YTview Review: Is It Reliable & Fast?

YTview Review: Is It Reliable & Fast?
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Price Plans

  • 1000 Instagram Followers ($10)

  • 1000 Instagram Followers ($10)

  • 5000 Twitter Followers ($11,52)

  • 100 Facebook Post Likes ($3.2)

  • 100 Twitter USA Custom Comments ($144)

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Starting Price per 1000 Instagram Followers


YTview Review: In Depth

YTview is based in the United States. It comprises a team of experts who know how to promote their clients’ social media presence. They make bold claims of ensuring only high-quality services. This is demonstrated by the promise of no fake followers on their website. The delivery is to be completed on all orders within 36 hours.

They offer a 100% money-back guarantee should they fail to deliver an order. There is also a non-disclosure agreement attached to their services. This ensures the protection of customer information. An FAQ page is also present to simplify their product offerings.

It is hosted on a very simple and easy-to-use website. The payment system is also secure as PayPal handles all transactions. Their plans for various networks are well laid out. Some are not as cheap as others on the market. There is also a mail feature for contacting their customer support. It should be noted that they have moved to a new website

Supported Networks and Services

Ytviews main service is the delivery of YouTube views. Their rates for the views are relatively cheap. There are also several packages for Instagram and Twitter.


This is the largest platform for sharing pictures. It is specially fitted with edit and beautification tools. Many people have gotten famous through this platform alone. Many service providers use this platform to showcase new products and promotions.

  • Followers
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Views
  • Shares


YouTube provides a platform for people to post videos. Many service providers such as online schools use it to host their videos. Other individuals looking to monetize their content can benefit from these plans.

  • Views
  • Random / Custom Comments
  • USA / India / Brazil Comments
  • Male / Female Comments
  • Likes
  • Subscribers


Twitter is the platform for short chatter. It is such a heavyweight that economic indicators are influenced by its content. Many people use it to share blog posts.

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Poll Votes
  • USA Followers / Likes / Comments
  • Male / Female Comments
  • Impressions


Facebook is the most versatile social network yet. It can serve a wide variety of purposes. It is ideal for blogs, service providers, enthusiasts, and the general public.

  • Event Join / Confirmation
  • Post Likes (angry, sad, wow, like, love)
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Video Views

Plans & Prices

There are over 2000 plans available on the platform. They can be broadly categorized into random, custom, high-quality, fast delivery and slow delivery. Many plans are a mix of at least one of the these. The general trend with the prices are as follows:

  • Custom plans cost the most and are delivered in low volumes
  • Random plans cost significantly lesser than custom plans
  • Plans marked “high quality” or “super quality” cost substantially more than unmarked plans
  • Fast delivery plans cost more than slow delivery plans.

Generally, one can get a fair idea of the price cost when more than one of these are mixed. The table below provides a high-level view of the packages available on the platform.

Facebook Services Price Range
Comments $80-$153.6
Likes $$3.2-$192
Events $8.64-80
Services Name Price Range
Followers $11.52-$150
Poll Votes $$1.92-$7.68
Views $3.84-$24
Retweets $26.6-$180
Comments $80-$250
Services Name Price Range
Followers $10-$995
Likes $$3.2-$160
Comments $30-$134.4
Services Name Price Range
India Comments $11.52-$150
Poll Votes $$96-$134.4
Japan Comments $112-$134.4
Likes $17.8-$134.4
Dislikes $27.52-$134.4
USA Female Comments $96-$134.4

Network Services in Detail

The platform delivers promotion on an extended list of networks. There is also a specialized delivery pattern. Orders can be performed fast or slowly. There are also many other customizations according to the platform’s peculiarity. The pricing structure well laid out. Altogether, there are over 2000 specific products. The following table will present only the most popular. The full list of all their offerings can be found on 119 pages at their website.


YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform. Ytview provides a lot of plans for the platforms. Some surprising additions include downvote plans and Japan comment. These additions are indicative of the very diverse nature of their offering. There are gender-based plans for YouTube. There are also location-based plans. The delivery system of the plans is also controllable.

Services Name Volume Price
India Random Comments 100 $96
India Custom Comment 100 $134.4
Japan Comments [Random] 100 $112
Japan Custom Comments 100 $134.4
USA Female Comments [Custom] 100 $134.4
USA Female Comments [Random] 100 $96
Comments Likes [Upvotes] 50.000 $17.6
Real Comment Dislikes [Downvotes] 100.000 $17.6
USA Custom Comment Reply 300 134.4
Likes 600.000 $28.82
Dislikes 600.000 $27.52


If Facebook were to be a continent, it would be the largest. Engagement on the platform is over 2 billion daily. Views are no longer enough for campaigns. This company offers services to help wade through the stiff competition. An unpopular addition in their packages is event attendees. There are different qualities of custom and random comments provided. Adequate details on these plans as well as their delivery mode are available.

