TubeBuddy Review: Premium Tool to Optimize Your Videos

TubeBuddy Review: Premium Tool to Optimize Your Videos
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TubeBuddy Review: In-Depth

TubeBuddy is the tool that every YouTuber uses to manage their channels and edit their videos. Some of its premium services in 2019 include SEO, analytics, and video edition. So, it is very useful for marketing strategies and as well as for recording improvement. In this way, it allows saving time and earning more.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration: It is possible to use it straight from YouTube.
  • Competition tracker: Keep an eye on what the competition is doing.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Rank among the first spots in results.
  • Insightful analytics: Read the metrics to understand how to improve the channel.
  • Thumbnail generator: Promote videos with a tailor-made image.

TubeBuddy Review: Background Information

TubeBuddy Background Information

The four owners of TubeBuddy founded the vendor in December 2014. The company has been making tools for video platforms for many years, even before Google bought the webpage! In fact, Youtube certified the company in 2005. Because of this, users trust it. They can find it on the provider’s official service list.

Its main office is in San Diego, California, USA. The team behind the product is made up of 14 people. Phil, Eric, Jim, and Chuck are the co-founders. They are in charge of CEO-development and lead development. System administration and finance development are also some of their chores. The rest of the employees carry out different tasks. These people promote videos, do marketing, and work with social media, as some examples. The team is small, diverse, and effective! And also get along very well.

More than 1,000,000 users trust the company. Creators, brands, and agencies use this amazing browser extension. The consumers can improve, promote, and manage tools on every video. In this way, the product helps people grow their online channels! Access to the program is free. To get more features, YouTubers have to pay a license. Now, people can also download the app on their cell phones! They are glad about this new option.

Service Features & Technical Details

YouTube is constantly growing. More and more people upload content to the platform every day in 2019. Yet, managing and editing all this content is hard to do. Sometimes, users have to use more advanced tools. Offering quality content without help is not easy. This is where tools like this one come into play. Read on to learn how they can help the ones in need.

Video Management Features

TubeBuddy Video Management Features


One of the features that all digital marketers should use is stats. Having access to all the data about how a video performs is key. In this way, one can learn about what aspects are working. Also, it is possible to see which areas demand improvement. In this way, YouTubers can optimize their content to suit their followers’ needs better.

Logo Insertion

Another great function is the option to add a brand image to the videos. Inserting a logo helps to create a loyal follower base. And, at the same time, it gives a more professional look to the videos.

Bulk Uploading

Those YouTubers who usually upload several recordings at a time are also thankful for its bulk uploading feature. It is very fast and easy to use. This means that one can automate this process and forget about it.

Closed Captions

Having viewers from all over the world may be challenging. This is particularly so when they speak different languages. The best way to solve this practically is by adding Closed Captions. This is also helpful for hearing impaired people. Luckily, this provider has a function that helps to do this effortlessly.

Mobile Support

Nowadays, more and more people consume media on the go. This means that they use their phones to watch videos. So, optimizing content for the medium is key. TubeBuddy’s mobile screen support comes in handy for this.

Social Sharing

These times are also characterized by the constant use of social media. Most people share everything they do or like. So, social sharing is a key feature that all tools should have. Another important function related to this is the privacy options. They allow restraining who has access to the content.

Loop and Stream

It is also possible to loop and stream videos. This is really helpful for those that usually send their recordings through their accounts.

Features in Details

TubeBuddy Features in Details

In 2019, every tool has something to offer. Editing videos, creating thumbnails, and more are just some of the things that TubeBuddy takes pride in. Read on to see all that it is possible to do with it.

1. How to Start Using This Software

The TubeBuddy extension is available on Google Chrome and Firefox. The installation process is similar for both browsers. Follow these few simple steps. First, go to the company’s official website. Then, click on the “Install free in Chrome” button.

A window will open. Click on “Add to browser”. It will automatically install the extension. The program’s icon will appear on the top right of the screen. Now, go to YouTube. Log in to the account. A warning will appear. Click on it to log into the system. Now click on “enter YouTube account”. This will link the profile.

