Yext Review: Popular Choice for Serving Brand-Verified Answers

Yext Review: Popular Choice for Serving Brand-Verified Answers
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Yext Review: In-Depth

Yext is a service that helps companies provide solutions to listings problems. A recent union with HootSuite places Yext at the forefront of boosting a brand image. This happens on the same platform firms track their social media activities. They have a mission to serve accurate, prompt answers. They help companies learn consumer intent, optimize digital presence, and meet set goals.

Yext Key Features

As a data management utility, its web analytic tool is the one to look for. It can list companies the right way on sites that matter. Here are other features available:

  • Activity Log
  • App Directory
  • Duplicate Suppression
  • Review Monitoring
  • Knowledge Tags Analytics
  • Listings Analytics
  • Review Generation
  • User-Generated Content
  • Review Publishing

Yext Review: Background Information

Yext Background Information

This management platform was founded in 2006. It is a software for location-based listings for companies. Firms can enhance their listings to provide answers to consumer inquiries; it puts this in place on popular directories.

Headquartered in New York and with a total of 400 employees worldwide serving about 500,000 businesses, the company’s principal officers include:

  • Howard Lerman (CEO and Founder)
  • Brian Distelburger (President and Cofounder)
  • Michael Walrath (Chairman)
  • Tom Dixon (COO)
  • Steve Cake (CFO)
  • Brent Metz (Cofounder)

Yext Features

It helps companies track their product’s image through verified answers to reviews. To make ratings go up on search engine results, the company offers:

Brand Management

This feature helps companies to handle their labeling needs. They do this by keeping all resources, assets, and messaging centralized. Company owners get to deal with consumer perception of their firm in record time.

  • Artwork Management
  • Predictive Review
  • Social Media Management

Knowledge Management

Yext Knowledge Management

There is a well-organized knowledge management process in place. Companies can use this to localize their organizational mastery assets. Existing and prospective customers can use this to get the information they need.

  • Categorization/cataloging
  • Collaborations
  • Content management service
  • Decision flow
  • Discussion platform
  • Complete text search
  • Knowledgebase governance
  • Self-assistance gateway

Location Intelligence

Companies can use spatial information and audits to reach target audiences. This is another offering that makes it well sought after, firms that depend on online branding look for this.

  • Behavioral analytics
  • Data intelligence
  • Demographic/Analytic data
  • Geocoding
  • Location discovery
  • Predictive intelligence
  • Niche evaluation

Marketing Analytics

Yext Marketing Analytics

This tool helps a lot in evaluation. The success and effects of advertising and initiatives become possible. Yext deploys several of them to check metrics like ROI, marketing effectiveness, etc.

  • A/b test
  • Marketing campaign tracking
  • Marketing channel attribution
  • Consumer route outlining
  • Control panel
  • Performance yardstick
  • ROI
  • Website review

Reputation Management

Prospective customers usually read reviews before making any commitments. Yext helps in monitoring and optimizing a firm’s online mentions this way; companies are in control of their narrative.

  • Reviews management
  • Review spawning
  • Review tracking
  • Social media parameters
  • Social media management

Review Management

The feature helps firms in handling reviews and testimonials. Admin can control the effects of bad reviews; this means improving a corporate image to potential clients.

  • Campaign management
  • Panel
  • Negative reaction control
  • Response handling
  • Reviews tracking
  • Response alert
  • Review solicitation
  • Sentiment evaluation
  • Social sharing.


An excellent SEO strategy gets a firm seen by the target audience. Yext offers many features to boost website ranking on search engines. Corporate awareness leads to increased revenue.

  • Content governance and management
  • Dashboard
  • Google analytics fusing
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Localization
  • Mobile keywords
  • Rank monitoring

Store Locator

Store locators are labels that stand for local spots on maps. These can help targeted audiences find a business’s closest address. It becomes handy for concerns that have many locations.

  • Data analytics
  • Auto location discovery
  • Directions guidance
  • Distance estimation
  • Event publicity
  • Mapping
  • Product/services search filtering
  • Coupons/promotion
  • Search
  • White label

Web Analytics

The web audit helps companies to collect and use factual insights for their concerns. It covers visitors’ activity on websites. Information like this assists the business to determine what is working.

  • Visitor interaction analytics
  • Website search review
  • Referral source tracing
  • Pageview tracking
  • Multiple website management
  • Goal tracking
  • Keyword tracking
  • Conversion tracking
  • Campaign management

Yext Features: Get More Details

Yext is a full-option online firm’s reputation utility provider. They boast of a near-exhaustive list of in-house developed digital knowledge management products. Web analytics, listings, knowledge, and location intelligence are part of what is on the market. The products place all the features on offer within reach of users. Business owners can then draw on the opportunity to advance their company. Here, we would take a more detailed look at them:

Innovative Answers

Yext Innovative Answers

It is a tool that is capable of understanding natural language. It helps to piece-together relevant information available on the corporate website. This is then displayed to whoever is asking. Answers are capable of always delivering a direct response to questions.

