SEMrush Review: Helping Social Media to Skyrocket in no Time

SEMrush Review: Helping Social Media to Skyrocket in no Time
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SEMrush Review: In-Depth

There are many aspects to take into account when planning a marketing campaign. Having them all in mind is pretty difficult. And doing them all well is almost impossible. The team at SEMrush know this, and that is why they have come up with this tool SEO and keyword search to help marketers do research. Keep on reading to know how it works.

Key Features

This vendor is a problem solver. This means that he will try to provide solutions for any user who needs their help. Some of those features include:

  • Doing research on ads and the competition.
  • Deciding how to backlink.
  • Do an organic audit on the best practices to carry out.
  • Finding out best keywords for a certain niche.

SEMrush Review: Background Information

This is a company that started very small and grew to be enormous today. It has been working since 2008. Its founders were IT specialists who needed those tools at the time and could not find them. They wanted to have better opportunities in the online world. After a decade, the vendor has grown so much that it is well-known all around the world. The focus of this service is mainly on marketing. They give info that will not be possible to obtain by a human being. Because of this, they had to adapt from being a small business to a very big one.

Both it’s creators are of Russian origin. These people started off as SEO specialists and then founded their own company. Both men had always been keen on tech and wanted to build up a tool that could keep up with those trends. When beginning with the business, they hired their friends and family to work for them. After a while, it became international. Today, the agency has employees from all over the world. Last year, the brand got revenue of almost $4 million. They partnered with other vendors are also very successful. Some of their users include Amazon and Microsoft.

Interesting Stats & Facts

Sites like this one base their reputation on numbers. These pages usually display these on the website so that any client want to hire their services can see that. As a result, customers will make a decision on those scores. Those stats clearly depict their success. Below, readers can find some info useful about this company.

  • They have 4 million users around the world.
  • The agency tracked 10 million keywords every month.
  • Today, it processes more than 140 databases.
  • Most of their clients come from European countries.
  • The leading country in terms of traffic in the United States. After that, following Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • It also has a presence in South America. Brazil has a million users.
  • Its domain section is one of the most relevant.
  • They perform hundreds of SCO and PPC tasks every day.
  • Their desktop has more than 374 million downloads.
  • 18 million keywords today apply to mobile devices.
  • Mobile domains also grew a lot, up to 30 million.

Service Features & Technical Details

There are many features that the company has to optimize one’s page. The first one of them has to do with analytics. The reports it provides are in-depth. That is crucial to make the agency unique. Today, most social media networks have some kind of analytics. Still, they may be kind of superficial. This is why this company becomes crucial. Apart from the owners’ same numbers, it is possible to get the ones coming from other competitors and their organic traffic.

Perform Organic Research

Another great trait is the organic research tool. Apart from seeing what the rest of the companies are doing, people will be able to look for new competitors. And to see that data in an updated manner. If the domain changes, for example, the admin will get that info in no time. When it comes to getting to know more about ads, owners will get a nice surprise. Everybody knows that advertising is a crucial way of making the page well-known. So, this company allows people to look for many budgets. Also, to monitor the quality of the copy and the landing pages to imitate the best strategies.

Includes Many Other Services

This is a very inclusive platform. It does not only consider Google services but also includes Bing Ads, for instance. The filters of location are of great use, too. Mobile devices are the main characters in this agency, as well. Today, everybody owns a phone and access their pages and networks from there. It is a very smart move to include those perks within the main plans, then. There are some filters to target the location of the clients that the business wants to get. Last but not least, they do not ignore the listings. Seeing the best performing ones is very fast and efficient here.

SEMRush Best Features

This is a platform with a lot of functionalities for businesses. They will get as many results as they require in a very quick way. Today, more than 3 million people enjoy the benefits of this agency. These are explained below.

Social Media Marketing Features

When it comes to social media, it has a lot of benefits to monitor one’s account. Some of them are related to getting reports to improve the performance of the site.

  • Analytics for improving the account.
  • Publish in an automatic way to get results.
  • Filter the best keywords.
  • Scheduling posts and data for the future.
  • Manage many marketing accounts at the same time.

Competitive Intelligence Features

It’s crucial to get to know who the main competitors in one’s niche are. Also, owners should know how to steal their best tactics. And to learn from their errors by not copying them.

  • Get alerts from each marketing event.
  • Monitor and search for keywords on social media profiles.
  • Takes a look at each trend online and uses it in favor of the owner.
  • Compares competitors, products, or services.

