Mixmax Review: A Premium Emailing Software for 2023?

Mixmax Review: A Premium Emailing Software for 2023?
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Mixmax Review: In-Depth

Mixmax is a software that provides email message solutions to its users. It was designed to foster time management. Hence, it contains tracking, automation, and management tools. These assist subscribers to quickly send out emails from their Gmails and G Suite accounts.

This Mixmax review provides comprehensive detail on key features, plans, pricing, pros, and cons. It will also cover details about its customer service performance, terms, policies, and its overall rating. Stay tuned for these and more.

Key Features


Integrated Workflows



Mixmax Review: Background Information

Mixmax Background Information

Mixmax Incorporated is the owner of this software. Olof Mathé and Brad Vogel started the company in 2014 in San Francisco, USA. They also double as the CEO and CTO, respectively. Furthermore, Mixmax has a 7-membered board and an executive team that is led by the co-founders.

The software serves 10,000+ customers and has over 20 integrations. Also, big blogs like Forbes and TechCrunch featured it on their sites. G2 nominated it as one of the top 50 fastest growing products in 2019. By and by, the company has generated over $13.6 million in revenue.

Features and Technical Details

The software is studded with many exciting features. These include message tracking, scheduling, templates, and many more. They help users to send personalized emails, monitor them, and analyze the market response. They also make emailing easier and faster.

These offerings are categorized into four major groups, namely: 

Features in Detail

Mixmax contains several features that give it its quality. These include email tracking, notification, chat, automation, management, and analytics tools, among others. The following contents provide more details about these offerings.

Email Tracking

Mixmax Email Tracking

People use this widget to monitor customers’ responses to marketing campaigns, and so on. It shows when a person reads a campaign message and how far it was read. It also reveals how many contacts viewed the attachments. More importantly, it ensures that sent emails are received in Inboxes and not as spam.


The insights technology provides users with a performance summary for each campaign. It offers statistics on which method works best. It also helps managers to know the top delivering teams.

Therefore, it shows statistics of the following:


The notifications tool provides users with updates on insights and schedules. It helps subscribers to know who is engaging their campaigns in real-time. It also integrates with Slack to enable individuals to send information and notification to other team members. These notifications appear on the desktop and the user’s Gmail inbox.


This feature has grown significantly in use among groups over time and is expected to be in more demand in 2023. It allows teammates to send messages in real-time. It also gives individuals the ability to get instant help from colleagues when a problem arises.

Polls & Surveys

It is easier to get information from customers by embedding a survey in the email. Facts also prove that embedding polls in emails can increase responses by 20-25%. Therefore, this offering assists subscribers to send out feedback surveys to their customers. This helps them to capture more extended and thoughtful answers, reviews, and more.

Phone Dialer

The phone dialer feature is an integration service provided by Salesforce. It allows people to call their clients and leads without leaving their email contacts. It then helps them foster engagement and better customer services.


Mixmax Templates

The primary purpose of this feature is to save time. It helps people to create an unlimited number of pre-designed messages. This way, less time and effort are spent on designing new content when sending out messages. Templates also allow users to monitor which pattern works best.


The sidebar displays insights such as leads, contacts, opportunities, etc., in real-time. It allows individuals to customize the widget to show preferred data. It also helps people and teams to multitask while they use Gmail. Besides this, it is handy and can easily be hidden away from the screen.

Schedule Emails for Later

This feature integrates with Google calendar. It allows people to prioritize and organize their work by scheduling their tasks. It also helps individuals to send calendar invitations, meeting notifications, and reminders with just one click and at later dates.

Scheduling technology performs three main functions:

Smart Automation

This feature helps to create workflow automation based on customer interactions. It allows subscribers to automatically interact with customers even when they are not there. For example, the software can instantly follow up with a link or a template message after a customer views a message. This helps to build authentic relationships and save time.

Email Sequence

This service is all about sending a series of emails at specific pre-set time intervals or trigger-based automation. It is efficient and maintains the personal touch in the messages with the use of information from the insight tool. Aside from this, it aids subscribers to know which campaign method works best per person to maximize marketing productivity.


Mixmax partners with other applications to achieve better performance. It performs additional functions by automating and organizing the various synchronized software.

Some of the partnering networks are:

Mixmax Plans and Pricing

Mixmax Plans and Pricing

Mixmax presents five subscription options to cater to the needs of its diverse users. These packages possess technologies in different amounts and sophistication. In turn, the variance attracts different prices.

Free Plan

This package is the most basic offering that the website provides. It comes with no cost and does not require a credit card for registration. It also gives users unlimited scheduling, campaign tracking, templates, etc.