Elegant Knowledge Graph

The knowledge graph is a pool of interconnected data. The data makes brand-verified answers easy to supply. From this data pool, Yext can provide actionable and prompt information about a company’s offering. Local store address, job vacancy, and much more gets within reach of clients. The knowledge graph is its way of connecting and matching the company’s data.

Highly Refined Listings

Yext Highly Refined Listings

With Listings, firms take charge of their narrative. It lists companies on critical catalogs. Businesses surface on popular apps, maps, voice-assistants, social networks, and search engines; intending customers can get answers to questions about a company.

Accurate Review Monitoring

Yext Accurate Review Monitoring

Efficient management of reviews impacts how search engines and consumers see a business. This product lets brands view and reply to customer feedback. It can also notify them of reviews and offer the company a chance to respond. The business can source authentic reviews from happy customers.

Customer-Friendly Pages

Yext Customer-Friendly Pages

The Page is an asset that a business can use to improve website ranking on search engines. Location, maps, and voice assistant utilities help to get this done. Proper selection of resources provides ready-made answers for customers’ use.

Detailed Analytics

Yext Detailed Analytics

It helps businesses piece-together the scattered data about their brands across the web. It allows them to analyze the data to visualize their reputation as it currently stands. It gives an exhaustive report of its findings and provides more insight into what and how to improve. Yext Analytics brings focus to the customer. Market engagement can help companies become more visible.

Responsive Customer Reviews

The feedback feature presents the right setting for customers to submit reviews. The assessment supplies a rich source of data to the business. One way to use this data is as a material for auditing performance.

Apt Consumer Intelligence

Yext provides a platform for customers to leave reviews about the use of a product. The data comes in handy for making informed decisions about the company. It further provides local businesses with data about market competitors’ performance. These strategies are what brands can refine and put in place for themselves.

Satisfactory Revenue Reporting

This simplifies the ties between revenues and brand online image. Businesses can use this component to track the effects of marketing campaigns. Comparison of the campaign efforts and the resulting returns gets within reach.

Solid Media Monitoring

Yext provides businesses with a robust social media tracking and monitoring tool. This tool helps companies keep an eye on trends and activities. They can further map-out how to profit off of it. It further eases the task of managing corporate social media accounts.  Audience growth and interaction, content delivery, and messaging become easy to control.

In-House Management

The competence of each employee becomes noticeable. The contribution of everyone to the brand’s image is possible to measure. It also helps set up a system that permits members of a team to establish excellent contact with each other.

Complete Publisher Suggestions

This helps companies to refine the information available to their customers online. Publisher’s suggestion quashes unclear details about the business location. There is no room for uncertainty. Only accurate and precise information about a business is available to customers. Users can access this feature from PowerListings. With a click, users can approve a submission, and it registers across all listings.


Yext takes note of the diverse needs of internet users and the need for partnership across the board for efficient result delivery. Some apps are useful for managing workflow, email campaigns, and creating ads, among other things. Third-party apps that can be integrated with Yext include:

  • Asana Project Management
  • Aweber Email Marketing
  • Bing Webmaster Tool
  • Facebook Insights
  • Google Ads
  • Google Search Console
  • IBM Coremetrics Digital Analytics
  • Instagram Analytics
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Woocommerce
  • Zapier

Yext Plans and Pricing

Yext Plans & Pricing

There are four different plans on offer to cater to firms of various sizes. Users can choose between Emerging, Essential, Complete, and Premium packages. Here is a short overview of the plans:

Emerging Plan

The Emerging plan is the most affordable of the packages on offer. It offers the most basic listing services on 40 sites for companies. They can upload information on the listing sites. It is most suited for local businesses with non-multiple locations.


  • It gets information listed within 72 hours.
  • It is a good bargain for a small business.
  • It comes with a free training session.
  • It supports multiple languages.


  • The optimization result is below average, at just 28%.
  • It does not suit businesses with multiple locations.

Essential Plan

All offers on the Emerging plan are also on this. It includes listings on popular directories. It permits basic listing functionality; this gives it an edge over the lower-priced Emerging package. It offers listings on 14 premium sites (Google, Facebook, Bing, Apple, etc.). The plan allows companies to update their details on the right amount of top-grade sites.


  • A full update on 16+ premium listing websites.
  • Perfect for a small business, cost-wise.
  • Free training sessions are available to users.
  • It comes with some big-name listing sites.


  • The optimization of waste is just a little above average.
  • It allows little to no customization.