Then, a window will ask for permission. Click Allow. The channel is now properly connected. A green message is visible on top. Now, the installation has been successful. The program is ready to use. The new drop-down panel provides plenty of features to manage videos. Check it out.

2. Explore Tags and Rank Better in Search Results

As a YouTuber, it is important to use tags in every video. Sometimes repeating them can be time-consuming. But, this program has a practical tag list feature. Here, just store all the necessary words for the videos. Quick access to tags will lead to more views! Here’s how to use it:

  1. Click on the TubeBuddy icon on the top right.
  2. Select the option “Tag Explorer.”
  3. Enter one of the keywords. The app will find best-related tags.
  4. Make the right choice for media content.

To use stored labels, import them from the list. Do this while uploading the video. Select “Import from list” in Tag tools. Then, click on the best ones. The process is quick and effective.

3. A/B Testing: See Which Option Is Better

It’s another great tool is A/B testing. Use it to boost YouTube views. It will also help owners earn money with the channel! With this feature, check the quality of:

  • Video titles
  • Tags
  • Descriptions
  • Thumbnails

Find the best options for every video. It is very useful to upgrade the site.

4. Brand Alerts: Social Media Listening to Know What People Think

Setting up alerts is very easy. It is great for people to stay on top of all the mentions going on. They can take advantage of the times users comment on their channel. And they can also get ahead of their competition.
It is very important to track YouTube mentions. Just like in any other social media mention.

5. Best Time to Publish: Understand the Audience

Users on social media publish their content at a specific time to get the most views. Scheduling the right hour can be a hard task. This tool can assist one to do that job. It can tell the exact day and hour to publish videos. In other words, it finds out when people are more active online. Thanks to this, the number of views and engagement will increase.

Follow these steps to use this feature:

  • Click on the TB icon on the top right.
  • Under Extension tools click “Best Time to Publish”.
  • Two diagrams will appear.
  • Shuffle time between subscribers & non-subscribers.

6. Quick Links: Access What Matters Fast

The extension has some quick links on its interface. Access them with just one click.

The list of links includes:

  • Dashboard: access the channel dashboard.
  • My videos: go to the list of uploaded videos.
  • Playlists: view personal playlists.
  • Live Streaming: access personal live streaming page.
  • Comments: navigate that section.
  • Messages: view one’s inbox.
  • Subscribers: check the list of new fans.
  • Analytics: go to the metrics page in real-time.

7. Extension Tools: Add More Functionalities

The Extension tools make this tool a great one. They help to make web pages better with different options. So it’s easy to get more views on the channel with these features. The list includes Keyword Explorer, Video Topic Planner, Best Time to Publish, and Tag List. Every one of these has a special feature. Learn how to use them in a very short time. The extensions are easy to use and effective. With just a few clicks, the content on the page will get more followers.

8. Keyword Explorer: Know Which Words to Target

The Keyword Explorer tool helps to research words on YouTube. It helps to find less used tags to use on videos. This is very useful for ranking content. In other words, it helps to get more views for the recordings.

Access this feature with these steps:

  • Click on the TB button on the top right.
  • Under the Extension tools, choose “Keyword Explorer.”
  • Search the words for media content.
  • Check the score on the screen.

9. Video Topic Planner: Ideas for Better Content

This tool helps to keep all future video-related content in one place. Save ideas and suggestions in this section. Access it with just a few clicks.

  • Go to the TubeBuddy icon on the top right.
  • Under Extension tools, select “Video topic planner.”
  • Create topics to save media content.

Productivity Tools: Boost the Content

This section has many tools to manage, upgrade, and share videos. Here goes a list of the most important ones. Check out their main characteristics. Each of them has a different function. They are all easy to use, and it is possible to access them with just a few clicks.

  • Publish to Facebook: With this feature, anyone can upload videos directly on the FB platform. This helps to make money through social media ads. The content will be visible to multiple viewers. That is important for gaining new fans and link one’s accounts. More people will discover the profile. Such a thing means more fans, more views, more income.
  • Share Tracker: Share content on many pages with this instrument. It also helps to keep track of everything people publish. Where and how many times it appears. Find the extension under the option for editing.
  • Thumbnail Generator: one of the best tools in TubeBuddy. It lets create personal video thumbnails. This means that it is not necessary to use photo editing tools from other webpages. Feel free to use creative templates. To access this feature, select the “Thumbnail Generator” under edit video option. Attract followers with nice static images!
  • Social Monitor: Check out how popular videos are. See who shares them. View the number of visits on different social networks. See how many users enjoy the media product. It’s useful to know the public.

