Pros and Cons of Buying
YouTube Views

YouTube is the most used video streaming network on the web. There are billions of daily views and millions of channels. And for that reason, people have found many ways to make money from the site.

However, making money isn’t as easy as just starting a channel. It takes thousands of views before one can start to profit. And earning all of those can be tough. Thankfully, there is now the option to buy YouTube views. Buying bulk views can help a channel receive needed fame and growing public awareness. By doing so, companies and creators can get a needed boost to kick things off.

Pros & Cons

icon-likeThe Pros
  • An Immediate Boost . It can take lots of time to create a video and then market it. But starting with zero views makes the challenge even more significant. However, content that already has been watched many times is more likely to be suggested to others. Recommended videos can then bring organic traffic to a channel without any extra work.
  • Escalated Social Authority. Viewers tend to find channels which have many views to be very credible. This can potentially make an account seem like an authority to those who are also creators or producers. As a result, it can become easier to partner with other YouTubers looking to make fresh content.
  • Augmented Social Proof. Monkey see monkey do. Content that is very popular can motivate others to engage with it too. The social proof, or approval, can convince users that a video must be worth watching if so many other people have already watched it. Once a large enough volume is achieved, the video can market itself.
  • Increased Organic Views. Many people flocking to a piece of material can naturally attract others. Videos with many views can also motivate others to also engage in the content. In time, the video can draw in organic traffic, and attract more fans who like the content of a similar type.
  • Become A Niche Specialist. Users tend to trust and respect a channel which has many views. At a certain point, the channel may even become a niche authority. Once this happens, the channel can appear to be a specialized source of info in a particular field. Fans of that field can highly regard it.
  • 27% Average Increase in Sales and Conversions. An increase in views can have some financial benefits. The increased number can then encourage others also to watch content. And once more traffic is drawn in; more people will be exposed to a sales page. Buying views has a 27% average increase in sales and conversions.
icon-dislikeThe Cons
  • Buying Views Does not Equal Buying Customers. Buying views is not a surefire way to buy customers. The plans can in fact help attract viewers, but are not a promise that any of those will purchase goods. A fraction of the paid viewers may actually purchase products, but it is not a guarantee.
  • Removal of Low-Quality Views. YouTube is very attentive to the accounts which watch videos online, to keep things authentic. If an account seems too low quality, the site may not count it as a legit source. As a result, any of the views from that account will be removed from other videos.
  • Generalized YouTube Views. The users who are paid to view videos are almost never from a target market. They can be a variety of accounts, with a variety of interests. As a result, the chance of those accounts becoming sales numbers is very low. This can lead to skewed metrics and conversion rates.
  • A Large Number of Scams. Many providers claim that their service can provide a large number of views to a video. However, many services are just a quick scam. Some may provide fake robotic accounts, whereas some many never even deliver. Worse yet, channels with many fake views may be removed from YouTube.
  • Engagement Not Guaranteed Just buying a view plan is not a way to ensure a channel’s success. A channel must still provide high-quality content to keep visitors engaged. The target audience must be pleased, and find a reason to keep coming back to watch new material. No plan can save a channel which does not create solid videos.

Should You Buy YouTube Views?

Buying views can be a very positive or negative experience, depending on the goals of the buyer. It is true that a video will, in fact, have much higher metrics. But that does not guarantee more traffic. Nor does it guarantee that a channel will increase its profit. Nonetheless, the chance to buy views can still be a good thing if purchased from a trusted provider. Many services do offer genuine new visitors, while others do not. The end goal of the account should determine whether to buy views or not.