Woobox Review: Step Up Your Social Media Game With Great Tools

Woobox Review: Step Up Your Social Media Game With Great Tools
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Woobox Review: In-Depth

Woobox is a media tool directed at Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest owners. The idea is to make it simple to carry out polls, giveaways, and games. This can be a bit hard when there are thousands of followers participating. That’s when Woobox can help. From giving awards to running contests and integrating them with FB or IG, it can simplify many actions in 2023. Let’s see how.

Key Features

  • Awards management in case of games
  • Sweepstakes and scoring
  • Running every network aspect
  • Head and direct polls, surveys, and contests
  • Import and encrypt data
  • Integrations with media sites

Woobox Review: Background Information

Woobox is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, which has been in action since 2010. It started with a few employees (the creator and 5 people) but soon started to grow all over the world. Today, it offers services to more than 10 countries, including the USA, with more than 45 employees.

  • The company has been working for over a decade in the field of social media.
  • It has Facebook and Twitter as channels for communication.
  • The provider also supports Pinterest today.

Service Features

Most of the service is directed to marketing promotions via games and contests. The tools try to measure participation, tagging, and giving prizes to those who decide to take part in the giveaways.


Contests and games via IG or FB are nice ways to promote one’s content. By sharing a photo, for example, people can win a prize while the influencer earns more followers. Yet, it can be hard to keep track of all the metrics. This is when Woobox can help.

  • Manage awards, entrant participants, and entries, too.
  • Keep the scoring of instant games.
  • Manage all media actions.
  • Consider all the votes in polls and surveys.
  • Manage judgments and forms.
  • Contests by photos, essays, design.
  • Run contests and timelines on networks like Facebook.

Features in Detail

Woobox Features in Detail

As shown above, Woobox perks focus on networks. In particular, on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It offers features for smartphones, landing pages, websites in general, blogs, and more. Find all the details in the list below.

Mobile Devices: Crucial Today

Owners should not disregard the importance of mobile devices today. Everybody seems to own one and use it at all times. So, it’s crucial to make one’s marketing campaigns famous using mobile-friendly apps and tools to contact people. Plus, it gives them a responsive site.

Websites: Famous Display

Woobox also has APIs that can be integrated within any type of site. Landing pages are the most important sections of people’s businesses. As a result, it’s crucial to be able to display marketing campaigns and contests and create striking visuals and videos.

Blogs: WordPress at Hand

Most bloggers today host their own pages in WordPress. Even though this site has a lot of templates that are simple to use, at times, it’s not that easy to embed one’s campaigns there. Woobox provides a solution with its integrations on the interface.

Social Media: Gain More Interactions

Today, influencers carry out giveaways on Facebook and Instagram mostly. This is the easiest way to gain more followers, subscribers, shares, and comments. The vendor has a special perk to embed in the app and follow people’s participation closely.

Landing Pages: Promote Exposure

These are the most visited sites on one’s webpage. As a result, those who integrate their networks with the landing have a lot more chances to get the promotion. Thus, hundreds or even thousands of people will learn about the contest or survey being carried out at the moment.

Forms Management: Don’t Forget About Surveys

Polls are important when trying to get valuable info from clients. Those who launch a new product can get feedback from clients. Or they can even learn what features to improve. Analyzing data from forms can be managed, but this won’t happen with Woobox.

Scoring: Random Winners

Owners might find it hard to choose a winner when carrying out some kind of game. But they shouldn’t worry because Woobox has their backs. With their winner selection feature, the app will pick a random winner. At the same time, it will make sure the person followed “the rules” of the game.

Voting Management: Increasing Loyalty

Media networks are also a great channel to carry out polls and surveys. For example, a business may have just released a new product and want to know if a user has liked it or not. So, this provider can’t help in contests, loyalty programs, and satisfaction surveys.