11. Comment Filter: Avoid Useless Comments

Sometimes it is hard to see all the comments on the platform. But this provider can solve this issue and save time with this filter tool. It’s possible to:

  • Answer comments with no replies
  • View texts with a disabled reply
  • Get rid of those with explicit content
  • Check texts with questions
  • Thank positive mentions

This feature gives a lot of options. Access them with just one click. Engage with people and their opinions. The extension is practical, fast, and effective! Try it out.

12. Themes and Functions: Personalize the Channel

End screen templates are like card ones. The only clear difference is their function.

  • It is not necessary to use the same motions over and over again on the videos.
  • Improve the process using an appropriate feature. So get creative and place attractive end screen elements.
  • It’s nice to promote good content and messages with this option.

13. Update All the Time: Keep the Viewers Posted

Publishing videos at any time is very easy. Owners just have to choose the best date and hour with a few clicks.

  • It is possible to upload content over time.
  • Change some features with a scheduled update. For example, modify tags, descriptions, and video titles at different moments.
  • Last but not least, it’s possible to set privacy settings. Users can “sunset” videos. This means they can put their content Private or Unlisted.

YouTubers may take advantage of this incredible option. Time is not a limit. Upload content when it’s most convenient. This feature will help to manage posts very well. Short tip: join it with the “Best time to publish” tool.

14. Auto Translator: Communicate with All the Users

Video titles can be in different languages. This is a problem for non-English users. This solution has auto translator features, which can translate the following things.

  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Tags

With just one click change the language to English.

15. Competitor Scorecard: Understand the Competition

Compare the channel with competitors. This tool checks differences in many aspects. Some of them are views, uploads, and subscribers. It is very easy to get this information. Then, the app makes a final report. Print it or export it to Excel. Get to know the competition. Follow simple steps to improve the Youtube account.

16. GIF Generator: Liven Up the Content

The name suggests the tool’s function. Make creative and funny GIFS. And use them in any part of the video. Followers love them, and it takes just a few clicks to make them.

17. Emoji Picker: Customize Titles

Make the best video titles with this tool. Attractive names get more viewers and subscribers. Put cool emojis with its app. Choose the best icons for the video.

18. Upload Checklist: Do the Important Things

TubeBuddy offers the upload checklist for free. This list includes the first steps to follow on the app. Check them out before publishing a video. YouTube experts created it. So, it can be trusted.

19. Demonetization Audit: Keep Track of What Matters

This tool is very useful for beginners. It checks videos and shows all the errors to correct. It helps to upload recordings successfully. It also warns about broken links in descriptions.

20. Export Comments: Keep an Eye on What People Say

Keep all the comments on the channel. The features a special tool. With it, export comments to a CSV file. It is fast and easy to do.

21. Health Report: Know the State of the Channel

Check how the channel is going. This tool gives a general report about the state. It shows many charts. These give details about viewers, uploads, and engagement, as some examples.

22. Competitor Upload Alerts: See What the Competition Doe

This tool helps to keep an eye on competitors. Users publish videos, and the app sends an alert. Get updates by email or text messages. Or simply within the app.

23. Description Promotion: Explain the Content

This is a very useful tool for publications. With it, add a video link in every description. Not necessary to add the same link again and again. Write descriptions very easily with this app.

24. Pick a Winner: Engage the Audience

Running a contest is very easy with an appropriate tool, which picks winners at random. Just put the participants in a list. The app does the rest. It also gives access to the user’s social profiles.

TubeBuddy Plans & Pricing

Finding the perfect service for a business takes time. Not all providers offer everything they require. This is why they often sell different packages to adapt to their requirements. Some of them are pricier but include more features. Some others are cheaper but do not allow to do as much. In part, this will also depend on one’s budget. Read on to know which one is more suitable for the business.

