Sprout Social Review: Overview, Pricing and Features

Sprout Social Review: Overview, Pricing and Features
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  • Standard package ($99/mo)

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Sprout Social Review: In-Depth

Media owners might feel overwhelmed at times when taking care of their profiles. The tasks to take care of are really hard. And a lot, so they are time-consuming. Those who need a helping hand carry out their tasks without effort can rely on Sprout Social. This is a software that focuses on management and publishing online.

Key Features

As its name shows, this is a platform that focuses mostly on media. And tries to provide the best services for its correct management, like a great report. The main functions are on a list of 4 groups:

  • Metrics. These are key to read so as to make decisions about the way a brand works.
  • Engagement. Trying to see how much each user like the profiles and what review they leave.
  • Tools for easy publishing on the platform.
  • Listening to the competition in the field.

Sprout Social Review: Background Information

This company has been active for more than a decade. Justyn Howard started it in 2009. He was trying to make the most out of her social media, but could not do it. There were not enough tools when it came to management. That is why she set up to this task. The idea behind it was to be able to connect with clients. B2B was the main audience. Very soon after she started, this woman realized she needed more employees to make the brand grow. That is how she works today with other 3 colleagues. The number of people working in the company is not great. Still, they are able to provide top-notch services for media experts.


Metrics and promotion are also key to this brand. It tries to provide the best tools for communication using Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Apart from networks, it also tries to include other apps. Like Zendesk or UserVoice. Finally, it also provides options for internal use within a business. Sprout Social Bamboo, then, is a platform used for promotion within one organization. Employees will be the only ones who can read the content posted there.

Service Features & Technical Details

As its very name indicates, the platform focuses mainly on social media. What is more, they offer many services that allow to use it correctly for campaigns. They have many services, but the main four are:


Having a successful marketing campaign depends mostly on the decisions one takes. For this, having access to detailed a detailed report is key. Get analytics on the number of clicks, engagements, and impressions that a page gets. This function works with the top platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. There is even an option that allows identifying which content was the most successful. And it is also possible to compare statistics among pages.



This service offers a unified inbox that allows to scale and monitor efforts. This means that it shows the messages from all platforms in only one place. It even allows measuring how many messages were answered every day or week. New messages can get a tag so that they are answered later. In Twitter, there is also the option of keeping track of trending topics to engage more users.

Tools for Easy Publishing


This tool is aimed at content marketers. It allows to plan, create and post content right away. It even allows working with other members of the team. It comes with software to schedule posts. To get the most engaging posts, it is even possible to edit photos straight from the tool. It also gives the chance of managing a whole team. And their permissions.

Social Media Listening

Knowing what the competition is doing is crucial as well as knowing which are the latest trending topics. With this tool, it is possible to get all this info in one place. It tracks the brand’s presence and sees if there is any aspect that needs polishing. This can be done in real time. This is crucial to know what the audience wants, which in turn means more conversions.

Sprout Social Features

As already said, this vendor strives to deliver top-notch products to its audience. For that to happen, they have a lot of traits available to use. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Collaboration Features

Being part of a team helps get the best results. Fortunately, this agency thinks so too and has added several features that allow teams to work together.

  • It allows editing in real time so that teams can work at the same time.
  • There is the option to manage tasks, to have better control of them.
  • Possible to manage contacts.

Content Marketing Features

Having a strong presence on the web is key to improving a brand’s rep. And, in this way, get more sales. This service offers many features for this:

  • It offers the option of scheduling posts on the top platforms.
  • Allows tracking conversions, to see how many users actually buy.
  • People can target content according to the audience.

Customer Engagement Features


Reaching lots of users is not enough. One has to engage them with the content. In this way, they will want to interact with it. Eventually, this will lead to more purchases.

  • This service allows for collecting feedback to improve engagement.
  • It also gives access to analytics, to understand how the campaign is working.
  • Managing communication.

