Sprinklr Review: Why Most Big Corporations Are Using This Platform

Sprinklr Review: Why Most Big Corporations Are Using This Platform
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Sprinklr Review: In-Depth

Social management is one of the most fundamental operations in the digital marketing department. Much of today’s success in 2023 depends on high marketing standards, so companies that want to reach their goals need to engage customers effectively.

However, big businesses often challenge themselves to streamline their processes and automate most tasks, especially if they have large teams. Here is the Sprinklr review, a tool that promises to optimize all marketing operations.

Sprinklr Key Features

The features vary depending on the plan and the requirements of each company. The reason for this is because all plans can be customized.

However, these are some of the key features that this platform offers:

Sprinklr Review: Background Information

Sprinklr Background Information

This tool has been in the market for quite a while. It was developed in 2009 in New Jersey by the investor and entrepreneur, Ragy Thomas. Its function was to have an efficient system where clients could provide a one-on-one conversation with their customers on a global scale.

Although it appeared in the market in 2009, this company had its first client in 2010. It hasn’t stopped since then. This company now works with giant corporations such as Nike, Cisco, or McDonald’s.

This company has around 1000-5000 employees in 2023, and its headquarters are in New York. It is helping the world’s largest corporations run marketing campaigns.

Sprinklr Features Block

This software has an extensive list of features that make social media strategies more successful in 2023. This is not only because companies can schedule content and perform content curation, but also because they can keep track of the campaigns. Here are some of the most meaningful features:

All-in-One Marketing

One of the best aspects of this software is that it synchronizes all the tools needed for social media marketing campaigns in one place. Businesses don’t need to subscribe to different services when they have a streamlined platform. The software orchestrates many features that give a birds’-eye view.

Social Media Management

Social media management could determine the success or failure of any campaign. If it’s not efficiently driven, companies can fail to reach their goals.

That’s why having an intuitive tool is essential. Here are some of the features that this software offers:

Social Media Marketing

Sprinklr Social Media Marketing

The software has some handy features such as conversion tracking, keyword filtering, or automated publishing. Most of its plans are customized depending on the client’s business.

Therefore, each client may have different features, but here are some of the most helpful ones:

Social Media Monitoring

Once the marketing campaign has started, companies need to keep track of the process. Otherwise, they won’t be able to solve limitations or monitor the strategy effectively. To successfully monitor the campaign, they’ll need a couple of alert notifications or competitive analysis tools.

This software has some monitoring services where users can read reports such as:

Social Networking

Sprinklr shows an intuitive social media integration in a streamlined news feed panel. This product also has an advertising management feature where clients can monitor and read reports of their ad campaigns’ performance.

Here’s the list of networking features that this software offers:

Features In Details

When choosing the right digital marketing instrument, companies need to consider several aspects. The idea is to have a simplified and optimized software that automates most tasks. Sprinklr offers convenient features that can do just that. As the team grows, businesses require a management tool to have a collaboration system.

That’s why Sprinklr has become one of the most popular tools among big brands. However, it’s not limited to having a multi-account system. Here’s what companies can do with the software:

Team Collaboration

One of the tool’s best features is that everyone has access to what’s happening in their networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Whether it’s for individual use or a large team, it’s straightforward to share content with others.

Synchronized Management

Sprinklr is an orchestrated system where companies can manage all their platforms in one place. There’s no need to create different content or manually post on various social media channels.

Manage Advertising Campaigns

Sprinklr Manage Advertising Campaigns

When running an advertising campaign, it’s crucial to track the ads’ performance in every single platform. The reason for this is that ads could have a different impact on every channel.

Problem-Solving Communication

When people think about automation, they immediately associate it with less personalization. However, it’s the opposite way. Platforms like Sprinklr that provide automation in customer service, usually generate more brand engagement than others. This software also provides a multi-channel live-chat that provides a seamless conversation with customers.

Widget Library

Sprinklr Widget Library

This tool allows users to identify different trends with a variety of widgets. When running research to find out about customers’ trends, people usually spend too much time looking for the right software.

Sprinklr’s widget library provides a vast list of widgets that allow clients to evaluate which trends could benefit them. For example, there’s a widget that demonstrates the positive and negative words for different businesses.

Easy Onboarding

Srinklr’s enablement feature is here to help onboard all members of the marketing team. This feature is a training and consultant feature where individuals can solve their doubts and easily understand how the platform works.

Influencer Identification

Influencers are a big part of an advertising campaign. However, it is usually challenging for brands to find the right influencers since they are getting more specialized. Sprinklr’s influencer identification service allows them to spot the right match for them easily.

Content Insights

The best way to efficiently understand potential customers is by implementing intuitive social listening. This platform stands out for having an efficient data analysis system to monitor trends. This way, clients will be able to read meaningful insights to drive success for their marketing strategies. They’ll be able to know customers’ interests and dislikes, among other valuable insights.