Social Promotions: Including Everyone

Other types of social promotions include instant win games, user-generated content, or purchase-to-win actions to promote loyalty. This can boost ratings and five-star reviews while making the word of mouth way better. Stats show that almost 10% of total sales come from referrals.

Sweepstakes: No More Stress Over Giveaways

Carrying out a giveaway can be stressful. In particular, when the owner has a lot of fans and people who want to participate. As a result, using this type of tool can simplify the process a lot. It will record every participant and make sure they follow all the rules of the raffle as they should be.

Awards Management: Help Through All the Process

Organizers of awards and giveaways should have the process as simplified as possible. Nobody wants to spend endless hours counting comments, likes, or tracking down shares. Luckily, the tool can do it for them. From nominating to awarding prizes, Woobox can do it all.

Woobox Integrations

Another thing that makes this platform unique is the possibility of integrating it with one’s software. For example, it can import email addresses and data from the list in an Excel file. Some of the websites it supports are:

  • Webhook: This is a web page that allows owners to insert a link to a callback system. In this manner, clients would only have to click on the link two connect to be a phone with the business. Yet, keep in mind that the procedure might be a bit hard and require some assistance from an IT team.
  • Zapier: one of the most famous CRMs platforms. In addition, people will be able to connect with third-party sites and apps such as Gmail or Hubspot. The only thing buyers will need to do is to learn how Zapier works and where to embed the API.
  • Mailchimp: Sync one’s data and campaigns are easier than ever using the integration with Mailchimp. Buyers may even set up double opt-in to have more leads in a shorter time.
  • Constant Contact: another service to carry out email marketing with plenty of templates and lower prices. This is mostly aimed at businesses instead of individuals.

Woobox Plans & Pricing

Woobox Plans & Pricing

So, Woobox divides its pricing into four bundles. Each one of them suits different audiences and has many perks. For example, it has one plan that clients can pay on the go. They will not have to commit for 12 years or sign any contracts. Readers can find that info in the section below.


As the name shows, this plan is free of charge. It doesn’t have any limits, but it doesn’t have personalized customer support, either. The most important thing is that the platform can be integrated with many social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for better management of campaigns.


  • Small businesses can use it without paying.
  • No limits to campaigns
  • Exports to third-party sites are allowed.


  • No 24/7 attention


The basic plan is affordable, but it’s curious because it’s more expensive than the following plan. Why so? Because it allows clients to pay on the go. They will not have to commit to long contracts, for example. This bundle adds a lot of features like video submissions that were not allowed in the free sample.


  • It doesn’t bind clients in a yearly contract.
  • Supports surveys and instant wins.
  • Twitter hashtags and FB tabs are included.


  • Only 1,000 participants per month.


The standard plan focuses more on social inboxes and keeping all the brand surveys and polls together. Plus, it has some white labeling options, such as removing footers with the brand logo and replacing them with their own. Also, it’s possible to filter participants for their age and location.


  • It has a dashboard for submission approval.
  • Bonus for referrals.
  • Unlimited creation of campaigns.


  • No team access permissions.


The advanced bundle gives buyers the chance to modify the code if it’s in HTML or CSS. It includes something that people always look for, such as approval dashboards. Those looking for more safety will be happy to know they can encrypt data from their lists and surveys for future review.


  • White labeling is possible by businesses
  • Clients can encrypt data.
  • One can embed the tool within websites and landing pages.


  • No Java code is provided


The power plan is the most expensive on the page and aims at big brands. This way, they will have accounts for each team, no matter how many people are included in them. The price is elevated, so it’s not for anyone with low social media activity.


  • Personalized customer support.
  • A lot of team members can access the platform.
  • The code can be modified by the IT team.


  • A bit expensive

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

Each plan has a lot to offer in terms of features and options. The table below compares all of them in a simple manner. When it comes to the best bundle to buy, it will depend on the size of the business and its needs, of course. Take a look at each feature before deciding.

