms that offer the same products. Also, its design is high-quality. And that makes the user experience better. The dashboard, for example, is very friendly. It is easy to find the functions a person looks for. That doesn’t happen with other companies with many packages.

Which SocialPilot Plan Suits Users Best?

It depends on what users are looking for. The first thing to consider is price. If the budget is large, maybe an agency can afford the pricey plan. Another aspect which is important is the number of users of the team. If brands have many employees, then they will need to look for one that supports many accounts.

How to Edit and Re-Schedule Posts?

That is quite easy. First, the user has to log in to their account. Then, there is a section called “posts” in the menu. There, people can see all the ones they uploaded in the history of their feed. In that part, they will have the option to edit that content. With those changes, then the post can appear in the future on the channel.

The Final Word

SocialPilot is definitely a reputable company. And a great option for people who truly need help in many aspects of social media management. It will not only suit big brands with their plans. As they have a free trial, it also gives the ones with no budget the option to try their products. It’s true that numbers are sometimes restricted. But those who need it can upgrade the package whenever they want. This tool focuses on social apps, and that is why it is the perfect choice for managers.

Published: August 15, 2019Updated: February 16, 2024

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