Services Name Volume Price
Instant Comments likes 200 $192
Custom Comments 10.000 $38.4
India Real Random Comments 30 $153.6
Real India Custom Comments 30 $230.4
Facebook Events Join/Confirmed 1.000 $8.64
Male Events Interested 2.000 $14.24
Post Likes 100 $3.2
Real Custom Comments 500 $80


This is currently the largest smartphone-only social network. The photo-sharing platform is the celebrities’ and brands’ haven for showing off. Popularity on the platform is key to the growth of influence. It is also vital for the reach of posts. This table provides only a price plan for followers. There is a whole list spanning about 20 pages of other Instagram specific plans.

Followers Price
1.000 $10
2.000 $20
3.000 $30
4.000 $40
5.000 $50
10.000 $100
20.000 200
40.000 $400
50.000 $500
100.000 $995


Twitter serves many purposes for different people. It is a ground for chatter and an official site for important personalities. Many organizations have employed it as an extension of their customer support. In all, Twitter has a very versatile use. Again, Ytview adds surprising services for Twitter. They have an offering for influencing poll votes and Arabian retweets! You can find the most popular of their plans below. On their website, you can get the full list of 96 plans for Twitter.

Plans Volume Price
Followers 5.000 $11.52
Likes 500.000 $14.4
Retweets 500.000 $25.6
Poll Votes 10 million $1.92
Poll Votes 100 million $7.68
Views 1 million $3.84
Impressions 1 million $3.84
USA Comments Super Quality 100 $102.4
USA Custom Comments 100 $144
Live Video Views 2.000 $19.2

Terms and Guarantees

The terms of use and privacy policy of YTView can be easily found on their site. When necessary, clients can also look for info on refunds and refilling dropped numbers there.

Terms and Conditions

The terms presented on their page govern the usage of their services. They are binding immediately an individual initiates a transaction with the company. The company reserves the right to alter without prior contact with its customers. It also states that its users must respect the policies of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This is to apply at all times while dealing with them.

The company reserves the right to also alter their delivery times and rates without prior contact with the public. They do not guarantee the constancy of their offer. Irrespective of rates change, their refund policy still holds.

Privacy Policy

Customers privacy are respected at all times. Personal information is obtained from users lawfully and fairly. It is always with their knowledge and consent. This information is retained for as long as is necessary for service delivery. During this time, all data is protected by commercial-grade security protocols. These protocols restrict access, disclosure, duplication or modification of the information.

Customers’ information is only shared with third-parties when required by law. In any other case, they do not share or sell customer information. The details of all orders are also stored in confidence.

Refund Policy

There is no refund available after orders have been delivered. This is of course when they are delivered according to specifications. Dispute of any payment can be made by initiating a chargeback. But, in the case of such conflict, they reserve the right to:

  • Suspend temporarily or end your account permanently.
  • Recall any or all metrics users buy

In the case where they cancel an order, they refund the individual. This refund goes into the customer’s account credit with them. It is marked “refund credit”. Note that it does not go back to the customer’s payment method.

Retention Policy

Ytview does not offer any official policy on this subject. As such, there is no formal guarantee in this regard. There is also no official statement that guarantees refill in cases of drop-offs. But, in the plans descriptions, they are indicated as applicable. Also, refill rates are stated with appropriate plans. While there is not an official refund policy, there is a term that compels them to fulfill orders to the letter. The term is stated in general and can be seen as their commitment to high retention rates.

Customer Support

The only mode of contact with their customer support is via mail. The response time is not established. A form is provided on the website where one can send a message. The person must first submit their name, email address, and subject. This is a significant improvement to the former website which did not have. If this improvement is a general trend, then their response time may have improved too. As it stands, they do not advertise 24/7 customer support.

YTview Quality of Followers

The quality of followers is usually dependent on some factors. It is generally measured by the nationality of the followers and their gender. It is measured by the kind and level of activity of these people on the account. High-quality followers are those that regularly engage posts with meaningful contributions.

The followers delivered by the company are of different grades. They are open about it and state up front the type of followers you will be getting. It is expected that services marked “high quality” or with similar terms behave as stated above. The type of followers received is what is paid for.

Retention Rate

Retention rate is the measure of how much of service delivered stays with you over some time. Usually, organic and real services have the highest retention. Random services have the lowest. One can find out details about the kind of service before they buy. There is a description of this in the service catalogue.
Ytview, now SocialMediaPanel, is very straightforward about their retention rates. The highest drop off they have published is at 20%. While this may seem high, it is good that they stated it. This is so that you can already plan for the eventuality.

YTview`s Pros & Cons



  • They offer various specific plans
  • There is a comment to explain each plan
  • One can choose from a wide range of delivery types
  • Secure website
  • Good reputation
  • The packages are difficult to understand and navigate
  • There is no on-site chat assistant

The Final Word

Ytview is a company that has been doing what they do for a very long time (ten years). No doubt, they have a lot of experience with social media promotion. This is demonstrated in the elaborate nature of their offering.

There is an elaborate list of services for each platform. It covers almost all features available on that platform. There are dozens of specific packages by countries and gender. These help to control media promotion to the tiniest detail.

They care about their standard of service and have upgraded their website to use a secure server. Their terms of services are now stated clearly. As always, a good review is only a guide to make a buy. Reviews don’t replace instincts.

Published: June 27, 2019Updated: March 27, 2024

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