Pros and Cons of Buying
Twitter Followers

It is not easy to take internet marketing results to the max. It requires taking care of every aspect of your online presence. Social media has the power to deliver messages to thousands of potential clients, and buying Twitter followers can help to reach that goal.

Using the option to buy followers on Twitter has had a bad reputation over the last several years. But the strategy also has a range of advantages for both business and individuals, such as bloggers. Before deciding on whether to buy followers, let’s check out the pros and cons of doing so.

Pros & Cons

icon-likeThe Pros
  • Raise Your Reputation. When an average Twitter user visits a profile, they first take a look at their number of followers. Based on that fact, they will consider that account more or less important on the platform. If the users notice a large base of followers, it will raise the profile’s standing in their minds. The research proves people believe tweets from highly-followed profiles more.
  • Get Organic Followers. Buying followers on Twitter and raising image in an average user’s mind is the first step. Now they will notice 10K or 20K people already follow that account. The statistics show that businesses have higher chances of attracting more people to their profile if they already have a high number of followers. That makes users think that what they have to say matters. If it is in any way related to their interests, they will start following the profile, too.
  • The Rule of Social Proof. It shouldn’t take long to notice that real people show interest in the profile, including reading posts and asking questions. That is because buying Twitter followers convinced them of the company’s success in this social media. It makes them not only pay attention to updates but also trust the content more.
  • People Tend to Go with the Crowd. Siding with the general opinion often happens in real life. Psychology explains it as a rule of social proof. Whenever a person sees friends or the community interest, it raises their interest, too. The best example is following sports teams. Each of them has a fan base, but when they enter the finals, the entire city remembers they support them.
  • An Effective Money Saving Tool. Businesses spend weeks or months on building up their starting base of followers on Twitter. But why would they waste that amount of time, effort, and money when the target number of fans can be reached in minutes? It is not only about speeding up the process. Buying followers will also attract interest from potential clients. In turn, you will speed up business growth and increase profit from sales.
  • Others Are Using It, Too. Some companies may not admit it, but buying Twitter followers is a frequently used tool in the business world. The statistics show the strategy works, and many are already utilizing its benefits. It delivers results in a short timeframe and saves you money. It can even deliver better results than social media ad campaigns.
icon-dislikeThe Cons
  • It’s Not about the Numbers. It is nice to see a profile with a high number of followers. But it is only a small boost in the world of social media marketing. It is up to profile owners to use that jumpstart to improve the numbers that matter. Those include attracting clients and engaging them in reading posts and buying products.
  • What If Everyone Finds Out? According to online reports, some people claim Twitter discovered they bought followers. When the administrators erased them, it allegedly caused a blow to their image. There is no proof that it can have any real effect on reputation even if someone discovers the purchase. Picking a reliable service provider may help to reduce the risk of this happening.
  • It Is about Real Followers. As already mentioned, it is up to profile owners to use the boost to attract real people to follow their account. That requires time and effort to create content and interact with the users. Social interaction and attracting clients are not something that can be done by only buying Twitter followers.
  • Beware of Scammers. The market for buying followers isn’t regulated. That is why scammers are a common occurrence. Some providers will make false promises and fail to deliver. The best way to recognize them is by asking for a price for a huge number of followers. In general, if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Klout Score Will Remain the Same. This score is a rating that shows someone’s level of social influence. It is a system that doesn’t consider only the number of followers. Instead, it focuses on interaction with them. That is their primary way of determining your social media score. They believe it is better to have 200 real fans that 1,000 unreal ones.

Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

Is buying Twitter followers a smart move or not? The strategy has both pros and cons, and there is no definite answer. Each business should estimate whether it can benefit their growth. It can speed up the process of growing the initial base of followers. Boosting organic profile growth and raising reputation is also among the benefits. But businesses need to beware of the unregulated market. Visit our top 10 best services to buy Twitter followers to identify the most reliable providers currently available!