Twiends Review: Make Your Twitter Rock

Twiends Review: Make Your Twitter Rock
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Twiends Review: Make Your Twitter Rock

Twitter is one of the most important social media networks today. In particular, for businesses trying to increase their reach. Yet, getting a bigger audience can take a lot of time and effort. And there are many companies that today can help those in need. One of them is Twiends, which provides a decent service for both individuals and companies in 2023.

Twiends Key Features

  • The platform moderates accounts for more quality
  • Swift results
  • Country targeting of interactions
  • Customer team available 24/7
  • The manager gets to control the speed
  • Promotions can be paused or canceled at wish

Background Information

This is a company located in the United Kingdom. It was founded by two friends who wanted Twitter solutions for a wide public. Today, it has great stats and has registered accounts from all around the world. Some examples are:

  • The business produces 8 million in revenue each year.
  • It has almost 50 employees from many countries.
  • This provider has been active since 2009.
  • The industry is Internet services.
  • The CEO approval rate is 100%

Features in Details

This provider gives owners a lot of opportunities to increase their fanbase in a short time. Using seeds, it will be easier for them to get a lot of quality followers. Plus, the retention rate is pretty good. A lot more elevated than in the case of other platforms that sell social media interactions.

Getting Started With the Platform

Twiends Getting Started With the Platform

The first thing to do is to use one’s Twitter account for the register. Another option is using Instagram, but this does not apply to this case. After giving permission to the site, the client will enter a very simple dashboard.

  • The vendor has its own currency for exchange. These are called seeds.
  • The whole idea behind the system is to give and get these seeds.
  • Exchange reviews to get more followers. What makes the provider unique is that every owner decides how many seeds they want to give others.
  • Each user will choose to receive them or not.

The more currency users offer, the more likely they will get followers. But, of course, these are not for free. Persons will have to pay for them. At times, there are special offers they can take advantage of.

Making the Most out of Twitter

Twiends Making the Most out of Twitter

The hardest part of growing an account is not getting bigger numbers. The difficult thing is to keep them after a while. So, many experts recommend a lot of tips to attract new subscribers. And to keep them interested so they don’t go away. Some of them are:

  • Don’t buy followers on pages without a review. This is a reputable service recommended by many online. The seeds system will ensure that only those who really want to follow the account. It’s much better to keep it slow but high-quality.
  • Interact with others for more engagement. Twiends encourages interactions because only interested ones will access to the profiles. So, reply to their comments on the posts for them to learn from you. Answering questions and reposting recent content is a great way to get connected.

Consider Metrics

Stats and numbers, at times, are the only ways to make things work. That is why the company provides persons with the best and more detailed metrics. This way, clients will always know what is going on with their packages.

Always Share

Twiends Always Share

The reach of a post can increase if the owner puts some effort. For example, they can always share a tweet on other platforms. Instagram is an option, but Facebook is king. In particular, if the writer decides to use the groups to have more readers.

Work With Influencers

Twiends Work With Influencers

Some niches and brands can get a huge fan base just with organic content. That is, by posting content that will make them curious or amuse them. But there are others that need more reach in a short period of time.

That is when they can partner with recent influencers for more engagement. These are persons who are already successful and have thousands of fans. So, they can validate one’s product or service by using them. And showing them to other potential clients.

Pay or Not to Pay

Most of the functions in the app are free. For example, marketers can ask others to follow them so they can do the safe afterward. But other options are only available for those who pay for the premium plans. For example, those who don’t pay for them cannot offer seeds.

Finding More Interactions

The dashboard of the provider has some categories at the top. And one of those names is Connections. In that place, the website stores the ones who accepted the seed and followed one’s website. That info is there for one week. After 7 days, it disappears. In case the person stops following the website, the connection will go away.

Manage Your Numbers

In addition to being featured by the company, the client might decide to do this him or herself. They can pay with Paypal or their credit cards. This is crucial to keep one’s promotion campaign always active.

Plus, these people will also be able to track down every interaction and other clicks related to their Twitter accounts. In this manner, they can manage their numbers wisely and know if it’s worth the money and the hours to keep on investing in Twiends.

Twiends Plans & Pricing

Twiends has plenty of options for those looking to get quality interactions. The lowest plan starts at 1,000 seeds and goes up to 7,000. Of course, these will depend on the type of company and account the person has. Let’s examine these plans below.

One-off Plan

Those who want to make use of the service for just one day might pay for the one-off plan. The number of seeds starts at 1,000 and goes up from there.

The price, in this case, is $29. Meaning that each unit costs almost 25 cents. People can choose to pay with their credit card or Paypal.