Integrated Live Chat

There’s nothing more daunting for customers than feeling they’re not getting the right attention. Customers need to think that they’re having one-on-one communication with the company. Sprinklr’s integrated live-chat provides that kind of relationship with companies and their clients.


Sprinklr is one of those platforms that offer a wide variety of integrations. When it comes to choosing an automation tool for marketing, it’s good to consider whether it has useful features or not. Some of the most popular and helpful integrations are Google Analytics, Bit.ly, or Giphy. Luckily, this platform has all those and more.

Here’s a list with some of the most outstanding ones:

Sprinklr Plans & Pricing

Sprinklr doesn’t publicly show its prices online. This is not because the company wants to hide information, but because all packages are customized. Clients will receive personalized service depending on their needs. This way, they won’t spend more than they should. It will also depend on the number of profiles they have. Yet, the range of prices goes from $50,000 to $100,000 annually.

Modern Marketing

This is one of the most popular plans. It provides a global editorial calendar to help the team align with the company’s efforts and goals. The plan is powered by AI so that every process is automated. It has an omnichannel dashboard plus Smart Content Analytics.


Modern Advertising

This plan was built for people who want to optimize their advertising campaigns. With modern advertising, companies can create personalized experiences through their ads. By using the ads manager feature, users can minimize the risk of failure. This plan also includes ads reporting and scheduled exports.


Modern Research

Running efficiently-driven research for marketing purposes is vital. For businesses that want to implement research, there’s also a plan that could work for them. Modern research provides visual and listening insights. Besides, this package also gives product and audience insights with its first-party data. Companies can set smart alerts and check customers’ trends.


Modern Care

Modern care is a plan whose mission is to create a seamless customer service experience. This package includes community, live chats, and integrated listening.


Modern Engagement

To efficiently drive engagement to any brand, the company needs to understand how customers behave, their interests, and the people they look up to. Modern Engagement is the perfect plan for this matter. This package also provides access to ratings and reviews from customers to have a bird’s-eye view of the brand’s reputation. Besides, Modern Engagement has a smart reply and hashtag suggestion features.


Terms And Conditions

Sprinklr’s terms and conditions state that all content published and stored by the clients in the platform belongs to the client. This company doesn’t have the right to manipulate or work with that content.

On the other hand, clients should pay their monthly fee in 30 days after the invoice date for payment. Besides, the platform reserves the right to charge clients an additional fee if they don’t pay after 15 days from the payment date. This fee could go from 1.5% to the maximum fee interest permitted by the law.

Privacy Policy

Besides being a complete automation tool, Sprinklr has high security and privacy standards. This company is covered by the Federal Trade Commission (the “FTC”). If someone has an issue with the company, they could contact the data protection officer.

Besides, this company is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliant regarding payment information. This means that the financial data of its customers is private and non-negotiable.

Refund Policy

Just like many other companies, Sprinklr also provides a refund guarantee. If a user isn’t satisfied with the service, they could simply contact customer service for a refund. However, there are some conditions for this rule. According to its Terms and Termination policy, the refund will only be valid if there’s a failure due to a breach of this platform.

Customer Support

Sprinklr Customer Support

This company’s customer support has two methods, either by phone or online. Depending on the type of query, clients could contact them by any of those channels.


Usually, what people do first is to contact customer support by email. But if the query is too urgent, a phone call would be the best thing to do. Customers who would like to contact the company could do it by using this number: +44(0) 20 3868 5365.


If it’s not such an urgent requirement, customers could also use Sprinklr’s email: [email protected]. Another way to do it is by using a contact form on the website. This company is also on platforms like Instagram or YouTube to connect with its customers.


This platform has a very efficient contact form with its LiveChat. It is one of the easiest ways to receive information from customer service. Initially, a chatbot will respond, but if the system doesn’t answer the query, it’ll redirect the user to a human speaker.

Quality of Service

There are several things to consider regarding the quality of services: price, customer support, and easy integration. This software has an average of 4.4 stars among several review platforms like Gartner or Capterra. The reason for this is because it has provided customer satisfaction.

Though, it does have some issues like pricing because most people think it is relatively high. Yet, users continue to say it has a simplified social media management system, and it’s effortless to work with.

Customer Types

This tool’s customized service is considered a product that anyone can work with, from individuals, freelancers to agencies, and even big companies. Here’s why:

Small Business

Most small and medium businesses need to create online visibility in order to succeed. Although this wasn’t relevant 20 years ago, in 2023, it’s almost imperative. So, having a social media management tool like Sprinklr helps them build an online presence. Its plans are usually high, but it’s still affordable for small business owners since they’re customizable.

Large Enterprises

Large companies such as McDonald’s, Nike, or Cisco trust this software to handle their marketing operations. Some of the reasons why they choose this platform over others are because it integrates all the tools they need in one place. Since they’re dealing with a massive load of customers, it’s essential to have an orchestrated platform that automates the customer service process.

