TweetDeck Review: How It Improves Twitter Experience

TweetDeck Review: How It Improves Twitter Experience
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TweetDeck Review: In-Depth

TweetDeck Review
TweetDeck is a browser tool that improves social media experience by allowing users to monitor multiple feeds on a single screen. The utility is free, and all it takes is to have a registered Twitter account. Users can pick the desired timelines to explore, such as notifications, messages, trending, mentions, etc. The review indicates this is an excellent choice for both individuals, marketing experts, and businesses who want to ensure they don’t miss anything on this network.

Key Features

The reviews indicate the utility is loaded with functions. That is impressive because all of them are available for free.

Here is a quick review of options at the user’s disposal:

  • Arrange columns to individual taste
  • Schedule posts and monitor them
  • Browse collections
  • Monitoring social media
  • Notifications tracking
  • Search options
  • Manage lists
  • LinkedIn column

TweetDeck Review: Background Information

TweetDeck’s history goes back to 2008. Its founder Iain Dodsworth launched this service to provide a better browsing experience to Twitter users. The tool immediately attracted the public’s attention as reviews mentioned it was among the most useful social media utilities.

In 2011, TW decided to acquire this service. They agreed with Dodsworth to purchase the company and offer TD for free. Another part of the agreement was to keep London’s headquarters while developing the tool as a freeware app.

Today, anyone who uses TW can use this utility, which means it has millions of users. Those who compare it will find that this is the most popular Twitter app, with a 23% market share.

Service Features and Technical Details

TweetDeck Service Features
Those who compare this with other similar services will appreciate the range of functions available. The reviews indicate it is possible to arrange columns in any desired way. Scheduling and monitoring posts is another option, as well as tracking notifications.

Account owners and marketing experts will never miss a single event happening on social media. Search options come with a long list of parameters, and tailoring lists to follow specific users is useful. They can add LinkedIn to compare performance on different networks.

Social Media Management

TweetDeck can be an integral SMM tool for anyone whose business is present on Twitter. The app is free, and it allows comprehensive monitoring of this network.

Here is a review of social media management options to expect:

  • Manage multiple accounts in a single interface
  • Create and schedule posts
  • Monitor scheduled Tweets and edit their publishing times
  • Automatic publishing
  • Track mentions, messages, and notifications
  • Collaboration functions

Features in Detail

What makes TweetDeck so successful? Reviews indicate users stick to this tool because of its wide range of features. Twitter is a powerful social media, but its default app isn’t that intuitive.

This utility allows individuals and businesses to organize everything that happens on the network to individual taste. Managing multiple accounts for arranging feeds ensures improved user experience and secures that no information is missed. Here is a detailed overview of what is offered by this platform.

Arrange Columns to Individual Preference

TweetDeck Arrange Columns
The default Twitter app makes it difficult to monitor the timeline, messages, notifications, and everything else happening on this social media.

Here are the columns available for adding:

  • Home timeline
  • User profile
  • Notifications
  • Search
  • Lists and collection
  • Trending
  • Messages
  • Mentions and followers
  • Scheduled posts
  • Activity

This gives users plenty of options to tailor the interface to their taste. It ensures everyone will notice relevant mentions, posts, and other events as soon as they occur.

Simple Tweet Scheduling and Publishing

TweetDeck Simple Tweet
It is possible to publish and schedule posts from the TweetDeck dashboard application. Upon entering it, click the New Tweet option in the upper-left corner. From there, it will be possible to pick the account and images and schedule the time when to release the content. Those who compare it with other platforms pinpoint the simplicity of the process.

A separate column for scheduled Tweets is also available. Adding it ensures to see which posts are pending, and rearrange them if necessary.

Manage and Monitor Collections

TweetDeck Manage and Monitor Collections
How many times did it happen that a person sees an exciting post, and it disappears the next time they return? Adding it to Collections will ensure to monitor and save relevant Tweets in different directories.

Here is how to create a collection:

  1. Click on Add Column and then Add a Collection.
  2. Create the collection and type its name and description.
  3. Add the desired accounts to add to the collection and save it.

All-Around Monitoring Features

TweetDeck Monitoring Features
Individuals who track multiple accounts or business owners who don’t want to miss anything will appreciate monitoring additions.

Check out how monitoring tools compare to what one needs:

  • Follow trending topics to see what’s hot today.
  • Monitor mentions of specific accounts in a single column.
  • Track likes on particular accounts.
  • Tailor a column to follow only specific users

Check Notifications as They Arrive

TweetDeck Check Notifications
It is not easy to find a way among hundreds of notifications available. That is why sorting alerts seeing them as they arrive can be convenient. A separate column for everything new that occurs ensures that the user doesn’t miss anything.

