3 Steps on How to Add Camera Roll to Instagram Story in 2023

The social app, Instagram, added a new feature that allows people to share every moment of their day with their followers. Instagram Stories gives users a license to post photos and videos which will show on their Stories instead of their feed. It is a great way to prevent spamming feeds with time-based Stories.

The original duration of the Stories is 24 hours, after which it no longer shows automatically. But thanks to the new update, it is easy for users to add photos and videos beyond the 24 hours mark to Stories.

One pain point users face is adding camera roll to Insta Story. When using the social media platform, it is easy to take pictures or record videos from the Stories. But if the user wants to select a photo or video from their phone’s media, he or she may not know how to put saved photos on Instagram Story.

Table of Contents

  1. Adding Camera Roll to IG Story
  2. Limitations of Camera Roll Uploads on Instagram
  3. How To Fix Instagram Story Can’t Post My Videos And Photos
  4. Can You Post Camera Roll to IG Story?
  5. Where Is the Photo Sticker on IG Story?

How to Add Camera Roll to IG Story – Step by Step Guide

Add Camera Roll to Instagram

Adding images from the phone’s library to Stories in 2023 is easy with these tips. There is nothing technical about it.

1. Update the Instagram App

One of the reasons why users find it difficult to upload photo to Instagram Story is because of an outdated app. An older version will not function well with the new Stories additions.

If it is older than the social media’s recent updates, it will not work properly. Try updating it to see if it is now possible to add photos and videos posts to Stories from the phone.

Once updated, open it, then swipe right on feed or tap the image icon in the top left corner before the ‘Instagram’ lettering. Swipe up to access the phone’s library. Select from the dropdown menu and upload photo to Instagram Story.

If the problem persists, restart the phone.

2. Navigate to Story

With the new updates, learning how to put camera roll pictures on Instagram Story is easy. There are two ways to access Story from a phone. The first way is to click on the image icon at the top left corner, just before the word ‘Instagram.’ The other way is to swipe right the whole page to access it.

Once done, it will direct users to photo mode. Users can take pictures or record videos and upload photo to Instagram Story. There is no limit to posts on Stories. This is not the goal though, there is still the problem of uploading media from the handset.

3. Swipe up on Photo Mode to Access Media From Phone’s Gallery

From Photo Mode, media from the phone’s gallery get uploaded to Story. By opening the photo mode, recent media will show close to the bottom of the phone’s screen.

The Limitations of Uploading From Camera Roll to Insta Story

Limitations of Uploading

There are restrictions on what is permissible for upload to Story from phone files. Knowing them will help prevent looming frustrations.

The first one is that only images and videos that are younger than 24 hours will show on the photo mode. Anything older than that will not show. This restricts users from uploading any image or video to their Story. By swiping up on the featured media, you can access Story older than 24 hours.

The second one is more painful for Instagram lovers. Only the first ten seconds of a video will get uploaded on Story. How recent the video is doesn’t navigate this obstacle. Users will have to trim long videos into snippets of 10 seconds to convey their message through their Stories.

Instagram users should note that these restrictions are not a result of a faulty app or a problem with their mobile phones, it is the custom setting from Instagram.

How to Fix Photos and Videos Uploading Errors on Instagram Story

Fix Photos and Videos Uploading

‘Can’t upload videos or pictures to Story’ errors are a result of several factors. They include: the application may be old and not in sync with the Instagram servers, network connection problems, unsupported video or photo format and blocked or disabled account.

Here are some of the quick tips to fix these errors:

1. Restart Network Connection

Turn off the internet. Go to settings and switch off your Wi-fi or cellular data. After a while reconnect to the same network or try using a stronger network. This should solve the sharing problem. But if it doesn’t, try using the airplane mode.

2. Restart The Phone

Restarting the phone can solve many problems including upload error. By restarting, all the temporary files and caches stored in the phone’s memory will no longer be there. The phone memory will start afresh.

Open Instagram and post from the cam roll. It should work smoothly now.

3. Restart Your App

Shutting down the phone is only necessary after a restart of the app fails to solve the problem. Restarting the App on Android or iOS is easy. Close it from the list of recent files and reopen it again. This action will refresh the files used.

Another way is to clear the cache files left while running. These files sometimes disrupt it. Clearing it can fix the ‘Can’t post my videos and photos’ error.

4. Use Browser

If the problem persists, consider using a browser. The problem may come from Instagram ends or a glitch. In this case, log in with a browser, navigate to the Story and share your photo or video.

5. Reinstall the Instagram App

There may be some corruption with installation files or some bugs affecting the app. In many cases, the version of Instagram gets outdated and needs an update to correct the errors.

The first step is to uninstall the app. The next step is to search for the latest app, download and install it.

FAQ Section

Can You Post Camera Roll to Insta Story?

Yes, it is possible to post from cam roll to Story. With Instagram’s latest update, pictures or videos older than 24 hours on the device can get uploaded to the Instagram Story.

Where Is the Photo Sticker on Instagram Story?

The photo sticker icon will only appear when you take or uphold a picture or video. It appears at the top right corner when editing the picture or video. Click on the sticker icon and a dropdown list of Stickers will be present for you to pick from.

How Do I Add Snapcode to My Camera Roll?

Adding a snap code to the phone’s memory is easy. Snap codes are unique identities for Snapchat accounts. Launch Snapchat and navigate to Profile.

  1. Click on the profile image at the top of the screen (hard to miss) and then the unique snap code on the profile page. An icon will appear, tap to save it to the device. The saved snapcode is shareable to friends.
  2. From the snap code screen, there’s an option that allows for scanning from the cam roll. Once clicked, your phone’s media will show.
  3. Select the photo containing the snap code to scan.

Fixing Camera Roll Upload Issues on Instagram Story

Camera Roll issues create frustrating scenarios for many users who haven’t gotten the hang of the system. People want to uphold their Stories but find it hard to upload stored media from their phone’s libraries through the Instagram app.

With three easy steps, knowing the process of adding camera roll photos to IG Story in 2023 is possible. The first step is to update the app if it is an outdated version. The second step is to tap on the camera icon on the top left corner of the app to navigate to Story. The final step is to swipe up on the screen to post media contents.

What other issues do you face? Leave a comment.

Published: May 24, 2021Updated: May 25, 2021

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