Content Marketing Features

Marketing pieces of text is as relevant as them being well-written. It’s not that easy to follow those tactics. Some of the traits of the tool are in the following section.

  • Manages the SEO of the brand as a whole.
  • It’s easy to classify each available keyword.
  • Schedule and search for posts in advance.
  • Social calendar across tools.

Link Management Tools Features

Using links, especially when an admin owns a blog, is essential. They show how strong the page is by making a strong link to the community. The provider helps with its functions.

  • It’s easy to recover broken backlinks.
  • Provides insight on each URL from competitors.
  • Analysis of the competitors and gives reports for each website.

Marketing Analytics Features

A big part of being a marketer has to do with analyzing the numbers. Most people are not sure of how to interpret those metrics. That is why the reports that this company provides are very user-friendly.

  • Takes a look at the keywords of the channel.
  • Review the traffic of social media networks.
  • Insight on the performance of the website.

PPC Features

When running ads, it is essential to use the best terms available online. If not, then the owner would lose money. Some of the features for getting those are below.

  • ROI reports are easy to find.
  • Tools for the best terms to use for ads.
  • Build up the most suitable URLs.

SEO Features

SEO accounts for every practice webmasters carry out to improve their page rank. For that, there are many things they need to do. For instance, they have to look for the best keywords in the field.

  • Audits the site backlinks.
  • One board to review all the aspects of the traffic.
  • Tracks down the best terms for the website.
  • Integration with Google.

Web Analytics Features

A web page usually has many sections. These include the landing part, the selling one, the call to action, and many others. The owners should have enough info to know why and how each visitor behaves when they land on their web.

  • Review each campaign with ease.
  • People can search for the best objectives.
  • Tracks down the backlinks.

SEMRush Key Features for Success

Business owners who truly want to improve their performance have a lot of chances of doing so with this tool. Each one of the actions has the same weight at the end of the day. Below, all of them are explained in detail.

Audit One’s Page

Everybody wants to know what others are doing so is to copy their best strategies. Also, learning from their mistakes is very wise. Yet, there is something more important to do before starting with competition analysis. First, any webmaster should see how their own site is doing along many lines. One of those is organic keywords. This tool can help in identifying which are the best ones. And the ones that are not on this site but should be there.

Another thing to do is to get to know the organic search position of the page. For that, this tool will analyze the domain and see how well it ranks and how it can improve it. Finally, the total number of backlinks is the last crucial feature. Without it, there is no collaboration and no good position in SEO.

SEMRush’s Tools

Among the many perks of this company are its tools. They belong to many categories, and all of them will help the owner in his or her efforts. The comprehensive list of those apps follows below.

1. Keyword Difficulty

semrush-single-review-Keyword Difficulty

This tool helps people to rank any keyword that they want to target using a number system. This means that it will give all those terms in order hard to easy. That is very useful when it comes to deciding what worked to use according to the audience of the bloke or page. The numbers will have a specific color. And more relevant info is also given. The green words are the easier ones, of course.

2. Doman Vs. Domain

semrush-single-review-Domain vs. Domain

This provides people with a visual graph that compares one’s site to at least five others. With this table, it will be easy to compare and contrast all the data that the tool finds. The analysis will be based on the competition. It will also display the relation that exists between the keywords. One of the main features is that the numbers are very easy to read and friendly to the user.

3. Charts


Very similar to the mentioned tool, the charts also give info on the competition. It will be very easy to see how many people land on their page, how many clicks they get for their ads, and so on. In this manner, persons will find it simple to estimate how much money the vendors spend on their Google ads, for example.

4. My Reports

semrush-single-review-My Reports

Users can decide to download the reports if they want to. The best thing is that these are In PDF format. So, anyone can share them with others or save them for a very long time. It’s also simple to add comments and notes to those reports. The premium plans can also custom these to their taste.

SEMRush’s Projects

In addition to all the mentioned features, the agency has a lot of projects. These are related to the functioning of the web as such. Viewers should keep on reading to get to know more data on each project.

Position Tracking


SEO is not only about looking for the best keywords for a text. It is about competition and knowing how to make the site better. One of those elements has to do with tracking down the position of one’s page.

  • This company, then, has a tool called Position Tracking that will allow people to do just that.
  • There are filters of location. In this way, users can look for the best position in the whole country or city.
  • This info gets a daily update, so the data never gets old.

Site Audit


This is a crucial practice for any webmaster to improve their own page. Some results will be the fixing of issues that have to do with SEO.