Here are some available settings under the review:

  • Notification types: choose from mentions, retweet, like lists, etc.
  • Tweet content: show all tweets or only those with images and videos.
  • Authors: search for posts published or mentioning specific users.

Searching Options

TweetDeck Searching Options
Account owners who need to find a particular tweet or topic will love TweetDeck. It comes with a variety of searching options to customize the results.

These are the main search parameters indicated in the reviews:

  • Type-ahead: the searcher receives suggestions as they type letters into the searching field.
  • Sentiment: add an emoticon to search for particular types of posts, such as sad or happy.
  • Column filters: optimize search results by users, location, content, alerts, etc.
  • Wildcard: use the “*” character to get results that form a phrase. For example, “Service is *” can deliver results like “Service is useful,” “Service is not good enough,” etc.
  • Search history: take a look at what one looked for in the past.
  • Advanced search: use special filters to tailor the search to individual preference.

List Management

Creating and adjusting lists can assist in tailoring the content shown to the account owner’s needs. For example, it is possible to follow only specific topics or users. Designing a list only takes a couple of clicks.

LinkedIn Column

Apart from monitoring the network, TD also allows adding a LinkedIn Column. It is necessary to connect the dashboard to a LI account, which can be done in several clicks.

Once connected, insert the LinkedIn column as any other section in the main interface. The app will refresh the feed in real-time.


If we talk about integration, TweetDeck is a largely focused tool. It is an exclusive Twitter app, but users can also connect it to a LinkedIn account. Although it is only possible to add a separate LI column, it is convenient to follow two social networks from a single dashboard.

The mobile support is impressive, and users can access the app from all mobile gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets.

TweetDeck Plans & Pricing

The reviews indicate the software comes only in a free version. There is no premium option, which means all utilities are available without paying anything. It is a reason why many beginners choose this service.

Free Forever Package

TweetDeck has become a utility endorsed by Twitter. That means it is entirely free to use, and there is no need to pay a single cent. Reviews indicate that all the functions available will remain free forever. It is why this comprehensive tool is so popular among the users.

Reviews emphasize that the software serves both individuals and businesses. Personal account owners will love the improved experience of using social media. Business owners and marketing agencies appreciate monitoring tools and simple tracking of everything that happens on this network.


  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Arrange sections to follow specific parts of Twitter
  • Publish and schedule tweets
  • Add a LinkedIn account.


  • Google Chrome extension
  • Apple Store app
  • Web browser dashboard
  • Compatible with PC and mobile devices

Terms and Conditions

Twitter is among the most famous social media on the internet. It is why they have carefully designed terms of service. The reviews suggest everyone check it before registering an account.

Since Twitter owns TweetDeck, the same terms and conditions apply. Here are some details users should know:

  • It is required to be at least 13 years old to register an account
  • Every user is responsible that the content they publish complies with laws and regulations
  • Content that violates the terms can be deleted without prior warning

Privacy Policy

TD can compare to Twitter because of the same privacy policy, which means they are dedicated to being transparent in what information they collect. Some data provided, such as the time zone and profile link, and username, might be public.

Additionally, all the content contributed to this social media is public. That means people can see retweets, likes, posts, and other information publicly, whether they are left on personal or someone else’s profiles. It is possible to allow only followers to see Tweets and choose who can tag the account owner in the photo. Ultimately, it is what one could expect from the privacy policy of a social network.

Refund Policy

There is no need to talk about refunds because TD is entirely free. It only takes registering a Twitter account to start using the service. Logging into the TD software takes providing those details, and one can begin configuring the tool right away.

It will always be possible to reactivate it when the moment is right.

Customer Support

The first impression of the reviews is that customer support could be more varied. It is not that they didn’t try to be helpful, but there are only two options to go with – support center and submitting a ticket.

Help Center

TweetDeck has a comprehensive help center that shows detailed information about using the software and its specific functions. There is an entire section on how to use TD, as well as a page that discusses its advanced features. Users might find helpful answers in the FAQs, too. The help center comes in handy for beginners, only exploring this utility.


Submitting a ticket is a way to try and resolve a problem related to TD. The form requires a user to pick the type of problem they have. For example, it could involve scheduling Tweets, accessing the tool, managing columns, etc.

It is also required to provide the device used and describe the issue. Provide the email and username and submit a ticket. It shouldn’t take more than several hours for someone to respond.

Quality of Service

According to users who tried it, TD seems trustworthy. It delivers what it promises, which is essential for anyone who wants to use the utility.