Customer Experience Features

This is also related to keeping clients happy. Especially monitoring that each task in the customer care sphere is well taken care of.

  • Fast and quick features.
  • Metrics are easy to read.
  • Graphs available.
  • Analyzing feelings is simple.

Marketing Analytics Features

Marketing is all about knowing what to do for the target audience. So, it is essential to see data in a clear and easy way.

  • Everything in just one board.
  • Metrics for all the apps.
  • See how good or how bad posts are doing.

Reputation Management Features

Media listening is quite useful for this. In case a company discovers that they have a bad name, they can do something to change that situation.

  • See how fast or how nicely others respond to messages.
  • Monitor and measure these apps.
  • Listen to what others say about the brand.
  • Sentiments are simple to spot.

Taking care of buyers is also a crucial part of the game. They will surely use media to ask questions and to let people know of their issues. Answering quickly, then, is key.

  • Great customer support tools and utilities.
  • Targeting the public with ease.
  • Analyzing how each user feels about the brand.
  • Managing each task is easier.

Social Media Analytics Tools Features

Each channel and feed will have a specific public. And this audience will behave in a varied way. The company has apps that allow owners to see reports on this behavior.

  • Engagement is easy to see in graphs and reviews.
  • Finding influencers in a clear and easy way.
  • Planning an agenda with posts.
  • Using visuals to illustrate every step.

Social Media Management Features


The tasks to truly manage these accounts are many. From monitoring to taking action, owners will certainly need some help from the features of Sprout Social.

  • Many users can collaborate on these management tasks.
  • Schedule posts with ease.
  • Monitor what others are doing very easily.
  • Various accounts supported at the same time.

Social Media Marketing Features


One should never forget about marketing when working with social networks. Posting on a blog or on a page is not enough for success. The true public is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Good calendar with clear visuals.
  • Nice management of the agenda and contacts.
  • Filtering keywords and SEO practices.
  • Review content in no time.

Social Media Monitoring Features

This is an activity related to knowing what previous clients say about a brand. And also about what other relevant debates they are having on the field.

  • It’s easy to gauge what influencers are doing. And how they do it.
  • The dashboard is simple and has a nice design.
  • One can choose the best audience for the review.

Sprout Social Key Features for Success

Some other benefits are there within each plan. Some of them relate to each platform in particular, while others have to do with numbers or metrics. Readers can find that review below.

1. One Place for Every Message


This provider has an inbox in which owners will be able to get every message. No matter which app they got it at the beginning. This feature saves a lot of time. Because owners will not have to access every network to go and check the texts. Also, it has a lot of things that people can do it with it. For example, they can mark them as read. They can also add tags, filters, and even colors. So they can identify which ones are urgent and which ones are not.

2. Automating Tasks

This is a perk that also saves a lot of time an effort. Talking to buyers can be tough especially if there are many of them. That is why Social Sprout has different groups of functions within this class. The first one of them is a bot builder. Chatbots today are of crucial importance. Many times, employees cannot just answer every text. And so those answers might be automatic.

Queues and viral posts also appear in this class. The first one refers to a number of things to do in the future. The second perk refers to the best time to post. If people decide to follow those tips, then the content might go viral. Finally, it has great integration with Twitter in particular. So, anyone can read every Tweet they get at once. And score all the clicks received from clients.

3. Apps for Better Posts

Uploading content does not only mean pressing a button. It involves a lot more tasks. And this vendor aims at making those easier. First, it has a great publication calendar. There, owners can mark the best dates in which they want their visuals to appear. Then, it is easy to upload images. So that more than just one person can work on the same content. People may also decide to add tags to these posts to store them.

The calendar, as stated before, is very visual. It displays photos, and persons can even include videos if they want to. That makes it quite interactive. And makes work look like it was fun. Finally, if somebody decides that the schedule is not good, they can change it later. It is very easy and simple.