Features Free Basic Standard Advanced Power
Price per month 0 $37 $32 $99 $249
N° of accounts 1 1 5 25 No limits
Participants per poll 1,000 1,000 No limits No limits No limits
Random winner picker Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited participants No No Yes Yes Yes
Custom HTML code No No No Yes Yes
Multiple Business Support No No No No Yes
Facebook Tabs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contests and Coupons No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Terms and Conditions

The terms of use state that only people of 18 years or older can make use of their plugins, integrations, apps, surveys, polls, and more. This policy also includes details about what they do with the information clients gather. For example, the company states that they will use such data to compile stats and nothing else. Of course, they will never share personal details such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, or emails. Other sections described how they store cookies, which depend on the person’s consent.

Privacy Policy

As stated above, Woobox promises never to disclose private data with third-party websites. As soon as clients decide to pay for the plans, they agree with these terms. In case buyers have any complaints to make, they can do so using three channels. One of them is by phone. Other options include sending an email or a letter to their official address.

Refund Policy

Those funny looking for a refund policy will be disappointed. The page does not feature any info on this topic. It doesn’t talk about money-back guarantees either. The only thing that’s similar is there is a free trial period. Future buyers could make use of the service for 14 days, and it says whether they like it or not.

Customer Support

Woobox Support

Customer support is one of the most important features of a good business. In this case, the team is available from Monday to Friday for future buyers. Those who are already premium clients can have 24/7 attention. Now, let’s examine all the channels offered by the company below.


The company provides clients with a telephone number so they can get in touch. Now, the schedules are different and depend on the type of buyer who reaches out. For example, those who have doubts can only call from Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 pm. Premium clients will have 24/7 attention.


Woobox also features an email address on their site for those who don’t live in the USA: [email protected]. This can be a bit slower than a phone call, so those with urgency should consider that before contacting them.

Online Chart

There is no online chart available on the website. Future buyers or customers will have to get in touch with the provider using a phone or an email address.

Support Center

This tool can be a bit difficult to use for those who have never done it before. Luckily, the website has a lot of resources for newcomers. Users can find it under the heading “Help”. There, experts have written hundreds of articles organized into different categories. Some of them are account management, design, publishing, for measuring success. Inside those pages, people can find not only text but also videos, pictures, and tutorials to guide them through each step.

Quality of Service

Most users online praise the service. For example, they claim that it’s very easy to measure how successful the campaign was. Also, as it has Integrations with the major networks, they are also able to carry out polls, surveys, and games for all their followers to participate. On the negative side, there is a little bit of lag during peak hours. It seems that too many people use the app, and it gets a bit slow.

Customer Types

As readers can see above, Woobox tries to suit every need. To show that, the team devised a set of plans with many options and features that cater to different fields and types of businesses. Below, readers can find each item described.

Small Business

Basic plans can be good for small businesses that don’t conduct campaigns all the time. As a result, they may pay for a month of services without committing to a yearly plan. Plus, the difference in price is not big enough to justify a contract.

Large Enterprises

Large firms can opt for Advanced or Power packages. Agencies with a lot of profiles to manage will have, for example, unlimited access. This means that 10, 100, or 500 people can connect at the same time without any restrictions. The same happens with the number of participants who can take part in games.

Medium Business

The standard package might be suitable for a medium business with 5-10 employees. It’s got an affordable price and allows for up to 5 members at the same time. Though it doesn’t have HTML code at hand, their IT teams can take care of it if needed.


Freelancers can benefit from the free plan. The campaigns are a bit limited (only 100 participants are allowed), so it’s most suited for those who don’t have a lot of clients. Or people who don’t manage a lot of accounts at the same time.

Woobox Pros & Cons

Still, wondering if Woobox is worth the shot? Take a look at the following list of advantages and negative points before deciding to hire their services or not.



