Typeform Review: Get Inspired with Top-Notch Polls and Surveys

Typeform Review: Get Inspired with Top-Notch Polls and Surveys
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Typeform Review: In-Depth

Typeform is a company that focuses on different types of polls and surveys. The idea is to empower other businesses to conduct their own operations. The forms they offer come from very cheap to premium prices. And they offer professional-looking forms without knowing a line of code. Some of the most popular uses include getting feedback, job applications, quizzes, and even stories from clients or leads.

Key Features

  • Creation with drag and drop
  • Reporting features for webmasters
  • Very responsive
  • Integrations with CRM sites like Zapier
  • SSL Security
  • Hidden fields if required
  • Great host for B2B businesses

Typeform Review: Background Information

typeform background

This is a SaaS company based in Barcelona. It was born in 2012, so it’s quite recent. Their star products are forms and surveys. These can be adapted to the necessities of the users. So, they don’t have to know anything about coding, for example. Instead, it is quite easy to build up forms using templates. It was founded by two men and has not stopped growing ever since. For example, in the beginning, they had 10,000 users. In 2023, instead, they have millions of forms created every month. So, the company had to grow as well and today has more than 200 employees.

Service Features & Technical Details

Their available perks can be divided into 4 groups. One for each type of product. All of these features make the documents stand out and give a better user experience.

Polling Features

Polls are crucial sources of info today. For example, they can give companies data about their clients’ preferences. Or their opinions about new products or services. Let’s see some polling features below.

  • Allows for data analysis
  • Collect feedback
  • Online polls
  • Distributes emails
  • Can have photos, videos, and sounds
  • Live results available
  • Different types of questions per screen

Customer Satisfaction Features

Reviewing how customers feel about one’s company is crucial for success. That is why Typeform offers many features to gauge this item. Let’s see some of them in detail.

  • Drag and drop
  • It’s easy to create & design without coding skills
  • Simple to collaborate with other team members
  • Users can archive and retain the forms if required
  • Workflow automation features

Forms Automation Features

So, forms are the star products of this company. And it has a lot of features that make the business stand out. Some of them include customizing the forms as clients see fit.

  • Drag and drop are available
  • Archiving the forms to use them later is also possible
  • Create and design each form as they see fit
  • Collaborate with other members when analyzing results

Survey Features

Surveys serve each business in a different way. Some may ask for customer feedback after launching a new product. Some others will want to know how good or bad their service is. Luckily, this business can help them in every way.

  • Skip logic
  • Analyze data in a customized way
  • Surveys are adapted to mobile devices, too
  • Questions can branch
  • Can include photos, videos, and other visuals

Key Features in Detail

As seen above, this provider goes the extra mile to provide customers with good services. Now, what are their main features? Keep on reading to find out more details about the options they offer to those who hire their services.

Strengths: The Core of the Platform

Among the many options online, Typeform shines. Why? Mainly because it can create nice, aesthetic forms. Plain text can be boring at times. In particular, when asking clients to fill in a form for free. These pieces have to be, at least, visually attractive.

  • It allows creators to add photos or videos to the survey. This makes the form nicer and helps people have more motivation to continue.
  • SurveyMonkey has one screen with all the questions in a row. Typeform, instead, has one question at a time.
  • This means that people have to answer a query before advancing to the next. Research shows they are more likely to complete the survey because they feel curious about what is next.
  • Coming soon are gifs within the website.

Function and Usability: Perfect Balance

Some platforms have hundreds of functions. But this is not always a good thing. In some cases, all those options make it hard for people to use them. Luckily, this is not the case with Typeform. It strikes the perfect balance between usability and functions. For example, it does not offer HTML custom for most users. But this is because most of them never need them. With the provided templates, it is usually enough. And all of it is displayed in a very easy-to-use way.

Templates: Options On-Site

Those using the platform will not create boring surveys anymore. There are a lot of options for users to get inspired. It’s very easy to just pick a template and then make it their own. As soon as the client enters the website, they will see the categories. Some of them include the following.

  • Featured: here are the ones that users like the most.
  • Quizzes: digital marketing, social media, geo, math, trivia, and more options are there.
  • Polls: Facebook, funny, and political are some of the choices.
  • Invitations: to parties, wedding, RSVP.
  • Lead Generation: get in touch, contact form.

Reporting: Clear Number

Reports are important for every company. What’s the use of a poll or a survey if it does not collect any info? Users are in luck because the available functions are nice to get good reports. So, data like how many clicks and the bounce rate of a form is available. So, these metrics are available in text form and can also be made into images.

  • Screen captures are available for those who don’t pay for a premium plan.
  • These people can also copy and paste the info on their personal reports.
  • Those who need to create graphics or pictures using the tool should go for the professional plan.