4. Easy to Work in Teams

This software has many benefits. One of them is related to teams. So, it allows many employees to work at the same time from just one board. One of the main perks is that the platform will send an alert to all the team members to let them know when another one has completed the task. In this manner, none of them will carry out the same thing again. Also, it’s very easy to see who has been answering questions, for example. It can be great for buses to monitor what their employees are doing.

Another very useful thing is their tags. The smart inbox will receive a lot of messages. What people can do with those messages is to put tags on them. In this manner, none of them will get lost. And it’s going to be very simple to know when and how to address those issues.

5. Nice Apps for Reports

Everybody knows today how important it is to get accurate metrics of how a marketing campaign is doing. That is what Sprout Social offers. It has many functions with clear numbers for people. Those numbers will show, for example, if posts are truly catching viewers attention or not.

  • It will also take a look at how customer support works. After analyzing those numbers with care, owners can take positions for the future.
  • That means that they could change the time in which they post. Or choose to include more visuals or videos to the feed.
  • Owners can choose to get info in numbers, or in graphs.
  • Those images may relate to just one media app. So all the metrics are Facebook will group in just one picture. Or all the networks, like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, will show in the same graph.
  • There are many other functions that the platform decided to include last year. Those names include competitors’ reports, or numbers relating to messages. The companies that work with customer care will know how crucial it is to get a hold of texts that clients send.
  • Finally, buyers can see those reports either the web version or a download feature. The formats are PDF and see CSV.

6. User-Friendly

It is clear that the brand wants to help its users access the board. First, have a nice free trial that is quite long. It lasts for a full month. That means that clients can really understand the concepts. And they can decide if they really want to acquire it or not. Also, it is also important to consider the design of the page. This type of company also has hundreds of functions. Clients might get lost when looking for something that they need.

Luckily, that is not the case of Sprout Social. It has a clean organization, and each feature is under a certain group. That makes it fairly easy to find what a person is looking for. The board from which a person can control the networks is also very easy to use.

Sprout Social Plans & Pricing

In terms of plans, Sprout Social as many alternatives that adapt to different objects. All of them aim at specific audiences. For example, freelancers will find the standard plan a bit more suitable to their needs. One thing to mention about all of them is that they have a free trial. This lasts for 30 days, which is a very reasonable amount of time to try and see the quality of the service.


Standard Package

The standard’s plan aims at small teams, especially to those who are not pros in the field. The number of apps supported is quite low. That suggests that most of the people who hired this plan don’t manage a lot of accounts. At almost $100 a month, it’s not very affordable. And the metrics are not deep. That is why it might be a bit shallow for those who make business in this field, especially because the pricing is not that cheap.


  • Tags for integrated inbox
  • Basic reports.
  • Enough social media supported.

  • Few profiles and accounts

Professional Package

Different from the other one, this Pro package has a bit more networks included. Still, the number is not great. So those who work for different customers should consider the other option. In that one, they will be able to track down links. In this manner, they can see what competitors are doing in different spheres. This will help when making informed decisions about sales, for example.


  • Deep analytics.
  • Many social apps for owners.
  • Convenient pricing.

  • No yearly discount

Advanced Package

This plan is very pricey. Yet, it pays off in terms of the number of services that it offers to clients. For example, they will have customer care available for them 24/7. It will be fast and kind to answer. In addition, the metrics will be detailed for both social media and future posts. That will let owners take the best decisions based on good tactics. It also takes into account a very important trait of Facebook. Groups have grown year-by-year as an option to attract more traffic.


  • AExclusive customer care.
  • Many features only for this pack.
  • Fast and reliable.

  • Expensive

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

Standard Professional Advanced
Price/mo $99 $149 $249
Social Profiles 5 10 10
Social Inbox Yes Yes Yes
Tracking URL No No Yes
Content Tags No Yes Yes
Reports for Groups Yes Yes Yes
Reports for Social Apps No Yes Yes
Content Library No No Yes

Terms & Conditions

Their terms of use section have different parts. The first one of them states how old the client desires to hire those services should be. Of course, they would not accept any minors. The next info is about each product that they offer. First, the team states that buyers would receive those products through the web or mobile apps. In addition, each alert or change to the terms of service will appear in the email address of the person.