TD is capable of monitoring Twitter and providing updates in real-time. The network owns this tool, which means it is a reliable and safe app. It is nice that the creators update the tool regularly since there are minor flaws that need improving. There is still room for improvement, but it seems that the authors are doing a fine job with this program.

Customer Types

Who is TweetDeck best for, and why should one use it? That is a good question, so check out the most common customer types of this tool!

Small Businesses

Those only starting their entrepreneurship career can’t underestimate the power of social networks. This tool can serve to assist in spreading brand awareness and getting in touch with potential customers. Additionally, it allows account owners to get in touch with industry experts and attract business partners.

Large Enterprises

A large company already attracts plenty of attention on social media. TD can assist its marketing experts in monitoring every mention and other items related to the business. It allows staying in touch with customers while ensuring post publishing remains as expected.

Medium Businesses

Medium businesses are looking for a way to take that next step and progress to a high level. That is where social networks can be useful. Make sure to follow trending topics, communicate with potential clients, and use monitoring features to improve the benefits of Twitter and LinkedIn for the company.


Freelancers might have the task of boosting someone’s presence on Twitter. TweetDeck can be of assistance since it allows the simple creation of posts, scheduling them, and monitoring every mention on this network. It is a comprehensive package that makes the project goals more manageable.

TweetDeck Pros & Cons

No tool is perfect, and the same is true for TweetDeck. Once a line is drawn, this tool has intriguing features, but also a couple of drawbacks.



  • Free forever and no need to pay a single cent to use it
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single interface
  • Arrange sections like notifications, mentions, or activities, to personal preference
  • A long range of search parameters, such as filters and auto-suggestions
  • No analytics to see marketing campaign results
  • Lacking an ad management option

TweetDeck Alternatives

This isn’t the only tool that focused on Twitter. Those who want additional features might consider premium alternatives. Here are some apps worth considering when choosing the best utility.



Tweetbot specializes in iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. Its notable features include timeline filters, hiding specific tweets, and synchronization with iCloud. Users can create topics that allow connecting multiple tweets, and there is also an option to design a custom timeline. The application is premium and costs $4.99 in the official Apple Store.


ManageFlitter Alternatives

ManageFlitter is a premium web-based app for monitoring and managing multiple Twitter accounts. Apart from posting and scheduling posts, it provides information about the best time to publish a tweet.

The utility will also show analytics to let users know more about their campaign details. That is a significant advantage since it is a feature not found in TweetDeck. ManageFlitter is a bit expensive compared to the tool mentioned in this article. However, it provides advanced functions and detailed analytics, which makes it worth one’s while.

Comparison Table 

How does this software compare to other alternatives available? Instead of reading the reviews, check out this comparison table to see which is best suited to personal preference.

TweetDeck Tweetbot ManageFlitter
Monthly Price Free $4.99 Starts at $12
Write posts Yes Yes Yes
Schedule posts Yes No Yes
Monitoring services Yes Yes Yes
Customized timeline Yes Yes Yes
Multiple accounts Yes Yes Yes
Search network Yes Yes Yes
Analytics No No Yes
Platforms Supported Android/iOS/Windows/Mac/Linux iOS Android/iOS/Windows/Mac/Linux

FAQ Section

  • Is TweetDeck Safe?

    The best confirmation that TD is safe is that Twitter owns it. This social network acquired it in 2011 when they saw the success of the utility in the market. Thanks to that, the tool is now free and safe for all people.

  • Does TweetDeck Exist?

    Yes, this is a real deal, and it is a useful tool for monitoring Twitter and improving the browsing experience.

    It is suitable for individuals and businesses who want to expand their presence on this social network. That app is free to use and doesn’t require paying a single cent to activate it.

  • Can You Use TweetDeck on Android?

    It is possible to use this platform on Android. The only difference is that users cannot download an app from the official Google Play store. Fortunately, an alternative is to type the address in any web browser on a smartphone or tablet.

    It will take the user to the dashboard application, where they can use all TD features.

  • Can You Download TweetDeck?

    It is possible to download TD for iOS by using the Apple Store. This tool is also available as a Google Chrome extension.

    However, it is primarily a browser dashboard application. That means a person should type the utility’s web address to use it.

The Final Word

It is hard to claim that TweetDeck is the best social media management tool out there since other apps might be more versatile. However, if one’s activity is focused on Twitter, this can be a smart choice. The utility improves user experience and simplifies interaction with other users on the network. It is free forever and allows plenty of freedom in arranging sections to an individual’s needs.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. Consider the features needed, price, and how easy it is to use an app. That is the only sure way to find a social management tool that will meet everyone’s expectations!

What do you think of this tool? Leave your comments below!

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