Complete Plan

The Complete package includes offerings from the Emerging and Essential plans. Also, it comes with PowerListings. This is the tool for updating products, calendars, and staff profiles on the internet. It also comes with tools useful for tracking accounts that have many views.


  • It balances the upper and lower price echelon.
  • It includes a free training session.
  • Analytics makes it straightforward to monitor listings.
  • It contains everything a business needs to optimize its reputation.


  • It could be too expensive for a small business.
  • Lacks the added functionality of review monitoring.

Premium Plan

The functionalities on offer and the price makes it an upscale offering. It includes all the features in the lower-priced packages. Also, it comes with website widgets that permit users to add enriched content to their website. It comes with review monitoring utilities that help track reviews on listings sites.


  • Includes a free training session.
  • Enables review monitoring across the web.
  • Ensures quick submission of user details.
  • Lets users add listings to big-name sites like Yahoo, Google, Bing, Yelp, etc.


  • Price is on the high side and may not be practical for a small business.
  • Review monitoring may be inconsistent.

Price and Key Features Comparisons Table

There are four different bundles:  the Emerging, Essential, Complete, and Premium packages. The Complete plan is the favorite, according to user reviews, as it has all the major listings sites. Yet, it is half as costly as Premium. Below is a table comparing the features of each plan to others:

Emerging Essential Complete Premium
Yearly Price $199 $449 $499 $999
Website Widgets No No No Yes
Optimization Rate 28% 56% 100% 100%
Provided Networks 40 12 57 57
PowerListings No No Yes Yes
Analytics No No Yes Yes
Review Monitoring No No No Yes

Terms and Conditions

Operation is subject to laws in countries like the US, Canada, the EU, and South Africa. It maintains the right to limit the number of emails and texts sent through any of their products. Users are responsible for any communications done through any of the products. The company is not accountable for the use of third party data by subscribers. Users should contact their clients before getting this underway. For US clients, Yext does trade health information of clients or business partners.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy addresses essential aspects, like the use of personal information. This includes details provided during registration; home phone, email, name, ZIP/ postal code falls into this category. Yext shares the data collected with affiliates, publishers, and third-party partners.

The website collects cookies to help in tracking user activities to improve service efficiency. There is the option to accept, reject, or change these settings. Also, users can withdraw consent at any time. For California residents, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is worthy of mention. It applies to the use of personal information set out by CCPA.

Refund Policy

When a user cancels a subscription, Yext stops updating publishers with their data. Old data is not sent, and listings are not reverted as acclaimed. Because listings data changes over time, a user’s listings may become irrelevant. One important thing to note; is that a subscription runs until a paid-through date, after which it becomes inactive. There is no option to get a refund on a canceled subscription.

Customer Support

Yext Support

Yext offers a wide range of advocacy utilities that are prompt at the very least. It provides customer assistance through telephone, email, and online chat. The DIY support center is also resourceful. All pricing packages and plans come out of the box with essential services. Users who desire direct, hands-on support can opt for the ‘Premier Support’. It boasts of prioritized inquiries response, live help, custom reporting, etc. Subscribers can contact customer support effortlessly.


The Yext customer support is reachable via telephone. This utility is available to only those who opt for ‘Premier Support’. Six authorized support contacts come with it. Response time is within eight business hours.


Users can contact customer support via email at [email protected]. Concerns about product and services are some of the issues customer support addresses. Users can also make inquiries about any unclear detail. The option is available to all subscribers from Monday to Friday during business hours. Response time is about two business days.

Online Chat

There is also a chat platform to cater for users who might want to contact representatives. Subscribers who like to chat with representatives can do so on the website. Users have first to submit a form to assist with data collation for enhanced delivery.

Yext Support Center

The support center contains localized resources to assist users facing challenges. Things addressed are account setup and interface navigation. This service is available to users having issues with switching between pricing plans. Yext uses the system to help brands manage their social media profiles. For those finding it difficult to upload their data, this tool becomes very useful.

Quality of Service

The general impression of the quality of service can get better. Yext is as excellent as advertised because it gets the job done. Areas that need attending to are very few. Slow response to customer concerns usually paints the service in a bad light. On average, most customers are okay with the purchases they make.

Customer Types

For listings services, companies of different sizes may want to use the software. Small scale single location businesses to larger ones are the target market. Let’s check which of this set of users it suits best.

Who is Yext Best For?

It suits businesses whose owners are too busy to keep a tab on their brands’ online reputation. Another set of users are those who can’t afford to contract this task to someone.

Small Business

Small firms are usually careful of substantial cash commitments. It is an effective and cheaper option for a small business that would like to appear at the top of the listings search results. When prospective customers search for services these companies offer, they want to come up at the top.