Finally, there is a very important text that regards bots. Of course, the platform does not allow for them. And would punish anyone who sets the software to open up accounts on the website.


Privacy Policy

In terms of how they protect private info, the policy is very tight. They are aware of the law on this topic. That is why they promise not to show any private detail a person’s account to any other human being or software. They admit that the data will only show to the owners of the other two pages to which they are partners. Those sites are Bamboo and Simply Measured.


The company also lists the sources from which they get info from the customers. The first of these sources is the use of cookies. Those are little pieces of software that store in a laptop. The other source is the use of the platform itself. The team claims that they would only use those details to improve the way in which they work.

Refund Policy

This vendor offers plans that will discount every month. As it happens at the beginning of each period, it’s not possible to offer a refund. If a shopper is not happy with the service they get, they can always cancel after the period is over. And if anyone thinks they did not get the right plan, they can always contact support and get some help.

Customer Support

Customer support is an integral part of any brand. Clients want to be happy with the things they buy. And having people to guide them into the process is key as it is to be able to solve issues in a timely way.


Sprout Social is aware that some issues are urgent. That is why they offer their phone number on the site. This way, their clients can contact them very quickly. It only works from Monday to Friday. And during business hours. So, no calls at night, for example.


They have an email address available as well. Some customers might prefer just to text the company. Either because they live far away and calls are expensive. Or because they do not speak the language very well. An email address, then, is quite convenient.

Online Chart

There is also a contact form on site. People who do not like the other ways of contact might choose this one. The only thing they have to do is write down some personal details using the page. An employee will contact the buyer with a follow up on the issue, then.

Support Center


This is certainly a service aimed at social networks. It is only natural, then, that its customer center is related to media. People who want to contact them can do so using Facebook and Twitter, for example. They are fast and nice when answering. This team will give each future buyer tips on the best plan to buy. And they will also be available to answer questions after the purchase. Individuals can also solve some issues using other apps, like Linkedin or Twitter.

Quality of Service

Most of the previous users praise the service. The first thing they mentioned is the ease of use. Even though it is, of course, a platform designed for professionals, it’s not hard to access. Also, the company seems always to be updated. That is very important in today’s world when everything changes so fast. Also, teams can collaborate in a remote way, which is great for those businesses that have employees all over the world. The only thing some complaint about is the pricing.

Customer Types

Sprout social has hundreds of users today. And not all of them come from the same sphere. While some of them might be individuals, some others may belong to industries. Below readers can find info about the best options for each one of them.

Who is Sprout Social Best For

It all comes down to the needs and requirements of the business or person. Below in this review, there is detailed info about each one of them.

Small Businesses


These small teams might find the benefits very suitable to their requirements. Yet, the plan that most appeals to them would be quite pricey for them. And it does not support so many accounts as it might. Still, their social media listening perks are valuable.

Large Enterprises

These ones might be the happier ones with the plans. When compared to others in the same field, it is quite cheap. Because this provider has so many perks that the price seems fair. Also, it supports a lot of profiles. And many members of one team working at the same time.

Medium Business

Such a business may have a hard time when choosing a plan. Again, the basic option might not be good enough to cover its needs while the advanced package can be too pricey for the wants of the size of the company. Still, if the number of employees is small, it might work just fine.


Freelancers who have enough budget to afford the basic plan will be truly satisfied with it especially if they dedicate to marketing in apps. The number of supported networks is good enough for people who make their living out of this activity. And the price of the tier is affordable.

Sprout Social Pros & Cons

There are many reasons why using Social Sprout is good for business. Most of its users report being happy with the service. Yet, there are some who are not so convinced. Let’s break down those details below.