  • It also allows persons to change their strategy based on how well or not they progressed.
  • The safety of the page is another concern for this project. The main aim, then, is to make it more visible for search engines.
  • This means that more visitors will come to the site. It looks for missing tags, internal links, metadata, images, and more.

Social Media Tracker


There is no true success without optimizing social media networks as well. One of the best ways of knowing what to do is to take a look at the competition.

  • This company, then, will help persons get to know which are the best posts to emulate on their own.
  • In addition, it will give suggestions on how to make viewers engaged. That means for them to comment, like, and share the content.
  • This info is then tracked down with PDF reports. Owners can choose to download them or to see them online. That will depend on the type of plan they buy.

Social Media Poster


The idea behind this project is to make it easier to post on any social app. Clients can manage every task from the same board. It works very well, mostly for Facebook and Twitter.

  • The dashboard has a lot of buttons and functions that might make the experience a bit messy. That may happen to beginners, for instance.
  • Yet, it’s very easy to get used to how things work on this site. Finally, it is easy for buyers to see what is happening on Instagram or YouTube.
  • The tool will update all the time to have more data.

Brand Monitoring


Every brand should take care of its public image. Some items to consider when doing so are how much people mention the company online. Any owner ought to know who is writing about them, for instance, on a blog or social network. Why?

  • Mainly because if comments are positive, it is always nice to know about them. But if they are not, then the brand needs to answer.
  • In this way, the impact will not be so big. And the customers will know that they can still trust them.
  • SEMRush has a section on mentions, and it lets the shoppers get a sheet will all the info so they can save it.

On-Page SEO Checker

semrush-single-review-On-Page SEO Checker

Apart from knowing about links and keywords, it is also crucial to know a lot about on-page SEO. The problem is that the algorithm changes. It is not a static thing. That means that owners should either be experts or use a very good tool, like this one.

  • LSI phrases are as crucial as the terms that people use to optimize the article. Everyone should check the density of them before uploading the text.
  • Also, the length of each piece has to be gauged. It doesn’t have to be too short or too long.

Backlink Audit Tool

semrush-single-review-Backlink Audit Tool

Backlinking is one of the hardest tasks in the field. Each admin has to acquire links from a reputable source.

  • One way of doing this is by writing down guests posts for a related blog. If everything goes well, then the page will publish it with a URL inside of it.
  • Still, that may not be the case. The backlink audit is helpful in seeing which links are truly helpful and which ones are not.

Organic Traffic Insight

semrush-single-review-Organic Traffic Insight

This project is useful when trying to know the overall info about a site. For example, some details that people will get are related to search volume and the ranking in Google.

  • In addition, it has a console to put all the info together in table or graphics.
  • That’s a nice advantage for those who sometimes have some trouble interpreting hard numbers. With such data, it is possible to improve the leads.

Content Analyzer

semrush-single-review-Content Analyzer

Knowing the metrics of the content itself is also relevant. It has a lot of analytics regarding engagement. That is, how well readers respond to the piece of text or not.

  • Some of the reports that it gives are the time that a visitor spends during a session on the site.
  • Another rate that is even more important is the bounce rate. This represents how many times people enter a page and leave without finding what they were looking for.
  • Finally, the tool also allows clients to compare two or more posts to see how they perform against each other.

PPC Keyword Tool


PPC campaigns are as crucial as relevant content. They represent the cost of a word when included in an ad.

  • The page visits various sources to narrow down the scope of what customers are looking for.
  • Some of the best perks include deleting duplicates with ease and organizing them in just one sheet.
  • The AI of the tool will give some pieces of advice on the ones that the owner should choose.

SEMRush’s Analytics Reports

semrush-single-review-Analytics Reports

Knowing your audience is very important. But knowing your competitors is crucial. This is where this tool comes into play. It allows analyzing their SEO and ad strategy, and more.

Organic Research

semrush-single-review-Organic Research

To rank first in search engines, it is necessary to study the market in detail. Knowing which keywords the competition is using is vital. In this way, it is possible to target them and be better than they are to get higher rankings. This tool is also useful to notice any other competitor that has a good position, and one had not noticed before. Doing this is very easy. One only needs to go to “domain analytics”, and from there select “competitors”.

Advertising Research

semrush-single-review-Advertising Research

Understanding how the competition structures their ads will make it easier to improve one’s own. For this, it is necessary to know which keywords they are targeting and what they pay per click (PPC) rate is. That is to say, how much they are willing to pay when one person enters their site through the sponsored address. This also allows knowing which of the terms they use drive the most traffic, and if they use branded ones. Also, the report shows how long they have been using the ad to understand how successful they have been. In this way, optimizing one’s campaign has never been easier.