TubeBuddy Plans & Prices

Free Plan

This one is perfect for those who want to try out the quality of the service. It allows for linking a single social media account. Also, it is possible to edit videos right from the app. The Chrome extension is perfect for those who want to work online. To get more functions, it is necessary to upgrade.


  • Available for the most popular networks.
  • Gives a nice overview of how the tool works.
  • One can pick as many emojis as needed.
  • Edit toolbar for videos is included.
  • Suitable for any budget.

  • No mobile access included.
  • It is not possible to explore keywords.

Pro Plan

At a very affordable price, this plan is much more flexible than the previous one. For example, it allows users to use this tool straight from their phones. Creating emojis is also possible now. And a very nice function is that it is also possible to explore keywords.


  • Positioning videos is easier, thanks to the keyword function.
  • One can access it from a mobile phone.
  • Sorting tags is now possible.
  • It generates thumbnails to use to promote the recordings.
  • Affordable price for what it offers.

  • It is not possible to update playlists in bulk.
  • Translation of tags is not available.

Star Plan

This is the one that TubeBuddy claims that it is the most popular. It offers some very nice end screen templates to personalize the videos. This plan also allows filtering as many comments as necessary. It also lets users audit their videos and see their ranking.


  • End screen templates are available now, and they are quite efficient.
  • Limitless access to the video topic planner.
  • Using card templates is now possible.
  • It is possible to post videos on Facebook.
  • One can track keyword ranking.

  • The comment spotlight function is not included.
  • A/B testing tools are not included in the package.

Legend Plan

The most expensive plan has all TubeBuddy has to offer. The bulk processing tools are fully available, as well as productivity tools. Even the comment spotlight function. Ranking videos in the first place is quite easy thanks to all the SEO features it has. Yet, some of them are limited.


  • Even at this price, it is affordable for all it offers.
  • It includes access or discounts to lots of third-party tools.
  • It allows seeing what the retention rate is.
  • Analyzing what the competitor does is easy to do.
  • Channel access comes in handy.

  • Some SEO tools have very limited functionality.
  • Some analytics tools have restricted usage.

Price & Key Features Comparisons Table

What people want depends on their needs. Some power users are willing to pay more to have access to all the features they want. Others, though, are on a budget and require more affordable plans.

Wondering which plan suits better each company? These are the ones that this provider has to offer. Analyze them carefully before making a decision. In this way, brands will select the ones that are better for them and their companies.

Free Pro Star Legend
Price $0 $9 $19 $49
Mobile Access No Yes Yes Yes
Pick Emojis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Generate Thumbnails No Yes Yes Yes
Comment Spotlight No No No Yes
Bulk Update of Playlists No No Yes Yes
Translate tags No No No Yes
Sort New Tags No Yes Yes Yes
Explore Keywords No Yes Yes Yes
Edit Toolbar Yes Yes Yes Yes

Terms and Conditions

TubeBuddy Terms and Conditions

This section of the page describes the terms under which users can utilize the service. It also outlines what the provider has to do. They make it clear that anyone who uses the site is obliged to read and comply with these terms.
One of the aspects they focus on the most privacy. They tell how confidentiality is important to them. And that is why they never give data to other parties. Unless, of course, they were asked to do so by the authorities, like a judge.
They specify that the service is as it is. And so, users should use it as it comes. They say that if someone believes what the ads say, that is up to them.

Privacy Policy

TubeBuddy’s Privacy Policy tells users how the site uses their data. Payment info is never shared. Braintree collects and processes sales data. That company is like PayPal’s sister. As such, it is really safe. This agency uses the info they get from clients only to make their service better. It can also show users’ channel pics, logos, or names on their ads. There is an opt-out option for this. Just send an email to their support team.

The app keeps users’ data until they close their accounts. They can keep it for longer if they need it for legal reasons. For example, if the company suspects of credit card fraud or something like that. The site shares some info with third parties. But only if the user allows it.

Refund Policy

This platform offers full refunds. This is only for first buyers, though. There is a 30 day period to do it. To cancel the service before this time ensures a free refund! To make a refund request, contact user support via email. People just need to send the account details to [email protected]

Customer Support

TubeBuddy Customer Support

Customer service is crucial when it comes to gauging the quality of a company. The provider offers its clients a great variety of options so they can contact the agency in case of need. Let’s take a look at those support types below.