However, it lacks many other important offerings and can only cater to light needs. These conditions make it more suited to start-ups and individuals.


  • The package cost nothing to use forever
  • It does not require a credit card
  • Unlimited scheduling on one calendar
  • It also contains reminder and template widgets
  • Anyone can easily open


  • It only allows 100 trackings per month
  • It lacks side chat and analytics

Starter Plan

The starter pack is the smallest paid-package. It contains some additional offerings that the no-cost plan lacks. Some of these tools include unlimited message tracking, side chat, CRM integration (via BCC), and double-booking protection. The plan can be purchased at $12 per month.


  • The side chat tool
  • Unlimited tracking and scheduling
  • The pricing is affordable
  • The double-booking protection offer


  • It lacks many interesting tools
  • It is not suitable for medium and large scale businesses

SMB Plan

Reviews from past subscribers reveal that the small-business plan is the most popular package on the site. It introduces some new technologies like sequencing, shared calendar, and shared templates. It also provides primary analytics technology and Salesforce auto BCC.

Furthermore, the plan introduces a 14-day trial period for new subscribers and an attractive subscription rate of $29 per month. These and other offerings make it a good fit for small and medium-scale businesses.


  • A one-time 14-day unpaid trial offer
  • It offers more interesting offerings than previous plans
  • Basic analytics and automation tools
  • It is available as a Chrome extension
  • It allows tracking on message opening


  • It is not integrated into Zapier or Salesforce
  • This plan lacks a live chat feature

Growth Plan

This package is embellished to fit the needs of growing teams and big ventures. It contains offerings like Salesforce integration, team reports, advanced analytics tools, and shared sequences.

Also, it provides introductions like robin-round calendars, branded emails, landing pages, live chats, etc. This plan also comes with a one-time 14-day trial.


  • A 14-day trial
  • Advanced analytics and automation tools.
  • Salesforce integration
  • Multiple users for one account
  • Customizable landing pages and emails


  • It may be too expensive for start-ups to afford
  • The plan does not include landing pages and a dedicated account manager

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is the most sophisticated and expensive of all the packages. It contains crucial introductions such as custom domains, a dedicated account manager, delegated sending, etc.

Also, the price and services are tailored by the business to fit their specific needs. All these make it the most suitable option for large establishments.


  • It contains the most number of features
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Access to customized features list on plans
  • It includes an advanced analytics tool
  • Custom domains and organization-level settings


  • It is expensive to purchase
  • It does not have an integration with Zapier

Price and Key Features Comparisons Table

The table below compares each package, its offerings, and price. It also reveals the features of the SMB plan and why it is a favorite among subscribers.

Free Starter SMB Growth Enterprise
Price/ month (USD) $0 $19 $29 $65 Custom
Email Tracking No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sequencing No No Yes Yes Yes
Salesforce Integration No No No Yes Yes
Double-Booking Protection No No Yes Yes Yes
Branded Emails No No No No Yes
Dedicated Account Manager No No No No Yes
Custom Domains No No No No Yes
Analytics No No Yes Yes Yes

Terms and Conditions

This website has rules and regulations that guide its services. The terms prohibit clients from using the site in a way that infringes or violates another’s intellectual property rights.

It also forbids any act that violates local and international laws, infringes on people’s rights and privacy, or incites abuses. The contract requires every user to agree with and abide by these terms. Violation of the rules will attract severe penalties.

Privacy Policy

This policy covers the site’s treatment of personal information gathered while rendering its services. The details collected include name, email address, calendar content, contacts, and company domain directory. These data are retained only with the consent of the subscriber. The platform also has access to view the drafts of users, the names, email addresses of recipients, and the subject line of the sent messages.

Refund Policy

The company has a friendly refund policy. It returns payments in cases where the subscription was auto-renewed against the person’s will. This applies to cases where a subscriber abandons an account without canceling the subscription as well. People who have similar issues can contact the customer care agents through this address: [email protected].

Customer Support

Mixmax Customer Support

The company offers a robust customer support program. It contains various text and video tutorial materials to help customers tackle any challenge they may encounter. It has communication channels to receive direct questions and inquiries as well.


The company offers a phone number to receive complaints and inquiries through voice calls. The service is only available between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Pacific Time on working days. The telephone number is +1(415)9389296.


Customers can contact the site’s support agents via email. They can forward their questions by filling complaints/inquiries form. After that, individuals can expect a reply between 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM on working days. The support emails are [email protected] and [email protected].

Support Center

The support center contains a robust database of instructional and tutorial materials. These include videos, text articles, blog posts. It has FAQs for subscribers’ self-help and a webinar platform for training too. Even so, customers can still get extra help by getting in touch with service agents through provided channels.