Large Enterprises

For large enterprises, Yext offers a channel to help them manage listings on popular directories. Through data syncing, they are accurate across the board. For these types of ventures, the software is quite practical.

Medium Businesses

It is an excellent tool for this category as it helps remove the stress of manual citation building. It also assists in removing unnecessary items that could weaken the listings. With Yext, businesses can update their local listing location, in record time.


This category of users can use the product to enhance their listings on directories. They get seen more often by prospective clients.

Yext Pros and Cons

Reviews about Yext is a mixed-bag – there is the good and the bad. Altogether, what stands out most is that the software is outstanding at what it offers – no doubt. Customers have testified to the returns they’ve gotten on their investment.



  • Excellent listing analytics.
  • Permits submission to robust directories.
  • Provides an all-in-one panel from which to manage a brand's reputation from reviews to listings.
  • Help keep listings fresh by continually updating text descriptions.
  • Makes update and effect as at when due.
  • Pricing plans are a bit on the high side.
  • Consumers complain of unsolicited auto-renewal of plans.
  • Slow or non-existent direct customer support.
  • Submits data to only two data aggregators (Foursquare and Factual)

Yext Alternatives

Not to worry, there are plenty of service alternatives from which to choose. So, for readers who don’t have the time to examine other products, there are different options. Listed below are products making waves.

Reputation. Main Alternatives claims to have the most straightforward product on the market. It delivers premium services to large enterprises whose branches are in various locations. helps companies keep a tab on reviews, improve user experience, and drive traffic to websites. All these are possible from a single platform.


Podium Main Alternatives

This brand serves more than 180,000 businesses, both locally and globally. They help to improve user experience and convenience. Podium empowers firms with much-needed tools that make it easy for them to take charge of their brand image. Its list of offerings includes reviews management, sentiment appraisal, messaging, web chat, etc.


BirdEye Main Alternatives

This product helps companies to source authentic reviews, respond, and share them on social media. It also permits businesses to get different outlooks when coming up with ideas. These ideas could come in handy for company growth.


Vendasta Main Alternatives

It is a customizable solution for businesses that sell digital products. Broadcasters, publishers, Telcos, and financial institutions are the target market. The arsenal of digital marketing and brand productivity tools support this claim; CRM, marketing automation are all present on this software.


BrightLocal Main Alternatives

Brightlocal serves a lot of small and medium-sized businesses; It is well suited for brands with many locations. It sustains the efficient implementation of local marketing. Brightlocal users have access to local search auditing, citation tracking, and building in one place.


Synup Main Alternatives

Thousands of businesses rely on Synup to help them run local marketing. Synup helps boost brand popularity, customer acquisition and retention, and brand reputation. They also offer excellent value for the money.

Competitors’ Table of Comparison

A brand’s image is what keeps it in the good books of consumers. Yext assists businesses in maintaining this position. But other similar products offer this service. Below is a comparison table that compares the attributes of five platforms. The Basic plan was considered in all cases.

Yext Service Reputation Service Podium Service BirdEye Service Vendasta Service Bright
Synup Service
Monthly Price $199/yr N/A $399 $299 $42 $29 $30
Review Monitoring No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Subscription based Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reporting and statistics No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
API Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Free Trial Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Platforms  Supported Web-
Customer Support Phone
Video Tutorial
Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yext Worth the Money?

Yext offers an enhanced online brand reputation, a vital ranking metric on search engines. Businesses rely on digital knowledge management to shoot up brand suggestions. Because customers seek answers about brands on many sites, it makes tracking reviews easy to do. Their reputation management service is worth the money.

What Does Yext Stand For?

Yext is a company whose primary goal is to provide excellent online brand management services. It helps a business to update its listings across major and local directories. Also,

they help manage reviews, gather and interpret actionable brand growth data.

Is Yext a Good Stock to Buy?

There is so much activity in the digital space, but its stock value has continued to grow. Because more businesses will move online, the share may remain on this trend. To this end, contact a financial adviser and do further research.

Is Yext a Startup?

Yext is not a startup. A startup is a venture that’s still in its earliest phases of operations.  Instead, they are a full-blown company with thousands of employees all over the world. The company is currently valued at over 1.5 billion US dollars.

Foremost Data Management Tool for Businesses in 2023

Several points raised here bring to fore the main points that speak for Yext as a reliable brand management tool in 2023. So, if the high cost isn’t an issue and neither is the auto-renewal trouble, it’s robust pricing plans make a good deal.

There are several alternatives to pick from, a look at the table of comparison supports this. When selecting the right listing management app, what cuts it? Is it the ease of use? The value for the money? Or the level of customizations allowed? Leave us a comment as a user of this product.

Published: October 30, 2020Updated: March 26, 2024

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