Medium Business

Although medium businesses are still not incumbent industries, they have a large team that needs to handle online operations. This group requires a tool with a multi-channel system to provide a seamless conversation with possible customers. Besides, they also need a platform that supports multiple accounts. This tool does have a multi-channel panel, and it can support various users.


Freelancers who are providing a digital marketing service can leverage this platform. Depending on the project they’re working on, they’ll have different needs, so it would be good to contact customer service to ask for the right features. This way, they won’t spend too much money on features they won’t use.

Sprinklr Pros & Cons

Just like any other social media tool, Sprinklr has pros and cons. However, it’s essential to know how beneficial it is for each specific business. Here are some of the most outstanding pros and cons based on users’ reviews.



  • Straightforward collaboration with multiple members
  • A global view of the marketing operations
  • CRM integration
  • Access to +20 social media channels
  • Reduced time and manual effort
  • Real-time reporting
  • People usually think it’s that the number of features is overwhelming
  • Customers complain about customer support’s late response
  • It’s a little pricey

Sprinklr Alternatives

Sprinklr is a trendy platform among many big companies. Although this is a complete social media management tool, it’s a little pricey, and not everybody would like to join. Yet, there are other alternatives to this software.

Here are some of them:


Brandwatch Main
This is a social media analytic tool that keeps track of online platforms content such as blogs, Tweets, Instagram posts, and many others. Brandwatch helps companies monitor their digital marketing campaigns and customers’ perception of their brand.


Hubspot is an inbound marketing tool that helps businesses generate leads and conversions. It’ll help business owners create appealing visual content to attract possible clients. With Hubspot, companies can monitor social media, create and read reports, and manage CRM.


Zendesk Alternative
Zendesk is a CRM company whose flagship product is a social media management software that simplifies marketing operations. It was designed to improve customer relationships across multiple channels.


BuzzSumo.com Main
This digital marketing tool allows enterprises to find meaningful insights for their content creation research, such as keyword analysis and insights about the competition. BuzzSumo also provides alerts and trends for SEO operations. It is typically used for SEO purposes. That’s why lately, it has got more visibility.


Khoros Main
Khoros is a digital solution software that companies use to generate customer engagement. Enterprises use this software to analyze relevant insights, identify the target audience, and manage marketing campaigns. Khoros also provides clients with an automation framework and apple business integration.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social Main Alternatives
This platform helps brands generate engagement from their customers across networks such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. With Sprout, businesses have a global view of what people are saying about their company. They have relevant insights that help them improve their current and future strategies.

Competitors’ Table of Comparison

This platform has some useful features in its favor. However, it is also good to compare it with its competitors to make a wise decision. This table shows what each service offers from their most basic plan.

Sprinklr Brandwatch HubSpot Zendesk BuzzSumo Sprout Social
Price $50,000 $500/mo $29/mo $89/mo $99/mo $99/mo
Scheduling Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instagram Stories Scheduling No No No Yes No Yes
Data insights Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Influencer identification Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Exell/spreadsheet integration No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Keyword research Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Competitors analysis Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Omni-channel DashBoard Yes Yes No Yes No No
CRM Management Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Mobile App Yes No Yes Yes No Yes

FAQ Section

  • Is Sprinklr A Good Company?

    In terms of customer satisfaction, this company is undoubtedly good. Although the prices are relatively high, its flagship tool provides satisfactory services, and that’s the main reason why companies like Honda or Bayer work along with this platform.

  • What Is Sprinklr Publishing?

    This is a feature that allows companies to orchestrate their posts in an omnichannel platform. Customers can post or schedule their content. This feature helps clients generate brand engagement by simplifying their tasks and providing seamless communication with their customers.

    It provides an integrated system to manage content across more than 20 social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • What Is The Sprinklr Tool?

    It’s a social media management system that offers an omnichannel dashboard where companies manage social media operations. Instead of publishing content on each channel manually, they can create a uniformed piece for each platform. This way, brands save time from having to do repetitive and redundant tasks.

    This tool also helps companies monitor their marketing campaigns by providing relevant insights into their accounts. Users are able to read meaningful reports about the performance of their strategies.

  • Will Sprinklr Go Public?

    This has been going around the internet for quite a while, so people make numerous rumors about this theory. However, Ragy Thomas recently spoke with Business Insider about this. According to what he said, the company might get public soon, but they’re still waiting for the right time.

Wrapping This Up

The first time Sprinklr had a client was in 2010. Since then, it only grew up to become the popular brand it is today. This system was designed for big companies of over +5000 employees, but it can still provide services on a smaller scale.

Regardless of how big or small a company is, this tool will find its way to provide a seamless experience. Although prices might be higher than the average, businesses can still find efficient outcomes in this platform.

What do you think about Sprinklr? Leave your comments below.

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