Display Advertising

semrush-single-review-Display Advertising Tool

Display ads are gaining territory in the digital marketing field. But using them is not an easy task. Fortunately, it is possible to learn from those who are already being successful with them. The images they use, their headlines, and how they work are very easy to analyze thanks to SEMrush. It also allows learning on what pages they are posting and where they are placing them. Comparing one’s work with that of successful brands is one of the most effective ways to learn.



The reports offered by this provider categorize the sites that link to one’s page. This can be done according to the location of the backlink, it is ranking in search engines, and its authority. It is important to have many relevant, trustworthy web pages linking to one’s website. In this way, one shows to search engines that the content they post can be trusted and is of high quality. With this tool, one can analyze the type of links they are receiving and adapt their campaign accordingly.

Keyword Research

semrush-single-review-Keyword Research

Finding the best keywords to use is not easy. Whether one needs to get long tail or high volume ones, it is possible to get them here. The SEO tool gives info on how valuable each term is, and which are the best domains to acquire for each of them. Some may be better suited for organic rankings, while other ones are better for paid campaigns. And there is also the possibility of knowing is the word that will work well for mobile and desktop searches. To build a strong presence on the web, having as much info on this is key.

Product Listing Ads

semrush-single-review-Product Listing Ads

Creating an online shop demands a lot of time and info. To be chosen over the competitors, one has to offer better products and at better prices. And for this, one needs to have all the information about what they offer. Yet, doing this manually is not only tedious but also a waste of time. Having access to the keywords they use can be really helpful for this. SEMrush does this, and also allows learning which words both the client and the competitor are targeting. And it is also possible to know what strategies the competition uses to rank high in paid ads.

Ease When Using the Board

The design of the page is very well crafted. Still, sometimes it might be messy to know where each option is located if it’s the first time a person is using the page. The number of features is enormous. Anyway, new users should not be worried about this. They have a section related to mastering the app in a detailed manner.

Content Marketing

This is a very important aspect of the company. Some of the things in which they help, for example, are in thinking about headings that will make readers feel attracted to the content. Also, it’s easy to look for info about trending topics to write about. Finding great keywords will be enough to come up with the best post possible for a blog, then.

The feature that makes this part unique is the one about branding. For example, mentions are something that everyone should track down to control the image of the business. That will increase the ranking of that particular site by making its trust score better. It also boosts the promotion of the page and helps it sell more.

SEMrush Plans & Pricing

Luckily, SEMRush has a lot of options to offer to those who have varied budgets. Apart from money, they differ in the features that they have. Below, readers can find info on all the plans and alternatives.


Pro Plan

The price is a bit high for those who are on a tight budget. This might not be the best option for those who work on their own and do not have a lot of income. Still, the number of perks that it includes are very worth the time and effort. For example, it allows buyers to download many reports in PDF if they want to. The only limitation is multitargeting, for example. That is not included in the plan.


  • Very affordable
  • Nice customer support
  • A lot of results

  • Just one user

Guru Plan

The next plan has a price doubling the one before it. That’s not very good for small teams, for example. Because it still allows only for one user. If the company wants to have access for more, they will need to pay 70$ extra per person. It has a good variety for social media profiles to monitor. The analytics and keyword research are there within the plan. The projects are also quite elevated.


  • Many results and reports per day
  • Projects suitable for teams
  • A lot of keywords to track down

  • A bit pricey

Business Plan

The business plan might be more suitable for big teams. Yet, there is only room for one person to use it. That does not make a lot of sense. Still, the number of functions per day is even higher. Another perk that makes this pack unique is the use of APIs. This is especially useful if there are developers in the agency. The terms to track down are a lot, showing that it was not designed for individuals only.


  • Nice for big teams
  • Reports are a lot
  • Hundreds of social networks to track down

  • Too expensive for only one access/li>

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

After comparing each plan, the table below was produced. There, readers can find all the info they need to choose the most suitable ones for their needs.

Pro Guru Business
Price $99.95 $199.95 $399.95
Results per report 10.000 30.000 50.000
Reports per day 3.000 5.000 10.000
Projects 5 50 200
Keywords to track 500 1.500 5.000
Social profiles for monitoring 50 100 300
Users 1 1 1
PDF reports 5 20 50
Multi-targeting No Yes Yes

Terms & Conditions

Their terms of use are very well-written. Those who set up an account are bound to the company’s terms. When it comes to changes, the site promises to send an alert to the clients who gave them their email. Another great thing is that they have a lot of languages for their page. As a result, people from many countries can understand them and use the service in a good way.


