Wishpond ‌Review:‌ Simplified Marketing On An Easy-To-Use Platform

Wishpond ‌Review:‌ Simplified Marketing On An Easy-To-Use Platform
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Wishpond Review: In-Depth

Wishpond is a marketing platform that prides itself on simplifying the process for all types of businesses. The company is best known for its automation software, which is a big help in growth and development.

From social media contests to lead tracking and management, Wishpond offers various features aimed at boosting business growth. Users can also build landing pages and implement popups across their websites to truly enhance their initiatives.

Key Features

Wishpond Background Information

Wishpond Background Information

Founded in 2009, Wishpond was established with the goal of making marketing easy for business owners everywhere. Under the leadership of CEO and founder Ali Tajsekandar, the company has seen great success, like expanding the platform to include lead generation, automation, and an award-winning email marketing system.

The company’s mission is to empower businesses to be successful. Offering a wide range of tools and resources, the software gives leaders everything they need to grow.

Features in Detail

With a wide range of functionality, Wishpond makes it easy for members to create an optimal customer experience for their clients. The company is comprehensive in its offerings and puts user experience at the forefront.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder

The built-in editor lets organizations create impactful landing pages. The tool, which is called Canvas, makes it easy for marketers to publish impressive campaigns in a matter of minutes.

The page builder also includes:

Impactful Social Promotions

With the social promotions feature, members can grow their online presence and reviews while generating sales and revenue. This tool also allows for more engagement across the board.

This functionality helps to build an extensive mailing list while boosting sales, followership, and engagement.

This functionality also includes:

Incentivize Referrals

The referral suite makes it possible to create online contests that drive sales, engagement, and reviews. By using this feature, subscribers are rewarded by taking specific actions, like following the company’s social channels or sharing posts.

Here is a review of the benefits that come with the referral feature:

Turn Traffic Into Leads

Wishpond Turn Traffic Into Leads

The popup builder feature lets businesses create unique popups for their website, blog, or online store. These are a big help in driving traffic to the site and can include anything from welcome mats, opt-in bars, and slide-in popups.

This feature gives businesses complete control over their campaigns and:

Personalized Online Forms

Wishpond Personalized Online Forms

The online forms feature helps people create and publish forms on landing pages, websites, and blogs using the drag-and-drop builder. Forms require no coding and can be customized easily.

A review of the functionality of the forms also includes:

Digital Marketing Tools

Wishpond Digital Marketing Tools

The automation feature gives organizations the power to grow while maintaining their existing customer base. This feature’s biggest plus is the ability to close deals quickly and send personalized content to the audience.

Automation also makes it easier to: 

Connect With Customers

Like the automation feature, the email marketing tool allows organizations to reach out to customers to retain their clientele while attracting new users. This feature allows for sending welcome emails, reminders, and creative content efficiently.

More benefits include:

Track, Segment, and Manage Leads

Through the lead database, members can create and track leads based on user activity on the website. By doing so, businesses can create a better user experience based on current interests and desires.

Here is a review of the functionality included in the lead management feature.

Grow Your Ecommerce Store

The Shopify integration and feature make it easy for businesses to grow their Shopify store with smart marketing. This feature allows companies to create content like newsletters, email campaigns, and shopping cart abandonment emails to:


Wishpond Integrations

From analytics and sales to payment and collaboration tools, Wishpond integrates with many apps that companies may already work with. With over 300 integrations in place, this platform provides seamless transitions across pages.

Wishpond Plans & Pricing

With a range of plans designed to meet specific business needs, Wishpond is best known for offering functionality that makes the process simple. Each plan comes with the basics.

Starting Out Plan

The starter plan offers all of the basics, which are helpful for companies that are just starting with reviews. With this plan, functionality like landing pages, contests, and website popups are all unlimited.


  • All of the basics are included.
  • Most features are unlimited.
  • Includes an unlimited number of users.
  • Includes everything needed to build out a basic marketing plan.


  • Testing functionality is not included.
  • No opportunity to go beyond the basics in terms of functionality.

Everything You Need Plan

As its title states, this package includes everything you need to get a business off the ground. This plan offers all of the basics, plus extra functionality that can help organizations perfect their strategy on all fronts.


  • All of the basics are included.
  • Offers an unlimited number of users.
  • More customization options.
  • Testing features are included.


  • Priority support is not included.
  • It may not be ideal for a large-scale business.

Rapid Growth Plan

This plan is best for established businesses that are looking to grow. In addition to all of the basics included in the previous plans, this package also includes priority support and coaching options to help people get better acquainted with the program.


  • Includes all basic and “Everything You Need” features.
  • Offers an unlimited number of users.
  • Additional coaching is included, which is normally a $1,500 value.
  • Priority customer support.


  • It may not be great for small businesses or those that are just starting.
  • No refunds are available on the monthly plan.

Price & Key Comparisons Table

Wishpond’s plans offer a variety of functionality to support all types of businesses in their endeavors. From organizations that are just starting to those looking to grow rapidly, this platform has all of the essential tools.