This is one of the fastest ways of contacting the service. Customers value this feature in case they have a tech issue they need to solve in a quick manner. Luckily, the company features a phone number in their support section for anyone who needs it.


For traditional clients who like to send emails instead of filling in an online chart, there is the option of doing so. Their address is very easy to remember and to type in the box. Yet, they do not seem to be very quick when answering these emails. Those who need an answer fast should try an alternative way.

Online Chart

The online chart is also available on the portal. It’s quite simple to fill it in. One of the main drawbacks when it comes to online charts is the number of options to tag one’s requests. That can be messy and annoying. In the case of Tubebuddy, yet, this does not happen.

Support Center

Their support center is very complete. Apart from the classic FAQ, there are a lot of sections that will make the clients’ navigation easier. The first one of them, for example, is about licensing and the correct use of the plans the person chose. There is also a part in which they discuss the bugs that the team identified in the past. Such info can prevent a client in panic from sending desperate messages to the company. Finally, the agency has also uploaded a lot of articles in detail about their tools. This way, every customer can make the most out of the plans that they have paid for. And they can also get to know about perks they might have not considered before.

Quality of Service

Most users agree that using this browser extension is helpful to grow their channels. It offers plenty of tools that deliver what they promise. Many users highlight how accurate the analytics function is. They claim that it is very complete and gives insightful data. Tag functionality is also useful and efficient. Their customer service team does a good job in answering queries too. The only recurrent complaint is that this app never fails when sending spam, but sometimes it misses to send important info.

Customer Types

Finding the appropriate tool for one’s channel is challenging. Especially when it comes to Youtube videos. There are many to choose from. Fortunately, TubeBuddy can adapt to many types of customers. Whether it is one of the largest companies in the market, a small brand, or a freelancer offering video services to other clients, they all can find an appropriate plan for their needs.

Who is TubeBuddy Best For

It is a great option for different kinds of users. It doesn’t matter the size of the firm. There is a plan for each and every need. Small YouTubers and big firms alike. All of them can use this service. It will help them make the best of their videos.

Small Business

A small business has one to ninety-nine paid employees. For this type of agency, it is a great option. A good plan for a company this big would be the Pro one. Another nice choice would be the Star plan. Those plans are very useful. And they provide a lot of tools.

Large Enterprises

A large business has more than five hundred paid employees. Because large companies work on larger projects, they will need more features. For this reason, the Legend Plan is the best option for them. This package offers all the tools that this page has. It is definitely perfect for enterprises.

Medium Business

Medium-sized companies have one hundred to five hundred paid employees. That’s why they might need more options. The Pro plan would not be enough for them. This kind of business needs either the Star Plan or the Legend Plan. These two offer many great tools for a medium company.


Freelancers are people who work on their own. They have many clients who give them work, but they don’t do it for a company. For these people, their tools have to be cost-effective. That is, they shouldn’t be very expensive. For those freelancers who are just starting, the Free Plan is great.

TubeBuddy`s Pros & Cons

Nothing is perfect, no matter how hard one tries. Social media services are the same. In the case of this app, it has some very nice features. Yet, there is always some room for improvement.



  • They include access to third-party services for free or with good discounts.
  • All plans can be integrated with Alexa for easier use.
  • The free plan is quite complete and gives a very accurate feel of how the tool works.
  • The SEO tools are accurate and help to rank high in search results.
  • All plans are worth what they offer.
  • Some of the SEO and analytics features are restricted, even in the most expensive plans.
  • Email notifications sometimes do not arrive, so it is possible to miss out on some important info.

Top 6 TubeBuddy Alternatives

1. Vimeo


Vimeo is a video-based Internet social network. It has been online since 2004. This social video site is very similar to YouTube. It lets people share and store recordings. Users can also leave comments on them. But, it’s not as popular as YouTube.

2. VidIQ


VidIQ is a platform for managing videos. Small and big media firms use them. It is really easy to use. It helps its customers reach a larger audience. It also offers an analytics service for recordings. That way, clients can access data about their followers.