Typeform Plans & Pricing

typeform plans & pricing

So, Typeform has an array of plans and packages for different types of clients. Those who want to have affordable access, for example, can go for a very basic plan. This will give them some options for customization. But those who manage big volumes of data will find premium plans and features.


This plan is thought for people who need to do a light editing of the forms. If what they are looking for is templates, they will find them. In terms of pricing, it’s very affordable. It only costs $35 per month. And it can be less if paid yearly.


  • The high number of responses per month (up to 1,000)
  • 3 different types of questions per form
  • “Thank you” screen can be changed
  • Up to 2 GB of storage
  • Integration with Airtable

  • Doesn’t have Facebook Pixel


This plan is more suitable for companies with great volume per month. So, for example, it includes unlimited logic jumps in its form. Plus, The pricing is not that different from the previous pack. For only $15, there are a lot more features available. The conversion tracking is also very useful.


  • Even more available responses
  • Adds Facebook pixel to use on social media
  • No limits to custom templates
  • Integration with Hubspot
  • Useful for Mailchimp

  • No priority support


The premium plan includes all the perks from the other ones. But it also has more personalized attention. For example, buyers can access a 24/7 live chat to solve their issues in no time. Also, the storage has an upgrade. Meaning that those who have a lot of volume per month can record all their docs in the cloud.


  • Live chat
  • Immediate customer support
  • Adds-on for big teams
  • The storage is better (up to 4 GB)
  • No limits to the questions that can be added

  • A bit expensive

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

So, let’s take a look at all the features offered by the different plans. Each one of them is more suitable for different necessities. For example, the cheapest one is better for individual people. While premium plans are thought for those, who have more interactions.

Essentials Professional Premium
Price $35 $50 $70
Number of responses per month 1,000 5,000 10,000
Storage 2 GB 2 GB 4 GB
Custom Screens Yes Yes Yes
Integration with Airtable Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Pixel No Yes Yes
Tag Manager No Yes Yes
Hidden fields No Yes Yes
Typeform Brand Removal No No Yes

Terms and Conditions

The terms of use are very clear and neat on the site. It has 9 sections that outline exactly what users can and cannot do when accessing the platform. For example, one of the parts has to do with payment and how much time it takes to process the money. Another option is to report abuse or errors when using the forms. And there is also info about data and what the company does with it.

Privacy Policy

Typeform makes it very easy to understand what their privacy policy entails. So, it has two versions. A detailed one that uses jargon or another one with plain English for everyone to read. Either way, there is also a summary so that readers don’t have to spend hours going through the documents. So, there are instructions to wipe away all the data if required.

Refund Policy

It doesn’t have a refund or money-back guarantee. In case users do not like the service or do not want to continue, they just have to cancel. But the money spent for that month will not be returned. It’s wise to contact customer service, then, to know what plan is best for each client.

Customer Support

In terms of customer support, there are not many ways to get in touch with the company. Let’s review each one of them so that clients know how to contact Typeform if they have issues or questions about their products.


No telephone number is available for clients. Or even for future customers. If they have urgent issues, they will need to tag the ticket accordingly. And then wait for an agent to respond.


Again, this is not available as such. Instead, clients can get in contact with the company using an online chart that is available on the site. But it is not possible to just send a normal email address to the business.

Online Chart

The first step is to access the form and state one’s name. The second step is to choose the team that is most suitable to solve the issue. It could be billing, sales, marketing, or support in general.

Support Center

The next part is an open-ended field so that the person can discuss the issue at hand. And the last thing is to give an email address for contact. Those who already have a Typeform account are at an advantage. And will get the answer sooner. Before sending the query, the system shows a screen with a disclaimer. So, the client understands what is going on with his/her info. And will get an estimate of how long they have to wait to get their problem solved.

Who is Typeform Best For

It depends on the type of client and what they need to do with the surveys and polls. Let’s take a look at some of them in detail. So that each business can decide if it’s a good match or not.

Small Business

This type of company does not always have a lot of money to spend here. But the service can offer them an affordable option to satisfy their necessities. They just need to buy the essential plan, and they will have enough storage and visits depending on their numbers.

Large Enterprises

Though not many clients are this large, the premium plan can cater to their requirements. The 10 GB can store any type of form or survey. Even if they have heavy videos or visuals inside.

Medium Business

There is also a special package for medium businesses. It’s not as pricey as the premium one. But it will not have a watermark, either, like in basic packs. Yet, the storage and number of answers will remain the same, so those who have a lot of volumes will need an upgrade.


Freelancers might require forms to evaluate their skills. Or to create contact forms to hire new clients. This is all possible with Typeform as it has dozens of templates available. And the best part is that they are free. Low budget freelancers, then, can use the site with ease.

