How to Watch Instagram Live and Record a Live Video on a PC

Learning how to watch Instagram Live helps to enhance the allure of Instagram and how many of the features that can be taken advantage of on the platform in 2023. This option is what allows Instagram users to stream free video. The video is live, and any of their followers can see it and engage it in real-time.

This feature brings Instagram to life, keeping it constantly changing and applying it to daily routines and more marketing. It also brings together communities of followers and devotees, watching and making comments on their videos.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Know When Instagrammers are Live
  2. How to Locate Live Videos on Instagram
  3. How to Film a Live on Instagram
  4. How to Share a Live Video
  5. Can You Watch IG Live After It’s Over?
  6. Is it Weird to Watch Someone’s IG Live?

How to Know When Instgrammers are Live

Instgrammers are Live

Typically, once an Insta live video disappears when the broadcast finishes, it is crucial to be able to find them and view them before they are gone for good. Although Facebook works differently, Instagram has made it easy for users to do this as they mark it in several different areas as soon as one of the followed profiles begins the live stream.

  • Instagram marks “Live” under the profile icon of the person streaming
  • Followers might receive notifications about live videos
  • The Explore tab features current live stories. There is a “Top Live” option to view trending live videos

How to Locate Instagram Live on PC

Locate Instagram Live

Watching IG Live on PC or any mobile device works pretty much the same way. Instagram makes it simple so that videos of people who are followed, along with the Top Live Videos, receive plenty of attention for business marketing.

To check out if someone is live on a PC or mobile device:

  1. Log into the Instagram account
  2. Look at the top of the page to find the Stories bar
  3. Around each profile photo is a multi-colored ring, which means they have new Stories
  4. Inside of the ring, underneath their photo, LIVE is highlighted in red or pink
  5. View the live video by tapping on their avatar

To watch videos that aren’t made by followed accounts, or if it is preferred to see specific kinds of videos, use the Explore tab. As soon as the video has opened on the screen, the other viewers and the host can see the new account that joined it and anyone can make comments.

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram want their community to interact. It is just as easy to learn how to watch IG Live on PC as it is to engage with them.

How to Film An Instagram Live Video

Instagram Live Video

To make an Instagram Live video more personal on Instagram or Facebook, film one. Keep in mind that when a video goes Live, any blog followers that have their notifications enabled will receive an alert.

To start one:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Look to the Stories dock and tap the profile avatar
  3. At the bottom, there is a camera menu. Swipe left to use the Live option.
  4. Hit the shutter button to begin the broadcast

It is not only recording, but it is feeding into the social network in real-time. The Insta Live stream means that there are no redos; everyone can watch it immediately.

How to Share a Live Video

Generally speaking, once a live video has begun, it is actively being streamed. Once the host finishes broadcasting, the video disappears. This has changed, though, so it is a fun trick to learn how to rewatch IG live videos or allow blog followers the capability to rewatch others.

  1. Go about broadcasting the way it is typically done.
  2. Once the broadcast finishes, use the “Share” button. It should be located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. The “Share” button puts it in the profile’s Story, and it will last for 24 hours after posting. It can also be added to highlights to save it for even longer.
  4. It is also possible to save it to the camera roll if the host wants to keep it for longer. It can be saved as an IGTV video. To find it afterward, go to the corresponding account tab.


Can You Watch Instagram Live After It’s Over?

Followers can only view, or rewatch a live video if the account that makes it shares it to their Story. This way, even after they have finished broadcasting the live video, it is put in as part of their Stories and can be watched for another 24 hours after the broadcast finishes.

Can You Watch IG Live After 24 Hours?

An Insta live feed can be viewed even beyond the 24 hours that it is saved as a Story if the owner of the account saves the Story and posts it again. They can also add it to a highlight section if they want it to be part of an ongoing series or keep it available to their followers.

Can You Watch Someone’s IG Live Without Them Knowing?

No, not unless an account is created that doesn’t relate to the actual owner’s name. For anyone to watch IG live video, they have to log into Instagram and tap to it. As soon as they begin to view the it, their account name shows up in the feed.

Is it Weird to Watch Someone’s Instagram Live?

It shouldn’t be, especially in 2023. Everyone who chooses to watch a live video on Instagram or Facebook makes a choice to be okay with their name showing on the live feed and any of their comments showing up. As people come into the social media platform, anyone can see their account names.

Watching All the Live Videos on Instagram

Whether the interest is in finally being able to watch some of the free favorite accounts that are followed or being able to create your own for business marketing purposes, it is handy to know how Live videos and recording works. Instagram offers so many creative ways to form online communities of like-minded people, and this is yet another in their arsenal.

If you have had success with your own videos or enjoyed watching others, let us know by leaving a comment below!

Published: March 15, 2021Updated: June 15, 2023

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