  • It includes 5 days as a VIP user
  • The interactions are delivered at once
  • Can adjust drop or retention rates
  • The great customer care team
  • Tutorials available to take advantage of the perks


  • Seeds are more expensive
  • No other perks are included

VIP Plan

Instead, clients who need a high volume can choose to pay for a weekly plan. For example, the bunch has 1,000 seeds every day at only $99.95 for 7 days. Of course, the currency has a rollover.

Those who don’t use them that day can access them the next. This package has more fine-tuning options. So, they can choose who their followers will be by applying filters.


  • Advanced filters for the retention rate
  • Daily bonus
  • Personalized help
  • Only 1.4 cents per unit
  • VIP for the whole week


  • Not too many special offers
  • Retention rate might drop
One-off VIP
Price $30 $99.95
Speed of delivery Quick Immediate
Metrics available No Yes
Discounts included No Yes
Daily bonus No Yes
Featured user Yes Yes
24/7 help No Yes
Filters for the retention rate No Yes

Terms and Conditions

The first thing that future customers need to understand is that the platform does not sell interactions. True, they can grow their profiles. But this will happen after a process of discovery. The followers do not arrive at the account at once. And much less without the owner doing nothing about it. Some other conditions include asking clients to be at least 18 years of age. Finally, they will never disclose any details about the tweets or any of the materials.

Privacy Policy

Regarding privacy, the company claims they comply with the law of the USA regarding data protection. For example, Twiends will never ask for a password. Meaning that the team does not have access to the info of the client or their tweets. When it comes to cookies, anyone who enters the site has to agree with them. If not, they cannot access the services offered by them.

Refund Policy

In terms of the money-back guarantee, it is a bit tight. The company promises they will only give a refund to those who buy a product but don’t receive it. Or in case of a technical issue. In case the customer realizes their services are no longer useful for them, there will not be any refund.

Customer Support

Twiends Customer Support

The customer team is efficient and nice. They are there at all times to answer questions and doubts from future customers. Or to solve issues that current users may be experiencing. Let’s see below some of the channels where they are available.


A phone number might be an easier manner to get in touch with the business. It is quick and guarantees a clear solution. But Twiends does not offer this alternative for reviews. In case there is an urgent issue, customers will have to wait until they read their emails.


Again, no email is given to future clients. It might be a disadvantage for some persons, like influencers. But they have an even more effective way of contact to offer to future buyers or those who have a doubt or a question to learn from.

Online Chart

The contact us section contains an online chart for a reply. Within 24-48 hours, anyone who writes to them will get an answer. Some of the details they have to provide are their name, email, and message. They will not have to tag the text into any category.

Support Center

The support center is only available to those who already have an account with Twiends. After they log in, they will enter a site where they can get personalized attention. The resource is an online chat attended by employees from Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 pm.

Quality of Service

Twiends got a lot of positive reviews online. On the one hand, people praise their variety of plans. And the ease of use. Plus, they guarantee that all the accounts are real and active. On the grey side, some of them complain about the company’s retention rate. It’s true that the interactions are many and stable. Yet, it is not going to last in many cases. Buyers need to be sure of what filters they are applying to avoid this issue.

Customer Types

So, is Twiends the best option for everyone? Well, it can adapt to any need and budget. From freelancers with a few pennies to spend too large companies with a lot of money, everyone can access the services of this provider.

Small Business

Small businesses don’t’ usually have large budgets to spend on marketing. But they don’t have to worry. This vendor has cheap plans per week. Or even per day, if the numbers suit them better.

Large Enterprises

A large business might also take advantage of all the packages that Twiends has to offer. The most expensive pack of 7,200 seeds can give brands the followers they require. What is more, buyers can use that currency across many brands.

Medium Business

A medium business can find in this vendor a great service. The most suitable plan might be a weekly one with at least 2,000 seeds. This way, the small company will get a stable number of interactions for an affordable price.


Freelancers will also get many benefits from Twiends. In case these people have a lot of money to spend on social media, they can access the packages per week. In addition to more followers, they will also get featured. Meaning that the other users in the platform will see one’s profile at the top of the list.

Twiends Pros & Cons

So, is it a good idea to hire their daily or weekly plans? Let’s examine some of the advantages below. And buyers should also consider the grey areas of hiring these plans and packages.



  • It’s a safe and credible site, with many years of experience.
  • It protects people’s privacy without asking for social media passwords.
  • The support team is available through a variety of channels.
  • It’s cheap when compared to other similar sites.
  • A lot of options to optimize one’s Twitter account.
  • Many people end up unfollowing after a certain period.
  • The seeds are very pricey when compared to other platforms.

Twiends Alternatives

Looking for some other options to enhance one’s Twitter accounts? The market is full of them. Here are some selected competitors to understand their main features and make the best decision to increase one’s fanbase.