Quality of Service

The performance of the software has drawn reviews from several customers. These individuals gave it an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 points. That says a lot about its service quality and the customers’ satisfaction.

Some reviews praised the user-friendly nature of the site. Several others hailed the quality of the tracking technology and their quality customer service. However, a few others scored the website low. Their complaints hovered around hitches they experienced with the sequence tool and unaffordable pricing.

Customer Types

Mixmax is user-friendly and offers top-notch services for any business. Furthermore, it has plans and pricing patterns that are accompanied with convenient features to make it accessible to all categories of people.

Reviews disclose that the website hosts several types of customers with varying needs. This diverse population is grouped into the following categories:

Mixmax Pros and Cons

Although Mixmax offers top-notch services and enjoys good ratings, it isn’t without its flaws. This section of the review provides more information about this.



  • It has a user-friendly interface for seamless operation
  • The site allows multiple users for one Gmail account
  • It is excellent for sending personalized campaigns
  • It has integrations with over 21 networks like Zapier and Salesforce
  • The company provides a responsive support team
  • The in-built calendar feature makes scheduling easy
  • The tracking and templates services are top-notch
  • The basic plans lack the essential features
  • The website has a daily maximum limit of 500 emails and 2,000 recipients per sequence
  • The website does not have mobile app support to aid email tracking

Mixmax Alternatives

Other websites in the market continuously compete with Mixmax for customers. This review x-rays and compares its alternatives in detail below.

Streak: An Adroit Emailing Software

Streak Review
Streak helps individuals to manage their business from Gmail. It contains exciting features like mobile app support, mail tracking, mail merge, thread splitter, and a CRM built into Gmail. However, the pricing (basic – $49) is not friendly for small businesses.

GMass: Quality Yet Affordable

GMass Alternatives
The company boasts of hosting over 750,000 customers ahead of 2023. It enables users to send and track campaigns. It also assists them to send automatic follow-up emails until they get a reply. These and its entire services are top-grade yet affordable.

Yesware: The Reckoning Force

Yesware Alternatives
Reviews disclose that this site is another emailing giant. It provides top-notch technologies for both Gmail and Microsoft Outlook account owners. Some of its offerings are mail scheduling, tracking, and personalization.

Gmelius: Quality Yet Cheap

Gmelius Alternatives
Gmelius empowers teams to manage projects, serve customers, and automate workflows without leaving G-suites. It integrates into popular apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Zapier, etc. Also, it has a mobile app version that is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Sortd: Organization Cum Productivity

Sortd Alternatives
Sortd provides emailing solutions to teams. It helps them to organize their work with features like team and customer chats, email management, projects management, team boards, tracking, prioritization, and many more.

Competitors’ Table of Comparison

Mixmax Streak GMass Yesware Gmelius Sortd
Basic Plan Price (USD) $12/mo $15/mo $15/mo $15/mo $12/mo $6/mo
Free Plan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outlook No No No Yes No No
Multiple Users No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Mobile App No Yes No No Yes Yes
Email Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto-Response No Yes No Yes No No
Mail Merge No Yes Yes Yes No No
Analytics No Yes Yes Yes No No


  • Does Mixmax Work With Outlook?

    Not at the moment. The tool only works with Gmail. It is also available as a Google Chrome app extension so that users can easily manage their accounts there. However, reports reveal that the company is working on securing integration with Microsoft’s Outlook too. It may conclude its agreement by 2023.

  • How Do I Install Mixmax?

    Mixmax is only available as a Google Chrome extension app. It requires users to have an account to begin the installation. They can obtain this by signing up for the basic plan. Afterward, they can visit the Chrome web store to install the app.

  • How Do I Delete My Mixmax Account?

    Similar to all services, there are scenarios where subscribers want to terminate their contracts. With the site, deleting an account is possible in three simple steps.

    1. Cancel any active subscription. To do this, visit the “Accounts and Billing” page and click the trash icon that is aligned with the account name.
    2. Remove the website’s access from the account. Do this with the Gmail account page’s settings option.
    3. Delete the chrome extension. Go to the URL chrome://extensions. Next, find the Mixmax extension and click remove.

Worth the Hype or Not?

The importance of emailing cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, it is essential to have the right tool that handles all the demands of any sales or marketing business.

This review shows how Mixmax merges efficiency, simplicity, and style and blends appropriately to give quality services to customers.

In the end, the facts all point to one truth that Mixmax is an excellent app for subscribers in 2023. However, it does not mean that the app is entirely faultless.

You can share your thoughts, reservations, fears, and experiences by dropping a comment in the box below.

Published: December 30, 2021Updated: March 26, 2024

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