  • Social inbox makes it easier to get all texts in just one board.
  • Reports are great. They are either web or PDF.
  • People can edit images using this app.
  • Has some help desk traits.
  • It is safe and reliable to access.
  • Even though the list of features is long, it is pricey.
  • Tech support might be slow if the user has some issues with the board.

Top 5 Sprout Social Alternatives

Today, there are many options for social marketers who require some help for their media profiles. Below, readers may find details on varied companies with their own target.


Agorapulse focuses on analyzing the competition. Their social media listening tools are strong. This will make the process of taking a decision easier in the future. It has a lot of benefits, though they are not cheap – a great option for small teams.



This company claims it is aimed at agencies, but this is not exactly true. For example, the basic plan only allows for one account to access it. Teams will not be able to work using the board, then.



This is a top-notch service. Anyone in the field might have heard about it. That is why their prices are quite elevated. It aims at giving great SEO advice. So target keywords are simple to find. And the board is clean and nice.



Buffer is better suited for owners of busy companies. Mostly because it tries to ease the process of posting and storing ideas, that’s not easy to do, especially if people want to be creative and original.



This is a complete marketing tool. It does not only focus on social media, but it also has features for emails, for example. It also takes into account blogs. This shows they keep updated with the needs of the market.

Pricing Table for Bufferand Competitors

Sprout social Hootsuite Sendible Buffer Coschedule Agora Pulse
Price/mo $99 $19 $29 $15 $80 $99
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Social Networks 5 10 12 8 10 10
Social Inbox Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
URL Shortener Yes No No Yes No No
Team Collaboration No Yes No No Yes No
Chrome Extension No No No Yes No Yes
Number of users 1 1 1 1 3
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

FAQ Section

What Is Sprout Social?

As its name shows, it is a company that aims at making social media marketing easier. It has been working for more than a decade now. And it built itself a great reputation. To give a hand to owners of these networks, they give them a great variety of perks. The first one of them has to do with the calendar. It is one of the most difficult things for marketers. The social inbox with all the texts within just one board is also a great idea.

Does Sprout Social Have a Free Trial?

Yes, it does. And it lasts for a whole month, which is great for many reasons. It’s a key element for those who are not that sure they want to pay for such a service. Most companies only have trials for 2 o 3 days. That’s not enough to see if they truly get some results. Yet, 30 days is nicer. And the benefits are not of the basic plan, but of the most expensive one.

What Can You Do with Sprout Social?

The first and most important thing to do is to define a content tactic. What does this mean? Using social media is not about posting anything. Owners need to truly grasp who their public is, what they like and what they do not. So, metrics might be a good choice to understand what to do to improve one’s performance. Another aspect is social reviews. Every business should be aware of what previous clients say about them online.

Will Followers See the Published by Sprout Social Tag on Your Facebook Posts?

No, if the owner does not want to. This platform is very aware of the importance of branding, which means that the name of one’s company should appear in every place that is possible. Reaching new fans will also be easier in this way because previous users will write reviews with recommendations. In this way, owners can increase the social proof and trust of the brand.

Can Sprout Social Shorten Links Automatically or Track Clicks?

Yes, both of them are possible. And these are great benefits for people who would find it useful to know more about clicks. Shortening URLs and getting good reviews is also key today. Nobody wants to enter long links. Especially if they do not trust the brand enough. Doing so with Sprout Social is very easy. Also, users can find it simple to track down campaigns. But only within the same site, and using the most expensive plan.

The Final Word

Sprout Social is a social media tool that offers plenty of services for all types of users. One of the most salient features is its unified inbox. Yet, there are many other good functions. If a content marketer needs to know their audience better, they can resort to the listening function. And a social media marketer can learn more about their strategies work with metrics. The many services that this tool offers cover almost every social media need.

Published: August 12, 2019Updated: February 25, 2024

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