The agency reserves the right to ban those users who do not comply with their rules. For example, people who use bots are not allowed on the page. Finally, accounts are personal. Nobody should share their passwords or personal details with others, no matter if they are members of their family.

Privacy Policy

To protect people’s private info, they have a location in two main places. The first one of them is the USA. If there are buyers who live in some other country, then they have another data controller. This brand claims that persons who decide to buy their products know exactly how the policy is.


There are two main categories of into that the agency will collect. The first one is a personal one that people provide when setting up an account. These are details related to a name and email address. The second group has to do with financial data. When buying a product, persons have to give data about their credit and debit card, ID, and some other details that might be required.

Refund Policy

SEMrush has an excellent money-back guarantee. That is not very common in the industry. This means that clients have 7 days to decide if they liked the service or not. If they did not, then they should ask the company for cancellation via email. Then, the agency will issue a full refund.


SEMrush Customer Support

This company takes customer care very seriously. They want to keep their clients happy, and solving their issues is a big part of this. That is why the team offers a lot of mediums for buyers to contact them on the spot.


This service is not available. If anyone wants to contact the company, they will have to choose some other method listed on their site. Those include the one mentioned above, an online form, and a support center with articles related to issues.

Online Chart

The first thing that the agency will do is to share our link with different FAQ about frequent problems. If customers are not able to find a solution they are, then they can complete an online form. There, they would only have to provide some personal info. After that, employees will contact the person with an answer.


There are 2 available telephone numbers for those who have urgent issues. These numbers Are from the US and the UK. Clients who come from other countries have to pay expenses for those calls. Finally, they would only pick up during business hours.

Support Center

The support center is within the community section. There, it shares many resources with our clients. With those tools, it will be able to grow in the online world. Some of those items include webinars and articles. Only experts in the field will impact those pieces of discourse. The topics are related to the everyday issues that marketers face. And the aim is to keep these people updated.

There is also a part in which the page features some games and e-books. The former is very creative. They allow clients to learn while they have fun. But is that something very common in the industry. But it will surely be an element to enjoy.

Quality of Service

When taking a look at what previous clients say about the company, the comments are very positive. Most of them claim that they found the solution that they were looking for. Almost every buyer says that the SEO services are top-notch. They always give suggestions related to the niche and on point. Also, they seem to be very happy with the marketing points. Some things to improve have to do with keyword research and databases. Still, the quality of service is very decent.

Customer Types

There are many clients who might need the help of SEMrush to run their online business. One great thing is that their plans and packages adapt to many types of buyers. Let’s break down those categories below.

Who is SEMrush Best For

It all comes down to the requirements of each person or business. Another feature to consider when choosing on this page is the budget. Maybe the perks are great, but the price is too high.

Small Businesses

The basic plan has been thought for a small business. It is quite expensive for just one person. Yet, if there are many persons using it, then the value is not so high. The only issue is that only one human being can access the profile. If not, they will have to pay the price.

Medium Businesses

The Guru plan might be the best one for this kind of buyer. Even if the number of clients that can access it is the same, the other amounts are greater. So, the PDF reports per day are a lot more than for the basic option, for instance.

Large Enterprises

There is an enterprise plan for this type of customer on the site. The issue is that it has no details at all of what it includes. Those who need a custom one will have to contact customer support. They will provide them with a demo so they can try out the services.


Self-employed people might not find what they are looking for with this tool unless they have many accounts to manage and review from a number of clients. SEMrush offers a lot of benefits that make money worth it. Still, the plans are very expensive for just one person to pay for them.

SEMrush Pros & Cons

As shown above, SEMrush seems to have a lot of excellent perks to consider. Still, there are some which are not so good. Let’s take a look at all the details below.



  • Effective SEO services that boost the number of followers of a certain page.
  • Great keyword bank. From there, it is possible to feature the best ones to use in the future.
  • Detailed reports that are included within many of the plans.
  • The domain analytics are top-notch.
  • It lets any user audit their own site as well as the competitor’s ones.
  • All the packs allow for just one user. If clients want more, they will need to pay extra for them.
  • It may be pricey for those who are just starting out in the field.

Top 5 SEMrush Alternatives

SEMrush is not the only agency working in this field. There are a number of options for those clients who need a helping hand in SEO, for instance. Some of those companies are listed below.