Typeform Pros & Cons

As readers can see, there are many strong points on why to hire this service. But there are also others that are a bit of a put-off. Let’s see each one of them in detail and understand how these pros and cons work.



  • Logic jumps are high-quality and are available even in the lowest plan.
  • It’s very flexible because of the drag and drops feature.
  • The form can include images, rankings, and simple questions as well.
  • Pricing is reasonable per month, and it’s even lower per year.
  • The API allows it to integrate with Airtable, Hubspot, and other tech sites.
  • Not many price options and the adds-on are quite limited.
  • No phone number or email address available for support.

Top 6 Typeform Alternatives

No matter how great the reviews for Typeform are, it’s not the only software available in the market. Instead, users can find plenty of providers who have tools to create forms and surveys. Keep on reading to find out more about these companies.

1. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey New

SurveyMonkey is a cloud-based company B2B. As the name shows, any person can use the platform to create their own surveys. These can then be shared on social media or another web. They are useful to collect info about different aspects.

2. Wufoo

Wufoo New

Wufoo is a bit different from other platforms in the same field. It has a lot of options to customize the forms without knowing a line of code. Still, those who get how HTML works can put their skills to use.

3. Jot Form

Jot Form New

Another option for creating surveys, polls, and forms. What is new about Jot Form is its drag-and-use interface. Plus, it is chosen by businesses and companies because it has encryption options for more privacy. It has more than 2,000 templates to choose from.

4. Formsite

Formsite new

This provider has 5 different plans to cater for every need. And one of them is free, so those who have no money to experiment can see if the site is worthwhile. Space is a bit limited, though, even in premium options.

5. Google Forms

Google Forms new

Google is one of the most famous providers in the world. And the best part is that it has no cost. So, users can then integrate it using their preferred platform. Images, videos, and custom logic are available.

6. Formstack

Formstack new

Formstack is the most technical of the sites. It has plenty of choices for those who know how to code. These people will be able to add embeddings, call the APIs, and more things that non-tech persons will not know about.

Pricing Table Competitors

All these companies target a similar user and provide tools and software for surveys and polls. So, let’s review each one of them in detail so clients can decide which one is better for them to have a great experience.

Typeform SurveyMonkey Wufoo Jot Form Formsite G Forms Formstack
Price $35 $32 $14 $24 $19.95 Free $19
Integrations Using the API Social Media With the API No Slack, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Google Drive Using the API Through Embed Code
Custom Questions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
N° of Responses 1,000 500 1,000 1,000 500 Unlimited 500
Storage 2gb 1 GB 1 GB 10 GB 500 MB 15 GB 500 MB
N° of Visits per Month 10,000 No limits No limits 10,000 No limits No limits No limits
N° of Reports 3 0 1 No limits 1 No limits 0
Watermark Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes
Type of Support Contact Form Email & Phone Contact form & Phone Email Contact Form, Email & Phone Email Email & Phone
Thank you Screen Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Typeform Free?

No, the tool is not free. But they do have a plan to use without paying for it. It’s a bit limited when compared to other plans. For example, they only include up to 10 questions and reviews per form. And the responses can only be 100. The results, then, can be downloaded only in Excel format. Those who need a different type of file will have to pay. Slack and Google Forms are some of the integrations allowed.

Are Typeform Surveys Anonymous?

Yes, they are by default. Unless the owner requires specific data about the responder. Let’s explain. It might happen that the form asks for questions or details that people would not be confident to disclose. Then, it won’t be needed for them to reveal their name or personal data. But there are other cases where owners give prizes to the ones who take time to answer. Then, they will require at least some contact info. For example, an email address or phone to call them later.

Is Typeform Secure?

Yes, it is a safe site to use. Ir protects private info. And complies with US law regarding payment standards. This means that anyone who wants to enter their card details to pay can do it without risk. This is very clearly stated in their terms of service. And in their privacy policy. So, there are no bouts that the page is legit and complies with the law.

Who Uses Typeform?

Anyone can use it. From very small business to a big firm. For example, modest companies don’t need a lot of budgets to access the company as it has a free version and many discounts for yearly payment. But stats show that businesses with 10-50 employees are the ones who use the platform the most. These firms usually make at least 1 million a year. And they often combine Typeform with Google products. Or they use the API to insert in on their websites.

Get Inspired to Create Amazing Forms

Without a doubt, Typeform is among the best options for those looking to make forms and surveys for their businesses. They have a lot of integrations and perks that make them stand out from the rest. When it comes to visuals, for example, it is quite innovative. Medium-sized businesses will truly make the most out of the site, especially if they hire a premium plan.

Published: June 27, 2020Updated: February 24, 2024

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