Starting Out Everything You Need Rapid Growth
Monthly Price $49 $99 $199
# of Seats Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
# of Leads 1,000 2,500 10,000+
Landing Pages Yes Yes Yes
Social Contests Yes Yes Yes
Website Popups Yes Yes Yes
Email Drip Campaigns Yes Yes Yes
Marketing Automation Yes Yes Yes
Lead Management Yes Yes Yes
Integrations Yes Yes Yes
A/B Testing No Yes Yes
Custom CSS & Javascript No Yes Yes
API Access No Yes Yes
First-in-line Customer Support No No Yes
Free Implementation Coaching No No Yes
Customer Support Phone, Email,
and LiveChat
Phone, Email,
and LiveChat
Phone, Email,
and LiveChat

Terms and Conditions

When signing up, people are prompted to agree to the terms and conditions to use the service. This agreement includes information on items like free trials, billing, cancellation and termination policies, service details, and other disclaimers.

When signing up, members must verify that they will comply with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as stated in the conditions. They must also agree not to use the services in a way that violates any laws or regulations.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy includes information on user data and how it is stored and used. According to the policy, the company and third parties may automatically collect information on users, their devices, and how they use the service. This data is collected by cookies, web server logs, web beacons, and Javascript.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not available for monthly plans and are only offered under special circumstances. Members who are on monthly plans must terminate their accounts before the following month in order to cancel their accounts. If they fail to do so, they will be charged for the following month.

Customer Support

Wishpond Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, subscribers can get in touch with a representative, like an email, telephone, and the knowledge base. Only members of the Rapid Growth Plan, however, are given priority first-in-line access to live support.


If needed, members can reach the customer support team via email at [email protected]. From there, a representative should respond to the question or concern promptly.


Members have access to a customer support line, which they can call to ask any of their support-related questions. Subscribers on the Rapid Growth plan are given priority access.

Support Center

The Knowledge Base is home to many articles and tutorials created to answer commonly asked questions. The support center has a search bar up top where people can type in their topic to find an article that thoroughly answers their questions.

Quality of Service

Overall, this platform provides a great level of service to its clients. The library of features, including templates, landing pages, automation, lead management, and more, make it extremely useful for people everywhere.

Wishpond Pros & Cons

Wishpond is easy-to-use, even for those with no prior marketing experience. Reviews show that all marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses can use the software, regardless of skill level or experience.

Here is a quick review of some of the top pros and cons.



  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.
  • Highly customizable platform.
  • Built-in A/B testing.
  • Lead management and tracking.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting.
  • Automation helps teams know when they get new leads.
  • Well-designed and custom templates.
  • The platform integrates with many apps and services.
  • Creative social contests and promotions are available.
  • No credit card is required for the free trial.
  • There may be technical bugs in the editor.
  • Limited customer support options.
  • Plans and billing may be confusing in the beginning.
  • No free plan available.

Wishpond Alternatives

Including Wishpond, there is a world of additional applications and resources dedicated to helping organizations boost their strategies through landing pages, social media, and more. Here is a review of alternative platforms that offer similar services.

Zendesk: Customer Service Specialists

Zendesk Alternative
Designed with the client in mind, Zendesk helps review and improve the customer journey. Through this platform, members can access software for support, sales, and customer engagement. Zendesk’s tools include sales CRM, analytics, reporting, knowledge base, integrated voice software, and more.
ClickFunnels Alternatives
ClickFunnel is helpful for entrepreneurs looking to boost their strategies and grow their company. Created with the sales process in mind, this platform provides all of the tools needed to market, sell, and deliver products online.

HubSpot: Grow Your Business

HubSpot Alternatives
As a marketing, sales, and service platform, HubSpot aims to help businesses grow. Complete with a CRM platform, tools, and integrations, this application is great for boosting sales, improving customer service, and building powerful landing pages and sites.

Leadpages: Generate Conversions

Leadpages Alternatives
Through high-converting websites, landing pages, popups, and more, Leadpages helps small businesses better connect with their customers. The app is also great for gaining new leads and closing deals. One of the main goals of Leadpages is to help companies grow.

Pardot: Create Meaningful Connections

Pardot Alternatives
Powered by Salesforce, Pardot’s B2B Automation software works with companies to become full-fledged marketers. With an emphasis on automation, analytics, and reporting, Pardot helps people close deals while engaging consumers.

Wishpond Zendesk ClickFunnels HubSpot Leadpages Pardot
Monthly Price $49 $19 (per seat) $97 $50 $27 $1,250
# of Seats Unlimited Unlimited 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Landing Pages Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Analytics and reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Website Popups Yes No No No Yes No
Email Drip Campaigns Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Marketing Automation Yes No Yes No No Yes
Lead Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrations Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes

FAQ Section

  • What is Pandamail Wishpond?

    Wishpond is an innovative marketing platform aimed at helping organizations grow and develop. Using the software, users can build creative landing pages, website popups, social contests, promotions, and more to keep customers engaged. The automation software is also a big help in boosting engagement and generating reviews.

    This platform is committed to doing most of the heavy work so companies can spend more time growing. The platform works with over 1,000 other apps so that it can be easily integrated into any plan.

  • Do I Need a Website For a Landing Page?

    Publishing a landing does not require a website. Members can choose from multiple publishing options to choose which works best for their customers. Landing pages can be created for use on a custom domain, subdomain, or Facebook tab.

    Also, landing pages can be integrated with over 100 web applications, like Mailchimp, AWeber, Salesforce, Constant Contact, and more.

Is This Marketing Tool Worth It?

Wishpond is a useful tool for those looking to grow and enhance their strategies and reviews. By using this service, companies get access to the latest technology to generate new leads and increase customers.

This platform prioritizes the user experience and aims to simplify the marketing process for all businesses.

Have you ever used Wishpond’s tools? Share your story and experiences below.

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