  • It has a free trial, so owners know if the tool is beneficial for their companies or not.
  • The platform suits different kinds of businesses and audiences.
  • It integrates with major sites like Facebook or IG or email marketing websites like MailChimp.
  • The vendor supports many types of actions, like carrying out contests, games, surveys, or polls.
  • Facebook page owners can also access coupons and special offers to pay even less.
  • The advanced options require knowledge of HTML.
  • The premium plans are expensive for the common public.

Woobox Alternatives

Those looking to create stunning giveaways and campaigns should take a look at all the alternatives available in the market in 2023. Woobox is a great option, but there are others who offer similar perks. Let’s take a look at some of them and compare them below.


VYPER Main Alternatives

What makes Vyper unique within the field of giveaways is their pieces of advice. In addition to providing owners with a great tool and detailed stats, it also tries to improve the content that is posted.


Wishpond Main Alternatives

Different from other tools on the list, Wishpond aims at getting more sales and leads. So, it has a lot of integrations with landing pages and pop-ups to try and catch visitors. Plus, it can run social contests and polls.


ShortStack Main Alternatives

Shortstack has great features, like the random winner selector that is helpful to carry out surveys and polls. The company also provides a comment importer to be integrated with popular sites like Facebook or Instagram.


Gleam Main Alternatives

Gleam is a B2B type of firm that also offers all its features in a separate why. For example, those who don’t want to pay a monthly fee can just buy their package for contests & polls or the ones for galleries and captures.


Rafflecopter Main Alternatives

The focus of Rafflecopter is giveaways and promotions. It’s very cheap, so it can be used by solo freelancers or companies alike. They will be able to customize the forms, the images used, and logos.


ViralSweep Main Alternatives

As the name shows, this company is for people who want to take their marketing campaigns to the next level and make them viral. It has a great number of apps for comments, referrals, emails, and more.

Table of Competitors’ Comparison

As seen above, all these companies have plenty of features. Some of them have to do with funnels, while others focus on social media tasks like contests, polls, and giveaways. The table below can help in seeing all these perks together and decide which one is better to buy.

Features Woobox Vyper Wishpond ShortStack Gleam Rafflecopter ViralSweep
Price per month $32 $149 $49 $99 $97 $13 $49
Free trial 14 days No 14 days No No 14 days 7 days
N° of accounts 1 Up to 5 3 1 1 2 1
Promotions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Email collections No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Custom app Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes
Integration with Pinterest Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Facebook and Instagram supported Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Custom Forms Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No
Polls, surveys and raffles Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes

FAQ Section

What Is Woobox?

Woobox is a tool used by social media owners to boost their accounts. The idea is that promotions, contests, games can be carried out in a tidier, easier way. So, this vendor provides tools to measure participation, give prizes to random winners, and more. Plus, it integrates with major sites like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others to help content go viral.

What Are Campaigns on Woobox?

Campaigns on this platform refer to different types of contests, polls, surveys, or games that owners decide to carry out. The best part is that they don’t have to post this content from their sites. They can set up these campaigns on Woobox and then integrate them with their social media networks and their websites, too.

How Do I Use Woobox?

Woobox is easy to use and has a lot of goals. For example, to boost one’s posts on FB or Pinterest. Follow these steps for better use:

  1. Create a new account and pay for a plan. Take a look at all the alternatives before making a decision.
  2. Add a sweepstake (the name the campaigns receive on this site).
  3. Define the restrictions and add the URLs the box will ask. It’s also crucial to set up a date.
  4. That’s it! The person has just created a new contest, game, or poll using Woobox.

Coupons, Giveaways & More 

All in all, Woobox can be a great choice for marketers and owners who want to have a simpler social media game. The platform has a nice selection of promotions and actions for all the networks it supports. Plus, most users praise their customer support team and the privacy policy. Just be careful when choosing the best package because the wrong option can be a bit pricey. Are you a social media marketer? Do you use any tools to ease your workload?

Published: November 13, 2020Updated: March 26, 2024

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