3. Wistia


Wistia is another nice content service. It helps companies host their videos. It also gives other answers to its clients. For example, video admin and sharing. It is a simple and useful video platform. It focuses on streaming and Video On Demand.

4. Simian


Simian is another tool for video creators. It is a great work platform. Teamwork is the center of this app. It lets users share content with a team. It helps create analytic reports in many formats. Great for big and small video companies.

5. MorningFame


This is a video admin program that offers “mpx”. It includes a lot of services. Among them, social sharing and privacy choices. It also offers subtitles, captions, and streaming options. Users of this service have 24/7 live support.

6. Cloudinary


Cloudinary is another great option for video creators. It really stands out from its rivals. It has a bunch of training options – for example, online courses. Also, there is 24/7 customer support. This service offers a free version. And, there is a free trial too.

Pricing Table Competitors

There are many services in the market that are fighting to get more clients. They all try to stand out by offering users unique features that will help their businesses. When wondering if Tubebuddy is the best or there are other more suitable options, read on and find out.

TubeBuddy Vimeo VidIQ Wistia Simian Morningfame Cloudinary
Number of users $1 $1 $1 $1 $10 $1 $1
Price 9 7 8 $99 $125 $5 $89
Mobile Access Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Pick Emojis Yes No No No No No No
Generate Thumbnails Yes No Yes No No No Yes
Social Media Sharing No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Bulk Update of Playlists No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Translate tags No Yes No No No No No
Sort New Tags Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes
Explore Keywords Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edit Toolbar Yes No Yes Yes No No No
Powerful Reports No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is TubeBuddy Used For?

This service gives YouTube creators a lot of tools. With them, YouTubers can:

  • Edit videos in bulk.
  • Create quick links.
  • Upload straight to Facebook.
  • Monitor social reacts to its content.
  • Use message templates in YouTube comments.
  • Filter comments & highlight the ones.
  • Answer comments right from YouTube’s notification.
  • Program videos to make them public or private.
  • Schedule adding content to list / removing it at a set.

It has many other great features, too.

How Does TubeBuddy Work?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension. This plug-in supports the most popular ones: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. The company adds a set of tools right above YouTube’s website.

As soon as the service is all set, the whole lot of its features are ready to use. These options are easy to spot. There is a logo of the provider next to them to make them stand out. On top of that, this team offers a set of extra tools. Users can find them on their “Your Account Page”. For that, they need to link their channel.

How Do You Unfollow Someone on TubeBuddy?

At this time, this feature is not available on the app by itself. That is because YouTube already offers this option. In YouTube, instead of doing an “unfollow,” people “unsubscribe”.

To unsubscribe from a YouTube channel, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to the YouTube page of the channel.
  2. Look for the “subscribe” button.
  3. Hover the mouse over it. It shows another option. It says “unsubscribe”.
  4. Click on that button.

How Do I Cancel Tubebuddy?

To cancel TubeBuddy is quite easy. These are the steps:

  1. Go to the company’s site and log in.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the home section.
  3. Click on the blue button under “Licences”. It says “Manage”.
  4. Scroll down again. Look for the orange button. It says “Cancel Licence”. Click on it.
  5. On the new page, look to the right. Click on the orange button below the text box. It says “Confirm Cancellation”.

That’s the way to go.

Does TubeBuddy Have a Free Trial?

A Free Trial of the service is available. Nobody needs to enter their credit card info to try it. The Pro version trial is 14 days long. After two weeks, clients will not be able to access those premium features. Some users can also see if they can get an upgrade in the plan. There are six different ways to get it.

  • Its Affiliate Program.
  • Complete a survey.
  • Trial with a credit card.
  • Create a video about the service.
  • Follow this service on Twitter.
  • Tweet about the company.

Optimize Videos Today

This feature-packed Chrome extension is a great tool for those who want to create premium videos for their audiences in 2019. TubeBuddy’s SEO and analytics functions are perfect for those who use recordings in their marketing strategies. Its editing features are essential for those who want videos that look professional. Inserting end credits or a logo is very easy to use straight from YouTube thanks to this app. All in all, some of the packages may seem a bit expensive for those who are just getting started, but they are totally worth their price.

Published: June 23, 2020Updated: March 27, 2024

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