Serpstat is a direct competitor who focuses on backlinking mostly. They give info on how the page is doing in that respect. And it is also possible to carry out a competitor’s analysis with ease using this tool.



Ahrefs seeks to give customers the tools to monitor their niche in an appropriate manner. Some of those tools track down mentions, have organizers, and even social calendars to schedule posts for the future.



Organic searches are the mojo of SpyFu. It tries to give admins the whole picture of what most companies do. There are no magic or secret formulas in that field. Another original benefit is the use of ads and their features.



The advanced searches are the unique feature of this company. Users can make use of their filters of a domain, URL, and many more. They have an extensive database of terms in which people can see the total search volume and other aspects that make them relevant.

Google Keyword Planner


This is a free tool offered by Google that aims at improving people’s ads. It might be hard at times to know exactly what words to use to make them truly visible. This app is very easy to use, and the best thing is that they do not have to pay for that.

SEMrush Alternatives Comparison Table

After reviewing each basic plan for the companies, the following table resulted. It compares each relevant feature for the packages so that readers can get the whole picture of the situation.

Serpstat Ahrefs SpyFu KeywordSpy Google Keyword SEMrush
Price $19 $99 $39 $89 Free $99
Users 1 1 1 1 1 1
Free trial Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Audits 5 1 No limits 1 0 5
Keywords to track 300 500 5.000 100 No limits 500
URLs per day 0 100 No limits 100 0 800
PDF Reports No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alerts No Yes No Yes Yes Yes

FAQ Section

What Is SEMrush Used for?

Most of the clients will ask is that they are looking for social media solutions and marketing ones. SEMrush provides them with many tools such as one to remember all passwords. That can be very useful when it comes to businesses that need collaboration. Also, there are many shoppers that decide on this company for that keyword research. It will also give them ideas on how to improve the ranking of the page. For that, they will need to audit the site and get some insights on SEO.

Does SEMrush Have a Free Trial?

No, it does not. It would have been a great idea to attract new clients who might have been wary of using their services when considering their elevated prices. The ones who hire the most pricey plans, though, can ask for a demo. The terms behind that free thing will be an agreement between the platform and the buyer. There is no extra info on site about this feature.

How Do You Do Keyword Research with SEMrush?

The process is quite simple. Users have to access their account and look for an option called keywords overview. There, they will have the opportunity of choosing the ones that they want to target. If clients are not sure of which words to look for, they can just audit the site and see the ones that others use. Then, the platform will give them a table with all those terms in a rank. There will also be some other info, like CPC or total search volume.

Is SEMrush Accurate?

It is indeed. Still, it depends on which fields buyers want to discuss. For example, some clients claim that, in terms of keywords, it could improve a little bit. Their database may be bigger. Yet, in other respects, customers praise their perks. Their SEO notes are great. Especially for those who know nothing about it and need a guide. All in all, SEMrush is a very useful platform that promotes organic growth and more traffic for one’s site.

What Is SEMrush Rank?

This term refers to a rank that the own company makes out of their own database of domains. They crawl the whole Internet and decides which are the best pages in terms of how visible they are. For that, they calculate the traffic these sites get, only the organic one. The ranking, then, comes up after seeing the info from one complete month. Finally, it can refer to a national or a regional one, depending on the clients’ needs.

How Long Does It Take to Do Keyword Research?

It depends. There is no standard length for this. What the company guarantees is that people will do it in a much faster way than they would if they did it in a manual way. Usually, researching these items for one article takes one hour. It might be less if the person is used to writing about that certain topic. After finding that info, it is very easy to put it in just one sheet.

What is Traffic Rank?

This is a type of metric. It allows knowing how one fares against the competition in terms of ranking. That is to say if one comes up first in search results against others. This is measured considering organic traffic only. This may seem simple, but SEMrush incorporates many other functions too. Some of these are keyword rankings and ranking trends. Having this info will make it easier to know what to improve to have a higher position.

The Final Word

Certainly, SEMrush is a very in-depth platform. It solves a lot of problems with all the functions that it has. For starters, it allows for analyzing the market. Whether it is for SEO or PPC campaigns, this is crucial. Marketers need to know how they are performing to know how to adapt their strategies. Likewise, they need to understand the competition. They may not be the cheapest in the market. But the wide array of functions they offer certainly makes up for this. And they are all worth their cost.

Published: August 20, 2019Updated: July 12, 2023

Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson

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