TweetDeck Main Alternatives

Instead of delivering followers, Tweetdeck helps owners get organized. They can, for example, schedule their tweets for certain dates. Or discover how their audience is doing about their posts.


Narrow Alternatives

Narrow is more targeted to influencers. Profile owners can track down who connected with them. And they have a lot of other functions ready for them to access, related to pricing, other links, and more.

Twitter Amplify

Twitter Amplify Alternatives

Twitter Amplify focuses on videos and other types of visual materials. The idea is that people can record videos or even the TV so that fans and others can broadcast that on their own. It’s very affordable though it does not offer access to a lot of accounts.


Fanbase Alternatives

The fanbase is similar to Twiends. The main difference is that it targets companies and brands. For example, it gives access to more than one profile. The provider even allows for keyword and hashtag research.

Social Quant

Social Quant Alternatives

Social Quant is the ally of those looking for relevant keywords to up their media networks’ game. It will find key structures at once and allows owners to target long-tail or more general words and structures, too.


Tweetfull Main Alternatives

Tweetfull is another research tool that looks for influencers and other accounts in one’s niche. With those names in mind, then the client can engage with them. And try to promote their own content by retweeting a lot.

Competitors’ Table of Comparison

Now, all the features mentioned above are important when considering what company to hire. One of them is the price, of course, but others include the number of accounts allowed and the time of delivery.

Twiends Service Tweetdeck Service Narrow Service Twitter Amplify Fanbase Service Social Quant Tweetfull Service
Price $100 Free $19.00 Free $10 $50.00 $15
N° of users 1 2 2 1 3 1 1
Speed of delivery Immediate Immediate 24 hours Immediate 48 hours Immediate 24 hours
Metrics available Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Discounts included Yes No Yes No No Yes No
Daily bonus Yes No Yes No No Yes No
Featured user Yes No No No No Yes No
24/7 help Yes No, just starting guide Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filters for a retention rate Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes
Keyword Promotion No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Twiends?

Twiends is a service with over a million accounts. They help people who want to grow their Twitter accounts and don’t know how. Or who don’t have the time to spend and wait. The idea behind the site is to have a currency called seeds. Users can access and trade them for interactions on social media. Of course, people have to pay for them. But they will also get some of these for free as soon as they create a new profile.

How Do I Get Free Twitter Followers?

  • Well, the first method is organic growth. This means that the owner just has to tweet things that are interesting to people.
  • They also have to interact with them and try to promote all the content on different channels. This can take a lot of time and effort.
  • The other process is easy. The person only needs to sign up, and he or she will get some free spots. Then, these people can exchange them for more followers without paying a cent.

Is Twiends Approved by Twitter?

Not exactly. But it doesn’t go against their policies either. Twitter does not allow anyone to buy followers or likes, for example. This can lead to them suspending an account. But Twiends does not work in that way. The followers are real, and they do not receive any money to interact with certain content. Instead, this platform is just a springboard that brings people with the same aim together.

How Can I Promote My Twitter Account for Free?

There are many ways to do this.

  • The first one is to contact influencers. These people have a lot of audiences and can promote one’s content with ease.
  • Another way is to just target the users that matter. And post things that will interest them.
  • But the best way when it comes to speed and ease is to use platforms. One of them is Twiends, which works in a very simple way. Using their own currency, they will exchange interactions.

Do Hashtags Help on Twitter?

Yes, they do. Hashtags are a great way to review tweets, photos, and videos with similar features from the homepage. Plus, users usually search for these elements instead of browsing tweets one by one.

So, this means that owners need to think about their strategy with care. For example, by doing some research in the field. There is no manner of applying a hashtag that already has millions of tweets because nobody will see it.

What Are the Featured Displays?

Featured accounts are a thing that VIP clients can get from the homepage. Those who pay for the weekly plan will get highlighted on the list. This means that other customers will enter the dashboard, look for seeds. Then, they will get to see the first option as the featured one. This is nice to increase one’s numbers in a very short period.

How Many People Will Follow Me?

Well, it depends. It could be thousands or just a few. And this is due to a number of factors. The first one is how many seeds the person decides to give to others. The more, the better. Second, owners can also choose who is going to be following them.

For example, they might want to follow only real, old accounts. Profiles like these usually have a reputation for not dropping the retention rate.

Convenient Twitter Solutions at Hand

What Twiends tries to do is to solve one of the biggest issues of social media managers and bloggers. Growing an account without spending too much time, money, and effort. This recent platform will help anyone connect with the right persons from home.

Those who enter the site are looking for quality followers that don’t drop, and that’s what they’ll get. They just need to consider the right plan and timing for their objectives to be fulfilled. What’s your view on this? Have you ever tried Twiends? Let us know in the comments below!

Published: March 12, 2021Updated: March 26, 2024

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